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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Need An Inhaler

Did you see it? Did you see it? I am so glad that Veronica Mars took a gamble on Wednesday nights right by "Lost". Lost may have topped the Nielsen ratings but Veronica Mars had found new viewers and then some. I am so glad that both my hands and feet are clapping.

RT kept you on your toes, especially when Duncan was talking to Ronnie on the first scene. I was a little hesitant to do my dance (I wanted Duncan to be at the door). Thank goodness, I didn't because when Ronnie's "boyfriend" was announced by the other coffee girl and Logan walked in, I was squealing.


Then they panned to the night Aaron Echolls was arrested (and ran over. I still think that little bounce on the hood of the truck was just priceless). RT didn't give us time to bathe in the moment Logan appeared at the door... Bloody!

I held my breath, fanning myself, forcing myself to calm down. He rehashed the beating, Felix's death... Oh my goodness. And as V tells him his dad killed Lilly, I felt for Logan. I felt for V.

Then Leo shows up at the Mars' door.

The way Leo stroked her face made me feel for the former beau. But Leo wasn't there to be nice. He was there to do his job. For Ronnie, giving Logan up was obviously hard.

It was nice seeing Ronnie be so supportive of Logan during his trial that summer. She was there to comfort him. She was there when they got shot at in his SUV. She was there for all the nastiness of retaliation as Logan tried to get even with the bike club with the help of Dick and Beaver. (Sidenote: I think Dick is really slimy. I don't know why he's kissing up a lot of Veronica ass when he called her a skank. The fact that he made out with her when she was drugged also irks me. And don't tell me that it's because she ruined his surf board. No one is that nice just because someone screwed up their surf board.)

But I guess, Logan's vindictive nature even got on Ronnie. So much so, she broke up with him. BROKE UP! I was having an athsma attack when I saw Logan smash the lamp and show his displeasure at Ronnie's news. Papa Mars coming through the doors like Superman though made me realize how great of a daddy he is. Even Ronnie didn't fight with her dad to make her ex-man go away.

Then there was that other "boyfriend" scene. I was thinking Logan was going to show up. Then V was liplocking with DUNCAN! WOOT! I know, I know. K was frustrated with me since I was doing the dance at this point. She has gone to the point to "point out" to me that V and Duncan together spell VD unlike V and Logan. It's LoVe.

Despite everyone's displeasure, I LOVE Duncan and V. Don't get me wrong. I love Logan and V but at this point, we get to see how things were between Duncan and Ronnie before Lilly's death.

I digress.

So, now, Duncan and V are together, Logan's nowhere in sight and Weevil is shooting daggers at Ronnie.

Until the field trip to the Shark's baseball field. On the way back, Ronnie sees an apparition of Lilly. She follows it and it leads her to Weevil, stroking the chrome of his bike. He and V spat out some venom against each other. They were so distracted (plus Meg's bitchiness) V got left behind by the school bus. I was so hoping that Weevil wasn't going to leave her stranded.

He didn't disappoint me.

Little did we know that the bus was going to careen off of the road with bitchy Meg in it. Ha, that's what spiteful girls get. Get over it, Meggie. Duncan broke up with you at least 3 months ago. You were Tomb Thumb to Duncan's punctured heart until V told him they weren't siblings.


Meanwhile, we see a Logan mending his heart at the Casablanca household. It was pretty sick that Dick was eyeing his stepmom the way Logan was eyeing her. You could see Beaver was a little uncomfortable by his stepmom's sexy routine.

Anywhoo, Logan visits the Casablanca castle and was greeted by stepmommy dearest... Nekkid...

Ooh, at this point, I was hyperventilating. (BTW, I called this. At least, at this point, I knew that Logan wasn't dating Ronnie. How could a guy call his friends scum and then hang out with them if he's still with the girl they dissed?)

Apparently, apples really don't fall far from the tree.

Now who will catch Logan with Kendall? Veronica?

I wish I had time to read more fanfics. I know someone's already written about the whole Kendall/Logan affair...

Anyway, I skipped the whole drug thing problem that Ronnie solved. I know, I know, I am mean but someone else covered it better than I ever would so I will lead you to this site, which gives you a better rundown of the show.

This is why I need an inhaler. Too much drama.

Final Fantasy- Me

The Sidekick
- You Are The Sidekick

"Let's get 'em, together!"

You are the helpful one. You may be shy and timid,
but you are the kind that always seems to be
doing something for someone else. On top of
that, you are probably rarely seen away from
another person. This extreme social life
probably leads to hardships in other areas -
but you do not mind that much. It makes life
interesting, and if you can sort through the
small troubles to help others, it makes
everything you do worth it. You are not afraid
to do the dirty stuff if you need to, though -
so long as someone is there for you.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm "It"

Lindsay got Tagged by Steph and now I am continuing the trend...

Five things I plan to do before I die.
- See the La Sagrada Familia in its completion
- Compete in a marathon
- Have a kid (or kids, and I don't mean when I finally teach in a classroom)
- Go back home to the Philippines
- Get all the Mohicans and the Chicknapping Syndicate together for a reunion

Five things I can do.
- Write and draw well with my left and right hand (it's the ambidextrous monkey in me)
- Throw and cook for an inpromptu party of 10
- Freeze someone out
- Give someone, any one, a second chance
- Talk in 3 languages (and I just don't mean sprechen zie love)

Five things I cannot do.
- Read sheet music and play both hands simultaneously on the piano despite 6 years of classical piano training
- Remain upset
- Let things slide
- Fail
- Fit in to size 5 clothing (even when I was 95lb)

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex.
- Humor
- Intelligence
- Smile
- Taste in Music
- The way he introduces himself to me and how he treats me while in conversation

Five things I say most often
- Sweet (Cartman style)
- Whatever
- What the Fuck, over?
- Really? Oh, that's my sarcasm talking.
- Oh my God

Five celebrity crushes
- Tim McGraw
- Matt Damon (circa Good Will Hunting)
- David Beckham
- Chad Michael Murray (pre Sophia Bush days)
- Wentworth Miller (humina, humina)

Five people I want to do this next
-The Ickles Three (J/A/K)
-DeAnn (you need to update your blog, sweetcakes. BTW, where have you gone?)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The AA Intervention

It's Wednesday and you know what that means... Ask Ausiello Time!

Still coming down from my high of yesterday's news (the cabana boy update, Logan's sister's return to VM. Michael Scoffield MARRIED!), I don't think these latest spoilers would come close to the feeling of... smugness?


Question: I read that Gilmore Girls is bringing on someone to complicate things for Luke and Lorelai. Is this "someone" going to be a baby? Is Lorelai pregnant? — Caty

Ausiello: No, it's my understanding that this particular someone will be a grown man — and no, his name won't be Christopher or Dragonfly Inn Guest No. 1. It'll be someone we've never met before.

Question: If you give me some scoop on Gilmore Girls, I will come to your book signing on Friday. Promise. — Carrie

Ausiello: You better not be bluffing, Carrie, 'cause we'll be checking IDs at the door. Richard and Emily will soon find out that the apple of their eye has been engaging in some, um, extracurricular activities in the pool house. And suffice it to say they will not be happy. See you Friday at 7:30, Carrie. Just a heads-up: Mayor Bloomberg is urging everyone to take public transportation to the event to cut down on what is expected to be record gridlock. (I'm beginning to think maybe I underestimated my own popularity.)

uestion: Just found out that in November when Jess returns to Stars Hollow, he has written a book. Do you know anything about the book? — Mickey

Ausiello: Only that he tells Rory that she inspired him to write it and the whole thing causes major problems for Rory-Logan.

Question: Any word on whether Scott Patterson's coming back for a seventh season of Gilmore Girls? — Luanne

Ausiello: No, and I just found out that we may not know until May when WB decides whether the show itself is coming back for a seventh season.

Question: OK, enough of this Lorelai-Rory feud crap! When the hell is AS-P going to get these two Gilmores to reconcile? The show isn't the same without them together. This is the worst breakup in history. — T. Paul

Ausiello: I hate it admit it, but you're right. With the two of them apart, the show feels like it's stuck in neutral. And although AS-P is keeping the details and timing of the inevitable reunion under tight wraps, I would be very surprised if Lorelai and Rory spent Thanksgiving apart.

Episode 6.04: Always a Godmother, Never a God 
Airdate: October 4, 2005

09/26 - Missing Rory, Lorelai tries to call her and is upset to find that Rory's cell phone is no longer in service. Sookie asks Lorelai and Rory to be the godparents to her two children in the hope that they will reconcile when they see each other at the ceremony. However, mother and daughter end up fighting when Lorelai realizes that Rory have her new cell number to Sookie but not to her. Logan learns that his father expects him to graduate this year and enter the family business. Wanting to break free from family pressures, Logan whisks Rory off to a weekend in New York. Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale and Sean Gunn also star. Source: The WB

Episode 6.05: We've Got Magic To Do 
Airdate: October 11, 2005

09/27 - Rory does a fabulous job organizing a big DAR bash for Emily. However, at the party, Richard confronts Logan's father, Mitchum Huntzberger (guest star Gregg Henry), about his opinion of Rory's journalistic talents, while Emily has an even uglier confrontation with Logan's mother, Shria (guest star Leann Hunley), over the romance between Rory and Logan. Meanwhile, after a small kitchen fire at the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai needs Richard's help settling the insurance claim and uses the time spent with her father to needle him about the fact that he has been unable to get Rory to return to Yale. Though he's annoyed with Lorelai, Richard has to admit that Rory is not where she should be. Melissa McCarthy, Scott Patterson, Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn also star. Source: The WB

Episode 6.07: Title Unknown 
Airdate: Fall 2005

09/26 - Rory has dinner with her grandparents and Reverend Boatwright. It seems that the Gilmores invited the Reverend so he speaks to Rory about certain things since she will turn 21 in a week. Later in the episode, the Gilmores throw a party for Rory. Lane and Zach are in attendance so are some DAR women. Logan and Lane finally meet. Paris, Doyle, Luke and Lorelai are there too. Will mother and daughter be on speaking terms? Richard is nowhere to be found. The maid of the episode is named Mai Mai. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Question: Do you have any updates about Everwood? — Erica

Ausiello: Yeah, here's one: After screening the first two episodes of the season, Everwood has officially become my new favorite show. And yes, that includes Lost, Veronica Mars and (yikes!) Gilmore Girls. It's that good. I'd even go so far as to proclaim it my new Felicity. Seriously. (SPOILER ALERT) Now, while I won't give away which couple gets hitched in the opener, I will say I jumped to the wrong conclusion — twice — before the betrothed duo were finally revealed at around the 20-minute mark. Also, as exec producer Rina Mimoun teased in AA last month, there's a major twist concerning the new med student (Justin Baldoni) who Amy's crushing on. Oh, and just when I couldn't love the show anymore, Bright utters the following line to Ephram, who flew home from Europe to attend the big wedding: "Dude, I almost didn't go because of a Smurfs marathon." Now, either more industry people read AA than I ever knew, or this Smurf comeback is truly under way. Anyway, please follow Everwood to Thursdays at 9 pm beginning tomorrow. You won't regret it.

Question: I'm a little disappointed that last week's AA had no mention of Prison Break at all. It's getting really good, too. What can you tell me? — Bianca

Ausiello: First, I can tell you to pick up the new issue of TV Guide magazine, featuring a cover story on Wentworth Miller and more spoilers than you can fit into a 7' x 11' cell. I also can tell you that when the show returns from its baseball-imposed hiatus in late October, two major characters will bite the dust.

and this is for my girls, especially J, who's going to attempt to watch this show in hopes to see real drama.

Question: I am so sick of you only putting spoilers on for shows like 24, Alias, Lost and Veronica Mars. Why don't you put one in about One Tree Hill for once. — Janel

Ausiello: You One Tree Hillbillies finally wore me down to the point where I did the unthinkable: I invited Damian Holbrook — TV Guide's resident Tree trollop — to steal my thunder make a cameo in this week's AA. All together now: "Hello, Damian." OK, enough with the introductions; give us the dirt, Holbrook. "[Series creator] Mark Schwan told me that Brooke is going to create a clothing line and he hopes to film an episode during the Winter Fashion Week. Also, basketball will become a focus again and we should expect a Christmas episode. He's excited because the beginning of senior year is the first time they've followed stories in current time; the first two seasons were the first and second halves of their junior year, so now he can do a holiday episode. He would love to bring back Bryan Greenberg, who played Jake, but is waiting to see what his schedule is like. They're good friends…." I think that'll do it, Damian. This is a cameo, not a full-fledged guest spot. Thanks for playing. You're welcome back anytime I'm desperate for scoop on a show I don't watch.

Wish me luck on the test tomorrow... I don't think I can have any more Epicurean thoughts.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Money In K's Pocket

So, have you heard? Chad and Sophia called it quits.


K could've used the money for the shoes.

But I digress. Who did not see this coming? Surely, every did. Except for that pinkyblue girl. Again, was it worth dying on that cross, pinky?

I didn't think so.

As Ames and I said, maybe the two timing cabana boy knew things were coming to an end when he dressed in that pink shirt and white sneakers. Was he dressed by Sophia or the costume girl he was messing around with? You know what they say about women scorned...

Still getting over the "shocker" I just announced, I will bring to you parts or the Rob Thomas interview posted on E!Online. Gosh, can't believe CMM is my newsbreaker over my VM love fest...

From Jen: Hey, Rob! Love the show. Besides Charisma and Joss, will there be any other Buffy actors this season on Veronica Mars?
Yeah. We just booked Alyson Hannigan for episode nine, playing, once again, Logan's sister. She's asked to guest direct one of the Neptune High School theater productions, but that ends up being just a part of what's going on with her. Believe me, we will bend over backwards to put Charisma and Alyson in a scene together. Whatever it takes, it's gonna happen!

From poppypetal: Are there hidden things in the show? Like things put there that the audience doesn't know about? If so, what are they?

Well, I can tell you a strange company secret. The DP last year started spelling out clues wherever he could, like on chalkboards or mailboxes or wherever, and apparently, he did spell out "Aaron Echolls did it" over the course of the last twelve episodes. However, as I understand it, the guys down on set were laughing, saying if you put the letters together, you could've spelled almost anyone in the cast, so it wasn't that big of a clue, but apparently he was edging those in. I've never gone back into the episodes to check it, and they didn't tell me until after the year was over, which is probably better. I will say that we do have a couple things this year that we think are so subtle and clever that I don't think anyone will figure out until the 22 episodes are over and they can go back and look at it again. Because we've done it once now; we kind of have our act together better this year, and I think it's a little more clever this time.

From Christina: I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I am paying $8 a month just to get the UPN channel to watch your show! Will we ever find Lynn Echolls' body in the water, or is that being left alone for a possible future storyline?

You heard it here first. Lynn Echolls is dead. Lisa Rinna knew when we cast her that that role was going to be two or three episodes and then she was going to die. And the reason we wanted to leave it a little unresolved there was because we needed a reason for Logan and Veronica to spend a lot of time together, in a very vulnerable place, and so that was sort of the engine that got us there. And if I come up with a great storyline two seasons from now that requires Lynn Echolls, maybe she'll have a miraculous recovery, but rest assured, fans, it's about 98 percent [certain] that Lynn Echolls has met her demise.

From Kimmie: Are we going to get shirtless Logan in season two? Please?

Yes, we are! And on top of that, he's lookin' good. He got a trainer, and that's worth recording. [Laughs.]

From Lucia: Part of the reason why Veronica always kept her guard up was the fact that she had been raped and kept it to herself, will she let her guard down a little now that she knows what happened?

It's a tough question. My fear is that Veronica will get soft. I don't think we wanna see the sentimental Veronica Mars show. Yet at the same time, I also want her to be able to enjoy happy moments when they occur, and for her to not have a sense of relief and satisfaction after last season would be unrealistic, too. I think she's going into season two with a rosy outlook, but events will conspire to not make her life real easy, so I think you can still expect a pretty prickly Veronica.

From tvjunkie1577: Is there more than one big mystery this season? And is the mystery more of a scandal than a murder?

I will say that there are two mysteries, one with greater weight than the other in terms of how we're developing it, and the second mystery is less Veronica-centric. It involves Logan a lot.

Alright, that's it for the RT interview. On to the rest of the spoilers...

From spikestrulover: I want to know who the Gilmore girl and the Buffy alum are from the message boards. Please give us a hint!

Ah yes, the Blind from the board. She's Lauren Graham. He's...hot. Even more so in person.

From addicted_to_tv: Any Prison Break scoop?

Last week was phenomenal, no? Best ep yet, I think. And here's a doozy: Michael is married.

From tmccray: Married?! Where's his wife? Will we see her?

I'll only say if you do that again in a Long Duk Dong voice. Okay, yes, you see her in the ninth ep. In fact, they're casting her now. And of course, as usual on Prison Break, the marriage is not what it seems! Also coming up, an assassin is after Veronica. And Michael might soon have to sacrifice an innocent to save the plan.

From mycatz2: Grey's Anatomy was fantastic! What's next?

Wasn't it? I think it's right up there with Lost as two of the best premieres so far this season. (Better even than the show it was paired with last night, no?) Coming up, Meredith's mom, who has Alzheimer's disease, is admitted to the hospital, and when she's there, she's gonna spill some embarrassing secrets. Also, everyone's gonna find out about Cristina's condition, because she'll collapse in pain while assisting Burke in a surgical procedure.

(2 cents: I am pissed I missed last Sunday's ep. I hate working weekends...)

From zsazsazsu: Gilmore Girls! (But also much thanks for bringing Rob Thomas in to chat.)

Thanks to him! Sookie baptizes both her kids on the same day and asks Rory and Lorelai to be the godparents. It's all part of a plot to get the two of them together, but the whole thing backfires because they end up fighting over Rory's failure to inform Lorelai about her new cell phone number.

(another cent: What are they doing to the dynamic duo???)

Alright, I know your eyes are now burning. Thanks for reading!!!

Everything Will Be Wonderful... Someday

A toast to Amy who took this test from Cinn's page and on to hers.

This is for Drue Valentine parading on my TV screen. Long live DC!

How You Live Your Life

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You're open to new people and friends, which makes you a pretty popular person.
Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

You're an Expert Kisser

You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity
You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off
And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave
When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn

Fall's here and I can honestly say, I am bummed.

Don't get me wrong. I love the changing colors. I like the fact that the AC will finally be turned off. I am grateful that I can put away my gardening equipment. I am glad the pool will be closed and not maintained for at least 6 months.

But I sure would miss running outside to my lawn barefooted. I will miss wearing shorts and tank tops. I'll miss wearing flipflops everywhere and keep my natural brown colored skin.

In Fall's defense, it has to happen.

Fall has given us some good things, too. New clothes (although I dread shopping), new TV programs to squander endless hours that could've been used to do other things, football (yes, girls, it keeps men from asking us where we spent the afternoon) and eye candy (usually applicable to those that go to school or live near University districts).

Yes, fall has arrived. Now I can worry about flu shots and drivers who don't know what to do when rain falls or snow hits. I can start whining about wearing winter coats and getting cold. And if you're like me suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you need to hit the exercise room or start doping up. It's gonna be a long season.

To all my girls who are at certain cross-roads in their lives, cheer up. There's always someone rooting for your success. I am one of them.

To all those I have railorad and hurt: My bad. Sorry. I can be insensitive at times. (Cue the song "Why Can't We Be Friends" here.)

And for those wanting something to cheer them up, here's a little Gilmore Girl soul searching for you.

Again, roll with the punches, everyone. The season has just made its mark and winter will soon come a-knockin'.


PS. I'd like to give Lindsay a shout out for providing the GG goodies.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Kristin's Weekly Blahs

You already know that I am a Veronica Mars fan, right? Well, here's a few goodies sent our way courtesy of Kristin.

So there's that. Go visit it. Apparently, our KB is wishing that something happens between V and Duncan. Hmm, me thinks this is a ploy for the cast to make sure fans clamor for a LoVe connection.

Anyway, the day has dwindled and I still have chores to do. Hope I get to talk to my girlies tonight. BTW, why is everyone thinking it's Lauren Graham that's on the prowl? What about Lane? It could be Michel or Sookie, too, mind you. Who else in Buffy verse is single? (Thanks for the rundown, K. My head's still swimming...)

And thanks for all of you that sent their braincells my way. I think I did well on my History exam Thursday. I'll find out for sure how well I did on Tuesday. For now, I am returning all loaned brain cells. If they come back to you mangled (or switched with someone else's), tough nuggies...


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gilmore Gossip

Hello, everyone.

To those that are new to my page, welcome. The Build-A-Fic page is in progress right now. We are hoping to get it up and running as soon as we could. Just be patient. The Powers That Be all have jobs and lives and dedication to the page is a monumental task shared by the Goddesses.

That being said, we'll post the site when it's ready. For now, you can link on to Gilmore Girls Build-A-Fic link on my side menu bar.

On with the show...

First up, a Kristin scoopage. Anyone have a clue?

Just heard that one of the Gilmore Girls is dating a BUFFY alum.

A HOTTTT Buffy Alum.

It's very new.

Who else isn't taken in the Buffy verse? J? Can you ask your dad?

Second, courtesy of Spoilerfix:

Episode 6.04: Always a Godmother, Never a God
Airdate: October 2005

09/21 - Jackson's quirky family is in town for his children's baptisms. Sookie asks Lorelai and Rory to be godmothers, and Lorelai suspects it's a ploy to get them together. Also: Lane freaks out when Brian and Zach spend all of the band's tour money. Source: TV Guide Online

Talk amongst yourself and have a great day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Katty Dares

So Katty stole this from Surya who stole it from someone else and now I am doing it. Here's what I've got:

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band: Matcbox20

Are you female or male: Last Beautiful Girl

Describe yourself: Angry

How do some people feel about you: You’re So Real

How do you feel about yourself: Mad Season

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Crutch

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: All I Need (my husband, in this case)

Describe where you want to be: Real World

Describe what you want to be: Back 2 Good

Describe how you live: Hand Me Down

Describe how you love: Damn

Share a few words of wisdom: If You’re Gone

Now that you've read it, DO IT. Leave me a post so I can see your answers, too!

Catching My Breath

This week had been too long already... And it's only Wednesday! I wish I could say I was looking forward to the weekend but I'm not. There's this thing called "work" that keeps on interfering. It definitely has to stop. I have to be like Earl, win a million and then take time off. No, I don't need to get ran over and have a Carson Daly divine intervention (or handlebar moustache or be married to trash like Jaime Pressley). I just need to quit work or school and not feel like I'm losing out on something or leeching off someone.

mini PS- My Name Is Earl is hilarious. I think it's going to be one of my guilty pleasures... Hehehehehe

What's going on so far... Not much. School's school, with a little flavor.

It's really refreshing to listen to thir graders have a conversation in regards to discovery, whether it's the discovery of division or multiplication or basic facts of life. They're all excited despite their logic being convoluted at times. Entertainingly, they actually have the right mindset to get things going in their life.

Fast forward to the Community College. Oh, Lordy. Now, these students that talk? Less than stellar, let me tell you. I actually overheard a conversation between these two morons in regards to the merit of Speech class. One person is dropping the course because he doesn't feel that it is related to his soon-to-be field of expertise. He's Pre-Med. PRE-MED! He was defending himself. He said that he was not going to have an audience to talk to so he feels that speech class is a waste of time.

My jaw dropped.

Doctors have an audience every time. They are called "patients". Surely, attached to those patients are "patient's family and friends". *Snort* Don't have an audience. My butt! And if heaven forbid, he becomes a doctor in a teaching hospital, he'd have to ask and answer the newbie docs making their rounds.

Trust me, this guy isn't going to make it to med school. And if he does, I will make sure he doesn't become your family physician. Apparently, giving you instructions on how to rehabilitate yourself from an illness or injury is beneath him. Can you just imagine his bedside manner when he has to tell you that you have less than a month to live? Or that your significant other is going to be in a coma? Or that your pinky toe cannot be sutured back on (thanks, Prison Break)?

The girl he was talking to said she was going to drop the course because she found a school that said Speech wasn't mandatory for her major. She's a sociology major. Like her, she was arguing the merits as to why Speech isn't important.

"It's not, like, we don't know how to speak, you know?" she says. She's convincing. In that sentence itself, she used 'like' in the valley girl sense. If she thinks speech is just about flapping gums, then she's also in a major world of hurt.


Lastly,before I ditch the CC rant, I leave you with a mental picture. Two punks with mohawks, one painted hot pink, one green, are walking to the parking lot looking like the biggest bad-asses in town. Guess what they jump into when they get to their mode of transport? A MINI VAN. Yep, tough Jeff and Joe are riding in a suburbanite vehicle. Sorta kinda kills what punk was intended for: the big finger to all things "nice and pretty".

In other news (thanks to Ask Ausiello):

Question: You can't deny it! I have video evidence that you interviewed Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring on the red carpet at the Emmys. What did he have to say! Spill! — Jennifer

Ausiello: God, you people are everywhere! Yes, it's true, I cornered Jay (yeah, we're at that place already) just after he stepped out of his limo and asked him the question on everyone's mind that afternoon: Duncan or Logan? "That is really a hard question," he hedged. "It's really hard to think that she could be with Logan unless he undergoes some serious change, because they're not really on the same wavelength. They could be [together] for a passionate, you know, burst, but then he's just kind of a bad guy. But she's the only person who can really make him change, and in that sense they could totally be together. We'll see."

Question: People keep asking about this season's "mystery" on Veronica Mars, but doesn't the preview clip on UPN give it away? It seems to show Weevil's sidekick, Felix, lying bloody on the ground with Logan as the suspect. Is that it, or have I been drinking the spiked Snapple again? — Dave

Ausiello: (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) Who says there can't be several mysteries? Huh? Who, damnit!?!?!?! (Sorry, long week.)

Thanks to E!Online:

WELL READ: Norman Mailer receiving a medal of honor for lifetime achievement by the National Book Foundation, the organization said on Tuesday.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2005


From the mouths of Spoilerfixes...

Episode 6.06: Welcome to the Dollhouse
Airdate: Fall 2005

09/18 - Michel, Sookie and Lorelai talk about the Dragonfly maybe closing (it is unknown why at this point but it seems Taylor may be involved in the why or at least can help them not close). Lorelai keeps saying that they will not close. Emily hires Edgar, probably the oldest handyman in town, to repair something in Rory's bedroom. Luke appears in the epsiode. Source: SpoilerFix.com

From buddynbrit: Any news on Gilmore Girls?

Hear L&L might not be getting married this season. Also, Lorelai might lose the inn.

No other spoilers. Sorry. I am kinda weary to post any more VM stuff since RT said he's spreading "false" spoilers out there. Now lemme get to bed. I've been up since 7 and it's now way past midnight...

Sunday Night Blues

Alright, I know someone has it.


I left my house yesterday at around 4pm to help some friends move furniture around their house. It was a pain. Literally. I found myself getting sick after realizing I haven't eaten since breakfast and had nothing to drink! (Yes, that includes coffee). So I was getting sick in the bathroom, getting all clammy and whatnot, and decided to go to bed at 11pm.

I missed my girl time.

I missed the premiere to Grey's Anatomy.

I found out that I accidentally taped the president's speech rather than Everwood.

I missed Kristen Bell's sing-off with Donald Trump. She sang Fame wearing leg warmers!

Pleas tell me one of you has this video clip... I'll send you a cookie!

Friday, September 16, 2005

More Love From Rob Thomas

I can honestly admit that Rob Thomas is hands down one of the best directors/show producers in town. He truly CARES for his fans by emailing fans with show "updates"! (Hint: Amy Sherman-Palladino, pay attention!)

I was, at first, considering posting Rob's whole email but I've already given you guys the lowdown on Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith's love for the show. So instead, I will just post insight that is not privy to the public. Have fun reading!

About Joss Whedon...

And then – you heard it here first – Joss has agreed to guest star on the show. We’re firming up plans to have him play a testy, rental car manager in episode six.

At what point in Season 1 did the writing staff decide to put Logan and Veronica together?

We were probably a third of the way into the season, when we started moving in this direction. We just loved the two of them on screen together. Honestly, the death of Lynn Echolls was motivated by our desire to find a way that we could get Veronica and Logan together long enough and to get Logan vulnerable enough, that we could imagine a romance coming out of it. Lisa Rinna knew when she was hired that she would have a short lifespan on the show.

Did we ever seriously consider having Duncan/Veronica be related?

Yes, but not when it became a UPN show. The original pilot script was a degree darker, pushing it further into Twin Peaks territory, and I thought that if I sold the show, it would be to a cable network like HBO, Showtime or FX. Had it been on those networks, I would’ve entertained that notion further.

How do I feel about spoilers?

Good question. There are certainly people on our team and at the studio and network who get angrier with them than I do. I know that if the answer to the “who killed Lilly Kane” storyline had been all over the internet, I would’ve been upset. When the spoilers are put in a clearly defined link that allows users to avoid seeing them, they don’t bother me that much. I can’t say I understand the people who are spoiler junkies, however. I’m a huge fan of certain shows, and the last thing I would want would be to know what’s going to happen next.

That said, we are working a little harder at spreading disinformation this year. I believe a lot of our spoilers come out of our audition scenes. This year, we’re creating fake audition scenes that don’t really exist in the show or we’re changing names around, so that the wrong information will filter into the spoilers. It’s a mystery show. I still want to be able to surprise people.

Someone who worked as an extra last year – who has since been fired – started posting behind-the-scenes info and details from scenes last year. This year, if I feel like people are getting too much correct information, I will consider having the VM interns start logging into the various sites in order to dilute the actual info with fake info.

I suppose another thing that bothers me, a bit, is that spoilers only give the plot. It doesn’t deliver the execution. I will read people up in arms about something that they haven’t seen on the show yet. Maybe these posters will still hate it, but I’d like to get a fair shake at pulling it off. Sometimes I think the spoilers poison the well, and people decide they hate a plot point without giving us a chance to make it work.

This kind of segues into another topic…

I’ve received dozens of e-mails about how our “love triangle” is going to destroy the show and turn VM into soap opera crap. Perhaps. Or, maybe we’ll pull it off in interesting ways that make it delicious. All the phrase “love triangle” indicates to me is that we’ve got three people who have/had romantic interest in each other. Two of them are best friends. It’s bound to have complications.

Am I willing to put the shooting scripts on my website?

I’ll try to look into this, though I don’t think Warner Brothers, who, technically, owns the material, will go for it. They might want to publish the scripts some day -- like they did with Freaks & Geeks – and they won’t want people to be able to pull them down for free. Also, I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting writers’ scripts other than my own.

Is there a soundtrack coming out? If so, when?

Yep. There is a soundtrack coming out the last week of September. The soundtrack will include two of the most highly-sought, difficult-to-find music queues from Season 1. “Momentary Thing” by Something Happens, which played over Logan and Veronica’s first kiss. And, “Lily Dreams On” by Cotton Mather which played over Veronica’s dream of Lilly in the swimming pool.

Will you please Podcast a commentary track from Season 1.

I think I’ve received in the neighborhood of 20 e-mails telling me that the EP of Battlestar Gallactica did this suggesting that I do the same. I’m going to try. I imagine that I would do a commentary track for the pilot and post it here on this site. I am so, so busy right now that I’m unsure when I’d get to it, but I’ll make it a goal to have this posted before the DVDs come out.

One hesitation? Like most people in America, I’m not a big fan of my own voice.

Are you really seeking submissions from unsigned bands?

Yes. E-mail MP3s to me at music@slaverats.com. Also send along band contact information. Please don’t send me links to bands’ websites. Send two or three songs. Don’t send me an album’s worth. I’ve already received around 40 songs, and there are a few that I feel confident that I’ll use in the show. We’ll pay the band $1000 if we use their song in the show. I’m promising to use at least five of these songs this year.

How did we end up on CBS?

Viacom owns both UPN and CBS. All thanks go to Joel Silver for convincing Les Moonves to air VM on the bigger network. Actually, thanks also to Les Moonves for agreeing to do it.

What is the title song?

The main titles song is The Dandy Warhols, “We Used to Be Friends” from their album, Welcome to the Monkey House.

Tiny, mini-spoiler alert… Don’t read the next sentence if you want to be completely virginal going into season 2.

Dandy Warhols lead singer Courtney Taylor Taylor will be singing karaoke in episode #3.

What day is our season premiere?

Sept. 28th.

We saw the proposed cover art for the DVD at Comicon, and we hate it. What’s up with that?

Relax. I listened to the outpouring. We switched DVD and Soundtrack covers to the shot of Veronica and the boys at the pier from the “Get A Clue” campaign.

How can I become a Veronica Mars intern?

First – live in L.A. Then fax our offices with a letter and/or resume to the attention of Alex Mercer. Our office fax is 818-754-8848. We tend to hire people who are in some sort of college program who actually get credit for this. Be advised that it is a job that entails answering phones, running to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, washing dishes and changing out paper towels in the rest rooms. Still interested? I would really only recommend it to people who would get some kind of credit for it.

... If ANY of my readers ever gets to do it, send me a photo! I will definitely post it here and I will be your BFF!

I know I’m not your intended demographic, but…

Every third e-mail I receive includes some version of this phrase. Honestly, I just turned 40. I’m trying to write a show that I would watch. The writers don’t sit around the offices trying to think of what teenagers would be interested in. We try to find some universal themes that teenagers are experiencing but the rest of us have experienced. By not pandering to teenagers, the hope is that teen viewers feel respected and older viewers feel welcome. There’s just a ton of teen-based stuff I respect too much to feel goofy or guilty about liking. Say Anything. Freaks & Geeks. Buffy. Heathers. My So Called Life, etc.

Will the DVDs include the original music?

I’m happy to report that they will.

What grades are the characters in…?

This year, all of our series regulars are seniors, except for Beaver who is a junior. (Lilly Kane was a year older than Duncan. They are not twins.)

Why did Logan have Dick and Beaver lie for him if he didn’t kill Lilly?

Logan knew how it would make him look. The jilted boyfriend drives back in the middle of the night to confront his ex. She’s murdered on that day. Logan would’ve had a hard time convincing anyone he was innocent.

When will the cast be making an appearance in my town?

Again, sorry. I don’t know. My head is so cluttered already that if I tried to keep track of all the marketing, promotions, press and appearances, it would simply explode. I do know that when our cast does hit a town, the network and studio P.R. machines do a terrific job of promoting it.

Can you tell us all of the character’s birthdays?

No. But I’ll tell you Veronica’s is in August.

Can you tell me how to break into writing for television?

Yes. Live in L.A. Attempt to get any kind of job you can get on a TV show as an intern, a P.A., an assistant. Write spec scripts for the type of show you want to write for. If you want to write a hard-core procedural cop show, write a CSI or a Law & Order. If you want to write for a character-based drama, write a Deadwood or a Desperate Housewives. Keep showing these to people up the food chain until someone recommends you to an agent. Write new specs every year.

Will you ever update Veronica’s online diary on the UPN website?

This was a job of an employee who is no longer with us. UPN really runs the website. The writers do provide occasional content – I usually assign the website stuff to the junior writers. They do run it by me, but when push comes to shove, the scripts for the show take precedence, and the website has tended to get the short end of the stick.

Would you recommend writing a spec script of Veronica Mars?
No. I hope next year I’ll be able to give a different answer, but right now there aren’t enough showrunners familiar with the show to make it a worthwhile exercise. Buffy specs, however, did become pretty standard in year three of that show.

While I’d be very curious to read a VM spec, I would probably shy away from it. There’s always the possibility that someone sends in a spec with a very similar plot line to something we’re working on, and if I’ve read that spec, it could appear as though I’m plagiarizing. That’s why it’s better to not even look at the spec.

... AGAIN: Take a hint, ASP! There's a very willing K, Ames and me willing to fill this slot... For free... Goods to be exchanged is a by-line, a better, more solid plot, the return of Tristin and a double wedding between Tanc and K, Ames and Matt... Okay, so it's a fantasy. We'll settle for a photo shot with the cast. Is that so hard and expensive? We'll pay our way...

Will you release a collector’s DVD later?

No plans are in the works, and, unfortunately, this is not my call. Warner Home Video will look at the sales of the first DVD release and base any future decisions on those figures.

Will we see Amanda Seyfried in year 2.

There are no plans, though we love Amanda, and if there’s a story line in which either a flashback of Lilly or a dream sequence of Lilly would be appropriate, we would probably ask her to do it. I’ll admit there’s a large part of me that so loved her final scene in Season 1 that anything new we do might take away from that last image.

Part Three: Maybe Next Time

These are more shots of Barcelona. Again, none of these photos are mine... If you want to see my shots, fly to my neck of the woods. I don't think I'll have time to scan any of my photos...

So you see Finn missing out on this clue? I don't think so. This is Joan Miro's Woman and Bird.

This is a photo of Carrer d'Avinyo, a place that used to be known as Barcelnona's Red Light District.

This is another shot of the boardwalk:

The La Rambla? Here's what you would experience:

This is the famous La Sagrada Familia:

Lastly, the Placa del Toros, where the bullfight was.

I do thank all of you that have indulged me with "Maybe Next Time" and helping me relive my Barcelona experience. I do hope you all visit Northern Spain someday.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Soundtrack of My Life

Well, this is courtesy of Amy, who'd started it. Actually, I've been thinking about this topic since I read the "soundtrack" list John Mayer wrote about in Esquire Magazine last February.

This list is somewhat cheating. The order I would be posting the songs is random. Enjoy!

1. Strawberry Fields/ The Beatles- It's apparently the first song I've ever sang. Off tune. Ask my mom.
2. Give to Live/Sammy Hager- My intro to rock. Again, blame mom.
3. Tears In Heaven/Eric Clapton- It was the song I will always remember Randy by. My first heartache at the age of 16.
4. In Between Days/The Cure- The song that reminds me of my brother on stage during his RAD days. It also reminds me of my crush on Carl and my fascination with Arnold.
5. Horse With No Name/America- The first song I learned how to play on the guitar.
6. Beautiful Dreamer/Stephen Foster- My first piano recital song.
7. Boombastic/Shaggy- Reminds me of Sarah. Our first year of being roomies in Tacoma and the snowball fight that emerged after we were woken up by the seniors in the barracks and dropped our naked backs on the fresh powder.
8. Tubthumping/Chambawamba- Song came out right before I left for Germany. One of the few Euro songs that got to me before going all out techno.
9. Dr.Jones/Aqua- Picture this: a bunch of HOT Swede soldiers, men, dressed in bikini tops recreating the Aqua video for the 4th of July celebration in Bosnia. One word: PRICELESS.
10. If Tomorrow Never Comes/Garth Brooks- One person: Scewter.
11. We Danced Anyway/Deanna Carter- My last summer in Tacoma. Marcy, Valerie and I ended up driving all around Seattle and Tacoma playing tourist and boat paddling!
12. Don't Want to Miss a Thing/Aerosmith- Nilly told me that he'd break my CD for constantly playing this song. This song had so much history between us it became our Wedding Song.
13. Someone To Watch Over Me/Sting (New York acoustic version)- My Father/Daughter dance in my wedding.
14. I Only Want to Be With You/ Twiggy & Twiggy- My fun "love" song with Nilly. We were listening to this song when he picked me up from the Frankfurt airport and it started snowing! It eventually became Nilly's Mother/Son dance.
15. You Oughta Know/Alanis Morisette- The first CD I bought as soon as I got out of Basic Training was Jagged Little Pill. I haven't heard anything on a radio for 8 weeks so when I bought this album, I was thrilled at how edgy it was! Plus, this was the time frame that portable CD players were getting to be the trend. How time flies, huh?
16. BNL/Cake/Might Mighty Bosstones- one person: Diablo Blanco
17. Sex and Candy/Marcy Playground- my wake up song almost every day for 6 months when I was holed up in the Blue Factory.
18. Eternal Flame/The Bangles- It was the song the PJ Syndicate and the Mohicans dedicated to me the day I was leaving for the states.
19. End of the Road/Boys II Men- I danced with Davy to this song at the prom. Realized that I have to meet a lot of toads before finding my Prince Charming.
20. Save Yourself/Stabbing Westward- Another person: Rob
21. For A Little While/Tim McGraw- Embodiment of Keith

I know, this should be a double CD... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

TV Highlights and More MNT Photos

So, anyone watch GG?

I'd talk about it but the hubster still has to see it and wants to see Rory's butt get handed to her so I promised him no spoilers. But I have to say one thing: WOOT to Paris! (Doncha agree, K?)

And did you catch that on Finn's sophomore year he was in Spain? What a coinkidink!

Anyway, more photos here.

This one's the walk at port Olympic. Not a bad view, eh?

The Guadians to Parc Guell:

Here is a photo of the tiled benches at Parc Guell. A lot of the ceramics were provided by Villeroy and Boch:

Here are photos of the market stalls where Rory and Tris were having their discussion:

And what those stalls look from the inside:

I'll be posting more photos on what Finn saw, the La Sagrada Familia, Port Vell and the La Rambla the next time around...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Primping For the Big Night

Ooh! I wish I had one of those countdown clocks. GILMORE GIRLS is on tomorrow at 8pm. Right after it is Supernatural. So make sure you've got your VCRs, TiVos and what have you so you don't miss tomorrow's season premiere. Of course, like Amy, I will be missing the show since we both work when the show's actually playing. Grrr.

Anywhoo, here's the weekly TV Scoops courtesy of Kristin on E!, Spoilerfix and MTV. On with the show!



Premieres: Sept. 13

Luke says _____! You'll know the word that fills in that blank within the first five seconds of the season premiere of Gilmore Girls, as Luke (Scott Patterson) answers the marriage proposal from Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that cliffhanged the last season. But with all this talk of love and marriage, don't forget about the nasty ol' war brewing between Lorelai, her parents and her young'un, Rory (Alexis Bledel). "Now those problems are even worse because [Lorelai] feels like we've stolen Rory from her," says Kelly Bishop, who plays grandmama Gilmore, who redecorates the poolhouse for her new live-in granddaughter. Meanwhile, Rory and her new lover-boy Logan (Matt Czuchry) are going strong, but Czuchry promises nothing is what it seems: "I'm gonna mess [Rory] up more. I think that's where it's goin'. I think everybody's gonna be kinda messed up this next year. That's what [executive producer] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] keeps tellin' us. She keeps saying that everybody's gonna be messed up on all angles."

From dmbgirl: Hi, Kristin, I'm glad to see you are all good now! Do you have any Gilmore Girls scoop for us?

I've seen the premiere and loved it. There's a moment at the end that will make you (1) cry and (2) start drafting those ads for Lauren Graham to get an Emmy next year. That said, I'm not so much liking Rory these days. The writers are really making us more sympathetic to Lorelai.

From tomkat_4ever: Tell me more about Gilmore Girls, please!

Rory and Logan are going strong, we will see Paris again (in the first episode), and there is definitely hope for Luke and Lorelai, but at the moment, there's not much for Lorelai and Rory.

From mycatz2: I saw Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson film the second episode of GG and I want to say they looked happy.

Definitely not unhappy.

From diepanandscandie: Will Christopher be returning to GG? Am I the only one who likes him with Lorelai?

So far, there are no plans for that. But I'm sure he'll be back at some point!


Premieres: Sept 28

From bruno: Is it Duncan or Logan behind the door?!

From ace929: On Veronica, is the guy at the door her boyfriend in the premiere?

Episode 2.05: Title Unknown 
Airdate: October 26, 2005
09/12 - [The band "The Faders," an all-girl poppy rock band,] makes an appearance on the fifth episode of the series' new season to air October 26. Source: MTV

Episode 2.06: Blast From the Past 
Airdate: Fall 2005
09/12 - Veronica makes a mention that Amelia held up her end of a deal with Jake Kane and then vanished. She is trying to track Amelia down. She visits Mike, one of Amelia's ex. He and Amelia went on a trip to Ibiza but she vanished at one point. Veronica also meets with Dawn, Amelia's former room mate. She also has a chat with Clarence Weidman. Someone will go to jail. We will get news as to if Keith will get the sheriff's position or not. Dick, Duncan, Weevil, Hector and Logan also appear. Source: SpoilerFix.com

~Alright, let me take a break here. Whew. I watched "A Trip to the Dentist" twice yesterday. I aready have "continuity" issues about the whole Duncan/Logan at the door.

It can't be Logan. Before you all start throwing popcorn at me, let me explain. On Trip, Logan disowns Dick Casablancas. On the season premiere, Logan will be at the Casablancas hanging out with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Unless Logan is actually a girl and easily forgives and forgets, I can't see him be friends with the Casablancas unless he's not with Veronica anymore. Plus, it would actually lessen the impact of the brawl Duncan and Logan are going to have in the season!

On Trip, Duncan admits to V that he still loves her (despite the near incest incident). Moving on to "Leave It To Beaver", Duncan is the one that looks for Aaron after he and V watch Lilly's Pam/Tommy vid with Senior Echolls. He also found out that he and Ronnie aren't siblings.

So, with these clues at hand, who do you think is at the door?

Ask Amy. I told her that it had to be Leo at the door. I think it's a cop out to make fans happy that it isn't her ex-bf at the door.

Alright, thanks for listening to my rant...



Premieres: Sept. 29

Schedule Change Alert: Now on Thursdays at 9

Ephram is back from Europe, but don't expect it to be smooth sailing with Amy this season, because--viola!--enter Ephram and Bright's new roommate, played by Justin Baldoni. "His character name is Reid," explains executive producer Rina Mimoun. "He's a first-year med student. Amy met him over the summer while she was at the hospital so much with her mom, who has cancer, so she's developed quite a crush on our hot new young med student, but there's a little somethin'-somethin' goin' on there that complicates things, which you'll find out about in the first episode." Meanwhile, in other love-trifecta news, Mimoun promises, "The Andy-Nina-Jake triangle will also be resolved in episode one, and you'll see all the stuff you missed, like what happened right after the kiss, and you'll see who she chose. And we open the season with a big wedding."

Episode 4.02 - The Next Step: Nina is fed up with the customers of her restaurant, expecting everything to be like it was years ago. Then two celebreties stop by the restaurant, liking it a lot the way it is. Bright goes to see Hannah at Nina's house, but Jake opens the door. Awkwardness ensues.

Episode 4.03 - Put On a Happy Face: Dr. Brown helps 17-year-old Ethan with a certain man-problem, caused by his antidepressants. Ethan winds up in the hospital because of it.

Episode 4.04 - Pieces of Me: Ephram is back in Everwood and is apparently starting to be a piano teacher. Enter 13 year-old Kyle, who really knows his stuff, but is a annoying brat about it.

Episode 4.05 - Connect Four: Bright tries to coerce Ephram into a camping trip with him and Andy, but he's not really going for the idea. Jake helps a woman with a urinary problem, suggesting a surgery Edna didn't know he could perform. Meanwhile Jake is trying to get this woman out of the office so he can give another woman a botox shot. Ephram is still teaching annoying Kyle. Amy and Hannah are involved in a play. Nina and Delia are also in this episode.

Here are other shows worth visiting:

From valkyrie666: Prison Break rocks! What's next? Do you have any scoop?

Yay! So glad. I asked Sarah Wayne Callies if there will be something happening with her character and Michael (Wentworth Miller): "Oh stop it!" she exclaimed. "I'm a married woman! I've got all the power 'cause I'm the governor's daughter. I do, so he's got every reason to try and start something, but I think, I think I'm too smart for that." She also said an episode coming up very soon is all about a "nurse in peril. I honestly don't know at this point if I'm going to make it! We'll see."

From grygazol: Grey's Anatomy? George's love life? Cristina's baby?

The premiere rocks. Like, it's the best episode ever if you ask me. (It's so good that it actually made me wonder if it might be the best show on television...but I know that's crazy talk.) There are major developments with the baby in the premiere. She confides in Meredith, and they actually have a very touching (sad) moment together toward the end of the ep. And things don't go so well with the baby's daddy. As for George, there are no love developments. He's still pining after Meredith. But Katherine Heigl is certainly moving forward in her flirtation, fer sure.

Another interruption: I watched Reunion. I wasn't "thrilled" with the show but it has potential. I am keeping it on my "record" list for now. I hope by next week I will have a clearer idea on whether I would keep you guys posted with the show.

Lastly, this is an OTH update. For those that say I am an OTH hater, I am. I hope it fails. I hope it sucks big doody this season that it would force CMM to fly back to CA and reprise Tristan in GG like Milo V. with his role as Jess. But to show how much I placate (or love, take your pick) my "readers", here's your scoop on the stupid show that hasn't shown a basketball since season 1. And yes, I believe this show jumped the shark when Nathan married Haley married in their Junior year of HS. And Dan's death. Twice. Only redeeming factor? Moira Kelly and the yummy Kieren Hutchison. I hate that Jake's gone; the other redeeming factor to the show.

From niela: Any new news on One Tree Hill?

Yes! Scoop from Mark Schwahn on the latest addition: "Faith is played by the very awesome Mekia Cox. She's a girl who has sort of become a victim of her mother's career ambitions. (Her mom is not yet cast.) What we'd like to play with Faith is a girl who while confident in herself is still young and navigating a confusing adolescence. Interestingly, Faith has a history with Lucas from before we met him in the pilot. It's always fun to go into the back story and remind the audience that Tree Hill was compelling before we dropped in for a visit.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Following Orders

Since K called me out on this, I guess I should do it. Hell hath no fury for a scorned Katty! ;)

20 Random Facts About Me

1. I am vertically challenged at 61".
2. My first real date was when I was 18. I secretly "dated" a guy when I was 16.
3. I asked the drummer (in the HS band) to be my date to the senior prom. He wore jeans and I ended up only dancing 2 songs with him.
4. I got into liking sports because I wanted to impress a guy. Now I do it because I love it.
5. I learned how to speak english before learning how to speak my native tongue, Filipino, even though I grew up in the Philippines.
6. I took piano lessons when I was in the fourth grade. I did it because my bestfriend was taking lessons and I didn't want to be left out.
7. I am ambidextrous..
8. I still cry at the ending of "Running on Empty" and the song "Fire and Rain".
7. I have stalked a guy (with my girlfriends) for 3 blocks because he looked good and wore "Cool Water" cologne.
8. I don't wear make up or nail polish. I don't know how to apply either well.
9. Although I love color, I am color phobic when painting and decorating rooms.
10. I hate gardening.
11. I was so pissed at my dad at one point I froze him out for 3 months.
12. I dented a hubcap by kicking it in after being frustrated.
13. I was supposed to be stationed in Sigonella, Italy rather than Landstuhl, Germany for my overseas tour in the Army.
14. I envy Jardin, Albertina and Claudine for graduating with a 4-year degree in the same timeline I finished my Associates.
15. My favorite watch was a present I bought myself for my 16th birthday, a black-faced Swatch watch, which is now a classic. Dad gave me the money because he didn't have time to pick it out for me.
16. I knew I was going to be married to someone out of my race.
17. All but 2 of my female friends live far from me. Everyone else I communicate with via email or snail mail.
18. The best years of my life happened in the Army and I won't change a thing about it.
19. Looking back, I have attained a large number of my goals, only not in the order I thought it would come.
20. I want to be remembered as someone who loved life, been a loyal and great friend, a wonderful wife, an insightful writer and an inspiration to all.

Friday, September 09, 2005

What Is Gratuity?

Rant time.

Scenario: You order food for delivery. Delivery service, which is owned by the dining facility ordered from, says that the food will arrive in about 30, 40 minutes tops. The food arrives after an hour and forty-five minutes and at least two calls to the restaurant. What do you do?

Well, here's what went down. I called the establishment, and they said the food would be delivered to us at work "any moment now". Any moment turned into another fifteen minute ordeal. Then, the delivery person ended up "waiting" for us to pick up the food from his vehicle! We asked for delivery to the third floor because THERE IS A REASON; not for giggles, either. We are short staffed, thusly using the Take Out/Delivery route.

Anyway, Genghis went down to pay for the food. She gave the delivery person a $2 tip.

Do you know what the delivery person asked with sarcasm? "Where's the tip?"

Ooh, don't get Genghis pissed off. She didn't earn the moniker for nothing. So, she lambasted him by saying, "If you drove here faster, delivered the food on time as promised, you would've gotten a $10 tip. Since you didn't even apologize for the delay or give an explanation as to why the delivery took this long, it shows you don't care."

First and foremost, I think restaurants with delivery services shouldn't lie when they cannot give a good recommended delivery time. Most of us that had done the take out/delivery services understand that there are factors that may delay delivery like a busy establishment or lack of drivers or traffic. However, the restaurant we ordered from got pissy and didn't apologize for the delay. It didn't help that the delivery person was rude.

Apologizing is always a good step to rectifying any problem, Heck, I think Genghis would've given him a bigger tip if he just said he got caught in traffic! But no, he QUESTIONED her tip.

So, in all, the tip was less than 15%. Heck, it was less than 5%! My question is, when did Gratuity become a necessity? I mean, gratuity is given for services rendered. If the service was pleasant, it would be a guaranteed 15%. When they go above and beyond, it's 20-30% (Nilly and I have given as high as 50% because the service was THAT great. It was a Red Robin, but no less, great). But for bad service? Come on, throw me a bone.

Should the US establish laws, like in Europe, where the gratuity is already billed in the meal in itself, and eliminating the headache of calculating 15% of a $37.42 bill?

Kiss and Telling

I took this test but didn't post it. However, since my kissing-whore friend posted her score already, I had to share mine...

Your Kissing Purity Score: 29% Pure

You're not one to kiss and tell...

But word is, you kiss pretty well.

I Knew It!

Took two different tests twice and ended up with the same alcohol. Woot! Thank goodness, this time, I'd consume it.

You Are Rum

You're the life of the party, and a total flirt
You are also pretty picky about what you drink
Only the finest labels and best mixed cocktails will do
Except if you're dieting - then it's Diet Coke and Bacardi all the way

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who Would've Thunk?

Courtesy of Amy...

And I thought the "Redneck" thing was a gas!

You are a Black Coffee

At your best, you are: low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable

At your worst, you are: cheap and angsty

You drink coffee when: you can get your hands on it

Your caffeine addiction level: high

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Relationships And Such


Did you miss me? Well, I missed posting. This may be one of the few things I get to do before the new GG season starts (Reminder: Tuesday, the 13th. Don't miss it!).

But before I drop any more spoilers tonight, I just wanted to let you all in to what I was listening to on my way home. My car radio is preset to 3 different stations. Number 1 is dedicated to the "Alternative" station, which apparently has only 3 CDs in their rotation (Soundgarden, Nirvana and STP). I know, so grunge 90's right? Welcome to Podunk, USA. The number 2 slot is for my iPod, which I don't use now because there's always some radio frequency interrupting it and I hate it when I get cut off singing to whatever's loaded and playing on Lilly at that moment. Number 3... Ha! It used to be a pop station but for some odd reason turned into an old fart's Middle-of-the-Road kind of station. You know, the kind that plays Clay Aiken and Michael Bolton on heavy rotation? Yeah, that kind. Well, I had to change the station fast before I hear Celine Dion belt a tune in my ear. So, I put my station on scan. A cool song was playing so I left it there, pressing the "Save" button so I don't have to change channels while driving. Little did I know that it was a "Dedication Time" kind of program that was on!

Holy cow, Batman. Some of these people are LOSERS! There was this guy that was dedicating a song to his new-found "girlfriend" (as to which the term I will use loosely). See, they met on the internet about a month and a half ago and now he asked her to be his "girlfriend" and she said yes. THEY STILL HAVE TO MEET. So he dedicates this old Lionel Richey song to her to thank her for committing.

I wish that was the only bad request made. Unfortunately, I've heard almost each and every dedication made out to probably all the adulterous people on my side of town. Really, it was pathetic. Listening to it was akin to watching an accident about to happen! So, sadly, it can't be all good.

Alright, with that out of the way....

Here's the GG scoopage I can drop. One's part of the article featured in this week's Entertainment Weekly, courtesy of Spoilerfix.

Episode 6.02: Fight Face 
Airdate: September 20, 2005
09/07 - Rory is down in the dumps about having to perform community service, and she slips even deeper when she finds out about Lorelai and Luke. Source: TV Guide Online

When non-cast-member fans last saw the Gilmores, Rory had dropped out of Yale, been arrested for boat-lifting, and moved in with grandparents Richard and Emily, breaking the heart of her mom, Lorelai. The only bright spot in the heart-wrenching final episodes: Lorelai's last-second proposal to Luke. So...what does he say?? ''He answers her proposal'' is all Sherman-Palladino will allow. Dan's more reassuring. ''No one's gonna wake up in the shower and say it was a dream,'' he promises. But as for everything else, he'll only say, ''It was a real F-you to Lorelai, Rory going to the Gilmores, and we're going to follow the implications of that.'' Also reassuring: Matt Czuchry returns as charming bad-influence boyfriend Logan. While their yacht escapade causes Rory more trouble than she bargained for, Bledel's enjoying the relationship. ''Rory's exhausting a lot of the time,'' she says. ''Now she's taking it down a notch. It's kind of nice.'' Graham, however, isn't thrilled at the prospect of freezing out her kid. ''It's difficult for me to speak that way to her,'' she says. (In fact, the two start the season not speaking at all.) ''It's dysfunctional, but it's a good story,'' she adds. [...] At least scoring her dream guest star might ease the pain. Gilmore will celebrate Rory's 21st birthday this season with an appearance by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright. ''That's the broad every chick should want to be!'' Sherman-Palladino crows. ''Nobody should want to be a f---in' Hilton!'' How about a Gilmore Girl? Can we want to be one of those? Source: Entertainment Weekly

I will say, if Paris Hilton ever graces GG, ASP will not be forgiven. When she appeared as Caitlin in VM, I forgave Rob Thomas for his lack of vision. That's okay. She got what she deserved on the show. Thank goodness RT thought twice before casting Tara Reid as one of the VM Characters. Eep!

And, if you haven't read it yet, there's another convert to the VM camp. Yes, my favorite, Kevin Smith. I posted a couple of weeks ago KS' walk-on role as Dale in VM. Apparently, he had not seen the show and was doing the gig as a favor to a friend that works behind the scene. So, one of his bennies is the Season 1 of VM on discs, which he and his wife, Jenn, are now addicted to watching. They, too, can't wait for S2 to premiere. He's sweet (of course, using the Cartman voice)! Check out Silent Bob's blog on his praises for the guilty pleasure called VM.

Tomorrow, I am taping "Reunion". I'm actually watching this just to get a feel for it. I am a fan of Rob Estes (American Dreams) and I want to see him play a man of the cloth. This will be interesting! Another show I am going to keep an eye on is "Kitchen Confidential". Oh. My. God. Have you seen the cast? All that comes into my head is Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People". Then there's "Everybody Hates Chris" and "My Name Is Earl". Jason Lee is hilarious and sarcastic. Don't know him? Check him out in "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy" and "Enemy of the State" to name a few. The premise is downright funny (Who gets enlightened by watching Carson Daly?).

I guess I need to set up 2 VCRs and get more blank video tapes. Ugh. I hope some of them turn out badly so I don't have to record as much. What's worse? Finding the time to actually watch them all! GG+Supernatural is already 2 hours. Then VM and Prison Break. Another 2 hours. Kitchen Confidential? Half hour. I have to catch Reba, What I Like About You on Sundays. Chris is half hour, as well as Earl. That's almost my weekend there, folks. And don't even get me started on Sundays. Sundays are football days so I am not allowed to watch any of my shows if the Eagles are playing. Hmm, I guess watching Reba and What I Like will be... well, forgotten. Damn, there's also Everwood! There goes my study time.

Yes, I have no life. Just pray that I actually get all my school reading done and pass all my tests to make the TV sacrifices worthwhile.

Friday, September 02, 2005

GG Spoiler

Just confirming Amy's news:

Episode 6.05: Title Unknown
Airdate: Fall 2005

09/02 - At the pool house, Rory and three other people are planning an event that will require 1942 decorations. Rory even has an event assistant, Lacey, who also answers Rory's cell! An upset Paris drops by the pool house and says that she is broke. Will she agree to go as low (for Paris that is) and be a server at Rory's event? Logan is at Yale. Lorelai, Luke, and Paul Anka (Lorelai's dog), are at the house getting ready to eat pasta! Later in the episode, we will see the event that Rory and her commitee was planning. Emily and Richard are at the event. Logan's mother and a few women arrive at the event... uninvited... Sookie also appears in the episode. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Can You Smell It?

Fall again, buddies. You know what that means...

Football, putting away the lawnmower, closing the pool...

And yes, TV!

Of course I am demented, you still had to ask?

Prison Break started this week and I am loving it. Wentworth Miller can be in my jail cell any time. Next week, The OC starts (for all those that watch it). Two weeks from now, Supernatural will be on. If you're into freaking out, this one's for you. But to the rest of my friends, it means GG and VM.

I just saw the previews for Veronica Mars. You won't be disappointed.

Here's a little something to set you up:

Charisma Carpenter ("Angel") Guest Stars as Kendall Casablancas, Julie Chen ("The Early Show") Guest Stars as Herself, Steve Guttenberg ("The Poseidon Adventure") Guest Stars as Woody Goodman, UPN's AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Winner Naima Mora Guest Stars as Ms. Dumas and Jeffery Sams ("Soul Food") Guest Stars as Terrence Chase. -- After the summer fireworks caused by a dangerous confrontation with Lilly Kane's murderer and a surprising visitor at her door, Veronica attempts to settle into "normal" life, complete with a new after-school job and a return to the popular fold at Neptune High, but she gets pulled back into the investigation business when Wallace is kicked off the basketball team for testing positive for drugs. Meanwhile, Keith sits down with reporter Julie Chen to discuss his new book on the Lilly Kane murder, "Big Murder, Small Town." Later, after seeing his father arrested for murder and being charged and tried for murder himself, Logan seeks refuge from the paparazzi and relaxes poolside at the Casablancas mansion with buddies Dick (Ryan Hansen) and "Beaver" (Kyle Gallner) and their sexy stepmother Kendall. ~ Courtesy of UPN and Spoilerfix