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Monday, May 30, 2005

If I Were...

I saw this on Channel D's blog and I thought it would be fun to do.

You are to choose five of the following and write a description, then add one to the list and pass it along. Here we go... whee!


If I could be a scientist . . .
If I could be a farmer . . .
If I could be a musician . . .
If I could be a doctor . . .
If I could be a painter . . .

... I would not be color phobic when it comes to repainting my home. The previous owners to our castle was into the kitchy- country look that everything had been stenciled with flowers with matching plaid or floral window treatments. I'd like to make each room stand out: Reds that look like rage, green that reflects serenity. But all I see right now is white and white.

If I could be a gardener . . .
If I could be a missionary . . .
If I could be a chef . . .

... I'd have my own show on the TV Network. I'll try to use my connections to meet Emeril and pick his brain when it comes to baking, Bobby when it comes to barbecuing, Rachel Ray for her 30 minute cooking tips and Mario for his ability to keep his cool in Iron Chef.

If I could be an architect . . .
If I could be a linguist . . .

... I would like to work for UN and be part of the solution in promoting world peace, worldwide health and upholding human rights.

If I could be a psychologist . . .
If I could be a librarian . . .
If I could be an athlete . . .

... I want to be Marion Jones or Prefontaine. There's something about running that gives me the feeling of freedom.

If I could be a lawyer . . .
If I could be an inn-keeper . . .
If I could be a professor . . .
If I could be a writer . . .
If I could be a llama-rider . . .
If I could be a bonnie pirate . . .
If I could be an astronaut . . .
If I could be a world famous blogger . . .
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world . . .
If I could be married to any current famous political figure . . .
If I could be a show dog owner...
If I could be a character from a book or TV show . . .

... I would like to be Gandalf the Grey: all-knowing and yet humble.

(I am adding) If I could be a millionaire...

I hope Katherine and Amy can indulge me and do this...

Summer's Here!

"No more classes, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks. Summertime! Summertime!"
-Bugs Bunny

I love summer. There is something so innocent about watching a kid try to fly his kite even if his short legs cannot propel enough speed to make the thing stay in the air. But that didn't matter. He was happy dragging the toy behind him with his sister not far behind him. And for the second it is up in the air, both children were mesmerized.

Hurrah for summer!

However, there is something strange about American culture marking the first day of summer with Memorial Day.

Borrowing a moron from Jaywalking, some Americans think that Memorial Day is the official day to start barbecuing.

Do they even know what Memorial Day commemorates?

Memorial Day (once known as Decoration Day) commemorates all those who have died in our nation's service. Now, as the Jaywalker just pointed out, is the day we can all "start barbecuing" and "wear bathing suits and open pools".

Again, quoting Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon."

For all those that commemorated Memorial Day, thank you. The men and women that have given up their lives for this country are thankful.

And now for something lighter, I hope you all enjoy the barbecue weather, the skinny minnies that parade the shores, the hunks that think they're all that and a bag of chips, the kids that yell and splash around the swimming pool while you're trying to get a tan.

Just make sure you apply that sunscreen on and drink a ton of water.

Now, have fun and be a kid again!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day in Bed

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I expected to have most of my writing done for "Dueling Toothpicks" and my SP challenge. Unfortunately, instead of pounding away on Gwynnie, I had to hit the sack.

I lost in the tug-o-war fight with the thistles.

You see, in my gusto to clean up my garden, I pulled a back muscle leaving me rather paralyzed and on my back, really not thinking about good Trory thoughts but how I want to howl in pain.

Hmm, yeah.

There's nothing sexier than having my usual Hugo for Women perfume replaced with Icy Hot muscle rub. Nothing more romantic than wearing a hot pack on my back rather than a cute pajama set.

So there goes my garden again for another 2 weeks. I have to work again next weekend and I doubt that the Nill-meister would go off and finish the slope for me. He'll be "cleaning" the pool for 5 hours before spending an hour pulling weeds. But that's okay. He's already heard enough of my whining.

So, really, to everyone, have a pleasant start of the summer season and enjoy the sun for me. With my luck, I'll end up smelling like an old lady with arthritis watching Madagascar with my in-laws.

And Lindsay, thank you for the support and your input. Congratulations on your graduation! I wish we had readers like you that "get" the point and pairings.

Sabine, glad to hear you're enjoying the Miseduaction series so far. It gets really angsty in the later chapters. Honestly, Graham was supposed to be a one story character. Him appearing in the rest of the series was quite a surprise.

Amy and Katherine: can't wait to read more of your stuff. I'll send you guys my stuff for beta/posting on SP when I get "romantic" thoughts in my head.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hodgepodge Thursday

If nothing else, this day would go down in history as one of the haziest days in my entire life.

It's not like anything special had really happened. It was just... blah.

I woke up thinking that it would be a great day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. Not even three minutes into my waking day did the sun disappear behind thick gloomy clouds! I uttered a curse, then went on with my day. For about 4 hours, the peek-a-boo game the sun was playing with me became an annoyance more than anything else.

Then I thought work would make things better. The commute to work wasn't that bad. Got on good flowing traffic until I was 2 miles away from my exit. I knew it was too good! This guy who was doing 70+ mph decided he was going to follow the speed limit of 55 without any warning. If that wasn't enough, he decided to STOP on a YIELD sign. And there was NO TRAFFIC on the main road!

I took a deep breath, counted to 10 and decided to overtake the schizophrenic driver when the road split in 2.

Work wasn't any better, unfortunately. We already started "in the hole" with first shift deciding that our shift can deal with a broken/limping instrument even though they started having problems with it before noon. NOON! My shift starts at 1500. You'd think that picking up the cradle of a phone would not take 3 hours to do. I was proven wrong.

So instead of streamlining the usual workflow, my crew was doing an impromptu "Groundhog Day" by doing things we've done more than once. For 8 hours, we did the, "Have you done this yet?... No... Oh wait, we did that 2 hours ago!"

Yeah, not so good.

I was so glad to leave the rat hole. On my way home, I didn't know I was part of the new "Too Fast, Too Furious" sequel. These two cars decided to do about 70 mph on a 35, sandwiching me in the middle. I didn't know what they were up to but I decided to drop back and let their willies do the fighting. Homey on my right decided to take the exit, his Vato breaking at the same time, deliberated whether or not to follow the fool. I was on Vato's right blindspot when he decided, without his turn signal, to move into my lane! So, I pulled back, honked my horn to let him know I was there.

So what does Vato do? Fall back next to me and turn on his interior lights, revealing 3 other passengers. I didn't look their way, just hoping they're not wannabe gangstas with guns. When I didn't pay attention, Vato decided to take off at about 80 mph on a 55, still with his interior lights on flipping me the bird.

I hope your buddies think you're cool for doing that, A--hole!

If that wasn't enough, not 2 miles off of my exit, this guy out of nowhere tried riding Ruby's (that's my car's name) behind. Granted, I was overtaking a vehicle but I had to accelerate to almost 100 just so that this guy's fender won't end up on my back seat!

I was glad to be home.

I opened my email and saw a few reviews from the last chapter I just posted. Most of them were pleasant. One was just a head scratcher:

You've never been to a college graduation have you? They don't say
names, the graduates don't go across a stage. They call majors and
whoever is graduating with that, stands up.

I took the review in stride. Granted, I have never been in a huge graduation event. I've been to my college graduation where all 35 of us crossed the stage and it took an hour to complete the commencement exercises. My high school graduation was a class of 67 females and we all crossed the stage, too. And no, I haven't attended a Yale Graduation either.

My question is, why is it that the stuff readers need to pay attention to don't get noticed and the small stuff done for effect (in this case, Rory's name was called out by the Dean during her commencement exercises and the Gilmore grandparents, Chris and Lorelai, Tristin, Madeline and Louise cheer her on while Luke quietly questions his place in a clan that has known nothing but money and prestige) are criticized? I don't get it.

I pride myself with my work. I've studied the New Haven map well enough to know that the street where Rory and Lorelai first spotted Logan with his girlfriend is acutally the industrial district of Hew Haven and contains NO outdoor cafes as portrayed in the show. All the settings mentioned in "Kiss and Tell"? All existing and approximation of distances are real. A reviewer from the New Haven area thought I lived in the area to know these places mentioned!

Reviews like this graduation one mentioned annoys me at times. "Tell Her This" is my first foray into JJ world. It's not as well received as my Trory ships and it's disheartening. What do I get? "Have more Trory action... When's the Trory action going to take place?" Readers, it's advertised as a JJ with a dash of Trory. AGH!

Now, this hodgepodge had turned into a rant. Let me just hush up and forget this day ever happened.

Anyway, Sabine, you are not relegated to "stalker status". Trust me. My last blogspot? This person kept on flaming me, posting pictures of pooh (and I mean the crap kind, not the Eeyore kind) on my review page. You're always welcome to post commentaries. As for you being into science? That's cool. We like you just the way you are. And rumor has it that Veronica Mars is hitting Europe maybe mid-fall/early winter if contract negotiations can be ironed out. So, if you stumble upon it, trust us, it's a GREAT show. The fanfics about the show are far different from the GG crowds.

Alright, too many words typed out. I need some rest.


In Mourning

One of the things Channel D and I share is our love for Joan of Arcadia: its plot, music and witty banter between God (in whatever form He/She appears as... Mine personally, I like cute God) and Joan.

And when I thought I was finally going to see Joan face a guy who's her equal but opposite! (And yes, I do mean he's a cutie who believes in The Dark Side).

Sadly, CBS said, "No".

So, no more Anna Nalick. No more Rilo Kiley. No more Damien Rice. Gone is the show that showcases up and comers who have little or no outlet to promote their wares.

However, you won't see me watch The OC again even if Adam Brody's character is phenomenal.

If you're like me, in mourning for shows you've loved and have disappeared or are curious whether or not your show's coming back or have been moved, check out Laurel's breakdown of this fall's line up. It really puts your TV world in perspective.

And to you, JoA, thank you for a great 2 seasons.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kudos To The Readers

I'd like to dedicate this post to two people: Myffieberry and Sabine: two people that are "new" to the regular postings/commentary in this blogsphere.

One of my earlier posts was about CMM and his trip to the strip club. Here's my response:

Myffieberry, I saw the article in two rag magazines last week: In Touch and Us Weekly (I think. I confuse it with the new one See & Hear or something or the other). I wasn't able to "confirm" the show with Star Magazine. I don't remember if People Magazine wrote anything about but if they did, t'was only a blurb and nothing in detail.

Yes, I am guilty of reading trash. I need to be put in an asylum or in Celebrity Gossip Anonymous.

Do I believe that if 2 magazines have the same story it means it's true? Sometimes. They (the rags) leaked out the Second Bennifer coming with a baby to boot, right? And the Pitt-Aniston break up, right? Let's talk about the Katie/Cruise thing... Hmm, for some odd reason all I can think about is Russkie Business... Logan Echolls in nothing but a white shirt and whitie tighties and Ronnie in a Madonna outfit.

I'm drifting again...

Anyway, I am not always convinced. This week's batch, I didn't have any fun with 'em. I mean, is Jessica and Nick divorcing or are they "still in love"? Not that I do care, mind you. The two can disappear with KF and Brit and I will be in seventh heaven. If they can drag Paris Hilton with them, too, I would have reached Nirvana.

As for Sabine, thank you. You have been one of the most pleasant reviewers I've had since I've started writing on Fan Fiction. I hope you don't mind the mindless rants me and my cohorts have shared in the last couple of months. You just don't know. You might be privy to a few "fic spoilers" or releases Amy, Katherine and I banter around. Are you open to reading Veronica Mars fanfics? (Hint, hint).

Anyway, it is nice to see some of the fic readers "follow" some of the authors to their blogs. We do have other things to say other than our characters on our fics.

Stick around. We have lives that are so crazy, you might think that writing GG stories is the only thing that keeps us sane.

Ooh, Donnie Osmond on The Craig Ferguson Show. He looks really creepy... I just have to watch!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Addictions

I do hate Mondays. It's not the same "I-don't-wanna-go-to-school" kinda feel. It's the "Mondays-suck" feel. Unlike work, I LOVE school. I can be a permanent student forever. Work, however, doesn't provide the same feeling. The good people don't get rewarded. If they do, it's always on the back end, without anyone seeing it because they (the higher ups) feel bullied by the empty tin cans making all the noise at work.

So, the only consolation I get is coming home, hoping that Chat with Kristin at E!Online is updated and posted.

Sadly, it's summer and all the shows are on hiatus (and a few, done forever).

Her measley scoops? Lost.

I don't watch Lost. Tried to watch it and it can't hold my interest.

The few scoops she had on Veronica Mars were not scoops at all. I could've perceived from the last scene that the person that was at Veronica's doorstep is a man (duh!) and it's someone who's a potential, if not, a love interest (again, duh!). VM reruns start in June. For those who haven't seen it from the very start, here's your chance.

Okay, I am pathetic. I just wished the seasons would just continue...on and on and on.

But I know money is tight and the writers need a break.

Again, there are only a few good writers left posting on the FF GG site. "Unholy Alliance" had its 36th chapter updated. Yay! Now if I could just find other potentially good writers out there. There's still Katherine and Amy out there. (Yay!) There's Mrs. Witter and the ficlets Coolcharmed posts. I still get a kick seeing some of the stories I beta for receive good reviews.

There are 3 fics I've fallen in love with in LJ in regards to VM.

Maybe I should just stop reading and actually post my stuff...


And my seasonal challenge is almost done. Now comes the editing and beta.

I hope things get received well.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Three Seconds- A Blog Request

Bless P.Nilly. He truly loves me.

You all know about my WTF moment when KF's nose replaced Lorelai's pretty face.

I just had to watch the Season ending to Gilmore Girls!

It's not like it was a great sacrifice. I was still up at 1am (however tired since I was up until almost 5am writing my blogs, reading the requisite blogs from Amy to DeAnn's and watching the midnight SW viewing) waiting.

Like the tape, I still laughed at Colin and Finn (and yes, Tanc is cute. I love the accent. I think he should marry Katherine). Still pissed at Logan. I'm still pissed at Rory and the 'rents. Still loved Luke.


So Nilly and I kept our eyes barely open through the commercials and the stuff we already saw last Tuesday.

Then came the scene we missed.

Basically, it was the three seconds Lorelai asks Luke to marry her.

P.Nil and I look at each other.

We stayed up all night/morning for that? Shoot, I knew the line from the spoilers!

Thank you, KF. You need to buy me the 4.8 million dollar home you're thinking of giving to your parents. That's how much you owe me and the hubby for time lost because your nostril encroached my personal space.


BTW, the house isn't yours to give. It's your wife's money. If you're going to be generous, at least, give credit to your wife for giving you spending money.


~ Paid advertising sponsored by the Nill-meister by blog request.

Friday, May 20, 2005

OTH vs VM: Round 2

Wow. And I thought OTH was going to be given a breather.

UPN decided to move VM on Wednesdays, too!

And I thought Rob Thomas was on to something.

VM is now occupying the slot once filled by Kevin Hill. It's still from 9-10 pm.

Now if they just started running VM at 8 to give OTH another blow, the show might just kick the whiny show to the corner leaving CMM to crawl and beg to be on GG and get freaking Logan out of the show. Ha. In my dreams, right?

Are the characters in OTH still in high school? And if so, why aren't any of the scenes I've seen when I occasionally flip through the show (when I'm home) on a school backdrop?

Maybe I'm asking too much.

Onward Spiral

Just as I thought CMM can get any lower...

The cancer stick is just the start. It's one of those things that you'll be upset about but eventually get over.

However, a few months before his nuptials with Sophia, rumor started circulating that he was still entertaining sexy phone calls from Lindsay Lohan with the help of the talentless Paris Hilton.

See, knowing the kind of trouble the two girls cause, I (if I were Sophia) would've been more watchful of my fiancee.

Not that I'm saying I wouldn't trust CMM but I'd give him a piece of my mind in regards to matters concerning the oppsite gender who pride themselves in being vixens and sirens.

But apparently, Sophia is more "relaxed" in such said matters of the heart and bedroom.

Seeing that the couple has been married for only a month, CMM was seen in Canada (Toronto, if I'm not mistaken... and if I am let me know) being entertained by strippers while taking a break from promoting House of Wax! One dancer said she lap danced for him. 3 songs. She said that it was obvious that he was "aroused" and that Sophia is a lucky lady.

Was the stripper referring to him being hot or the fact that he is endowed?

Personally, I would've barfed.

I know, I know, it's like that country song with the lyrics "And I don't have to be jealous/Just wait around and see/She (He) don't want nobody else/She's (He's) going home with me". He eventually's going to go home to Sophia, right?

I don't know.

Maybe I'm just a prude. Maybe I'm just overly possessive. But a month of marriage and hitting the stips clubs already?


Some people apparently just don't learn.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Finally, the WB Fall Line Up

Oh Yay! Oh yay! Here's what I got from the Futon Critic:




Wow, how am I going to navigate this?

I am glad that GG has finally been given a go for next season... Not that I was nervous that it wasn't going to get renewed but WB surely took their time to let us know it was coming back. I want to check out Supernatural but it's going up against Veronica Mars. Love ya Jared but Jason is my cabana boy and I have his back when it comes to TV.

This means that VM actually has a potential of being a full-time ratings contender. For WB to move OTH to Wednesdays and show reruns on Sundays shows that OTH really isn't that strong of a show. Despite its full order of 26 (and not the usual 21 eps per season), I don't think its script is strong enough to have people lost to VM return to watch the show.

Sadly, this still means that Tristin's return to GG would not happen any time soon.

Everwood moving to Thursdays is strange. Since the untimely demise of Tru Calling 2 seasons ago, I guess Everwood would be a good contender against The OC. I gave up on it when I had to juggle my VCR schedule but for now I'm currently intrigued with whiny Ephram and what he's going to do now that he knows that his ex-gf's mom has cancer and that his former babysitter is carrying his baby. I know, too angst ridden but how could you hate a character who should be beaten up constantly just because his name is Ephram?

I don't know what's up for Fridays except Reba. They took out What I Like About You and moved that to Sundays (I wish they would have more of the Jenny Garth/Luke Perry action next season. Too cute!). Joan of Arcadia is glaringly absent from the Friday lineup at CBS.

I don't know about y'all but I'd be studying next season's line up if you're like me depending on a tape rather than a TiVo or DVR.

Going Where Geekiness Resides

Alright, I am a geek.

So geeky, I need to post my name in front of theaters proclaiming my geekiness.

I had been one of the fortunate 200 Star Wars patrons that got to see Episode III at midnight.

Surely, it wasn't by intention that we got tickets for the viewing. I was reading the paper last Sunday when it was advertised that the theater 5 minutes from where we resided was still selling tickets to the event. Truly, it was a misprint but Nilly and I headed out to the ticket window a few minutes after reading the article to see if the story's right. P Nilly and I lost hope in viewing the said midnight viewing when the Regal Cinema sold out its midnight viewing within 40 minutes of tickets going on sale.

Hence the 6pm tickets bought for 19th.

This is the second Star Wars movie I got to see at midnight. I watched Episode I in Germany after Nilly stood in line for 3 hours just to get tickets.

Other movies I've watched at midnight? Lord of the Rings 2 and 3 and X-Men 2.

This is, however, the first movie I'll be watching twice in a theater in a 24 hour time frame.

It is worth it.

George Lucas did well on this one. It wrapped up all the loose threads that made I and II lame. I do understand that the 2 prequels were going to be a little slow and awkward. They are chapters that are good but not as meaty as III to VI are now that the cycle's complete.

I will not give any spoilers here in the event you want to see it. It is worth seeing in the big screen.

But I agree with Natalie Portman on this one. George Lucas is no romance writer. Despite the "romance" scenes between Anakin and Padme, their dialogue compared to the whole fighting/ jedi convo is stuttered, if not forced.

But I like it. Now I get to watch IV to VI all over again and realize how great Luke and Leia are despite the movies being made 28 years ago.

Thanks, Lucas, for a lifetime of fascination.

May the Force be with you wherever you may go.

The Gilmore Porn Flick

You would not imagine what happened to my VCR. It went zonkers! Maybe it knew that Veronica Mars was over and it decided to hemorrhage but what was taped in my beloved VCR wasn't my VM. it was porn, I tell you.

Let me take you a step back. I haven't changed the settings to my VCR since I've moved into the Casa Bosque (well, except when I realized VM was on the line up and I had to add it on my favorite scheduled programming). So, technically, my TV setting wouldn't change, right?


There I was, watching my Gilmore Girls Season Finale and right before Lorelai does the unthinkable to Luke (and of course, I do mean the proposal), Kevin Ferdeline's nostril appears on my TV. Gack! Quelle Horreur! Immediately followed by a giggling Britney. What the heck just happened?

In all the 21 episodes of GG/VM back to back, NEVER have I encountered a cliffhanger ending and a bad segue to another show.

For a second, I really thought that P.Nilly was playing a game with me. For a brief moment in time, I thought I was actually going to view the proverbial Pam/Tommy porn flick. To my dismay, I had an untimely ending of the GG ep and the too-close-for-comfort nostril of KF. I was truly upset.

But I am not completely down on my luck. Tomorrow, I get to watch GG again, this time at 0100. I am up and I still would be unwinding from watching Star Wars III for the second time so it's not really all that bad. I will get to finish watching it.

But before I lose my momentum in all things GG (and wait to be awed or disappointed by the once brilliant ASP), I am giving my critique.

I should hand this to Katherine. Finn and Colin outdid themselves in the opener. The swagger and the supposed schwanging Finn wasn't able to get due to Logan's untimely ending in the clinker was worth at least 2 chuckles. The kowtow to Rory and Lorelai (the line about Rory coming from good genes was worth smiling at) did me in. P Nilly doesn't understand my fascination with these two guys but he thought they were rather amusing compared to Logan.

I have to give credit to Amy in regards to Logan. I think Logan knew that Lorelai, despite her hip chick cool exterior, is not the woman you would want to mess around with especially when it comes to all things related to Rory. Sure, he sort of bad mouthed his daddy. Sure, he was upset that dad gave Rory a hard time but I think he could do better. Do I think he'd do better next season? I won't hold my breath to it. I've already scribbled my name in blood in the Anti-Logan campaign. Tristin, he is not.

Lorelai. Wow. can she adopt me? I mean, my mom's cool and all but she is a woman who's backbone I wish Rory had. Apparently, this season, Rory was more Chris than anything. Running away from all things that make them seem look like a failure. Anyway, I could see how Lorelai could be disappointed by her upbringing. I, too, would've questioned my parents' integrity if they swayed immediately at the slight quiver of their grandchild's lip (and BTW, no, I am not pregnant nor any of my brothers or in-laws bound to have their significant others pregnant soon... I hope). For all Lorelai is, she is a strong woman.

Luke. Lorelai is fortunate to have found such a great rock in him. He has been the father Rory never had compared to Chris' absences. He has been the stand-in husband to Lorelai. He has been the one who looked after all things Gilmore that Chris should've done. Now don't get me wrong, I like Chris. I think he and Lorelai have a future together but as all things change, so should they as a couple. Lorelai and Chris may be the "soul mates" Dawson and Joey are but Lorelai's fate lies in the hands of Luke.

Mrs. Kim. Now, there's one character I've yelped for joy when I watched this ep. The part where she says she's disappointed in Lane for giving up on the band was a hoot! When she booked the band for the Christian tour, I thought Gil was going to faint. Thank goodness he thought that Mrs. Kim's wackiness was just too good to overlook. I wonder if he crapped on his pants when the old lady gave him a run down on how bad his van was in its current state.

Lane. She was one character I sorely miss. She actually had the best lines and scenes this whole season (other than the JJs of course). I hope things get better for her on season 6.

I will not even pollute this page in regards to Emily and Richard. Truly, as parents and grandparents, they are a disappointment.

Lastly, Rory. Where do I start? Let me say, I really do miss the Rory of Chilton. The Rory of Yale is someone I don't recognize, or for that matter, like. She is a petulant child that needs to grow up. What of her character speaks of her when she enters the workforce set up by gramps and grams? And if she thinks it's tough being snobbed by the Huntzbergers, what would the Hartford community say about her? "That's Emily's granddaughter. Do you know she quit Yale? She's so much like her mother, a shame." Has she no pride riding on her surname like a wave? No skills to speak of other than that assigned to her by the Hartford community out of pity? I believe things will eventually rectify itself but it hurts to watch her fumble things so badly. She might as well be the Daunte Culpepper of life!

So here we are, another season ended. I was hoping this would redeem last season's ending. I guess I have to hold my breath until tomorrow, when I actually view the final credits at 2AM. Until then, fanfics would have to fill the void.

Unfortunately, the good writers are disappearing.

I still hold out a candle to the few remaining good authors out there.

Maybe VM at LJ would keep me focused and entertained.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tinkering with the Brain

Disney's movie "Finding Neverland" touched me. It's not like Peter Pan's my ultimate, favorite story (FYI: Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie- not the Disney version) but how JM Barrie came up with the story intrigued me.

As a wannabe author, I thought it was rather interesting how they depicted JM's working mind: how he was influenced by real life, how he integrates his ideas, why he would depict things as such.

Whether or not Johnny Depp lived the real essence of the author is beyond me. I thought he played the role well, accent and all. But he made me believe. I, too, like the children, yelled, "I do believe". I cried.

Finding Neverland had a wonderful script. Real enough to relate to the human elements implemented: a dying marriage, a friendship with a dying mother, a set of children who grieve in their own ways.

Peter, the third child, was JM's favorite. Barrie said, "he grew up too soon". Indeed. Peter was a child who was so torn between being a child and not enjoying it and an adult afraid to embrace the responsibility. The Catch-22 he was caught in made Peter vulnerable and sad. Finally, a movie that caught the moment beautifully; descriptive without being too in-your-face.

I've always wondered why we, as a society, would like to grow up so soon. I don't know if you're guilty of emphasizing the 1/2 to the age when you were a kid. I know I was. In retrospect, I guess I should've realized it meant I was growing up too soon.

Another line I loved was when George, the eldest boy, finally admitted to Uncle James that he's afraid his mother is going to die. In such a dark moment, JM says, "Remarkable. In thirty seconds, I saw a boy grow up into a man." How true! As soon as that magical moment is crossed, you can't go back.

I don't mean the ability to collect your childhood memories: The Muppet Show plush or the Star Wars memorabilla. I am referring to the loss of innocence.

I may look back to the past and not regret a majority of the things I've done but there are days that I wished I stayed a kid longer. I had the rest of my adulthood to be an adult.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Lost GG Spoiler

After all my whining in regards to GG (and thank you D, for pointing out the highlights), my Entertainment Weekly magazine gave me the thrill of my Season 5 finale.

On page 69 (hahahaha), the Episode synopsis says:

... Meanwhile, Lane considers breaking up her directionless band- until her overprotective mom comes to the rescue, booking them on a (Christian, natch) tour...

Something FINALLY on the spoilers I didn't know about.

So, what do you think about that, ladies?

It would be sad to see the band break up. What would that mean for Zach and Lane? Okay, I was a Dave/Lane fan but he went to the dark side (okay, The OC but it might as well be the same). What will happen to Lane? Bible college again?

Again, I hate Logan. I hope he redeems himself by telling his dad that he's a freaking loser. Or Rory has to admit that she's not CNN material but Jane writer material...Or maybe not. Too geeky, eh?

And Katherine, I promise "Dueling" is a Trory/P/J ending... that much of a spoiler I can give you.

The Friendship Oath

In true friendship fashion, I would like to take this moment to pledge my allegiance to those that choose to have me in their circle of friends. It may be a mistake on their behalf but hey, I'll stay put until I overstay my welcome.

1. When you are sad -- I will help get you drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad.
2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you.
3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid.
4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance get.
5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and tell you to quit whining.
6. When you are confused -- I will use little words.
7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have.
8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass.
9. When you're hurt- I will stomp on your foot so you'd forget what hurt in the first place!
10. When you cry- I will point out how ugly, funny and gross you look when your snot hangs in your nostril when you sob.

This is my oath...I pledge it till the end. Why, you may ask: Because you are my friend!

Remember: A good friend will help you move. A really good friend will help you move a body.

(Let me know if I ever need to bring a shovel.)

~Thanks to D who supplied me these words of wisdom several months ago.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Trouble With Rory (With a Vintage Post to Boot)

One more episode before ASP graces us with the last episode of Gilmore Girls' Season 5.

Last summer, I thought Rory's foray into adultery was the lowest point of GG.

Apparently, I am to be proven wrong.

Season 5 is the absolute WORST season I've watched from this creative team. There was good dialogue but other than that, the season's plot was weak, the story seemed discombobulated and the characters were portrayed poorly.

Let's take a stroll through the agonizing season, shall we?

Rory goes back to Yale, meets Logan, knows he's an ass and yet pursues him, the elder Gilmores break up, get back together because of a dog, Lorelai introduces Luke as her beau to her parents and treat him like trash, Rory breaks Marty's heart after he does everything for her, Rory and Logan go through the we're dating/we're not dance... Phew!

That doesn't include Rory's introduction to Logan's family, her apparent incompetence in journalism according to Mitchum and now, this whole "I'm a criminal and I am not returning to Yale for my junior year"?

What happened to Rory?

I've known people like Rory in real life that have wigged out after years of walking the straight and narrow. However, they don't swing that far without alcohol or drugs as a swaying factor. One bad grade or one bad criticism would not detract them from the path. It usually makes them more determined in attaining that goal.

Remember the first time Rory got a C in Chilton? Instead of letting the grade make her leave the institution, she studied hard and overslept, ending up talking back to Mr. Medina, grilling Tristin that her name's Rory and not Mary and eventually having Lorelai garner an instant invite to Headmaster Charleston's office. She eventually ended up staying at Chilton and making it Valedictorian, right?

That was the Rory I knew.

I've said this in one of my older posts (attached after this posting) that Rory wouldn't ever make it as a journalist in the real world. An article writer in Vogue magazine, yes. Christiane Amanpour she's not. What Mitchum said was true but when did one guy's word deter her from succeeding? Or make her a criminal?

Maybe this is also another reason why I am finding it hard to write my FFs. I am discouraged with her character as she's evolved into womanhood.

High points of Season 5...

Lane letting Zach know she's attracted to him, the whole Mrs. Kim/Zach fascination over Lane's glasses, Lane realizing she doesn't want to have sex with Zach until she was married to him, ending up arguing with Mama Kim about things that stick to her head...

Wow, all things that was definitely funny happened with Lane. And Zach. And Mrs. Kim. What's wrong with this picture?

Oh and Logan admitting he's a bad influence to Rory.

Tristin, I think it's time you did a comeback!


2004-11-11 - 2:20 a.m.

Okay, in true fashion, I question a lot of things in TV land. Logic is one of them and the other is utter insipidness of TV script. However, it is one powerful tool that soothes the sometimes annoyed beast (or bitch, whatever fits first).

So I was sifting through old emails recently and one of it was a discussion D and I had about the "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" episode. Fastforward to last Tuesday, where Rory gets to meet the Yale studs (or brown nosers, whatever fits).

First and foremost, is Logan gay? I mean, he has the affinity for turtlenecks and guessing dress sizes well. Hmm, I would think he works as Vera Wang's assistant on the weekends. Someone give this guy a pedi and mani, STAT! And white after labor Day? Surely, he jests!

Second, Rory as a reporter. Now, I love the show and all but as a reporter, she won't hack it in the real world. Her pleasant and demure disposition would make her a pushover in the profession. Maybe she should look into a career in the homemaker business. She and Emily Gilmore can give classes on it.

And what's up with the camping hair? Did they supply her with a hair dresser to give her bouncy waves after "roughing it" in the forest? I know after leaving my hair unwashed for eight hours, a bird can build a nest in it. Maybe it's that Pantene magic.

Maybe she's Snow White and has birds make her hair nice. (NOT!)

After the whole Dean debacle and Logan's attempt to cheer her up, the LDB ended up dumping Rory at her home (in a limo, no less) looking like she got gang raped or introduced to the Lifestyles of Courtney Love. With the tiara, I'd go with Courtney here.

Lorelai as the Oracle? Totally buy it but I still have fuzzy math on the days/dates Luke and Lorelai got together. He's only known her for eight years yet Lorelai had never stumbled into his Diner before that? I mean, the Independence Inn wasn't that far from the Diner... And she never knew about Rachel? Hmm, maybe I am just looking into it just too much.

Okay, enough about GG...

Let's get to my other favorite topic, VM.

Weevil with Lilly Kane? Oh so devious! And Logan almost catching up to the tattoo is just too good. And V-nica's mom and Jake Kane being the Homecoming King and Queen? At least the lover angle had been clarified. So interesting, but I sort of got that first ep in. Still, keeps you wondering, no?

What do you think will that do for Duncan (who I love calling Donut thanks to his sister) and V-nica? Weevil action? I wanna see some!


Abd-asmd-capadsd... Blah. Arrange the letters accordingly.

Those are the vowels and consonants that spilled out from the tip of my tongue when I finished watching Veronica Mars.


Rob Thomas is a smart guy. Somehow after last week's ep, I was thinking that Aaron did the deed with Lilly but I just thought Daddy E was just a pig... not slime! Ewww, pawing his son's girlfriend? What a scuzz ball! What was Lilly thinking?

I felt so bad for Logan. Wow. He cried when he found out that V sold him out. And that they're broken up? He doesn't even know that daddy killed his girlfriend... Twice! Boohoo.

I have a strange feeling that next season, Ronnie is going to be back with the 09er club but who's going to have her as eye candy? Logan, the guy who's obviously not over V or Duncan, who is relieved that he can resume a relationship with his ex now that he found out that she's not his sister? I mean, they've consumated their relationship already, right? I know I'm reaching here but what if Troy comes back? God, I hate bad boys.

Somehow, I am feeling really bad for Meg. She did love Duncan. Does he still feel the same for her after V's revelation?

I'm glad that Weevil didn't beat up Logan. I am glad that Alicia came back to Keith after Lianne's deceit. I am glad that all the men that I love in the show remained in one piece.

Now I'm sad. No VM for 3 months! Gack! What am I supposed to do for the next three months? I know I will finish watching GG Season 3 in a day and a half.

I guess no one at work's going to win the pot. If anyone claimed that they knew Aaron was the murderer, I'd they they're liars.

Guess I have to hit the VM FFs now that I have time. I'll let you all know what are deemed readable.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bennifer The Next Time Around

Here comes Round 2. Jen and Ben forever. Or is it?

Jennifer Garner is one of the actresses I thought had a good head on her shoulders. She isn't drop dead gorgeous but she has such an engaging smile that you feel comfortable almost immediately.

Ben Affleck on the other hand is a charming man. He's not as "pretty" as his best friend, Matt, but he's a man's man. You know, a thick head of hair, broad shoulders, tall frame.

It doesn't hurt that he's got the money and time to high roll in Las Vegas or hobnob with the Democratic Convention.

Now these two "beautiful people" (cue Marilyn Manson) are heading to the altar faster than you can say "Gigli". Jen is pregnant.

Aww, how cute, right?

Well I hope for everyone's sake they're getting married because they really want to, not because the lady's with child. They should get married because they can commit to each other forever.

Not that Jen kept her promise to Scott but then we're not all there to witness their separation from each other.

We knew all too well what happened between Ben and JLo. A little too much, I think.

But I like happy endings so I just want to wish this couple Good luck and God Bless.

Now if Ben could just come out with a more than sneer kind of movie...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Ad Fixation

One of the few ads I don't get tired of: M&Ms.

Have you seen the new M&M's dark chocolate ad? I rolled when Darth Vader levitated and tried to strangle Red M&M while Yellow M&M sold them out immediately.

On the latest EW, the last page has Yellow M&M dressed in the Darth Vader helmet next to Vader himself.

Yellow M&M is cool. (Yellow... My brain needs to associate with something yellow--THHGTHG)

I mean, remember the annual Santa commercial (He does exist/They do exist!)? That thing always puts a smile on my face no matter how many times I see it.

My favorite? The M&M commerical where Red M&M asks Yellow M&M to eat ice cream really fast so that he gets a brain freeze. Only, Yellow never has one. That's when Red realizes that Yellow apparently has no brain.

I cry myself laughing at that ad.

Kudos to M&M. Forever, I will be indebted to you for making me smile in seconds.

Ready To Run

Wow. Three blog addresses in 2 years. Makes me feel like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. Makes me feel like I was back in the service. Oh well, I need the change anyways.

Today will be my 6th day working straight. Not that it is a shock to anyone who is in my business. Hospitals unfortunately don't close for weekends or holidays. In fact, people seem to flock to it more times than ever on those 2 occasions!

Lucky for me, I get overtime pay for it.

Unlucky for me, I will be trapped in a windowless building while the sun is out rather than playing tug-of-war with the weeds on my poor flower beds.

Now don't feel sorry for me. I get time off Monday. Tuesday, I will be back at work but at The Host Convention Center where I get to play photographer for the annual Milestone Celebration at the hospital. Should I call it work when I get drinks at the bar at 3pm and get served steak and crabcakes for dinner? Then, I get Friday off as compensation for working 7 days straight.

Love my boss. He's kewl like that.

Why can't all bosses be that cool?

You know what also makes him cool? He gave me time off to go watch Star Wars III. He's working my shift.

I think he deserves the 2nd Volume to the Darwin Awards Books this Christmas...

Now Open

Welcome to the Donut Shoppe.

Enjoy your stay. I hope this time annoying trollers would leave us alone.