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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yin And Yang

January is known to be movies' death month. Aside from the fact that film companies are rereleasing Oscar-contending movies, small fry movies tend to end up being given a boot, retiring their presence from the big screen and on to DVDs to save time and money, leaving the big screens to view the latest "Brokeback Mountain" contender of 2006.

Here's one that would definitely be lost in the shuffle, no matter how funny it may be. Arrested Development, meet Scrubs.

Fast Track looks like a hilarious take of life. You will always compete with the past and no matter how hard you try, you will always be stuck in a hellhole called high school.

Take a look see here:

Fast Track

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Warm Thoughts This Christmas

Since it's starting (and I mean JUST STARTING) to dip in the 30s here after a weeklong run of balmy 60-ish degree weather, I would like to share the photos I FINALLY wanted to share from the summer trip to Seattle.

Here's me hanging out with Amy. Here's a shot of us at the Sushi House before announcing I was pregnant:

Here's a shot of my Uncle and Aunt, Nilly being silly, Andrew and Amy:

And here's Andrew, Amy and me at Fells Point at night:

Wish that I can get to meet all the Ickles eventually. K, you might have to make sure next time you're in my backyard, you'd call me. I WILL come rescue you at Hershey or the Outlet Malls if must be.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Golden Globe Nominations Are In

Here's what's to expect this season of nominations.

Before you know it, the Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and all would be announcing their list of who's who and what's what in stage, music and movies.

Kudos go out to Zach Braff, America Ferrera and Masi Oka. Also, kudos to the cast of Scrubs, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Heroes.

Pan's Labyrinth got a nod which I am most excited about.

Boo that Lauren Graham, again, was snubbed. So was Kristen Bell. Oh well, not everyone can be nominated, right?

TV Tune Up

Here's scoopage courtesy of Ausiello. It's bits and pieces of shows I watch so if anything else, head on to tvguide.com for full coverage.

Posted are the scoopers for Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Men in Trees and Supernatural.

Question: I heard that someone on Grey's will get pregnant. Would you happen to know who?— Katie

Ausiello: Not sure about that, but I can tell you who's getting engaged: George and Callie! Although no one within six degrees of Shonda Rhimes would confirm it (shocker!), one well-placed mole tells me that they'll make the announcement during February sweeps. Now, why do you suppose George and Callie — who were still broken up in the last episode — would rush into marriage so quickly? Hmmm….

Question: Have you seen the story on afterelton.com about the "de-gaying" of Heroes' Zach? Shameful.— C.J.

Ausiello: Yes, I've seen it, and it is indeed troubling on so many levels. For those in the dark, Claire's sexually ambivalent sidekick Zach (played by Thomas Dekker, the upcoming star of The Sarah Connor Chronicles) was supposed to come out in the "Homecoming" episode, but, according to a statement posted on afterelton.com by series creator Tim Kring, he was forced back into the closet after it became "too complicated behind the scenes to push this issue further with this particular character." Translation: Someone objected to the plot, and my sources tell me it was not NBC, but rather Dekker's camp that came down with a severe case of gay panic syndrome. In fact, rumor has it that Dekker's manager allegedly threatened to pull her client from the show unless the story was changed. Rather tellingly, that same manager promised to get back to me with a comment yesterday but never did.

Question: Per your hint last week, is the huge question about Heroes' Claire, "How did she find out about her abilities?" or, "Was she trying to commit suicide?"— James

Ausiello: No on both counts.

Question: I have to ask: If you could have a power like one of the Heroes, what would yours be?— Beth Roddick

Ausiello: I'd want to read minds like Greg Grunberg does, that way I'd know if Masi Oka was pulling my leg when he told me last week that we "will see Hiro fighting a T-Rex" — hence the painting in the fall finale. "Don't forget," he added, "I [have a part-time job at] Industrial Light and Magic. You never know when I'll whip out a CGI dinosaur." Come tomorrow, Masi may be whipping out a Golden Globe nomination. (Talk about an awesome segue.) Does the possibility of a nod give him goose bumps? "To be honest, it does a little bit. You never know what's going to happen. We're just so happy the show is on the air. If we can get some accolades, I think that would be a great boost for NBC and the show."

Question: Any update on Masi Oka's possible return to Scrubs?— Gina

Ausiello: It was supposed to happen this week, but it's not looking good.

Question: What do you honestly think about Gilmore Girls this season?— Jill Walker

Ausiello: The best compliment I can pay Dave Rosenthal is that it's no better or worse than last season. On the plus side, I think he's done a miraculous job of mimicking the Palladino style. Scene for scene, the show looks and sounds like Gilmore Girls (contrary to what the New York Times would have you believe). Unfortunately, DR has also mimicked AS-P's occasional lapses of judgment, most notably the ill-conceived Lorelai/Christopher union and the so-far-pointless return of Marty. And don't even get me started on Luke and Anna's looming custody battle over April. I pray DR has the good sense to settle this dispute out of court. Bottom line: Given the dramatic power shift that occurred behind the scenes, I'm enjoying the season more than I ever thought I would. That said, I wouldn't be crushed if our Girls packed it in this May. I think I'm ready to let go. Speaking of which...

Question: Please say you have some encouraging news for us poor Gilmore Girls fans. — Dorian Spencer

Ausiello: Do you consider Amy Sherman-Palladino possibly returning for the show's series finale encouraging? If so, you may wanna check out the Ausiello Report. I just posted an interview that I think you'll be interested in reading.

... Note, you have to scroll down past 2 other postings to get to this section.

Question: You da prattle-meister! Any scoop on Ugly Betty?— Jenni

Ausiello: The Jan. 4 episode revolves around my favorite thing: swag! A Star Jones-type frenzy breaks out when Christine announces that she's cleaning out the closet at "Mode." Betty, meanwhile, has bigger problems. A $20,000 expense report she filed for Daniel has been rejected and his credit card cut off. That could make it tough for him to wine and dine an important Japanese designer.

Question: Please give us some information about Men in Trees!— Katie

Ausiello: As I spilled exclusively in the Ausiello Report, Orlando Jones has been cast as Buzz's gay son. He's on board for two episodes, possibly more.

Question: Please give us some Supernatural scoop! Anything!— Mal

Ausiello: That bank-hostage situation (Episode 12) I told you about last week just got creepier: Turns out the perp is a shape-shifter! Episode 13 takes an even stranger turn when the brothers are faced with what could be their first friendly spirit — hence the title, "Touched."

Question: How much time will have passed on screen when Veronica Mars returns in January?— Lauren

Ausiello: It will be six weeks later in Neptune.

Question: Surely there must be some buzz over at the CW about the possibility of Gilmore Girls continuing into Season 8. So tell us — what’s brewing?— Karen

Ausiello: Everyone I've spoken to insists there's no news, and there probably won't be until after the new year.

Question: Did I miss something? Did Grey's ever tell us what Izzie did with the dough from Denny?— Alison

Ausiello: Nope, it's still hanging on her fridge.

Question: Is the big Claire question on Heroes, "Who are her real parents?"— R.W.

Ausiello: No comment.

According to Kristin V from E!Online, this will be answered in the form of Jessalyn Gilsig (Gina from Nip/Tuck) who has been cast as Claire's birth mother.

As for Gilmore Girls info from Spoilerfix:

Episode 7.11: Santa's Secret Stuff
Airdate: January 23, 2007

12/08 - Rory returns from London after the holidays. Lorelai is disappointed that Rory celebrated Christmas in London with Logan, but decides to have a "Christmas after Christmas" celebration as a new family complete with trees, decorations and shopping. Luke asks Lorelai to write a character recommendation letter for his custody battle with Anna over April. Source: The CW

So there's that.

Now, be a sport and help fill my stocking. Don't be a grinch...

For those having their finals, good luck. For those that still haven't finished shopping, hope you still get the presents you're hoping to find. To those that really don't care about the season: ba-humbug to you too!

Anyway, have a happy end to the week.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Overloading Wednesdays

ABC has started peglegging its shows once more categorizing Wednesdays as its "No Think Day".

Scrubs being moved to this prime spot along with The Office and My Name is Earl makes me think that the Disney company is starting to think, albeit, a second too late.

But what the heck, at least the comedic slapstick of JD and the gang won't go unnoticed until the day Zach Braff himself disappears into the world of movies as this is believed to be his last season in Bill Lawrence's world.

Here's to welcoming Hump Day in a new way. God knows I need a shows that would allow me to be zombified and yet entertained for several hours.

Here's Ausiello's interview with Zach Braff.