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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yin And Yang

January is known to be movies' death month. Aside from the fact that film companies are rereleasing Oscar-contending movies, small fry movies tend to end up being given a boot, retiring their presence from the big screen and on to DVDs to save time and money, leaving the big screens to view the latest "Brokeback Mountain" contender of 2006.

Here's one that would definitely be lost in the shuffle, no matter how funny it may be. Arrested Development, meet Scrubs.

Fast Track looks like a hilarious take of life. You will always compete with the past and no matter how hard you try, you will always be stuck in a hellhole called high school.

Take a look see here:

Fast Track

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Warm Thoughts This Christmas

Since it's starting (and I mean JUST STARTING) to dip in the 30s here after a weeklong run of balmy 60-ish degree weather, I would like to share the photos I FINALLY wanted to share from the summer trip to Seattle.

Here's me hanging out with Amy. Here's a shot of us at the Sushi House before announcing I was pregnant:

Here's a shot of my Uncle and Aunt, Nilly being silly, Andrew and Amy:

And here's Andrew, Amy and me at Fells Point at night:

Wish that I can get to meet all the Ickles eventually. K, you might have to make sure next time you're in my backyard, you'd call me. I WILL come rescue you at Hershey or the Outlet Malls if must be.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Golden Globe Nominations Are In

Here's what's to expect this season of nominations.

Before you know it, the Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and all would be announcing their list of who's who and what's what in stage, music and movies.

Kudos go out to Zach Braff, America Ferrera and Masi Oka. Also, kudos to the cast of Scrubs, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Heroes.

Pan's Labyrinth got a nod which I am most excited about.

Boo that Lauren Graham, again, was snubbed. So was Kristen Bell. Oh well, not everyone can be nominated, right?

TV Tune Up

Here's scoopage courtesy of Ausiello. It's bits and pieces of shows I watch so if anything else, head on to tvguide.com for full coverage.

Posted are the scoopers for Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Men in Trees and Supernatural.

Question: I heard that someone on Grey's will get pregnant. Would you happen to know who?— Katie

Ausiello: Not sure about that, but I can tell you who's getting engaged: George and Callie! Although no one within six degrees of Shonda Rhimes would confirm it (shocker!), one well-placed mole tells me that they'll make the announcement during February sweeps. Now, why do you suppose George and Callie — who were still broken up in the last episode — would rush into marriage so quickly? Hmmm….

Question: Have you seen the story on afterelton.com about the "de-gaying" of Heroes' Zach? Shameful.— C.J.

Ausiello: Yes, I've seen it, and it is indeed troubling on so many levels. For those in the dark, Claire's sexually ambivalent sidekick Zach (played by Thomas Dekker, the upcoming star of The Sarah Connor Chronicles) was supposed to come out in the "Homecoming" episode, but, according to a statement posted on afterelton.com by series creator Tim Kring, he was forced back into the closet after it became "too complicated behind the scenes to push this issue further with this particular character." Translation: Someone objected to the plot, and my sources tell me it was not NBC, but rather Dekker's camp that came down with a severe case of gay panic syndrome. In fact, rumor has it that Dekker's manager allegedly threatened to pull her client from the show unless the story was changed. Rather tellingly, that same manager promised to get back to me with a comment yesterday but never did.

Question: Per your hint last week, is the huge question about Heroes' Claire, "How did she find out about her abilities?" or, "Was she trying to commit suicide?"— James

Ausiello: No on both counts.

Question: I have to ask: If you could have a power like one of the Heroes, what would yours be?— Beth Roddick

Ausiello: I'd want to read minds like Greg Grunberg does, that way I'd know if Masi Oka was pulling my leg when he told me last week that we "will see Hiro fighting a T-Rex" — hence the painting in the fall finale. "Don't forget," he added, "I [have a part-time job at] Industrial Light and Magic. You never know when I'll whip out a CGI dinosaur." Come tomorrow, Masi may be whipping out a Golden Globe nomination. (Talk about an awesome segue.) Does the possibility of a nod give him goose bumps? "To be honest, it does a little bit. You never know what's going to happen. We're just so happy the show is on the air. If we can get some accolades, I think that would be a great boost for NBC and the show."

Question: Any update on Masi Oka's possible return to Scrubs?— Gina

Ausiello: It was supposed to happen this week, but it's not looking good.

Question: What do you honestly think about Gilmore Girls this season?— Jill Walker

Ausiello: The best compliment I can pay Dave Rosenthal is that it's no better or worse than last season. On the plus side, I think he's done a miraculous job of mimicking the Palladino style. Scene for scene, the show looks and sounds like Gilmore Girls (contrary to what the New York Times would have you believe). Unfortunately, DR has also mimicked AS-P's occasional lapses of judgment, most notably the ill-conceived Lorelai/Christopher union and the so-far-pointless return of Marty. And don't even get me started on Luke and Anna's looming custody battle over April. I pray DR has the good sense to settle this dispute out of court. Bottom line: Given the dramatic power shift that occurred behind the scenes, I'm enjoying the season more than I ever thought I would. That said, I wouldn't be crushed if our Girls packed it in this May. I think I'm ready to let go. Speaking of which...

Question: Please say you have some encouraging news for us poor Gilmore Girls fans. — Dorian Spencer

Ausiello: Do you consider Amy Sherman-Palladino possibly returning for the show's series finale encouraging? If so, you may wanna check out the Ausiello Report. I just posted an interview that I think you'll be interested in reading.

... Note, you have to scroll down past 2 other postings to get to this section.

Question: You da prattle-meister! Any scoop on Ugly Betty?— Jenni

Ausiello: The Jan. 4 episode revolves around my favorite thing: swag! A Star Jones-type frenzy breaks out when Christine announces that she's cleaning out the closet at "Mode." Betty, meanwhile, has bigger problems. A $20,000 expense report she filed for Daniel has been rejected and his credit card cut off. That could make it tough for him to wine and dine an important Japanese designer.

Question: Please give us some information about Men in Trees!— Katie

Ausiello: As I spilled exclusively in the Ausiello Report, Orlando Jones has been cast as Buzz's gay son. He's on board for two episodes, possibly more.

Question: Please give us some Supernatural scoop! Anything!— Mal

Ausiello: That bank-hostage situation (Episode 12) I told you about last week just got creepier: Turns out the perp is a shape-shifter! Episode 13 takes an even stranger turn when the brothers are faced with what could be their first friendly spirit — hence the title, "Touched."

Question: How much time will have passed on screen when Veronica Mars returns in January?— Lauren

Ausiello: It will be six weeks later in Neptune.

Question: Surely there must be some buzz over at the CW about the possibility of Gilmore Girls continuing into Season 8. So tell us — what’s brewing?— Karen

Ausiello: Everyone I've spoken to insists there's no news, and there probably won't be until after the new year.

Question: Did I miss something? Did Grey's ever tell us what Izzie did with the dough from Denny?— Alison

Ausiello: Nope, it's still hanging on her fridge.

Question: Is the big Claire question on Heroes, "Who are her real parents?"— R.W.

Ausiello: No comment.

According to Kristin V from E!Online, this will be answered in the form of Jessalyn Gilsig (Gina from Nip/Tuck) who has been cast as Claire's birth mother.

As for Gilmore Girls info from Spoilerfix:

Episode 7.11: Santa's Secret Stuff
Airdate: January 23, 2007

12/08 - Rory returns from London after the holidays. Lorelai is disappointed that Rory celebrated Christmas in London with Logan, but decides to have a "Christmas after Christmas" celebration as a new family complete with trees, decorations and shopping. Luke asks Lorelai to write a character recommendation letter for his custody battle with Anna over April. Source: The CW

So there's that.

Now, be a sport and help fill my stocking. Don't be a grinch...

For those having their finals, good luck. For those that still haven't finished shopping, hope you still get the presents you're hoping to find. To those that really don't care about the season: ba-humbug to you too!

Anyway, have a happy end to the week.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Overloading Wednesdays

ABC has started peglegging its shows once more categorizing Wednesdays as its "No Think Day".

Scrubs being moved to this prime spot along with The Office and My Name is Earl makes me think that the Disney company is starting to think, albeit, a second too late.

But what the heck, at least the comedic slapstick of JD and the gang won't go unnoticed until the day Zach Braff himself disappears into the world of movies as this is believed to be his last season in Bill Lawrence's world.

Here's to welcoming Hump Day in a new way. God knows I need a shows that would allow me to be zombified and yet entertained for several hours.

Here's Ausiello's interview with Zach Braff.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Looking for writers, readers and critiques. Join the action at Build-A-Fic.

It's not just Trory, Literati, Master and Commander... it's all there. PG-NC17 welcome. And since the writing process is screened, there is no such thing as a bad story.

Give the new site a shot. I promise it won't disappoint.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Shopping Wishlist

So, I am slow. I really like presents but I really am bad coming up with a list of things that I DO want. It's not because I would like to think that I am so generous I'd prefer to give than receive but I love the fact that people come up with presents I would appreciate without me letting them know what I want.

However, that seemed to be backfiring so here's a list of stuff I may want if Santa can give them to me:

Canon PIXMA MP510 Photo All-in-One Printer: I need a new scanner that actually works with my Mac. Apparently, our last scanner, which it was the top of the line then, is not even supported by the latest version of Windows. Go figure.

DLO TransDoc: The one I have right now in my car is a 3Gen. I want an upgrade.

windowsill herb garden: Blame it on Jaime Oliver... Or the Food Network.

Rachael Ray's Cookbooks: I know she is annoying but I find some of her stuff easier to cook on a daily basis compared to, oh, someone like Anthony Bourdain, who apparently hates, RR with a passion. Great cook but not a daily cook on my book. Actually, I really need are just cookbooks for daily eating. So, whatever looks reasonable and quick and easy (and doesn't compromise of PBJs and ramen is a good meal book).

Moonlighting Series: There hasn't been this much tension and fun in a TV show other than the DeGrassi Junior High series which BTW would be cool to have on DVD if I didn't have anything better to do with my time but watch TV.

iPulse Bear or the
Mood Beams: The speakers would make the baby room cozy without having speakers sticking out. As for the Mood Beams, any of the 4 woud do. I think they are cute and will be a nice addition to the baby's room.

Tacky but would love to have: Gift cards from Apple, Ikea, Target, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Circuit City or Home Depot.

So how's that for a condensed link?

Otherwise, the other stuff I need are baby stuff from Target Registry and my BabiesRUs Registry.

Thanks again and have a great and safe Holiday season!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sulu Kidnapping Hiro?

How's that for a spoiler?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Taking What Is On The Table

I'll take 20 episodes over 22 of Veronica Mars as long as we see an ending.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rehashing Gilmore News

So, the elopement took place. Here's what David Rosenthal (via Michael Ausiello, thank you!) has to say about the show. Apparently, a lot of fans have bailed watching GG (as I reported, a downward trend of 19% loss of viewership) and recent spoilers aren't really clearing up much stuff. So, here's what's being reported so far:

Question: Can I please have some more Gilmore Girls scoop?— Alli
Ausiello: It's slim pickings, my dear. All I have for you is... wait, what's this? An exclusive interview with show-runner David Rosenthal, in which he discusses the fallout from last night's controversial Lorelai-Christopher nuptials, among other things? How could I possibly have forgotten?

I'm assuming it's not going to be smooth sailing for the newlyweds, right?

David Rosenthal: It's one thing to go off on this romantic weekend and get married; it's another thing to actually come back and deal with the reality of being married. Lorelai's never lived with anyone. They've never really lived together. This marriage puts a lot of pressure on them both. That's the big theme for the latter half of the season for Lorelai and Chris, and for Rory. She's facing graduation and her future, and she's always thought, "Oh, I'm going to be a journalist." Rory's going to open herself up to the possibility that there are other options out there for her.

Rory's going to embark on a new career?

Rosenthal: She's never really considered anything else; now she's willing to consider everything else. And there's the other issue of Logan being back in New York. There are opportunities that could pull her away from Logan. Suddenly, it's no longer a college relationship. It's two people out in the world, so the stakes become higher.

How will Logan's return impact Rory in the short term?

Rosenthal: It will kind of rev up their relationship in good and bad ways. We're going to see their relationship deepen and complicate in many ways.

Will Rory find herself torn between Marty and Logan?

Rosenthal: No. Marty's feelings for Rory will really be the issue; it's not reciprocated. The man is still holding a torch. It's something he just can't seem to let go of, and it'll definitely cause problems. But there's nothing on Rory's end. It's not her thing — it's his thing.

Back to Lorelai and Christopher, fans are speculating that their marriage is going to be short-lived since David Sutcliffe is allegedly only going to be around for a handful of episodes during the second half of the season. And from that, they're deducing that Lorelai will be back together with Luke by February. Your thoughts?
Rosenthal: I'm gonna say, "No comment."

[I don't know about you guys, but that "no comment" spoke volumes to me.]

Question: I heard that Rory gets mad at Lorelai about eloping.— Erin
Ausiello: Actually, I hear Rory takes the news surprisingly well. Luke, on the other hand, finds out when he spots the ring on Lor's finger. That's gotta hurt.
Question: You never talk about Gilmore Girls anymore! What gives?— Candace
Ausiello: I'm inclined to think I more than made up for it this week, Candy. But here's another extra spoilery tidbit, you ungrateful brat: A somewhat reliable Stars Hollow mole tells me that Episode 13 marks a major turning point in the Luke-Lorelai-Christopher triangle. Apparently, Luke and Christopher choose to deal with Richard's health crisis in very different ways: Luke chooses to run around helping Emily, while Christopher chooses to go off and sulk about a bad fight he had with Lorelai. Cue the inevitable Lorelai epiphany.

** What and how does Luke get involved with Emily???**

Anywhoo, other spoilers. Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural

Question: Seriously, they need to get that cute accountant on Ugly Betty back on the show!— Keith
Ausiello: He's coming back! Christopher Gorham reprises his role as Betty's nerdy "Mode" crush on Nov. 30.

Question: On Grey's Anatomy, what is Izzie going to spend the money on?— Devynn
Ausiello: [Spoiler alert] Another patient. I think. (So much for that whole, "Don't get attached, Izzie" edict.)

Question: Any prattle on who the bride and groom are in the Grey's Anatomy wedding that Shonda spoke of in People?— Kim
Ausiello: My guess is it'll be a flashback to Addison and Derek's nups, and it'll be followed by her dramatic ring-toss off the ferry.

Question: Any scoop on Supernatural?— Chris
Ausiello: Much like almost every other character on television lately, Sam and Dean will be involved in a hostage crisis later this season. A disgruntled security guard will hold up a bank when nobody believes one of his out-there theories for why the place got robbed.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Scoopers From Kristin

I am really glad that the old chat format on E!Online is back. Here's a few spoilers from the shows Heroes, VM, GA, and UB. Thanks, Kristin!

From Josey: How about some good scoop on Heroes?
Yes! It is mildly spoilery, but not full-blown spoilery, so I'm going to put it right up top here for the whole world to see. Thanks to a rock-solid source, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that...a new hero is joining the cast! My source tells me exclusively that the new hero is making his debut in the Jan. 22 episode and has an ability not yet seen on the show. Apparently, this hero has been around a lot longer than all the others, so presumably he can teach those heroes we already know a thing or two. Pretty fantastic, no?

From hailey: Where are all the Veronica Mars spoilers? The season's finally getting good, and you're giving us nothing.
I gots your Kristen Bell right here, though: The Fanboys trailer is now online! Also, a word from Sheriff Lamb: Michael Muhney did a chat on Fanforum last week and said, "We've been picked up for 16 episodes, which completes the first two season mysteries...I'm pretty sure we'll get those last six episodes. I'm close to certain that we will. Now, if you ask me about a season four, I don't know, and my concern grows exponentially for a season four versus a pickup for a full season three, but what do I know?" Does the thought of losing Veronica make anyone else want to drink (heavily)?

omy. What gives? You have to give us something good to make up for it, missy!
Okay, but only because you twisted my arm and I had absolutely no chance in the matter! (Are you listening, Shonda Rhimes?) I do have some deliciously dishy scoop that might actually force your heart to pop right out of your chest, so read at your own risk. A reliable source has just confirmed to me that: “Addison and Alex. It is on.” Yee!

Where has Justin been in Ugly Betty? He is my favorite part about that show, and my household was sorry to not see him in the show at all two weeks ago and then only making that one little comment about Martha Stewart in this last episode. Has the network told them to tone him down? I hope not, he's hilarious!
Fear not! I was just on set on Friday, and Justin was very much in the mix. He actually has some really big stuff coming up with his father coming back into the picture. It’s chillingly good. And speaking of Martha, you know she’s making a cameo appearance this Thursday for Thanksgiving, right? Justin must be beside himself.

From Jeff: I love Ugly Betty, and I want scoop!
Mode is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, but Amanda and Marc are breaking in, because, well, no one in their families likes them enough to hang with them for the holiday. Sad but true. However, the two outcasts make the most of it. All I’ll say is musical number! Woo-hoo!

Have a happy TV week!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Why I Love Hiro and Other Advertisements

Before I start...

To all the readers of the now defunct Seasonal Passions, Build-A-Fic is now up for stories and challenges.

There are 2 stories posted so far and we're looking for suggestions, writers and readers.

The stories usuallly posted are of adult (or adult-ish) nature so please, over 18 is strongly recommended for you to join and/or read.

Please leave any feedback if you do read the stories and have suggestions to make things better. And oh, anything posted that says "Update" will be terminated. Thank you.


Anyone who awaits the newest Heroes episode would understand my love for Masi Oka.

Masi Oka makes Hiro Nakamura loveable. He makes Hiro dweeby cool. He makes Hiro an approachable Hero.

Then, when I read this week's Entertainment Weekly, he, Masi, made me love the guy a lot more.

Did you know that he's a Brown graduate who has a degree in Computer Science, has a 180 IQ? What's more, acting is his second celluloid job. His first was his contribution as an ILM (George Lucas, anyone?) special effects guy who's credited with the work on "A Perfect Storm".

And if you don't watch Scrubs often, he plays a lab tech on the show.

He also translates his script to Nipponggo (Japanese) when he has to speak in his native tongue. You'd be thinking that Masi is a FOB, right? Well he is... sort of. He's been in the US since the age of 6. Being able to speak that fluently means he hasn't forgotten where he's from (or maybe lives with his parents, but what the heck?).

So, there. I was going to put some Heroes spoilers but I thought I owe it to you guys to head on down the local magazine stores down your way to catch up on the Spoilers on EW. If you can't wait that long, here's a link to Mike Ausiello's interview with Greg Grunberg who's got spoilers of his own.

Other TV news:

Veronica Mars had been picked up for another 3 scripts. I don't know if that means just half a season but with at 2% increase in viewership, I think it's safe to say that the show will be picked up for a full season since 7th Heaven viewership had gone down 28%. Gilmore Girls, sadly, is also down 19%.

As for the peeps like me that have been wondering WTF happened to Weevil/Francis Capra, apparently, his bloated and acne-filled face was due to some allergic reaction to medication he's taking. Currently, he's looking like the old buff with a little fluff in the episodes he's been shooting but the acne had stayed. Sigh. Should Jessica Simpson visit him and advertise Proactiv to him?

Gilmore Girls: I think the Chris/Lorelai thing I think is good. I think Luke is realizing that his hesitation to commit to Lorelai is harder now that he's going back to dating (wasn't the coach creepy???) losers.

Logan will be coming back now that his father's company acquired the new internet company in New York. So to all Logan lovers, there you go. The only thing that makes me go "hmmm" is... wasn't that what Chris was doing (being part of a start up internet company) when he was labeled a loser in Season 1 Gilmore Girls?

Ugly Betty: Ignacio is going to get arrested. Bradford will be accused of a murder (duh!) Whilmelina still tries to prevent Betty from making Daniel look good by sabotaging his finances. When will she ever learn?

Grey's Anatomy: Callie's secret's out of the bag and starts the man brawl. Mark hits on Meredith (what's new?). Izzy breaks down when she finally cashes in the $8M check given by Denny.

Prison Break: Sara won't be in captivity for long. C-Note will suffer a loss sooner than later. Looks like Michael and Lincoln will not be uniting after all or would be postponing their reunion...

Eagles need to win the next 9 games. The Giants need to lose. Seahawks need to get their act together if they want to be contenders this year. Steelers, suck more, will ya?

See you all when I can update again.

Thanks to Spoilerfix and Ask Ausiello for the information.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Rudy IS Right!!!

from Ask Ausiello:

Question: For weeks you've been dishing out precious few GG spoilers. What is happening?— Elen
Ausiello: You're right. And to make it up to you, I'm going to fill in a few more letters in my GG asterisk quiz. (Major-ass spoiler alert.) "But I suppose I could reveal it in the form of an asterisk quiz. I have it on good authority that Lorelai and Christopher — I cannot believe I am telling you this — e***e during November sweeps. If anyone asks, you did not hear it from me."
Next week: Gilmore show-runner David Rosenthal will be here to explain why he decided to have Lorelai and Christopher e***e. And I'll finally reveal what transpired between Lauren Graham and myself at the CW launch party that almost landed me on the unemployment line (not really), nearly ruined my relationship with the CW (as if) and taught me a valuable lesson about why it's never a good idea to whisper a secret into someone's ear without covering your mouth. In the meantime, head on over to the Ask Ausiello discussion thread to chat about this week's column and to see who can come up with the most five-letter words that begin and end with "E." Here's one to get you started: Ernie!

ELOPE??? Now, I know I have not been quiet at expressing my love for Christopher because I DO think he has more a lot in common emotionally, physically and socially with Lorelai than Luke but this does not bode well for the series.

I mean, the show (for me) pretty much jumped the shark when Rory, the sane one, committed adultery. Then it jumped again when the whole Lorelai/Rory separation took place. Other than it being awkward, why has rationale escaped this Yale student? Apparently she's not all sane up there.

With Lorelai's upcoming nuptials, hopefully, David Rosenthal keeps his promise that the elopement has a significance that would not let the majority of Gilmore Girls viewers throw their remotes at the TV.


Anyway,something more important...


Now, is that a TV show or what? It is so good, you want to have its babies. Do you think Peter's brother is evil? Is Clare's dad the Professor Xavier of this show? Can Peter stop being so melodramatic? Can Hiro be any cuter? Can Niki be any freakier (and I don't mean her sex/cam acts)? Do you think Micah has more talent than being a brainy child?

I wish Heroes will be on TV every night. It's so good!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Should Tom Hanks Be America's Most Trusted Celebrity?

Forbes.com just came out with their list of America's 10 Most Trusted Celebrities. With Tom Hanks being number one, I had to read the list.

People on this list included (in no particular order) Rachel Ray (say what???), Ty Pennington (he's a celebrity? I thought he was just a good looking carpenter), Denzel, Reese Witherspoon, Ron Howard, Oprah.

The only three I agree with in the list of most trusted celebrities are:

Michael J Fox
James Earl Jones
Morgan Freeman

The people I thought were highly overlooked are (and were):

Audrey Hepburn- She's dead and she still can sell GAP pants. BTW, I hate the ad. She is so pretty and elegant and yet she has been reduced to a mall advertisement.

Alan Alda- Pure genius of a man. If you haven't read Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I've Learned, go get it. I don't care if it's from a library or from the second hand store. You will not be disappointed.

Mel Gibson (despite his tirade. At least he speaks his mind, not hide his beliefs)

Christopher Reeve (he may be a mediocre actor and probably would've not done the charity work he did if he didn't get paralyzed but he never gave up when the chips were stacked against him)

Selma Hayek (never underestimate the Latina that made us accept the fact that curves are good and that it's not necessary to have a man to measure success especially when gracing the age of 40)

Sidney Poitier- A pioneer for all colored people and for the presence of interracial marriages in Hollywood. Imagine all the stereotypes he had to break. Even "Look Who's Coming" became controversial because it covered the issue of interracial relationships!

Angelina Jolie- she has a no nonesense approach to helping the world heal one person at a time. I may not agree a hundred percent as how to run her relationships or her household but she is determined to share her talent and resources no matter how many times she is told otherwise.

My runners-up (replacing the deceased) are Natalie Portman and Zach Braff not because they were in Garden State together but because they represent a generation that isn't afraid to discuss their beliefs and practice what they preach.

So, who do you think should be on America's Most Trusted Celebrities?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Only a Die-Hard Prison Break Fan Would Do It

I know I am slow but I thought you guys might find this interesting (if you're as geeky as me).

Remember the morse code on the crane Sara received from Michael? Here's someone from Kristin's E!Online viewership that actually decoded the message. Thanks E!Online!

Posted By: kristin
Created in: Forum: Watch with Kristin
Posted: Sep 26, 2006 1:34 PM
Thanks to Andi Z. for sending me this message. It's pretty freaking cool!


Hi Kristin,

Thanks to the smart work of some people on the myspace Prison Break group we have figured out how to decode the dotted crane message.

3 6 3 3 9 8 6 8 7 = "Phone number" Michael gave Sara on the crane.
... .. .. . .. .... ... ... .. .... = First line of dots on the crane from Ep 201.
3 2 2 1 2 4 3 3 2 4 = The dots, converted to numbers.

7 3 6 3 3 9 8 6 8 7 = Numbers on a phone key pad
3 2 2 1 2 4 3 3 2 4 = Letters for each number above it.

For example, (7, 3). The third letter on the number 7 is R. Then (3, 2). The second letter on number three is E. Following this pattern, the first line of the dots combined with the new phone number spells out... "R E N D E Z V O U S" - which is French for "meeting" or "get together".

We did the same thing for the phone number given on the 9/25 episode which gave us the message "SUNDOWN HOT"

and from a special source, we have learned that the last set of #s is 35445266 which gives the message "ELGILANM"

spaced out correctly, the message is - "Rendezvous - Sundown Hotel - Gila, NM

ta da! Give credit to the Myspace Prison Break group!

Monday, September 25, 2006

What I Think of Heroes and Other Shows this Week

My latest obsession, like I need another one, is Hiro's Blog. Heroes still proves to be one of the better newbies this season and next week's episode is going to be a good one.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is catching my attention. I like it. But then their humor is a little more high brow than your usual shows. The drama wrapped in this package is good. I think this is going to be a keeper.

And Prison Break? Oh goody. One more is going to be biting the dust. Who's it going to be? Sucre? Tweener the dumbass or C-Note?

Jericho is officially dropped from my viewing pleasure.

Men In Trees is hanging by a thread.

Gilmore Girls starts tomorrow and Supernatural starts Thursday. When will I have time to watch all of these shows? Ask my by Thanksgiving. I might have a clue then. LOL.

Other updates? Hopefully we get to find out what the sex of the baby is in 7 days! We'll keep you posted.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Before The CW Lets the Dogs Out

This is the best week ever! Sadly, I can't watch all the shows live but there is this great thing called a recorder that would help me get set this week.

Here's a sneak peek of the CW family via Kristin Veitch on E!Online.

If that's not enough, here's Ausiello's live interview with the who's who in the CW.


And, if you haven't watched it yet, the first epsiode of Season 3's Grey's Anatomy was stellar. That, my friend, is no lie.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OMG, OMG, Spoilers

With the new fall lineup in full swing, here are some spoilers for those still coming up (GA, VM, GG to say the least) and what people thought of Studio 60 and Men In Trees.

Now I bring you Ausiello of TV Guide.

Man, the days I wish I had his job...

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Rosenthal List

Gilmore Girls is going to debut its seventh season in a few days. Here's what the current writer , David Rosenthal had to say about this year's drama.

Thanks again to Ausiello for giving us the lowdown.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Continuum: To Buy or Not To Buy

Here's what I thought of John Mayer's current album.

Hope this influences you to go seek someone who's actually worth spending money on.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

I may not agree with Jen's open letter about divorcing Gilmore Girls but last season had proved one thing. It made all true die-hard fans of Gilmore Girls ponder whether or not to drop the show because of three things:

1. The senseless, pointless plots ASP was filling the screen with at the end of Season 5 transitioning to Season 6

2. The inability of Lorelai and Luke to "seal the deal" eventually ending up with Lorelai withdrawing her proposal and her ending up in bed with the father of her only child, Christopher

3. The presence of really senseless characters like Liz, Paul Anka and April to name a few

There is something to be said that viewers are still vocal about their disappointment over ASP's plot to start all over the Chris/Lorelai/Luke triangle. Not to mention the almost parasitic relationship Rory and Logan have especially now that they are keeping a transcontinental relationship!

Agh. Thank goodness that the season starts in 2 weeks. It'll hopefully quell some of the negativity floating there.

I may divorce ASP but I just cannot divorce my girls, especially Lorelai. There's just too much time that had been shared between me and my GG. I just hope that when this relationship ends, I shall feel more fulfilled than robbed.

David Rosenthal, my (TV) future lies in your hands. Same goes to you, Rina Mimoun.

I am glad though that Mike Ausiello has seen the ep and has reported back that it is good. However, this does not bode well coming from Ausiello's frienemy, Kristin V:

From xrollinthundrx: Gilmore Girls? Have you seen the season premiere? How is it sans Team Palladino?

I just got my hands on the tape and, during this very chat, had our trusty intern Marisa watch it. She tells me it's good, and that there's a scene with Lorelai rejecting a certain someone that some of you hate! I'll report back with more after I see it firsthand. Can't wait!

With that being said... AMY, DO NOT READ BELOW THIS LINE!!!!!!! (It's for your general health)

Thanks to Kristin V of E!Online for this chat:

From marshes: Please tell me Grey's Anatomy is going to be good!
I've now seen some of it firsthand and can tell you, this season is going to McRock! In only the first few episodes, there are at least a few jaw-droppers, including the return of someone you might have thought was gone for good--bah!--an addiction for our girl Izzie--eek!--and Addison is going to be in a bad, bad way but you won't be feeling sorry for her for too long...

From indygirl1438: I saw the Fray's video for Grey's Anatomy. Amazing. Are the Mer-Der shippers going to be happy overall with where Shonda is taking the story?
It's going to take much longer than I thought for anyone to be happy! Patience is a virtue, and you'll need it this season--big-time--my friends.

From wvgurl: Why is Addison in "plain clothes" and crying to the chief?
You saw the undies, right? I'm sure you can do the math.

From sandora1344: Will Alex get another love interest on Grey's? I hate to see him moping over Izzie.
Don't you worry about pretty-boy Alex--he's moping his way right over to the bathroom to do some scandalous acts with someone whose name does not rhyme with Dizzie or Disobel!

From indygirl1438: Is the person returning to GA--whom we thought was gone for good--male or female?

From joey: What's the biggest shocker you've seen from Grey's so far?
Not one, not two, but three people we know and love--yes, three series regulars!
--are caught in bed with someone they shouldn't be! Did I just blow your mind? I think I did! And two of them are with each other! And I'm not talking about Cristina, Burke, Meredith or Derek.

From tigereye69: Will Denny fans like the new season of Grey's Anatomy? The finale kind of left us all sad and makes it hard for us to watch GA without Denny. Some have even given up on the show.
I honestly think you'll have a lot to watch for--and especially to have the chance to mourn with Izzie. She's not getting over this easily, and Katherine Heigl is stunning this season in her grief. Okay, that was a weird thing to say, but it's true.

From elmopaloooza: You promised to tell us who Meredith picks. So, why haven't you?
They actually changed the episodes. (Did I already tell you this?) Initially, she was supposed to make a choice in the first episode, now she addresses both of them in episode two, but still hasn't made a decision, and since I've told you that, I can pretty much guarantee it will change again! (Much like that bisexual storyline last year.) So, I'm zipping my lip now.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Wish I've Seen It!

Ausiello has and he brings the scoop. Follow the white rabbit if you want to get the spoilers.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Lauren Grhahm Sighting

From the fingertips of Mike Ausiello:

Exclusive: Lauren Graham to Host Studio 60!

Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry by John Sciulli/WireImage.com
You know that frosty reception I had to Aaron Sorkin's super-hyped Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Well, I've suddenly begun warming to the show in a big way.

A well-placed source tells me that Lauren Graham will appear in a two-episode arc later this fall playing... Lauren Graham! Per my mole, she'll serve as the guest host of Studio 60's fictional SNL-esque show within a show.

This bit of stunt casting makes sense on so many levels. First off, silver-tongued Graham reciting Aaron Sorkin's golden prose? A marriage made in TV heaven. Furthermore, both Studio 60 and Gilmore Girls are produced by Warner Bros., thus eliminating all that pesky paperwork. Finally, and most importantly, Graham and Studio star Matthew Perry are longtime pals. In fact, as readers of this column know, the duo attended Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy bash last Saturday. (And just to clarify: They truly are just friends. Which is a shame: Can you imagine how witty and loquacious their kids would be?)

Since turnabout is fair play, it's probably only a matter of time before Perry pays a visit to Stars Hollow as... Kirk's long-lost brother! I can totally see it!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Updates

Did you think I will be skimping on the news? Thanks to Spoilerfix and Ausiello, here are the goodies. Read on: Scrubs, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girlsand maybe Grey's Anatomy:

Question: I hope you had fun at the Emmys! Anyway, I just read that Zach Braff doesn't want to do Scrubs anymore and that this is his last season. They'll have to stop the show if he leaves, right? — Anne Marie

Ausiello: Wrong! I cornered series creator Bill Lawrence on the red carpet and asked him point-blank whether Scrubs could go on next season without the Braffster. His answer floored me. "Yeah, I think so," he replied. "We'll have to see how we do this year. If we're doing really well, it'll be hard to stop." OK, but who on god's green earth could replace him? "I think that Zach could walk out the door and a new piece of casting could walk in with a voice-over. Or Zach could walk out the door and Donald Faison could walk in and his voice-over could say, "I don't know what I'm going to do without J.D. around." Donald Faison as the new star of Scrubs!?!? Count me in! Actually, count me and Donald in. Seconds later, I floated the idea by Turk's portrayer and he was game. "We'll see what happens, but that would be nice," he said. "Do I want it to be the last year? Of course not. I like making money, and I have a great time on the show."

Question: You looked absolutely awesome on the red carpet for the Emmys. I saw you in the background of the E! preshow. Now, after that shameless intro, I was hoping to score some Veronica Mars scoop. — Erin

Ausiello: And Veronica Mars scoop you shall receive. I asked Rob Thomas whether Piz, the new hottie in Veronica's life this season, will pose a serious threat for LoVe. "I think Veronica and Logan's struggles are going to have little to do with Piz. They're two pretty intense characters on their own, and I think most of their issues are going to be with each other. I don't want to play some traditional thing where Piz is insinuating himself into the relationship, or attempting to break them up, or doing anything other than being a nice guy who happens to be around Veronica a lot, due largely to proximity, but they also get entangled in a couple of cases together. Logan should just be worried about Logan." Piz, meanwhile, is "from a suburb of Portland, Oregon. With all the sort of brooding, rich bad boys we've had on our show, he's sort of the antithesis of that. He's much more a Lloyd Dobler, frenetic kid with a lot of words in his mouth, and a very similar middle-class background as Veronica. So he should have a real different energy than, say, Troy or Logan." BTW, check out my column in this week's issue of TV Guide to get your first look at Piz (aka up-and-comer Chris Lowell) on Mars. If you're straight and female or gay and male, I think you'll be pleased with what you see.

Question: Any chance we'll see Aaron Ashmore (Troy) back on Veronica Mars? — Becca

Ausiello: As Rob Thomas reminds us, "He kinda got another job on us." That job, of course, would be playing Jimmy Olsen on Smallville. Still, Rob says, "We thought about bringing Troy back quite a bit, and if we could ever work out a guest-star [thing], we wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on that. But we felt like we had just put Veronica together with a lot of similar boys. If there did develop another love interest for her, we kind of want him to come from a different place." Like, say, a suburb of Portland, Oregon?

Question: Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry? I can't think of a better couple! Please tell me it's real! — Emily

Ausiello: As I mentioned in the Ausiello Report, it certainly looked real at Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy bash on Saturday. They weren't making love on the buffet table or anything like that, but they had a very cutesy rapport that suggested they've been, um, on friendly terms for quite some time. (Did you see how I cleverly worked in that Friends pun? It's a gift.)

Question: Ed Herrmann and Kelly Bishop rock! Any idea if they will get some type of story line of their own this season on Gilmore Girls? — Elizabeth

Ausiello: You already know that Richard will get a teaching gig at Yale and Emily will start training young girls in the fine art of etiquette. What you don't know is that later in the season, Richard will face a medical crisis that show-runner Dave Rosenthal says will have a "profound impact" on the entire Gilmore clan. "Health issues can create stress and conflict and trauma in a family, but they can also bring the family together," he adds. "It's something that will affect not only Emily but Rory and Lorelai, too."

Episode 7.04: 'S Wonderful 'S Marvelous
Airdate: October 2006

08/17 - Emily is arrested because it is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving in Connecticut. She is not happy and her verbatim towards the police officer leads to a funny scene. At an art show, Rory befriends two artsy college students named Lucy and Olivia. Both will become recurring guest stars. Richard also appears. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Question: I need more clues on the major season-premiere death you teased about in the Ausiello Report! At least tell us what show it happens on! — Kelly

Ausiello: It's one of these three shows: Lost, Veronica Mars or Grey's Anatomy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Go Ahead and Giggle

... I know I did.

Friday, August 11, 2006

CW: Failing Before the Seaon Starts

Just read and be glad you haven't seen them in person... yet.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Little Porn For Your Pleasure

Well, it's not really porn, per se. It's Lauren Graham's new flick, The Amateurs.

Originally titled "The Moguls", The Amateurs takes place in Butterface Fields, a little town like Stars Hollow where everyone knows you and your name. Sounds familiar, right? The only difference is, Stars Hollow gets its attraction from its quirky stories and its small time charm.

Butterface Fields? Well, it wants to be known for more than that. Well, at least for one man who thinks so.

Andy Sargentee (Jeff Bridges), a man that tries to come up with a get rich quick scheme, comes up with the brilliant idea to make a smut film just to prove he can be the boss of him, which is one thing his son sees in his current, rich stepdad.

It's short of hilarious. Joe Pantoliano (remember him in The Matrix and Momento?) is named 'Some Idiot'. Ted Danson plays an overt gay guy that boasts to have sexual prowess over the opposite sex. Judy Greer is in it and she's exceptionally funny. She wants to be part of the porn movie. BTW, did you know she used to be Sean Gunn's (Kirk of GG) roomie? Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous) sort of reprises his role as a film geek that gets to record the events (movie and life) as it unfolds before, during and after making the smut film.

A lot have said it and I do believe it: It's the most innocent adult film ever made.

I really don't know what Lauren (as Peggy) brings to the movie but it would be nice to see her outside of Gilmore Girls. Trust me, if you haven't seen her in anything other than GG, you're in for a surprise.

In Bad Santa, she played a Jewish bartender who had a fetish for Santa. (Eww, her saying, "Fuck me, Santa" makes me shiver!)

In Seeing Other People, she played a rich sister in a loveless marriage that gets off by watching other people screw. (Kinky!)

In other words, if you put LG on a pedestal and don't want to soil the good Lorelai image, stay away from this film or at least the 2 I just mentioned.

Otherwise, go watch how porn is made. Heaven help us all if Jeff Bridges or Ted Danson would be the people that would get us to watch smut with a plot!

Filling Up the GG Goodie Bag

Thanks to the Ausiello dude:

Question: Please, please, please tell me that Gilmore Girls isn't planning to make Lorelai pregnant and then do a whole "Who's the daddy" mystery. That would definitely veer into jump-the-shark territory. — Karl

Ausiello: Allow me to put your mind at ease. Better yet, let show-runner Dave Rosenthal put your mind at ease. "That will not be happening — I promise," he says of a potential paternity stumper. "There are no sharks anywhere near our set and there will be no jumping of them." Rosenthal can also promise that within the first couple of episodes, Stars Hollow will experience a bit of a baby boom. Translation: Luke's sister, Liz, isn't the only one expecting. "There will be more than two babies born this season." Oh, and one more thing: "There also will be a marriage this season," he reveals. "I can’t say exactly when, but somebody’s getting hitched." Send me your guesses! My money's on Paris and Doyle.

Question: I couldn't disagree with you more re: the Luke-Lorelai vs. Lorelai-Christopher chemistry on Gilmore Girls, but to each his own. More importantly, I get the impression from your comments and your interview with Dave Rosenthal that we are never again going to see L/L as a couple on GG. The most we should hope for is a last-minute reunion in the series finale. Do you think this is the most likely scenario? — Cally

Ausiello: It depends how you interpret Dave Rosenthal's following comments: "Do I think Luke and Lorelai ultimately are soul mates? I do. I really do. But does that mean they’re going to run off together tomorrow and live happily ever after? No. They’re at a point where they both have some regrowing and changing to do, and some things to figure out."

Question: What happened to my favorite Lorelai-Luke fan? Have you been brainwashed? — Lou

Ausiello: For the record, my position on this issue has not changed: I'm still pro-Luke and Lorelai. But after the events of last season, they clearly need a break from one another — and us from them. Let's hope absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Question: Do you have any more information on the time lapse that may or may not occur between the first and second Gilmore Girls episodes? — Jennifer

Ausiello: Actually, I just learned that GG's traditional summertime skip will take place between Episodes Three and Four. The first three episodes are essentially one continuous arc.

Question: Dude, that GG/VM Logan-crossover scoop? Best. Ever. Where am I sending you that case of Snapple? — Julie

Ausiello: Sure, now you want to send me Snapple. Where were you two weeks ago when I was lying on the floor of the Ritz Carlton twitching like Whitney in rehab. But I'm not bitter. And to prove it, I'm going to share with you what Rob Thomas had to say about the Oct. 24 crossover, which, as many of you pointed out, isn't technically a crossover since Matt Czuchry isn't playing Logan Huntzberger on Mars. (Cue me rolling my eyes and making a "W" with my fingers.) "The network suggested it, as [happens with] many of these things. But it's one of those times that I'm happy about the suggestion. I'm excited that it's a real actor… rather than a Top Model — not that I think our Top Models have done a bad job." Rob confirms that Czuchry will play Charlie Stone, half brother of Mars' Logan (Jason Dohring), but that's all he'll confirm. "I want to save the rest of the show."

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ronnie and Piz Were Sitting on a Tree... Then Logan Showed Up

No, not THIS Logan but THIS Logan.

Yep, per Ausiello, he had confirmed that CW is trying to use all its power to get viewers to watch Veronica Mars. Even if it means "borrowing" cast members from the show right before it, right? Now, the Logan/Logan sandwich may commence without Kristin Veitch's interference.

Want more? Well, at least I've found a picture of Wallace's new roommate and possible romantic interest of V, the Pizzinator. Okay, it's my term but I think Stosh should've remained rather than Piz. Heck, all I can say is that he has to be better than Jackie as a season add-on. Ooh, and this is Mac's new roommate. Hmm, me thinks Logan or Dick may have wandering eyes over her direction.


More Spoilers from Ausiello:

Question: Give me whatever you have about Marty on Gilmore Girls. Is he returning? — Steevyn

Ausiello: Dave Rosenthal confirmed Wayne Wilcox's return in my Q&A with him. I don't have an episode count or first air date yet, but I'm working on it.

Question: Anything Gilmore Girls-related. Please. — Chloe

Ausiello: I'm hearing that a mishap at Luke's Diner will lead Kirk to open his own eatery across the street.

Question: OK, who do you think Lorelai should end up with: Luke or Christopher? — Jessica

Ausiello: I'd like to see Luke and Lorelai end up together, but I'm not opposed to a Lorelai-Christopher pairing in the short-term. Lauren Graham and David Sutcliffe have an easy-breezy chemistry and, unlike L&L, I don't feel the need to cover my eyes when they round third base. There, I said it. Now commence with the stone-throwing.

Question: Is it true? Is someone having a baby on Gilmore Girls this season? — Lisa D.

Ausiello: Considering Liz announced that she was preggers on May 2, it stands to reason that a baby will pop out at some point this season. That's what we in the biz call a no-brainer.

NOTES: Kirk running his own diner? Surely, would you eat at a place where you know the man runs naked during REM state and can't hold a job down to save his life? I am so glad the preggy wheels on the GG women have been put to a stop. I think making Rory or Lorelai pregnant would make this season the FINAL season.

Lastly, a parting McSteamy teaser:

Question: Have you received any confirmation that Eric Dane is returning to Grey's? Or is it just pure speculation? — Donna

Ausiello: No official confirmation, but there's mounting evidence to suggest that McSteamy will be a major part of Grey's this season. I think I already told you guys that ABC served a special McSteamy martini at its press tour bash. Seems like an odd thing to do if the character weren't coming back. And Shonda Rimes herself admitted in Friday's Grey's-themed Ausiello Report that Dane made a huge splash during his brief, one-episode stint last February. But the most compelling clue comes from a source over at CSI: Miami. My South Beach spy says Dane was originally approached to play Natalia's soon-to-be-introduced shady ex, but Miami producers were informed that he was "unavailable." Rob Estes will now be stalking Eva La Rue instead. Bottom line: McSteamy's McReturning.

Thanks to Ausiello who's back doing the chats!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Scott Patterson Speaks!

Finally, something Lauren Graham and Scott feel strongly about...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The First Gilmore Girls Ep is Out

I wish I had it but I don't. Mike Ausiello had a copy leaked to him and this is what he can tell us.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Logan on Logan Action: Take One!

I wish I was Kristin V of E!Online. The lucky gal got to become a Logan on Logan sandwich at the CW TCA. You have to watch the clips. It is freaking amazing. So amazing, I was giggly. However, 2 questions: what is up with Matt Czuchry's hair and Jason Dohring's dark locks? Me not liking it at all!!! If you can't seem to get the stream online, you can check the transcripts here.

What makes me think that KV is having her best week ever? She got to interview Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars. On this interview, he wasn't as tight lipped as he used to be. Warning: If you don't want to know any big spoilers, don't read. Don't let me hear you say that I didn't warn you.

Here's the transcript:

Q: Veronica’s off to college this year! How will college Veronica be different than high school Veronica, if at all?

R: I think she’ll lose some of the outsider baggage. Whereas Neptune High School was very rigidly divided --you’re either the child of a millionaire or you work for millionaires -- that chip on her shoulder will be lessened. There will be other interesting social situations we can put her in. In episode two this year, one of the girls who was raped, we find out that the night she was raped, she went to a sorority rush function, and so Veronica goes undercover into sorority rush, which I love. You know, it’s the last place in the world that she would want to be, and so she’s putting on the floral dress and going through rush. So we’ll still have situations where she’ll feel out of place.

Q: So that’s going to be the first mystery of the year?

R: Yes, which I’m not trying to keep a secret. We sort of introduced it last year, and it wasn’t solved, so--

Q: Is Alia Shawkat coming back?

R: I hope so. We don’t have Ali booked yet, but we want to. We know that in our mapping out of the mystery, that around [episode] 5, 6 or 7, we would want to see her again, so we hope. Michael Cera, we asked, but he booked a movie, so we lost him.

Q: Have you decided yet what the second and third mystery are going to be?

R: Yes.

Q: Any clues?

R: No! I will say that all three mysteries will have decidedly different feels. We know what they are. With the second one, I know who did it. You know, we’re setting all that up. I will say that the second one was largely inspired by that Steven Soderbergh indie low budget digital film, Bubble, in which all the creative energy felt like it went into the set up, into the motives. And the nice thing is that for the second mystery, we’ve got these first nine episodes to lay in motives, so it should be interesting. I’m excited about that idea.

Q: Because there will be three different mysteries this year, it seems like the mysteries will have to be somewhat lighter or less serious I guess. Does that mean we’re going to see a somewhat lighter, different Veronica Mars this season?

R: Well, yes, the first season was all about Lily’s murder and the second season a whole bus full of kids [were killed]. I mean, people have said that Veronica Mars is a 21 episode drama series and 1 episode a thriller! It seems to have turned out that way! We spent so much money, relative to our tiny show on the series finales to turn out these great episodes, and because of the logistics of having three mysteries and not having the budget to turn out three big finales like that, yes, it will be somewhat different and that’s the downside, but I hope people will still lock in [to the storylines we have planned]. One of the upsides is to have a mystery play out over just nine episodes, you can give much bigger clues in each episode. You don’t have to do as much dilly dallying. You don’t have to do as much faking over here, there’s not as many red herrings. You can get to the crux of it faster. The danger of it is, suddenly are we easy to solve? And we haven’t done it over nine episodes, so I’m a little nervous, but so far we’re five episodes into the breaking of stories and I’m liking how it’s feeling right now. And one of the things the network has suggested we do -- and this is an idea that I really am embracing, and I think it’s a good idea for our show, and it continues in the same mode as the idea of the shorter mysteries -- is, in an effort to be more inviting to new viewers or to casual viewers, to really amp up the mystery of the weeks, and to put slightly less emphasis into the ongoing mystery. But when I say less emphasis, what I’m really talking about -- And I love this. It’s a strange note to get from a network -- is not worry about the casual viewer with our ongoing mystery, so [for example] with the serial rapist, we’re going to put those themes into each episode like we always do, but we’re not going to put any effort into catching people up. It will be there for the fans who are watching us every week. So with that extra space that we have, we’re going to dial up the mystery of the week. What [the network] is saying ‘Give us that one thing that we can put on the air and promote,’ i.e. Veronica’s going undercover in a sorority. That’s the thing that they can put in their promos, and they can sell the mystery of the week now rather than the big, overarching mystery.

Q: Will the class warfare still be a theme on the show this season, or as they get older, is it not quite as bad?

R: It’s going to be lessened this year. I mean, certainly, rather than ‘Here are the popular rich kids and here are the kids who aren’t,’ in college I think we’re going to play it much more as a series of clumps, which might be more reflective of college life. Instead of being ‘ins’ and ‘outs,’ there will be different groups on campus. I think those boys who, in high school, were kind of geeky and put upon, sort of like in real life, they get to college and sort of blossom and suddenly smart guys are kind of cooler and kids like Dick Casablancas are having a little trouble adjusting!

Q: What’s happening with Weevil?

R: He’ll reappear in episode three. We’ll find out that he went to prison briefly for assault. They didn’t get him for Thumper’s murder, but they did get him for assault, and when we first see him, he’ll be working at a car wash, which he will tell Veronica isn’t quite as fun as the song makes it sound. It’s sort of a mandated job, and Veronica just runs into him by accident, and shortly after that, Weevil pins his boss to a coke machine and he loses that job, and suddenly he needs Veronica’s help. So that’s episode three and then he gets worked back into [the regular storylines].

Q: So will Weevil be sticking around as a recurring character?

R: He will be. Yes.

Q: When will he start working as the campus janitor or something, so he will be around everybody?

R: That would be the end of episode three! Yeah, there’s no foolin’ you there!

Q: And will the Thumper murder ever be solved or…

R: The Thumper murder is in the unsolved case file there at the Neptune Sherriff Department.

Q: Will Keith ever be Sherriff again?

R: Well, not for another four years. There are no plans for that.

Q: So Lamb is still Sherriff?

R: Right. And Sherriff Lamb, by the way, is officially a series regular now, so you’ll see him in the main titles this year.

Q: What guest stars will we see this season?

R: Well, I can tell you ones that we might see, that aren’t confirmed. We immediately, before we’d even written the role, asked Patty Hearst’s agents if she would play a member of the Hearst Board of Trustees. They said ‘yes, absolutely,’ so of course when we got that [response], we started thinking ‘Well, what if a member of the board of trustees was kidnapped?!’ That’s gone though our minds as well, so look for Patty Hearst on our show! We asked Stephen King if he would play a professor this year, and we had an idea for him early in the year, and his people said he was booked then, but he loved the show, and to [ask again] later. And now we’re going after [Daily Show comedian] Lewis Black to play a professor who’s running an experiment about prisoner abuse that Wallace and Logan get involved in, and his scene is like a page and a half rant that we just think Lewis Black would be phenomenal for. The nice thing is sometimes we have these ideas for guest stars that the network is like ‘Who?! What’re you talking about?’ and I was afraid that might happen with Lewis Black, but they were totally into the idea, so I think the offer is out and we’re just waiting for him to decide on it.

Q: What are Logan and Wallace doing mixed up in a prisoner abuse experiment?

R: They’re both in the same sociology class, and the professor gives them a choice of either participating in this experiment or writing a lengthy paper, and they choose to participate in the experiment.

Q: Will we see Lisa Rinna again?

R: I don’t think so.

Q: No? We didn’t see a body.

R: I know. Believe me when I say that if you don’t see a body, you should always expect that they might come back. But there are no plans to bring her back.

Q: What about Alyson Hannigan?

R: We’d like to.

Q: I just talked to her. She said ‘I would love to [go back and do more Veronica].’

R: Alright! Well, that’s good news. It’s just that it’s tough working in, because we have to plan an episode and hope that it falls in her week off, and that’s really difficult to do, but we love Alyson. It’s just tough to make it work.

Q: When will the season two DVD be out?

R: Early, this year. August, I think. Like August 22nd?

Q: Did you guys get a chance to do more commentary?

R: Unfortunately, no. It continues to be the same thing. We can release it in January, with everything, or we can release it early, and right now our show needs viewers early, so we released it early. Last year, I did a pilot episode commentary that I posted on my website, and I’ll probably do that again, I’d imagine, with the episode I directed.

Lastly, here's a little tidbit to expect from Gilmore Girls this year. I wasn't going to repost what David Rosenthal told KV since it's pretty much verbatim to what he told Mike Ausiello but here's something KV scooped from Rina Mimoun that MA wasn't able to get:

K: ... Let’s talk about Gilmore for a sec. I’m sure you’re excited about it.

R: Honestly, I’m totally unnecessary. [David Rosenthal]’s got it all covered. I don’t need to be there frankly! It’s off and running. I had not really known the show before. But I got really excited as I was watching it -- I watched like 50 hours of Gilmore on DVD. That’s a lot of fast talking -- and the stories that they want to tell this year I am happy about. It seems a little more provocative and thought provoking, and really fun and funny. It’s the most amazing group of writers, I have to say. We start shooting on Thursday. It’s crazy. I haven’t even met [most of the actors]. I just met Kirk. I’m very excited. Frankly, the Tai Chi moment is my favorite moment on the show, so yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Live Blogging Part II Veronica Mars

Another live blog by Mike Ausiello. Props to the man!

4:35: Kristen Bell walks on stage alongside series creator Rob Thomas. Is there a more fabulous duo at press tour? I think not.

4:37: Kristen notices a cheesy graphic of herself in a white tank top on the huge CW monitor and groans, "Oh, honestly. I'm so over it. Can we get a new picture?" The crowd roars.

4:37: Rob concedes that Season 2 got way too convoluted. He says doing "two concurrent mysteries, lasting 22 episodes, with way too many red herrings" was a tad too ambitious. "We're going to rein that in this year. Our first mystery will be nine episodes, with no pre-emptions or repeats. Our second mystery will be seven episodes, with no pre-emptions or repeats. And our final mystery of the year will be six episodes, with no pre-emptions or repeats." Of course, he adds, "that's spoken with the confidence of a man who thinks he's going 22 episodes."

4:40: Scoop! Tina Majorino is officially on board as a series regular. Wallace, Logan and, yes, Dick will all be joining Veronica at Hearst college. And Rob confirms that two new characters will be coming on board — a roommate for Mac and a roommate for Wallace.

4:41: When Kristen heard that Dawn Ostroff was heading up CW she had no doubt Veronica would be back for a third season. "Don't tell this to all the other kids," she whispers, "but we're her favorite."

4:45: Scoop! Rob reveals that he approached self-proclaimed Mars fan Stephen King to play a "crazy sociology professor" in this season's third episode. Although the spookmesiter was booked, he asked Rob to "keep me in mind for other things." Hey, I'll play it! Please?

4:52: Kristen says that she has about "20 percent more girl" in her than Veronica.

4:54: Scoop! Charisma Carpenter will be on the show "at least once." Teddy Dunn, meanwhile, is, um, done. "We had two romantic possibilities for Veronica, and one sort of dominated the fans' interest," Rob says. "And it became clear that one suitor won out." OMG, you guys got Teddy Dunn fired!

5:02: Last season's briefcase mystery will get wrapped up in the first two episodes. Today's press tour diary, meanwhile, will get wrapped up right this second.

Kristin's Take on the TCA (Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls)

More information that you would care about. Courtesy of Kristin V of E!Online:

I'm in a super rush as The CW red carpet is about to start, so please forgive the mass of information and how it's laid out below... just wanted to make sure you were informed about everything that transpired today. Enjoy:

New Showrunner David Rosenthal, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel

The Gilmore Girls session started off with my frienemy Michael Ausiello and another TCA reporter duking it out to ask the first question. It was quite funny. They both had mics and were talking over each other at the same time. Lauren was going 'Hi Mike, Hi Mike,' not surprised by his enthusiasm. But the other reporter would not back down. Anyway, Ausiello eventually conceded. And he had to settle for Q #2... which was how do you feel about the fan sentiment which is so against the current storyline. He said he's never seen so many angry viewers, etc. Lauren laughed at that. David Rosenthal said Amy certainly left them with a full plate, but that's the stuff of good drama and they're looking forward to having it play out.

Lauren was then asked if she hated last season's Lorelai and if she ever went to Amy and Dan to say 'Stop making Lorelai such a wuss!' She admitted it wasn't her favorite stuff to be dictated to by Luke, and ultimately that is not who Lorelai is, which is why things ended up the way they did. Re: fan anger, she said if everything went the way the fans wanted, I'd just be calling Rory up all the time and asking 'What're you doing tonight?'

David Rosenthal said he is not approaching this as the last season of Gilmore. Just looking to do 22 great episodes. Hopefully it will continue.

Lauren and Alexis were asked about the rumor that they are not interested in returning for another season and the response was actually interesting. It sounds as if Lauren is very excited about the fact that David Rosenthal is running the show very differently than Amy and Dan did. It is more collaborative, allowing her the opportunity to have more input. She said she's read the first script and she loves it. She hopes they have such a great season that it warrants more, but at the same time, she doesn't want to be the actor that she feels sorry for. She's seen lots of actors in the position of being on the show that is ready to end, but it goes on anyway, and she doesn't want that. Also, their legal contracts are up after this season, so we'll see. But she said she wouldn't want to approach these next 22 episodes as if it was the end, because that would mean she didn't support David, and that's not the case. She very much supports David.
She made it clear that yes, so far it seems that the process will be far more collaborative than it was in years past, but if any reporters write anything that makes it sound as if she said something negative about Amy and Dan, she'll be really upset. She said she's a huge fan of Amy and Dan's. They gave her an amazing opportunity and wrote some of her favorite scenes and favorite work, but she is very open to the fact that as good as that was, this new situation could be good too. Amy and Dan ran the show in a very specific way, which was very hands-on and they did everything themselves and wanted everything a certain way. In this new situation, the writing staff is bigger, they are getting scripts ahead of time, and it's going to be different. The tone that Amy and Dan set was very specific, but it's also been established over six seasons and the new writers that David has brought in are coming in as fans, who are very familiar with the tone, really excited and enthusiastic, and there may be room for their new, fresh perspective. Also, she said that she and Alexis are, at this point, very familiar with the characters and have creative input and will know if the tone was off or something wasn't right...

Lauren admitted she is not a fan of working with the dog Paul Anka. She's not into doggy humor, although she loves dogs.

Other interesting facts: Christopher will be back as a semi-regular. There will be new recurring characters, especially since Logan has moved to London and Rory will have to make new friends. Rory and Logan, however, will attempt to have a long-distance relationship.

Oh, and yes, one reporter did ask about David Rosenthal's past () and how that makes him a strange choice to run this female-centric show. He responded by saying his personal life is irrelevant and he wouldn't discuss it. When the reporter persisted, Lauren was very quick to re-iterate "That has nothing to do with anything. Next question."

Again, in a super rush to get to The CW red carpet, which starts now! Here's what you need to know from the Veronica session:

Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars

As I told you before, the season will be split up into three mysteries. The first mystery will last nine episodes, the second mystery will last for seven and the third will last for six. They will each play out in uninterrupted blocks, with no repeats and no preemptions. The personal character arcs however are not going to be split up, of course. They won't stop and start according to the mysteries. The personal storylines, such as the relationship between Logan and Veronica, will play out as usual throughout the course of the whole season.

Tina Majorino (Mac) will be a series regular, although she won't appear in all the episodes. She will be attending Hearst College along with Veronica, Wallace, Logan and ****! There will be an explanation of how Logan and **** ended up at Hearst. Veronica will continue to live at home with Keith. There will be two new series regulars, as we reported before: Piz and Parker. ("Piz" is named after the director of the Veronica Mars pilot, Mark Piznarski!) Parker will be Mac's roommate and she is everything that Mac is not, bubbly and effervescent. At first they won't have anything in common, but Parker has a heart of gold and will probably win Mac over...

Interesting fact: after Stephen King's high praise of Veronica Mars, Rob did attempt to get Stephen on the show (just as he did with Kevin Smith), but received a very polite decline, saying he was already booked, but to keep him in mind for stuff in the future.

Charisma Carpenter will be back for "at least one episode." But Rob didn't want to give away more than that on that subject. He said the whole briefcase thing does not have to do with the first 9 episode mystery, and will be wrapped up in episode two.

Re: Teddy Dunn, he is not returning to the show this year. That decision was really made by fan response to Veronica's two possible love interests. One of the love interests seemed to get much more attention, and seemed to really win out...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Gilmore Girls: Longer, Meatier, Tastier

Apparently, Rudy has gotten her hands on this before I have. She's got the meaty deets, I just added more. This is the unabridged version of Ausiello's interview.

BRAVO: If this is the last year, Rosenthal will ask Palladino how she wanted this to end.
BRAVO: Marty is coming back.
BRAVO: Christopher will be pivotal and is coming back.

BOO: Colin and Finn are not going to be seen as often now that they have graduated. (Ehm, how did Finn graduate when he doesn't even know what classes he had?)
BOO: Logan will have a long distance relationship with Rory (this is a Bravo at my end but for the Amester, I think she would've wanted to see more Logan screen time).
BOO: Alexis Bledel doesn't want to commit to another season until she sees what this season brings (unlike Lauren Graham who's gung ho about seeing this to the bitter end).
BOO: Anna and April are back, while Jess remains bye-bye.


Finally: Gilmore's New Boss Speaks
Here's my interview with David Rosenthal, conducted immediately following today's Gilmore Girls press tour session. Luckily, he was much more forthcoming during our little Q&A than he was on the panel.

Ausiello: What can you tell me about the first six episodes?
David Rosenthal: Obviously, the repercussions from the end of last season [will play out]. That's something that is not going to just disappear. It's a major shift, a major change in everybody's lives. It affects not just Lorelai and Christopher and Luke, but Rory as well. There are a lot of consequences, and we fully intend to explore them – the positive and the negative. It's a big deal, not just for the fans, but for us, the writers and producers of the show.

Ausiello: Fans are holding out hope that maybe Lorelai and Christopher didn't sleep with each other.
Rosenthal: No, no, no. That's a pipe dream. Those were two grown-ups who woke up in bed together after spending the night together.

Ausiello: Is Matt Czuchry off the show?
Rosenthal: No. God, no. Rory's going to try to engage in a long-distance relationship. He's going to be in London; she's going to be in college. Obviously, it's a very challenging and difficult thing, and it's going to present obstacles for the two of them. But they're very much in love, so they're really going to work hard to make it work. He's very much on the show and very much a part of her life, but it's from thousands of miles away.

Ausiello: You hinted during the session that there will be other boys in her life.
Rosenthal: There will be people in her life, male and female. Perhaps the return of characters from past seasons.

Ausiello: Marty?
Rosenthal: Marty perhaps will be returning in her social circles, and perhaps some new friends who we have yet to meet. Again, not only did Logan graduate, but Colin and Finn graduated. A lot of the people she spent a lot of time with over the season have moved on, so she has to find a new life for herself at Yale.

Ausiello: I heard the first couple of episodes are dramatic.
Rosenthal: Certainly. It's a big thing we have to deal with, but there will be plenty of humor. We're not shifting gears here. We're not suddenly going to lose that spark and that humor that people know and love about Gilmore Girls. We work very hard to maintain that balance between the comedy and the drama. One of the things that I love so much about the show is the ability to shift back and forth between the comedy and the drama. And also to play so much comedy THROUGH the drama, and vice-versa. That's something that we work very hard to maintain.

Ausiello: Amy told me she believes Luke and Lorelai are soul mates. Do you agree?
Rosenthal: (Tentative) Yeah. That doesn't mean that we're going to see them behind a white picket fence a month from now. But they have a very, very deep bond. I certainly see it and feel it. But sometimes soul mates spend a lot of time not together. Just because someone's your soul mate and may be your ultimate destiny, does not mean that there's not a lot to go through before you reach that destiny.

Ausiello: Will April be back?
Rosenthal: Yes, absolutely. April is a part of his life. Luke is going to have some issues this year in terms of his deepening relationship with April and his relationship with Anna. There's a lot to get into there and we will spend a great deal of time exploring that as well.

Ausiello: Are you aware of all the anti-Gilmore sentiment out there?
Rosenthal: I'm aware of it. I do pay attention to it, but I try to keep my eye on the ball. I try to keep focused on the long term and the arcs for the season and where we want to take these characters – and keeping the show alive and growing so that that it can go more than just this season. So this won't have to be the last season of Gilmore Girls, 'cause I do feel like there's a lot more life left in the show, but I think it's up to us, the writers, to make that a reality.

Ausiello: I've never seen Luke and Lorelai fans more riled up. Do you look at that and go, "Maybe we need to do something about this. We don't want to lose these viewers."
Rosenthal: We don't want to lose the viewers, but I gotta say, in our [writers] room, half of the people don't understand at all, and the other half understand that she's been waiting around for a year for this guy and she feels like he's made a choice. That she's not longer the number one priority in his life. He has other priorities now, and at the end of last season she was really at her wits end. So I think a lot of people are sympathetic to that and understand that. Again, we're creating situations where the characters can learn things from choices they make and choices they don't make. We're just trying to keep the drama alive. If everything's settled and happy and nobody has any problems or issues, man, that's not going to make for a great TV show. But we respect and honor Luke and Lorelai's history, their relationship and whatever their future holds for them. It's a journey they're on together.

Ausiello: Do you see potential with Christopher and Lorelai as a couple?
Rosenthal: They certainly have to deal with what happened, and it is not a simple thing; it has far-reaching consequences. So, yeah… He's in the show a lot. He's going to be around a lot. I don't want to give away too much, but, yeah, he's a major part of her life this year. Absolutely.

Ausiello: At what point does everyone have to get together and decide if this is the last season?
Rosenthal: You know, that's above my pay grade. That's a network and studio decision. Look, the studio and the network I'm sure want it to come back. I know it's going to be one of the signature shows for the CW. We'll just keep doing our work and hopefully make shows that people respond to and like and we'll see what happens.

Ausiello: Did Amy offer you any advice before she left?
Rosenthal: She did. She wished me luck. I spent a terrific year last year working with Amy and Dan, and she was incredibly supportive, and she told me from the beginning that this was a distinct possibility that she would be moving on and I would be running the show. When she brought me in at the beginning of last year, that's one of the things she told me. She brought me in as an executive producer for that reason. So I feel very honored that I was her hand-picked successor. That was a great thrill for me. At the end of last season she wished me luck, and I'm thrilled to be doing it.

Live-Blogging the Gilmore Girls Session
3:40: Damn Wi-Fi!! It went down JUST as the session started. We're back up and running now.

3:43: Got the Luke/Lorelai question in. Dave didn't say anything specific about how he planned to repair the relationship, just that fans should "stay tuned."

3:50: Lauren Graham is clearly optimistic about GG post-Palladino.

3:53: Lauren left the door open to doing another season. Alexis didn't address it.

3:55: Yikes! A reporter just asked David about Heidi Klum and Lauren jumped to his defense. "It has nothing to do with anything. Next!"

3:59: David is being EXTREMELY tight-lipped about future plotlines.

4:00: Lauren concedes that things are more "open door" with David, but she doesn't want that to be seen as a diss on Amy and Dan.

4:01: If this is the final season of Gilmore Girls, David says he WILL ask Amy how she intended to end the show.

4:02: Alexis is going to see how this season goes before deciding on another year.

4:05: Bad news, Logan fans: David says Logan will be staying in London. Also, Christopher will be a bigger presence than ever before. (Don't shoot the messenger!)

4:07: No plans to being Milo back.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Are You Threatening Us?"

Credits go to Spoilerfix.


Veronica Mars airs on UPN on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. The CW has renewed the series for a 3rd season of 22 episodes. However, if the show doesn't do well in the ratings, The CW can reduce the episode number to 13. The show will remain in its timeslot.

Episode 3.01: Welcome Wagon
Airdate: Fall 2006

07/14 - The episode will feature 24-year-old student Fagan, African-American 20-year-old Nancy who is a feminist, Honey a drop dead gorgeous woman in her 20s that could recur, and new recurring character Moe, a gangly and odd 19-year-old. Source: SpoilerFix.com
07/08 - Two new series regular will be added to the show. They will each appear in 7 out of the 13 episodes ordered. If the series gets more than 13 episodes, they may stick around. Both characters go to Hearst College. One is a 20-year-old female named Parker who is a charming party girl. The other, a love interest for Veronica, is a college freshman named Piz. They are both set to make their first appearance in the season premiere. Source: SpoilerFix.com [Note: According to a few sources, they decided to not make Piz be a potential interest after all.]


Episode 2.01: In My Time of Dying
Airdate: Fall 2006

07/13 - "John will definitely have survived the car crash, he's alive and well, and he'll soon have a face-to-face confrontation with the demon," [reveals series creator Eric Kripke.] Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
07/04 - Tessa is a reaper trying to convince Dean to move on (die). To save Dean's life, John is forced to make a chilling agreement with the fire demon. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
07/01 - A shaken John vows to help his oldest son at any cost. While Sam frets at his comatose brother's bedside, Dean's consciousness wanders the hospital with Tessa, a woman apparently in the same situation. But her frustration grows as he shakes off her subtle manipulations. Sam and John reach a truce, but the father knows more about his son's mysterious abilities than he lets on. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 2.02: Everybody Loves a Clown
Airdate: Fall 2006

07/14 - Miles, a frequent assistant of Ellen and Alex, becomes a new ally for the Winchesters. Among his many talents is his technological genius and the ability to look into the future. Probably recurring. Source: SpoilerFix.com
07/13 - Ellen is shocked to hear John's whereabouts. Alex struggles to control her jealousy and resentment when the boys take over her first solo hunt, eventually establishing a gentle rivalry. Dean's adversity to "chick-flick moments" leads to a harsh lecture for Sam. Source: SpoilerFix.com
07/13 - "We will introduce a new set of 'hunters' this season — a mom and her daughter, who will be about the same age as the Winchester boys," [reveals series creator Eric Kripke.] Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
07/08 - Dean and Sam meet Ellen, a tough roadhouse bar owner who shares a cryptic history with John. Ellen's daugher, Alex, is a fellow hunter who resents the boys. Alex is in her 20s and Ellen is in her mid-30s to early 40s. Both characters are possibly recurring this season. Source: SpoilerFix.com


Episode 7.01: The Long Morrow
Airdate: Fall 2006

07/14 - Paris starts a small business to help student prep for the SATs. She meets a student named Kaitlin and her mother. After being brutally honest about what she thinks of Kaitlin, she agrees to help her study for the SATs. She then has the mother and the daughter take an aptitude test to know what potential Kaitlin has and what comes from genetics. At the diner, Luke is particularly irritated especially when a customer tries to leave without paying his bill. When Taylor's Thunderbird is stranded in front of the diner, Taylor wants it to stay there until the insurance company takes a look at it. Luke must decide if he wants it towed or not. Being depressed and unsure, Luke can't make a decision. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Early Fall Spoilers Ahead

Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break and Supernatural is serving you a new dish courtesy of Kristin and Ausiello. Nothing really significant up on Spoilerfix. I'll let you guys know if anything's up and up at that site.

Oh, and here's a little something for all those wishing Troy Vandergraff would be a series regular in VM's season 3:

Question: Any preseason scoop on Smallville? — Carrie

Ausiello: Holy Kryptonite, yes! For those of you who didn't see the Super prattle I posted yesterday in the Ausiello Report, Jimmy Olsen will make his eagerly anticipated debut in the season premiere, and he's going to look a lot like Veronica Mars' ex, Troy Vandegraff (aka, actor Aaron Ashmore). Additionally, several of my Super moles now confirm that Jimmy is definitely being eyed as a love interest for Chloe. Now, here's the other big news I teased about in AR: Sources say that a pivotal comic-book character will show up this season — and it's got "fanboy orgasm" written all over it. Can't say more, but expect an announcement very soon (like, perhaps, in next week's issue of TV Guide magazine).

-- If he can pull an Olsen as good as Cyclops pulled a Richard in Superman Returns, I might not have to get all pissy that I've lost my Troy boy. --

From forevermars: Do you have any scoop on season three of Veronica Mars?
Yes! Sources tell me that producers are looking to bring in two new series regulars as we speak. Both are college kids, a party girl named Parker and (Logan-lovers, hold your breath) a hot freshman boy named Piz who's a romantic interest for Veronica. But don't freak, because that doesn't necessarily mean we've seen the last of LoVe.

I actually ran into Kristen Bell at an event last week and asked her what she thinks the future holds and this is what she had to say: "I think Veronica and Logan will always be an on-again, off-again thing. That's my gut instinct, and I feel like it works so well with the show, because Jason is such an amazing actor. Who knows if they'll ever give the audience closure, at the end of five or 10 years or whatever, but I think they'll always be on-again, off-again. They're star-crossed, ya know?" As long as they're tonsil-crossed, I'm happy.

From pwitter: In the names of all things Creek-related (Rob was a writer on Dawson's Creek, ya know), anything on VM?
Check you out, fancy-pants! Kristin asked Kristen if she thinks college Veronica will be different from high school Veronica, and she said: "I hope she becomes more open, although I don't know if that's contradictory to why we love her so much, because she's sort of closed off and confident in that sort of way that's really charming. But I hope she opens up a little bit more because she's been through so much in the first two years that hopefully they'll allow her to have a little break and focus on the plotline for the show, as opposed to, like, her inner workings. I feel like the first year was definitely about her inner workings and her life turmoil, and in the second year, she kind of had closure to Lily's death. So, I hope she can have a more normal life and she opens up just a little bit more this season."

From aliciajo: WTF kind of name is Piz?
Hopefully, one who's last name isn't Off.

Question: Do you know anything about the rumors of a new love interest for Veronica named Piz in Season 3? — Daniel

Ausiello: It's true. Piz is one of two new recurring roles the show is casting; the other is a female peer of Veronica's at Hearst. My colleague Ileane Rudolph asked Kristen Bell about the new-love-interest rumors on Monday, and this was her response: "I don't know how she couldn't [have a new love interest]. But they haven't told me anything about the new season yet."

Question: I need Gilmore Girls spoilers — and fast. — June

Ausiello: My Stars Hollow mole tells me the first six episodes are going to be very, very, very dramatic for Luke and Lorelai. Hopefully I'll get more details from new GG boss Dave Rosenthal when I see him Monday at press tour. BTW, I've gotten confirmation that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel will be joining Dave R. at CW's Gilmore Girls session. Originally it was just going to be Lauren and Dave. I have a feeling that one's going to be standing room only.

Question: What can you tell us about Sara on Prison Break? Is she still alive? — Clara

Ausiello: Yes, but you did not hear it from me.

Question: Any spoilers for the new season of Supernatural? Specifically, will Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John) survive the car crash? — Angie

Ausiello: Here's the straight scoop from series creator Eric Kripke himself (warning: you're just inches away from a major spoiler about last May's cliff-hanger; proceed at your own peril): "We will introduce a new set of 'hunters' this season — a mom and her daughter, who will be about the same age as the Winchester boys. John will definitely have survived the car crash, he’s alive and well, and he’ll soon have a face-to-face confrontation with the demon."

Oh, before I end, another reason why 7th Heaven needs to be booted off the air:
Question: Are David Gallagher (Simon) and Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) really leaving 7th Heaven? What's the latest?!? — Anthony

Ausiello: The latest is that Brenda Hampton is still trying to get them to change their minds. But as of now, they're done.