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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Rudy IS Right!!!

from Ask Ausiello:

Question: For weeks you've been dishing out precious few GG spoilers. What is happening?— Elen
Ausiello: You're right. And to make it up to you, I'm going to fill in a few more letters in my GG asterisk quiz. (Major-ass spoiler alert.) "But I suppose I could reveal it in the form of an asterisk quiz. I have it on good authority that Lorelai and Christopher — I cannot believe I am telling you this — e***e during November sweeps. If anyone asks, you did not hear it from me."
Next week: Gilmore show-runner David Rosenthal will be here to explain why he decided to have Lorelai and Christopher e***e. And I'll finally reveal what transpired between Lauren Graham and myself at the CW launch party that almost landed me on the unemployment line (not really), nearly ruined my relationship with the CW (as if) and taught me a valuable lesson about why it's never a good idea to whisper a secret into someone's ear without covering your mouth. In the meantime, head on over to the Ask Ausiello discussion thread to chat about this week's column and to see who can come up with the most five-letter words that begin and end with "E." Here's one to get you started: Ernie!

ELOPE??? Now, I know I have not been quiet at expressing my love for Christopher because I DO think he has more a lot in common emotionally, physically and socially with Lorelai than Luke but this does not bode well for the series.

I mean, the show (for me) pretty much jumped the shark when Rory, the sane one, committed adultery. Then it jumped again when the whole Lorelai/Rory separation took place. Other than it being awkward, why has rationale escaped this Yale student? Apparently she's not all sane up there.

With Lorelai's upcoming nuptials, hopefully, David Rosenthal keeps his promise that the elopement has a significance that would not let the majority of Gilmore Girls viewers throw their remotes at the TV.


Anyway,something more important...


Now, is that a TV show or what? It is so good, you want to have its babies. Do you think Peter's brother is evil? Is Clare's dad the Professor Xavier of this show? Can Peter stop being so melodramatic? Can Hiro be any cuter? Can Niki be any freakier (and I don't mean her sex/cam acts)? Do you think Micah has more talent than being a brainy child?

I wish Heroes will be on TV every night. It's so good!!!