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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Of course, I start with the good. It's insane that the Veronica Mars' numbers aren't doing any better due to the baseball season. But if you can convince other peeps to keep watching, here's a little rundown of what was missed.

For the bad, more coverage on why money and contracts talk alongside the Gilmore gabbery.

Lastly, the ugly. Really, who really wants to see (or care for that matter) if Dan Scott is actually the Catwoman incarnated in One Tree Hill? If CW picks up OTH over VM, I am staging a boycott on the station that is hosting the merger. You with me?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Long and Short of It

How rude of me not to post the interview Ausiello had with Team Palladino about Gilmore Girls.

I for one, respect Amy for not being apologetic about how season 6 turned out to me. However, taking that with a grain of salt, she also had a responsibility to her public to deliver something with substance.

Anywhoo, I've posted the good, the bad and the ugly from Ausiello. Sounds like Everwood may make the CW cut!

Question: Please tell me you have good news about Everwood going to CW. — Shauna

Ausiello: Actually, I do have a bit of good news. In an e-mail exchange last week, exec producer Rina Mimoun told me that Greg Berlanti met with CW boss Dawn Ostroff last Tuesday and "pitched a whopper of a fifth season." But more important, Rina noted that Dawn was "overcome by the amount of letters/flowers/fudge and even necklaces she has received from Everwood fans! Once again, our fantastic fans could truly save us. So tell everyone to keep 'em coming!" You heard the pretty lady, get busy! Here's that address in case you lost it:

Dawn Ostroff
11800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Question: Any hint as to who gets pregnant on One Tree Hill? — Mary

Ausiello: Yes, it's a woman.

(Okay, y'all know I hate OTH but I had to post this. His remark was hilarious!)

Question: Can you give us anything on the Rory-Logan cliff-hanger on Gilmore Girls? A hint? A clue? Just a little scoop, please? Not even a scoop, just a scooplet? — Grace

Ausiello: Despite what you may have heard, their "final" scene together — which is both sweet and sad, I'm told — does not take place in an airport. That doesn't mean he's not still going to London though. It only means they won't be saying good-bye in an airport. How's that for a major spoiler!

Oh, and if you haven't done so, visit E!Online's Save One Show (SOS) event. It could be your vote that can make or break a show you might miss coming fall.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

It Has Begun

... And you thought it would be YEARS before we get to hear from the spawn-of-the-moment, Suri Cruise. Think again. She's already started her blog.

She is more flipping hilarious compared to her overhyped parents.

Trust me, it's worth reading for the giggles.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Nail In The Coffin

I guess it's final. Maybe this next season will be better, if not rejuvinated. It has to be. If it turns into another Dawson's Creek (when Williamson left), I will be crushed.

But, look at the brighter side. There's nowhere but up for everyone to look forward to, right?

I know, still a bummer.

Well, now take your mind off the sad news and read this little Veronica Mars commentary. It'll make you think.

But if you can't will yourself away from the disappointment, here's a little ditty by Stephen King about caring less about Katie Couric's transfer to CBS.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Annual SOS and Gilmore Update

Kristin of E!Online is on her fifth annual Save One Show (SOS) campaign this year and it's up to you, the fan to make this work.

One of the shows saved was last year's lagger, Veronica Mars.

Here's the good, the bad and the ugly according to Kristin:

Likely to Be Saved: George Lopez, Gilmore Girls, The New Adventures of Old Christine, The O.C., Reba, Scrubs, Smallville, Veronica Mars and The Unit.

On the Fence: According to Jim, Close to Home, Commander in Chief, Conviction, E-Ring, Everwood, The Evidence, Freddie, Girlfriends, Hope & Faith, In Justice, Invasion, Out of Practice, Sons & Daughters, Supernatural, Teachers, The War at Home and What About Brian.

Likely Doomed: All of Us, The Bedford Diaries, Courting Alex, Cuts, Eve, Free Ride, Half & Half, Joey, Less Than Perfect, Living with Fran, The Loop, Love, Inc., Modern Men, One on One, One Tree Hill, Pepper Dennis, Related, Rodney, Surface and Twins.

Here's also Kristin's scoop on the season ending Gilmore Girls:

London Calling: I think Turk said it best in a recent episode of Scrubs, as he was watching the best female duo on the telly: "Mothers and daughters: They speak so fast, but they speak so true." He was watching, of course, our beloved Gilmore Girls. And since these girls are so apt to tell it like it is, and I happened to get on set during the taping of the season finale (pinch me!), naturally, I had to dig for info regarding the possibility of another season--especially given that the show has not been picked up yet and the rumors (which sadly were confirmed this week) that show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino might call it quits.

"I'm pretty sure the show will go on," Alexis Bledel (Rory) told me. "We've been on the WB for a while, and I'm sure they'll just pass us along to the CW." Of course, only time (and our Save One Show poll?) will tell, but I for one am not ready nor willing to say goodbye--if for no other reason than I want to know what happens with Lorelai and Luke and Rory and Logan. Can I get an amen, brothers and sisters?

Since Alexis (Rory) and Matt Czuchry (Logan) were the ones on set that day, I did my best to supersleuth some romantic intel, but what I found wasn't quite so romantic. "In the season finale, we're going to find out that Logan is indeed going to London [to take] a place in the paper there," Czuchry revealed. "[Their relationship] is sort of left up in the air because he's leaving for a whole year," Alexis added. "I mean, Rory's really young, so that's a long separation." Still, let's just say I'd be shocked if Logan is gone for good.

In the season finale, Rory throws a big going-away bash for Logan, and a few musical personages guest star in the same episode: punk band Sonic Youth, 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub (yes, she sings) and a slew of other undiscovered singers who vie for the vacated town-troubadour spot. And you'll be happy to hear that at least one of the candidates is rooting for RoLo. "We just met Logan, and that was exciting," Sonic Youth's vocalist Kim Gordon told me. "He's our favorite of Rory's boyfriends!" And how.

Now, for the deal breaker. Spoilerfix misquoted Ausiello by saying Team Palladino had left but from the sound of things, NOTHING is set in stone. However, if this is a real RIP for the "original" Gilmore Girls team, I would say that it probably would be for the best if they left. If I were WB, I would've been weary giving ASP 2 years of a show when season 6 was really nothing to write home about. I know in my heart that the writing team behind GG would do a better job without ASP's filler eps. And if they do, I think the Ickle Gals would have to make the trip to Hollywood to give this show a proper ending.

What do you say???

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, There's No Prom For Them To Go

Please tell me you watched VM last night. It was too funny! Who would've thunk that Butters was into Mac? What does the Beave have to say?

I just thought the pairing was funny since the whole premise of last night's episode was dark. Ronnie was questioned (again) by the prosecution, Duncan is being framed for Lilly's murder (again), Kendall is in cahoots with the Fitzpatricks (I saw that coming) and Weevil saves the day of the PCHers and severing his ties with them once and for all (love it).

Now what do we have in store for the next couple of days? Here's Ausiello and Spoilerfix to give you some deets:

Any scoop on Veronica Mars? — Kim

Ausiello: As you may have heard, the prom gets canceled after a bunch of seniors get drunk on a class trip. That prompts Logan to host his own prom. "I can't tell you how pleased I am with all of our 'alterna-prom' material," Rob Thomas says of next week's episode. "I think fans will really enjoy it. My favorite scene may be the elevator ride up to prom, which includes Veronica, Mac, Butters, Corny, Dick and Madison."

04/18 - Enrico Colantoni reveals: I'm guessing [we won't see more of the Alicia/Keith relationship.] There's [a] badass fight I have with Liam Fitzpatrick played by Rob Rowland later on [this season]. This fight is pretty much a one happening thing. You'll see it. It's really quite cool. And then I don't know if he comes back next season or not, because we're already on the last episode. And I know Liam isn't back in the last one. Source: IGN

Oh, before I leave the VM chappie of this post, did you know "Butters" was on Gilmore Girls?

Which is a perfect segue to last night's ep: Lane and Zach tying the knot.

I thought the whole chaos in the Kim home was hilarious. Mama Kim afraid of her mom? Hiding stuff under the boards? Kyuon double dressing like Lane? The sex talk between Lane and Mrs. Kim? Totally worth watching.

Zach liking the traditional Korean wedding outfit totally reminded me of Liz's husband and the whole stocking fetish, however.

I also liked (however embarrassed) for Lorelai when she drunkenly went on and on about Lane being married and that she'd never be married. It was a painful scene. I am glad that there were no cameras on Lor's speech. Chris and Rory should've pulled her off stage sooner. Ugh.

However, how cute that Chris is there, again, to the rescue?

I was watching GG on ABC Family this morning and was watching the ep when Lorelai severs her ties with the Gilmores, including Chris, and Luke not liking it. Somehow, I bregrudgingly admit that the person Lorelai is in her relationship with Luke was cemented in that episode: giving Luke "time" to adjust to things, and that she would be the dedicated girlfriend.

Honey, it doesn't work that way. You should've told Luke what's wrong. Trust me, it's all right.

Lastly, how beaten Logan looked! And he's still graduating? I mean, unless he was like Finn who would probably graduate because he shagged his way to the top at Yale, Logan is in no shape to graduate, finish his final requisites to cross the stage. And Rory running to his side? *Sigh* Someone needs to brain the stupid child for being childish.

Monday, April 17, 2006

More Promotions

I know I am supposed to be writing my Anthro paper right now or answering my Geo take home exam but I had to do my weekly duty of reminding everyone that a new Veronica Mars is on TUESDAYS with a Wednesday repeat.

Don't send Veronica to an early death.

Music List Posting, Part 2

Here's the next posting list!

Tear Me In Two> by Stroke 9
Regrets by Ben Folds Five
Deep by Nickelback
Time to Party by Craig David
Vietnow by Rage Against the Machine
You and I Both by Jason Mraz
#1 Summer Jam by Butch Walker

Music List Posting Part 1

This is for C, who asked for this a long time ago.

Now, this will be a mini series so the next edition might not be out as soon as you think it should be! :P

1. Sister Mary by Tommy Lee
2. Freaky Girl by Shaggy
3. Cover Me by Candlebox
4. Soul by Matchbox 20
5. Everything (Between Us) by Liz Phair
6. Our Lawyers Mad Us Change the Name of This Song by Fall Out Boy

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Wishing I still lived in Seattle so that I could go to the Bumbershoot. In recent years, this concert had attracted and made several indie bands. Some known artists had graced the stage. This year won't be different. There would be some breakdancing and ballet that are to be featured.

Some of the Saturday spectacular? Girls in rollerskates.

Mary Gaitskill, author of the book, Veronica, will grace the event with her presence.

There are two stages to accomodate the comedians this year.

If that was not enough, the Seattle International Film Festival will curate 1 Reel Film Festival.

End the day with a trip to the newly reonvated Indie Market. If you go because I got you curious, you owe me a present from the stalls... Preferrably the touted viynl record handbags. I am really curious.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Should've Been Named Adam and Eve

Playing the name game... Again.

Just when we thought that celebrity parents have gotten smarter after they've named their kids "Pilot Inspektor" and "Jor-El" (or is it Kal-El?).

But, no.

With the only outliers, Ben and Jennifer Affleck, naming their daughter Violet, here we are again saying, "WHY"?

I hope they have good middle names, if not, life insurance.

Monday, April 10, 2006

So, What Is Sexual Responsibility?

A look at Bedford Diaries' second episode brings to mind Professor Macklin's question: what is sexual responsibility?

Does it pertain to just 'covering the jimmy'?

Is sexual responsibility 'not playing the field'?

Does sexual responsibility incorporate telling the truth, admitting the truth and being honest with one's self about a sexual history and current state of sexuality?

One of the main events that took place in the episode that I found compelling is the fact that Professor Macklin brought to light another professor's scandal of at least bedding 2 students. Bedford University does not have a policy that restricts such relationships and Professor Macklin agrees that one cannot legislate morality. The fact that the professor did the 'deed' as to give passion a bad name, however, was rather interesting.

Does sexual responsibility, in this case, define the guidelines of f**king or making love?

What do you think?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

GG Final Snippets and the Man Formerly Known as Tristin

So, J called my "blogging" funk last night. I am still in a comatose state over skank-pedophile (SP for short). Thanks to Ali, we've gotten to see the bling the twelve year old just got. SP really needs to get a reality check. I am with Kristin V of E!Online here, with she being President of the Sophia Bush Hating CMM club, I think I will be member of said fanclub.

That off my chest....

Here's a little (musical) ray of sunshine for the season ending Gilmore Girls, thanks to E!Online:

SEASON CLOSER: Gilmore Girls wrapping its production season with guest appearances by indie bands including Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Joe Pernice and Sparks.

For the full article, read here.

And this, thanks to Ausiello's weekly news:

24 Star Rejoins Gilmore Girls
Chloe is a traitor! OK, that's not exactly true, but 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub is consorting with the enemy, guest-starring on the May 9 season finale of WB's Gilmore Girls. The actress will play one of several singers who invade Stars Hollow hoping to get discovered after an agent taps the town's troubadour to open for Neil Young. Rajskub — who honed her crooner chops as part of the improv comedy-music group the Girls Guitar Club — called me from the Gilmore set late yesterday to chat about the Girls gig, Chloe's upcoming "romantic challenge" and her plans to take Manhattan this summer.
Ausiello: I just want to point out that I interviewed you back in 2003 when you first started on 24, before Chloe became the superstar she is now.
Rajskub: Thank you. What's funny is the people at the network are always telling me, "Yeah, [Fox] hated you at first." I'm like, "Yeah, I know. That's the story of my life."

Ausiello: I liked you before it was cool to like you.
Rajskub: You should put that in your story.

Ausiello: I will. So this is actually your second appearance on Gilmore Girls.
Rajskub: Yes. I know Amy Sherman Palladino from Veronica's Closet. She helped me get that part, from seeing me do live shows or something.

Ausiello: Last time you played Kirk's girlfriend, right? I barely remember it.
Rajskub: It was really quick. I was kind of sad that they didn't bring me back to actually play [that same role]. Kirk had asked me to be in his short film; it's like a second long.

Ausiello: You're playing a completely different character this time.
Rajskub: Right. I am a…

Ausiello: Troubadour?
Rajskub: Yeah, troubadour. I was trying to think of another word. I was going to say singer/songwriter.

Ausiello: You think I'm too dumb to know what troubadour means.
Rajskub: (Laughs) No! I'm not totally comfortable with the word. I basically walk around and sing to people. I'm a troubadour!

Ausiello: So that's what it means.
Rajskub: I guess a bunch of troubadours come out of the woodwork to try to get discovered. So I get to take a break from 24 and sing a song.

Ausiello: Do you have any lines?
Rajskub: I have, like, two lines. I say, "Hey, I'm trying to sing a song here!"

Ausiello: What's the song?
Rajskub: A song I made up.

Ausiello: Oh, just a song you made up.
Rajskub: Not just a song. The song.

Ausiello: My apologies. What's the title?
Rajskub: "I Drive an '89 Volvo."

Ausiello: You wrote it exclusively for Gilmore Girls?
Rajskub: Yes.

Ausiello: Will you be releasing it as a single?
Rajskub: (Chuckles) Well… as soon as the offers start coming in.

Ausiello: You're under contract with 24. Did that present a problem in doing Gilmore Girls?
Rajskub: Well, it wasn't a matter of the contract, because I'm allowed to [do other stuff]. That's not a big deal. The big deal was trying to get the time blocked out, because we're wrapping up our shooting for the season and so it's a little bit hectic. It was hard to get an entire day blocked off, so I'm very grateful that I was able to come and have a little bit of fun today.

Ausiello: Do you watch Gilmore Girls?
Rajskub: No. I don't know what happened; I just stopped watching TV.

Ausiello: What happened?
Rajskub: I don't know, I just stopped.

Ausiello: In other words, you have no investment in Luke and Lorelai as a couple?
Rajskub: No. I watched it when it first came out and I was really into it. And now that I'm on the set I'm like, "Aww… I can't believe I haven't been keeping up with it." I'll have to buy the DVDs.

I think she saved herself some time by forgetting the whole JavaJunkie crapola...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm Such A Homer

Since I didn't get to watch tonight's Veronica Mars (yet), please enjoy the Troy/Veronica vid Smurfette_06 made for LJ.

I know I am the only one that likes Troy but give this a chance. Did I say that she used Alanis Morissette's "Head Over Feet"?

Ooh, and the VM Season Spoiler courtesy of Spoilerfix... Things that make you go, "Hmmm".

Episode 2.22: Not Pictured (Season finale)
Airdate: May 2006

04/05 - Rob Thomas reveals: You'll see [Keith and Wallace's mom] in a scene together in the finale, but I'm not sure that's going to be the kind of "together" you seem to be hoping for. Source: TV Guide Online

Relieve Some Tension

This is like that carnival game where you can throw the ball against the target and someone gets dunked in the tank. Here's your opportunity to Save Our Shows.

Veronica Mars is on this list. So is Everwood. So is Scrubs. So is Reba. So is OTH (EWWWWW!!!!! Sink the stinky show. I'd pick Reba anytime, 5000 times over).

So get to it.

Moving on...

I went home early last night. With the puky sensation and headache-addled head of mine, I decided to just lie in bed and catch up on Gilmore Girls.

It is pretty sad that I forgot how the last episode ended. Watching Logan try to get in through Paris' apartment was not what I was expecting. Actually, I was picturing how I could start (again) chapter six of GOC but that's beside the point. The way Rory 'forgave' Logan was kinda weak, especially since she had no choice when she found Paris and Doyle doing tantric sex on the apartment floor. What's up with the whole moving back with Logan if she's going to be childish and not talk to him at all? I know girls do stupid things to show they're mad but man, the whole "disappearing act" for the weekend without telling anyone you know to get attention is more than stupid. It's selfish and dangerous. Not that there is something dangerous about Stars Hollow but y'all get my drift, right?

Fast forward to the whole Luke/Lorelai sitch. UGH. I hate this plot. I don't hate April. I hate the fact that ASP wrote Lorelai as wimpy and unattached. That isn't the Lorelai I know. Lorelai's current character reminds me more of an insipid child. Not that I would pull a Rory, going into the store (but why not? You are a stranger. Getting angry at Rory would consist of her stalking and not buying a bag) to check out the former flame but curiosity sometimes is what makes us understand. It's the reason why we have 200 religions. That's why we still order different chinese meals despite the fact that they all seem to taste like Kung Pao Chicken. Get it, ASP?

And I know I will have popcorn thrown at me for saying this but I LOVED Zach in this episode with Mrs. Kim. She was too hilarious!!! So we know for sure that Zach's got a job. We know that he actually knows how to save (no matter how little). But Mrs. Kim asking him for a recordable hit demo? Priceless. I thought it was rather cool the way Mrs. Kim wanted him to prove how he can support Lane with something he loves doing. I loved the part where Mrs. Kim changed the ending with a minor chord. She's one tough cookie but one that has really changed throughout the years.

I, too, loved the fact that Mrs. Kim gave Lane the antique ring and telling Zach to put away the "engagement ring" that would scare little children.

It was a good episode but until the season ends, I will constantly hold my breath until ASP destroys the JavaJunkie ending we wanted by her writing and revealing (put your rebreather masks on), "Luuuuuukkeee, you have a daaaaauuuuugggghhhhttttteeeerrrrr."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some People Never Learn

Great. Something to add to my current headache.

Apparently, some people really DON'T learn.
E!Online: TREED: Just months after splitting with One Tree Hill costar Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray, 24, is engaged to an 18-year-old extra on the show, Kenzie Dalton, People reports.

Thanks to Anonymous who provided the information and the photo's address.