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Sunday, July 31, 2005

In Your Face

Wee! If you haven't read Katherine's latest stories, do so. See that little Seasonal Passion link on my menu bar? Click on it. I dare you.

Katherine is one of the most hard working individuals I've known in my life. One of the gutsiest, too! She's like that In Living Color skit where the Jamaican had 110 jobs. I wonder where she gets the energy and time to sleep and write!

Anyway, for those not in the know with the Seasonal Fic challenge, our little K here was a little delayed in her story submission. Little did anyone know that she's pulling 2 jobs, playing moderator to the SP site, had to go on vacation, and do laps with her sis in the morning!

Listing it, I am already exhausted.

Well, little Ms (and for now we'll say is a female) Anonymous was trying to be sarcastic about K's slip-up for not posting hers story on time.

Well, sugar, it was my request and I was willing to wait. I knew K wasn't going to be disappearing. And yes, if you are so hell bent on having the fics up, why don't you request to write one of the fics? It isn't as easy writing a fic when there are rules to follow and do's and don'ts to accomodate. Mine requested "no cursing". She magnificently worked it in despite the "huh" moment it caused.

So, my tribute to a great friend and writer, here's her rant for all of you to enjoy:


Okay everybody. I get that you are all anxious to read the new fics. I am too, but the writers have families, friends, jobs and in general, a life that doesn't include sitting at a computer typing out the stories. We post them as soon as we get them.

And remember, as always, that you can't rush greatness. Some fics takes more time than others. I personally, would rather wait a little while to get a great fic, than to have someone write something shoddy off the top of their heads to appease the readers. So take a chill pill.

And yes, I took a long time to post my story. Some of the writers are as well. But to be rude and snippy about it is unacceptable. Unless you are willing to sign up and write your own fic, you don't really have any room to complain. And if you, Anonymous are a writer in the exchange who's fic hasn't been submitted, I'm sorry about that, but if you are having issues with how Sara and I handle the exchange, please email one of us in private, or at least announce yourself, so we can address your issues.

Okay, end of rant. Thank you for reading my PSA of sorts.



And K, you made me and Amy happy. We both love you to bits!

It's Almost Here! Scoops and Poops for the Peeps

Isn't that a cute photo?

With that being said, I am pasting here Kristin's Friday scoop which I forgot to check out and inform you guys. Everything under the sun that's VM and GG and another confirmation to the CMM/SB break-up. I've edited the stuff for content. If you want to read it just go to the E!Online website and visit Kristin's page.

Without further ado:

Jason Dohring! He's hot! He's sweet! He's not dying!

"It is so cool," Jason Dohring told me of the first episode. "You're expecting who's at the door, but it goes beyond that. There's a thing that happened on the bridge that opens a whole 'nother story that sets up a mystery, so there are four separate things that go on that are huge, huge turning points."

Lest you're worried Jason's the one being written off, he confirmed he's in every episode of season--and his overnight popularity has not gone to his head. "I still live with my folks 'cause I love it," said the 23-year-old, who just celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary.

Of course, Jason wasn't the only Veronica Mars star at Wednesday's UPN party--the entire cast and creator Rob Thomas were also there (and honestly, could not have been more lovable). Highlights you diehards should go ape-dung over (the rest of you can skip to number nine):

1. They All Knew: "We knew the murderer by episode two," Jason told me, prompting me to raise my hand to smack him. "I'm sorry! We couldn't tell you! And actually, Rob tried to tell us later it wasn't [Harry] because he was afraid it would get out." He also had a contingency plan if word got out: Duncan would be the killer.

2. They All Know the Emmy Voters Suck: I think Francis Capra (Weevil) said it best: "We're still mad at them for not givin' that, homie. That was messed up, doggy. She [Kristen Bell] deserved that award more than anybody this year, man. Take that from me."

3. The New Mystery Will Be "Bigger and Better": This according to...everyone. Can't see how that's possible, but here's the scoop according to my favorite (shhh, don't tell), Teddy Dunn, aka Duncan: "The new mystery? There is a murder, or murders. I should say death, or deaths. It is not exactly clear if it's a murder or not, but you do find out within the first minute who's at the door." Er...huh? Rob Thomas simply said, "The new mystery is big. If something happens, and you're wondering if that's the new mystery, it's not."

4. The Person at the Door Is... "I still don't know!" Kristen insisted (or rather, fibbed; see item one)."But I think Duncan is at the door, because if you create a Romeo-and-Juliet scenario, you have to satisfy your audience, and I think that Duncan would do that. They are star-crossed lovers, and I would be most satisfied, and I think the audience as well. Even the people that think they want Logan, I think that Duncan would satisfy them more. So, I hope it's Duncan!" Rob Thomas had a different take: "It's strange. It was the study-hall teacher, Mr. Wu. A lot of people didn't see that coming. But when she says, 'I was hoping it would be you,' he turns around and says, 'It's Wu!' " (How pissed would you be if he wasn't kidding?)

5. Deputy Leo Will Be Back--but Not for Long: As you can see from the highly professional photos we took (that's me trying to flash a "VM" at the bottom), I spent a little time in a photo booth at the WB party with Max Greenfield, aka Deputy Leo, aka the guy I'm still convinced is a dead ringer for a dark-haired Scott Speedman (if only for the voice). Though he is coming back to Veronica Mars, it won't be for more than an episode or two, because he has a new midseason WB comedy called Modern Men. The good news, for him, is that it's a Jerry Bruckheimer series and looks cute. But, of course, he will be missed. (And FYI, Max could not be a sweeter guy. He actually spent a good half-hour or so humoring Richard from Beauty and the Geek--one of the rudest and cockiest people I've ever met, no joke.)

6. The Self-Proclaimed "Bitch in the Bikini" Is Fierce! Charisma Carpenter, who has been hitting the gym twice a day and "doing a ton of cardio" to prep for her bikini scene, said her character will give Miss Mars a run for her money: "Veronica better watch her back. She may be a tough cookie, but she's never really dealt with such wicked fierce competition. My character was a Laker girl, you know. I'm just more experienced at being a snotty-nosed brat."

7. The Kiss Was "Weird": When I gushed about the kiss (you know, the kiss between Logan and Veronica) to Rob Thomas, he replied. "That's really cool. Here's the thing: I was a little disappointed in it." Say wha? "The script said, 'He devours her,' and I felt like it came off really romantic and sweet in a moment that I thought was going to be a little more twisted." Meanwhile, Kristen said it was a bit "weird because Jason and I are such good friends that we were kind of like, 'Um, do you wanna talk about anything?' He was like, 'No, I'm cool.' I'm like, 'I'm cool, too. You know, whatever.' So, we were like grade-schoolers about the whole thing, and it was weird, because he's like my brother, you know?" All I know is it was good.

8. The Necklaces Did Have a Point: Just not what you thought it was. I have the scoop from Jason and Kristen and will tell you in Monday's chat.

9. Veronica Mars Eps Air Friday on CBS! Yes, CBS! The pilot airs tonight (Friday) along with another episode. Okay, not exactly scoop, but the best and last chance for newbies to get on board! Please do!

More Gilmore Goodies: Along with the scoop in this week's chat, I can tell you that Rory's going to be going all Ryan Atwood (of The O.C.) in the new season: "Emily is making over Richard's pool house," Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore) told me at the WB party. "That's where Rory is staying, and we're getting her ready for her first court appearance, talking to a lawyer, etc., so it's an interesting episode." Adds Kelly Bishop (Emily): "It's literally the next day after the season closer. And Emily's really very happy."

As for the show's continual Emmy snub (which Lauren Graham addressed in the chat), Herrmann said: "We feel rotten, frankly. We can't understand it, after five seasons of a show that's written with passion and wit and some wonderful acting. The whole show is well done, and not to be recognized after five seasons, something's not right. I don't know whether it's a backstairs problem between the Emmy committee and WB, or egos, I don't know what it is, but it certainly doesn't have anything to do with the actors or the people making the show. On the other hand, you say ouch, and then you just go on, and you say thank you to the critics, thank you to our wonderful fans, and keep watching, because we think it's good." We, too.

Message Boards! Just a quick thanks to all of you who have started checking the message boards on a regular basis. I'm hooked on 'em and totally love being able to give you timely, breaking scoop, and reading your astute responses. The only downside, I feel a bit sorry for those who haven't yet checked out the boards and are reading this column cold, for if the visuals on page two are any indication, there's always much, much more to a story. (Ha! Don't you love it?)
See you on the boards! Ooh, and speaking of...

Blind Riddle of the Week: Just an update on the Big Breakup blind riddle. This poster couple for one of the main six networks is definitely doomed. I'm told it's probably a matter of weeks before we'll get the official news that this adorable just-married couple is already through. We'll hold a little vigil when we do hear, mmm-kay?
(Oh yeah, and most of you are guessing correctly.)

Bride and Prejudice: A Review

I had to take a real breather and do something not related to the computer (at least, not the writing kind) and is relatively inexpensive. So, I headed to the video store and rented Bride and Prejudice.

Let me preface this by saying that I am not fond of the Jane Austen novel it is based upon. However, I liked how Gurinder Chadha wove the Indian culture and heritage in Bend It Like Beckham. What's there to lose, right?

So with that being said, I would like to say that the movie is lovely (God, I sound like an aging matron), even funny, if you are used to Bollywood style movies. What is Bollywood style? Very "That's Entertainment" kind of movie making. Lots of dancing. Lots of singing. And it is not a real musical in a Broadway kind of way.

I liked this movie not because it is an Austen. I liked it because you could see the hard work and effort Chadha put in to modernize this classic with some (Indian) flair. Aishwarya Rai was very good in this role as second sister, Lalitha. Her chemistry with fellow actor, Martin Henderson as Will Darcy, was fantastic. Actually, the whole Bakshi family was cast well. Despite Alexis Bledel's minor role as Darcy's sister, Georgie, she and Martha Mason made Darcy's family more palatable than snobby.

I thought the lovely sari and traditional Indian garments was beautiful. The songs, although cheesy, fit. Even the peripheral characters like Mr. Kohli made me laugh! You would know what I mean if you get to see it. Just think... It could've been worse. I loved Naveen Andrews (of Lost) in this movie. He was in his element.

I would like to say that this movie is for everyone. It isn't. There is a lot of cheese factor involved if you haven't been exposed to Bollywood movies. This isn't as straight forward as Bend It. It's more like the Lagaan type, only shorter.

If you would like to broaden your horizon and want to experience a different kind of acting, slapstick humor and heartwarming romance, go ahead and watch it. It's worth the 'me' time when in dire need of a chick flick.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The D-List

So there I was, sitting in front of the TV munching on some late night Original Ruffles. I should have gone for the left over Pho I had for dinner but I was too lazy to take the food out of the refrigerator and microwave it.

This was about 2am and there is NOTHING on TV. Sure, I watched the tail end of Craig Ferguson's show and a Conan rerun, switching back and forth between the two channels to occupy my time. What else is left to do, right?

I should've been putting the finishing touches to MNT but I was so totally bored I had to do something else.

Anyway, commercial comes on and I do my infamous speed channel surf. I get the remote, go through all the cable channels and recognize as many shows as I could without looking at the station banner on the right hand side. Of course you would know it's Cartoon Network when you see Inuyasha on. You know it's the Food Network when you see Bobby Flay on. However, I was taken aback when I saw Kathy Griffin on BRAVO.

Finally, I get to catch the D-List routine on a channel I don't have to pay extra! (Well, you get my drift: HBO, Showtime, the works. I still pay too much for cable.)

She annoys the heck out of me but she to me is an accident waiting to happen. You just can't look away.

Her bits were funny. She talked about the Hollywood Square and how Little Richard thought that Anna Nicole's dog was Triumph the Insult Dog. She reminisced about doing the Billboard Awards. She talked about AMFARM.

Now her last bit was totally piss on your pants hilarious.

She talked about how Sharon Stone apparently started crying while reading the lyrics to John Lennon's Imagine. She also said she had a chance meeting with the late Beatle. Nothing heart stopping. Just a glance meeting. Kathy was doing the 'church giggle' at this point. If I was there, I would've been doing the church giggle along with her. Perish the thought, right?

After Sharon Stone finished her speech, dinner commenced and Kathy was all worked up about doing her 20 minute stand up routine. Rosie O'Donnell challenged Kathy to imitate Sharon's speech on stage to the lyrics of something like Itsy Bitsy Spider. If she does it, Rosie will donate $10K on Kathy's behalf to AMFARM. Kathy had to think it through. Apparently, the producer of SATC was going to kick in another $5K if she went through with it. Apparently, Rosie was going around table to table advertising her dare to Kathy.

She was nervous. Assembled in front of her were the 'power lesbians' (her term, not mine, although I thought it was funny). So she goes up and imitates Sharon Stone. Only, the lyrics she chose was "Hound Dog". Pausing, tearing up, doing a great impression of the psycho chick. If that wasn't enough, Kathy went on talking about a chance meeting with Elvis... and that she did him. Of course it wasn't true but I would've wanted to see that 'in-your-face' moment painted on Sharon.

I was on the floor, laughing so loud my sides hurt. I was surprised Nilly didn't wake up to the commotion.

Of course, Sharon Stone tried to be sport about it but hey, she opened herself to that, right?

Anyway, Rosie O'Donnell kept her promise and pledged $10K in behalf of Kathy to AMFARM.

I thought at that moment, Rosie, you are all right.

And Kathy, as long as I see Alice"s face on you (for those of you who never knew, she was the voice of Alice in Dilbert the TV show), you, too, are alright.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More VM and One GG Scoopage

Now that the chat transcript is up, Kristin has given us more juicy morsel to suck! Some are tidbits we've known, a few, brand new. Now all this is from E! Online so go ahead to their site or read up on what we just care about.

Without further ado, let's commence the reading!

From kellygirl: You said in the message boards it was a "beLOVEd" actor. Please tell me it's not Logan! I'll freak.

Oh dear god no. Heard from Jason Dohring himself that he is in every episode this season. Kristen Bell tells me, "There is going to be so much drama with Logan you guys can't even keep track!" I've heard what happens in the first episode and can say, you guys are gonna flip.

From ballue: Veronica Mars is going to be on CBS? Jump back!

I know! Honestly, you guys, this is the time to get everyone you know to tune in, because CBS is airing back-to-back episodes, starting with the very first one this Friday! So great. This Friday has two episodes (the pilot and "An Echolls Family Christmas"), then single episodes the following Fridays, Aug. 5 ("Clash of the Tritons") and Aug. 12 ("Ruskie Business"). "I'm hoping that us airing on CBS will make all the difference, and we'll finally get the audience we need," K.B. says.

From davidbellum: What did Rob say about the new mystery on Veronica Mars?

His words: "I think the new murder mystery. Murder? Did I just say murder? The new big mystery...I think the new big mystery is fresh. It doesn't have the feel of last year's. It's not simply a friend of Veronica dies and we all...It has a whole new feel to it that I think is going to be compelling and bigger. And we were fortunate last year; the writers finished all our scripts when we still had time left in our contracts, so we actually spent the last month working on season two. So, we're way ahead of the game."

K: Is the mystery a murder?

R: There's death involved. There is death.

K: Somebody we already know?

R: Possibly. Possibly.

From ciahobella: How was the UPN Party!?

So fun. I rode the Ferris wheel with Duncan and Daddy Mars. It just may have been the highlight of my career. And actually, funny story, Enrico Colantoni agreed to go on the wheel with me on one condition: that I start a Save the Shave! campaign for him. I'll explain. Right now he has a goatee and is hell-bent on keeping it (have to say, it is rather sexay). Apparently, Les Moonves is insisting he shave it off, because he feels protagonists should never have facial hair. (Somebody tell that to Santa!) So, we're asking that you send a lock of hair to Les at CBS with a letter of support for Enrico's goatee. Save the Shave! And do it soon, 'cause they're starting to shoot this week.

From mandyhre: Did you chat up Kristen Bell?

Yes! So adorable, and I'll tell you more about the party in this week's column, but for now I can tell you what she says about the new mystery: "It's less personal, less close to home than the mystery of Lilly was. This is a more broad, helping-the-town kind of mystery, which is kinda cool, 'cause Veronica gets to be a little more outgoing and extroverted than she's used to. She's fighting for everyone, as opposed to just fighting for herself."

From moonofblue: So, Kristin, did you get a chance to pinch Jason Dohring without wifey finding out? Personally, I would
have gone with the "Oops, I spilled a drink all over your front! Let me help you clean that up."

Dammit, why didn't I think of that? No pinches, but I did manage to rack up a story that hence forth shall be called "Jason Dohring('s Manager) Hit On Me."

From cami45227: Any Gilmore Girls news?! I saw short-haired Scott Patterson pics. Yummy!

Delicious, no? I asked Lauren about all the craziness in the finale, and she said, "I know! It was serious drama. And then apparently some people's TiVo cut it off right as I was proposing to Luke. But I will tell you that in the first ten, twenty minutes of the show, he answers that question." (!)

From innie6: Do you know who is going to be Jackie Chase on Veronica Mars?

Rob says they've narrowed it down to three actresses--none of them names.

From veronicarlz: Is there anything else you can tell us about VM? I need more info!

Enrico confirmed that he's goin to be running for sheriff, but doesn't think he's going to win "because they like me poor." Also, "I sold a book," he says. "I wrote the book Big Murder, Small Town. And oh, the first episode is so wonderful. We pick up not where we left off but a whole summer has gone by, so we're at the beginning of the school year, and then we...we like those flashbacks a lot, so we go back and explain what happened between Logan, how Logan gets away, who's at the door..."

From brandnewhero: Do you know who's at the door?

I do. But I pinky-swore Rob Thomas I wouldn't tell you, so please, don't hate me! Here's a hint, though: There is a clue in the final scene that will give you a slightly skewed hint if you look at it the right way!

And K, we want some of that $200 you won, lucky girl!

If you guys still don't believe that it's the Murray camp that broke up, here's more proof:

From poeticlush: Anything new for One Tree Hill?

WB pres David Janollari says One Tree Hill is getting two new residents, an African-American mother and daughter. The daughter is played by Mekia Cox, from Nickelodeon's Kenen & Kel. I'm trying to dig up more! But also, make sure you read over the announcements in the message boards for something that just might add up as major OTH scoopage.

Alright, off to finish writing MNT...

The Deed Is Done

For all those waiting to send their anniversary cards and presents to the lovely couple, hold up.

Apparently, the celebration's not taking place.

I gave them 14 months. I think K gave them a year. I don't remember what A's time line was but we KNEW things were too good to be true.

Without our lovely Kristin to give us the scoop, this was taken off from her message boards:

JUST heard that a certain network's BIGGEST COUPLE (both on and off the screen) is officially splittsville. Shades of Jen and Michael ... and possibly detrimental to the show, given the last episode of the season.

So sad, because they haven't even been married that long!

But I also hear they were somewhat troubled from the start ... given one of their wandering eyes.

If you're still puzzled, let me give you three clues: The WB, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush.

Will CMM be taken back to the cabana fold? I don't know. Women are supposed to bond somehow over things like this unless she caused the chaos.

Lordy, what a mess we have in our hands!

If that's not enough, Ames is threatening Kristin for trying to steal MC from her:

I'm hearing that Rory is actually going to pull something of a RYAN on the OC this season ... You will see what I mean.

But it's going to take HALF A SEASON for her to reconcile with Momma Lorelai. (Say wha?)

and LESS THAN TWENTY MINUTES for Luke to answer Lorelai's proposal.

Also, I think I may have a new future husband who is Gilmore related. ... Matt Czuchry could NOT be more adorable, kind, humble and lick-worthy in person.

So if you see Kristin, please let her know that one POed Amester is giving her fair warning. Stay away! :D

I still say that Luke will turn down Lorelai's proposal. What do you think?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Turn, Turn, Turn

It's just amazing how much we take things for granted.

The ability to walk, the ability to talk, the ability to be independent.

Today was a struggle.

I had to visit my FIL in the hospital today and it was a humbling experience. He's hurt, he's bored and he's tired. Plus, the sterile scent of the room doesn't make things any better. It doesn't help that as a grown man, he is reduced to be treated like a child: do this-do that.

All he wants to do is go home.

While these events unfold in front of me, I realize one thing. I may be put in that situation one day.

As a child, and currently, as a healthy adult, I never imagined being so weak that someone has to turn me over so I won't get bed sores, or that someone has to feed me because I can't lift the spoon to my mouth. But man, I left the place drained.

I won't go to details about being in the hospital. There definitely is a difference between working in one and living in one.

I will be glad when they tell us he is able to go home.

So for me, please go and kiss your loved ones. And smell the roses from time to time.

And don't forget to realize that the things you take for granted may be taken away from you the moment you least expect it.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh Grow Up!

Ah, yes. It's that time of the year again.

P.Nilly and Rick are starting their draftboards for this year's NFL Season.

This should be a good year. I'm praying it would be a good year.

I am breaking P.Nilly's rule of not talking evil about the Eagles.

I have to. It's killing me not to.... AGH!!!!!!

Terrell Owens, grow up! You are as bad as Randy Moss. Maybe worse! I still want to know what family he's feeding. I don't think he's married or that he has illegitimate kids around the U.S. but honestly, don't you think his family can survive on a measly $3.25 million this year? He got $7M last year. God, if he already spent that, he's got bigger issues.

He always says he remembers being poor. Then what kind of crap is he pulling? A majority of the American public survives on an average of $50K annually. Yes, there's not much room to buy a Hummer every month but there's enough to indulge on a popcorn and drink when watching a matinee.

I remember when Nilly told me not to speak evil of him when the Eagles got him last year. He knows how much I despise him. When I met him at the 49er camp in 2002, I thought he such a show-off (and wuss). He was not as friendly as Dana Stubblefield. He definitely wasn't engaging like G-Hearst. He surely wasn't as laid back as Jeff Garcia.

Go on. Be a Falcon. They're probably the only Birds that would have you other than the Cardinals. I know the Ravens wouldn't want you after the crap you pulled on them last year just to be an Eagle. I don't think the Seahawks would like to deal with your piss poor attitude.

A few things I hope you learn from the Eagles if you do plan to leave:

Learn to read your contract. Go back to school and learn math. $45M for six years isn't bad. Of course the bonuses you got last year made your $7M look dazzling. $3.25M is not considered 'lean'.

And before I get off my soapbox, don't slander Jesus' name by comparing yourself to Him. Last time I read the Bible, he didn't renege on His contract. Jesus didn't say, "Father, I know I said I'd die in my thirties but I want out. I mean, I am famous! I could get paid doing my gigs. Plus, the groupies are hot!"

No, I don't think Jesus said those words. Jesus didn't say he needed more than a million to feed his family. He multiplied loaves and fish.

Now if you can pull that miracle I will happily eat your humble pie for you.

What To Feel

How does it feel to be Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Remember her? The Party of Five girl that became the toast of the town and then disappeared into oblivion?

Yeah, that girl.

I was going through my iTunes and remembered a conversation Vu and I had about John Mayer.

Vu is not a JM fan. He is a lesser fan of JLH. So when "Wonderland" became a big hit, he was just disgusted.

"What did he see in her?" was his question.

Truly, what did JM see in her? What did Bailey see in her?

Well, what did Rich Cronin of LFO see in her when he wrote "Girl on TV"?

I know, LFO versus John Mayer. Hands down, JM, you've got my number.

It is little known fact that JHL herself has 4 albums, one released here in the US and 3 others released in Asia. She is popular in her own merit. I am proud to own NONE of her albums.

But being the muse of 2 different songs by 2 different artists? Big head, huh?

The only other person who feels luckier at this point is Jane, the muse to Maroon 5's album.

But then, she isn't a 'someone'. She can be 'anyone'.

For once though, I want to know how it feels to be JLH.

Now, I'm waiting for A and K to commence brain thumping on me to get the thoughts out of my head.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

GG Update and Trivia

Jackie read over the blog last night and wanted to help out in sharing public GG information:

07/15 - "I went to the WB studios yesterday and when we drove past a house the tour guide said that this is where they are building a new GG set. It's gonna be a blues bar where Rory and Logan (her new boyfriend) will always hang out. And we couldn't see the Yale set, 'cause they are building something inside there too ... I don't know what though."

Source: Scare-Anne at Fanforum

So, if this is true, this probably is one of the few sets they've built for the show. Courtesy of IMDB.com:

The residential street attached is called Kings Row and was built in 1941 (predating the town set) for the Ronald Reagan film of the same name. No new structures have been added to the backlot for the "Gilmore Girls," although the backlot set remains dressed for the show throughout the television shooting season (July through March or April).

The exterior "Midwest" sets, which incorporate Stars Hollows' town square, the Gazebo, Luke's Diner and Doosey's Market are also featured prominently in the original theatrical version of The Music Man (1962), and "The Dukes of Hazzard" (1979). The exterior of Lorelai's house was Uncle Jesse's house on The Dukes of Hazzard.

So how's that for trivia?

And don't tell me you'd rent The Music Man and Dukes of Hazzard just to make the references. D, let me know if this is right since I know your hubby has DOH on DVD.

But if you guys do, let me know what you think about it.

Counting the hours till Amy's return... K, hope you're having a blast.

Monday, July 18, 2005

New VM News

So, did you miss me?

I hope you did.

I do blame my absence on two things, the first not having Amy and K around. Of course they have a life. Of course the go on vacation (to that, a belated Happy Birthday shoutout to the everloving A). They are not like me, stuck in the rut of society, working without a chance of having time off until probably hunting season when I'll end up cleaning up the house and preparing for winter guests while Nilly, TOM and the BIL go off in search of Bambie.

The other reason? Weather. Bloody, stinking, humid weather. I detest it. You could walk outside and actually wring your shirt the moment you step out. I wish I was lying. I could hear the compressor working extra hard when I was driving to and from work. (Yes, I drove to work this morning thinking I was pulling a double. However, selfish b*tch thought it was unimportant to tell me that I wasn't needed. So I wasted an hour of driving round trip and missed out on some quality sleep. I worked a single today so I guess I shouldn't complain all that much. However, Thanks, wench. I hope you don't sleep well tonight). Oh, sorry, I was rambling. So far, we've had 4 days of thunder and lighting with the occasional rain to add to the mugginess. I missed out chatting with K before she went on her vacation. Wagh! A, these are the times I miss Seattle. And yes, I'd trade places with you if you could plead from work that I come visit. It's worth the hassle, right?

So that's the update on my life right now... Oh, wait! I became an aunt! Last week, my cousin delivered her second baby, another boy. I still have to talk to her and get all the details but I'm an aunt again. I thought that was cool. Zachary, I know you still can't read but I just want to let you know, you're not the baby anymore. Hope you set a good example as the eldest.

Now that's out of my system.


Yes, it's Monday... TV day! Thanks to Kristin's chats, I've got the goods on VM. And no, GG fans. No news on that front... yet. The only thing seen so far is that David Sutcliffe (Christopher) hasn't been scheduled to appear as of yet. Dean won't be interfering anytime soon because Jared Padalecki's off doing his own show with Jensen Ackles. As for Jess? Well, rumor has it he might be back for one or two eps but does that mean he will literally get killed off from the show since he said that's the only way he (Milo V) would sign for the remaining eps?

Now, on with the SPOILERS!

From bondino: Veronica Mars! Is Veronica going to be with Logan? Entertainment Weekly called him her "boyfriend." Are you not telling us something?

That was presumptive. I can only tell you that it is Duncan or Logan at the door, and that she will be dating an "oh-niner" in the season premiere. According to Rob Thomas, there's a scene in the premiere where Weevil confronts Veronica about dating an oh-niner and says something like, "How was your year of living dangerously?" There's going to be more of the class struggle this year, including a specific event in the season premiere that exacerbates the conflict.

From mini: Is Charisma a regular on Veronica Mars? And any news on the DVD?

Charisma Carpenter is slated to be in at least seven episodes. Steve Guttenberg will be in at least six. As for the DVD, it's coming out Oct. 11 and will have the original pilot that we critics saw (which I liked better) and deleted scenes.

From randydell: Any more cast announcements for Veronica Mars?

Two big announcements are coming this week: (1) The casting of Veronica's new friend, who is presumably African-American; and (2) I am told that Dawn Ostroff will make a "very interesting" Veronica Mars announcement during her opening comments this coming Thursday at the TCA Press Tour.

First and foremost, I can see the confrontation Ronnie and Weevil are going to have. I am biting my nails in anticipation (and I don't bite my nails at all)! Will Ronnie keep her distance from Weevil? Does the requited 09er status make their little truce unbearable? Remember when Weevil smashed Logan's headlights for Ronnie because he was being mean to V? That's what the show's about. Angst, baby, angst. I hope they don't write off Weevil in a bad light. At least give him a way back in if VM picks up and they get a bigger budget to get him back in the show.

Second: Not being a Buffy/Angel fan, I have no clue as to who Charisma Carpenter is and if she'll be a good fit for the show. Will she be Beave's mom? Tan-tan-taaaah! Steve Guttenberg? Wow, I could see Harry Hamlin as a baddie but I can't see Steve Guttenberg other than the dad in 'Three Men and A Baby'. Comedy relief, if you must. You know who I think can be a baddie dad? Tina Majorino's (Mac) dad in 'Corina, Corina', Ray Liotta. Now he I can see conspiring with Aaron Echolls. He I can see telling Beave to be an ass. However, that's my dream baddie dad.

Lastly, Dawn Ostroff making an "interesting announcement". What, all this is a joke? Other than being prez to UPN and sabotager of all things good in VM land, what does she have to say? I hope it isn't anything dumb that could ruin the show. I think she already has too much input on the comings and goings of VM. LEAVE IT ALONE, wench! Let RT and his team work their magic.

Is it Fall TV time already? I can't wait to put the VCR back in working order.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting Snubbed

Swing and a miss. When will the Emmys listen?

Entertainment Weekly had an article a couple of weeks ago entitled "For Your Consideration". The three actors being lauded were Lauren Graham, Zach Braff and Kristen Bell.

Zach Braff was the only one nominated and at that, he has a snowball's chance of winning with Ray Romano nominated on his swan season. Remember Friends? When they left, they won all awards possible. Those that they didn't win went to the other show, Frasier, who was also in their swan season.

I would've not been upset if the actresses nominated in the Actress on a Lead Role were deserving. Come on. 80% of the Desperate Housewives don't deserve it. Quelle Horreur that Eva Longoria (slut) and Nicolette Sheridan (wrinkles) were not nominated! You know what? They don't deserve it.

Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore has been one of the greatest characters ever to grace the small screen TV. For five years she has remained in character, human, smart and not slutty! How's that for a DH comparison?

As for Kristen Bell, she is another actress that should've not been overlooked. She has style and grace that cannot be manufactured. For her sake, I hope the new VM season would make her a strong contender.

With that being said, I should stop watching these shows since they're apparently rigged.

I mean, cable has their own award show. So why is HBO and Showtime competing in the Emmys? Isn't that double dipping?

Maybe I should just be glad that SATC is done.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Slow News Day

This is my tribute to Tickle Me and Pickle Me. How does another HB blurb sound?

Courtesy of IMDB:

Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas has rubbished reports he had sex with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise - and is even more mortified he's been labeled a fellow Scientologist. The singer is horrified by claims he was caught in bed with the War Of The Worlds star and has finally spoken out to end the rumors. But he's even more offended by reports he's joined Cruise and other followers of L. Ron Hubbard's Church Of Scientology, which has been labeled a "cult" by some critics. He says, "If I were gay, Tom wouldn't be on the top of my list...It would be Brad Pitt. I'm more offended by the rumors saying I'm Scientologist."

I don't know why I laughed reading this.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another Poll Question

This was like K's survey a couple of weeks ago.

After running, I arrived at the Dr Pepper advertisement playing Meatloaf's song "I Will Do Anything (for Love)".

...But I won't do that.

What won't you do for love?

Hit me with your answers.

Monday, July 11, 2005

How Fantastic Was Four?

I have to admit, I am not a big Fantastic Four fan. My introduction to them is rather limited to the few comic books my brothers had when we were growing up. If memory serves me right, my brothers aren't big fans of it either. I remember maybe a comic or two compared to the hundreds of Spiderman, X-Men and Spawn comics they collected over the year.

With that being said, I just want to say I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

You can't compare it with Batman Begins. X-Men and X2 were better than this. And if you were going to see this for laughs, I'd recommend Hellboy. It was better scripted than this.

With the exception of Julian McMahon, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis, I thought the movie was more of a renter than a big screen watch.

It's not that I'm dogging the movie. It's as comic book as it comes but I can't buy Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. I thought she was too young for the role. Or is it that I'm getting old that I think she should've been played by someone in the caliber of Famke Jansen? Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards was... okay... I guess.

The plot was a good introductory albeit straying from the origins based on the comic books. Majority of the special effects were tastefully done compared to the likes of Van Helsing and The Scorpion King.

Will I watch this movie again? No. Is it a buyer? No. It might as well join the ranks of Elektra and The Punisher.

If you still want to go watch it, by all means, give your money to Fox. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And BTW, Pickle Me? CM is married. I know, I know, I'm breaking your heart into tiny pieces but I had to tell you. Virtual hugs and ice cream are being sent your way.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Slumber Parties

You can never be too old to have a slumber party.

A lot of people would disagree with me when it comes to this statement but bear with me.

What really is a slumber party?

It's a get together of friends that reminds them of their youth, looking back at what they have accomplished, what they're currently accomplishing, and what they hope to accomplish.

Slumber parties aren't limited to shrieking pre-teens who end up painting toe nails or crank calling boys. They encompass even the women (or men, however, the male gender prefers having Boys' Night Out) who seek what is natural: comfort food (can anyone say 'ice cream'?), a good laugh, sometimes a healthy dose of tears, and for the over 21, drinks. A lot of it.

Slumber parties are associated with good times, comfortable sleep wear (although I still have to attend a slumber party that would allow me to sleep before five AM) and conversation that my mother would call taboo.

And yes, I still admit that I would never tell my mom whatever my friends and I have discussed during the giggling sessions behind closed doors.

I am glad that I was able to share a slumber party moment with Tickle Me and Pickle Me last night/this morning. I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time despite the lack of sleep. Despite the drowsiness I am currently experiencing, I would've not traded the experience for the world.

If there is one thing slumber parties have taught me, it would've been cherishing friends. Friends are people we often take for granted not because we are insensitive but because we always know they'll always be there when we need them.

So once again, I want to say thank you, not just to A and K, but to all my girlfriends who were in my mind last night while we were chatting the night away. You all mean so much to me and I won't be able to say how much you all made me the person I currently am.

So now, go on. Have your slumber party or your Boys' Night Out. You'll thank me for it later.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chuckles and Accolades

Let me get this off my chest. Remember the chick who thought The Da Vinci Code was fiction? Well, she struck again.

Let me preface this by saying that she isn't the brightest bunny in the forest. She's the one that wants to test the asphalt and see what happens when she plays chicken with a MAC truck.

Anyway, the work area she was assigned to tonight SEEMS like a TON of work. In reality, it just seems like it's a lot because the instruments we use are scattered around the room rather than conveniently located in one area. Well, she kept on complaining that she has all this work to do! What she doesn't realize is that we've done a large portion of her job because work's been a little slow today and she hasn't been paying attention to the other tests she should be working on.

So, after the millionth time she said she was overwhelmed, the girl who is in charge of distributing the specimens got fed up. NEVER MESS WITH A PREGNANT WOMAN. Preggy chick tells her to stuff it. Stupid chick looks at her and says, "Excuse me?" Preggy says, "You heard me. Do you think this only happens to you when you're on it? Think again. If you could see beyond your nose, everyone else has been doing your work. Be grateful that they didn't leave you high and dry."

Stupid chick didn't like the words uttered. Before we knew it, a catfight erupts. The only thing missing was soda and popcorn. Sadly, after the verbal sparring, stupid chick reverted back to her stupid ways.


This morning, I had a wonderful time talking to Amy about everything and nothing. It's really cool that she and I like a lot of the same things. We swapped books to read (she suggested Girlfriend 44, I suggested the book version of High Fidelity and Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil), GG FF to read (I suggested Campaigning, she suggested Shivery as one of the few), being review snobs (and that's meant in a good way, I promise) and how bad some of the fics are in FF. We also discussed places we've visited in and around Seattle. In the middle of all of this, we squealed when Foo Fighters was on TV. Of course, I had to talk about my fascination with Christian Slater and Kristen Bell in S&M gear. If that wasn't enough, we talked about how we're going to turn K into a wild woman. With me and Amy assisting her transformation, Matty won't stand a chance. We also discussed K's "punishment" for working early and not being able to chat. Three things: vat of pudding, Conan-esque... Ames, do you remember the third? It's escaping me right now. Yes, K, you have to write the Trory fic having the 3 main requisites, provided Amy can supply the third. LOL.

I swear, my brain is mush. Can't remember a darned thing!


I still have to sign up for classes this fall. Right now, I am trying to sign up for classes that doesn't require me to go to the campus. It's not like it's a hard drive. If you drive and have been to college, you know how hard it is to secure parking at the campus, let alone prime location. All the good spots are usually taken by the people who are there pretty much from 8 am and will be there until 6 that night. I am not that committed. Sure, I can walk but man, it sucks! I still have to CLEP my English since they won't take my credits because I didn't take the written exam part of the course. I swear, colleges need to get together and standardize all requisites. It sucks that I have to do this all over again. And don't remind me about my PRAXIS. If I forget it exists, I might not have to take it. What? No such luck? Damn!


Lastly, I would like to share with the world, great news. Vu was in New York last week and was offered to do a one-man, 20 piece show in Tribeca. TRIBECA! You should have seen him last spring when he wasn't able to get to his school of choice so that he could continue with his Masters. Disappointed is an understatement. Who would've thunk that the reason he didn't get in was because he's on a hot streak? Apparently, the big Man Upstairs has bigger plans for my Vu-man. If that wasn't enough, he's been offered to do another one-man show for this gallery in downtown Lancaster. I am so excited for him. He deserves it. Now, I just hope he doesn't get too big for his britches and ditch us rednecks for the bright lights, big city. Who am I supposed to boy-watch with? Don't say Genghis. She's not into the boys Vu and I drool over. Hmm, the ER newbie. Blondie Army boy, look our way next time when you decide to take your smoke break. If not, at least raise that shirt of yours so we can drool over your well sculpted abs.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Paul Anka Meets Soundgarden

Yes, you read the title right.

And I am ashamed.

If Chris Cornell was dead (I know for a fact he is still alive and kicking performing with Audioslave) he'd be rolling in his grave.

It was weird walking through Barnes and Noble (after conversing with Colin, of course) and being able to sing to a swing song. Yeah, you can sing to Dean Martin or Tom Jones hits but not to Paul Anka covering a Soundgarden song!

Then I thought, did Soundgarden DO a cover song?

Google and iTunes saved the day.

In iTunes, Soundgarden was given credit for the song (A-Sides, Soundgarden (c) 1994). Since then, there are at least 8 covers, most swing/jazz! One was an industrial-metal sound and the other was an instrumental Jamaican drum sound. Really eerie.

Wow, Paul Anka. Stick to songs like "Daddy's Home".

If that wasn't strange enough, Nilly, the BIL and I watched "Cursed".

And I agree with the general consensus, the movie was more funny than scary. Not that it's bad. It's like Army of Darkness minus Bruce Campbell. Joshua Jackson was good (that saying Kevin Williamson wrote the flick). He lost some of the puffy bloated beer weight! Christina Ricci (who I think should play American McGee's Alice in the movie) has a really scary look. Milo Ventimiglia was entertaining as Bo (and as a gay guy, he made the movie more hilarious!). Michael Rosenbaum with hair is actually good looking and un-Lex Luthor-ish.

Is it an owner? Hmm, maybe if it was on sale in the bargain bin. TNT movie? I'm there.

Well, Happy 4th to all of you. Now leave me drooling over Chris Cornell... Ew, Paul Anka keeps on stepping in! Stop it!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Because Amy and Katherine Made Me Do It!

I am 17% White Trash.
Not at all White Trashy!
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

Ooh, and I forgot... Fergie and Josh Duhamel are also engaged.

Thanks for letting me know, Vu!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Contemplating Diesel

Where is my DeAnn when I need her?

So, I'm guilty. Guilty of watching 'The Pacifier'. Nilly wanted to see it to see the duck. I wanted to see it because of... Vin. Yes, I like the Vin. I am guilty of watching F&F because of him. Paul Walker is easy on the eyes, too, but I like my men with a little muscle. Who am I kidding? A lot of muscle. I watched XXX. I hated Asia Argento, tatoo freaking chick. D and I discussed this many times. I also watched A Man Apart. Could've been a good movie if it wasn't so slow paced!

Back to the topic, The Pacifier wasn't a bad watch. On the scale of action family movies, I give it a solid 8. It's better than Kindergarten Cop. I haven't watched any of the Spy Kids so I can't compare. The girl that played Lulu was great. Every time Zoe appeared, I keep on mixing her with her American Dreams character, Meg. Lauren Graham with Vin also made the whole thing cute. Hmm, picturing Vin as Luke... *grins*

Anyway, thanks to Amy, MNT is back on track. Let's see where this goes, shall we?