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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vegas Trip 2010

Ah, Vegas. It definitely is a town that is best known for its night life.

For some, its alluring night sky is what makes them come to this place. Alas, that isn't me at my point in life. But somehow, I am glad that I get to see the town in a less weary light. I got to see it through my son's eyes.

It's interesting how much "free" goes a long way when tourism is your main business. There are a few I am glad to say I went to see. Some I feel it's a long-shot sell to call it "entertainment".

This is a first of a series of posts that is a "must-see" freebie versus the "miss-it" even if it's free. Honestly, there isn't much that's probably on the "miss-it" column so I guess I should start with that and save you the brouhaha.

The winner of the "Miss It" award is... (drumroll)

The show replaces the original show called "Buccaneer Bay" which was a swashbuckling extravaganza a-la "Pirates of the Caribbean" that I truly enjoyed the first time I visited Las Vegas. Hoping to impress my 3-year old who likes pirates and pyrotechnics, I thought he'd love this show.

Well, he did not.

"Sirens of T.I." became the mainstay performance of TI since 2003. Wanting to cater to a more adult (and at that, male) population, the pirate versus pirate acrobatics had been replaced by a horrendous audition of what could have been a Pussycat Dolls audition (or maybe a Rock of Love competition... they all seem to flow in the skank category).

The 15-minute production (that felt like hours) had lousy dialogue, a lame plot, a dance routine that is trying hard to be sexy (and ends up looking like a 50 cent production, and I don't mean the rapper... I mean, the budget) and adult theme gyrations that I felt about a third of the audience should not be privvy to, not because I am a prude, but because it's inappropriate for viewing to kids under the age of 12. Look, if the show is only at 11 PM, that is a different subject matter. But when the show is on at 8? Maybe we have to rethink this public show of inappropriate behavior.

If it's pyrotechnics you're after? Walk a little farther to The Mirage where there is a volcano that erupts every hour. At least the music is better.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Selfish Mother's Day List

To most moms, Mother's Day is a tease.

It is a Hallmark day.

Truly, Mother's Day is a daily event. It's not necessarily the kind of day a "mom" may want to spend, but if she were to end up daydreaming, the family crashes. I mean, food won't get cooked. Dishes won't be washed. Heaven forbid you have a pet and it won't get fed or watered. Not to mention all those school and after school activities the family would be missed if mom wasn't there to plan and schedule things out.

Don't forget the dental and medical appointments. Oh, trash day. Making sure birthdays are planned, paid for and dated on the calendar. Cards sent out. Invites. Groceries.

So, really, mother's day is really a day of chores. One up if she's a working mom. She actually has to be "professional" even on days she wears mismatched socks or stockings. Or mismatched shoes. Or make-up that 's only half on because she was interrupted mid-application of blush by the flying Cheerios the kids are chucking on each other. Or the days she has to put on a smile shortly after she realizes that the kids did something so horrendous, they deserve to be taken out of this universe.

Ah, so the man (or husband) -made holiday known as Mother's Day dawns upon on the first Sunday of May.

Most husbands (if they do remember it's Mother's Day) would rally up the kids (maybe other husbands too) and come up with a game plan.

Most husbands would go to the local jewelry store and pick out what's being advertised as the Mother's Day present of the year. Can you hear the little "yay" mom would cry out when she realizes that she and a gazillion other moms would be receiving the same day? Not so special, huh?

Others would get the kids together to have a "breakfast in bed" celebration. Lovely notion until mom realizes that there's cooked egg on the range, half a glass of orange juice had been spilled and not mopped up, and flour, sugar, and heaven knows what else had been traipsed on the carpet and floor, leaving a lovely streak for ants to follow. Was that the hubby or significant other cussing because he spilled the maple syrup on the dog? Yaaaay. She knows what she's cleaning up after she's had breakfast.

Then there's the standby: flowers. Just hope that dad didn't spend an arm and a leg at the grocers for the half wilted flowers that may end up in the trash at the end of the day. I know, it's the thought that counts, right?

Well, as a mom of one, I have 5 very selfish wishes for the next Mother's Day (if not, succeeding Mother's Day celebrations as well. At that, I would rename Mother's Day to Mother's Day-Off, because truly, that's what I want a break from; the chores). I won't deny that I like flowers. Gosh, I'd prefer to have it more often than just Mother's Day, in fact. I won't also turn down jewelry. But you really can't want such accoutrement if it hasn't been offered since your wedding day or you have no occasion to use said baubles. And yes, I prefer breakfast on the table where I can corral the mess before it spreads. With that being said, here's my list.

My Top 5 Wishes Are:

5. Leave Me Alone. Seriously. Alone. Having the ability to decide to just sit and read, or have a coffee and leaf through the glossy pages of a trashy magazine is heaven compared to refereeing a fight between father and child. If I choose to do chores on this blessed occasion, it would be because I chose to do so. Foolish mommy, I know, but there's much to be said about that alone time.

4. Scrapbooking/Blogging/Writing Time. Ahh, the feel of keyboards keys, or a pen, or a pair of pinking scissors would be nice. I know I am still working on my wedding album. It's just been almost a decade since I've said, "I Do". Now if I can just show proof before my son gets married...

3. A Housemaid. Or Houseman. Even for a day. If just for once, the windows would get cleaned, floors would be mopped, laundry be washed and folded and put away properly. The beds would be made, the trash be taken out, the tubs and toilets would be scrubbed. The newspapers would be in the recycling bin, the tabletops dusted. The refrigerator restocked, the carpets vacuumed and heaven forbid have a pet and they be groomed, walked and if in a cage or aquarium, cleaned all before the day ends. See? The thought makes you salivate, eh? Bonus if he looks like a cabana man... And the hubby won't mind the staring.

2. A day in the spa. Spouse optional. Hmmm... Spa...

1. Sleep. Uninterrupted, unadulterated sleep. No one outside banging on your door, no kid climbing under the sheets at oh dark hundred. No spouse stealing the sheets or asking for a booty call. Sleep.

So how's that for a Mother's Day (Off) list? What's your dream?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's So Hard (To Say Goodbye)

... to Mary.

And since the little one is off to places unknown (well, across the pond, also known as England) for 3 months, then off to do some missionary work, I've compiled a little mixed tape (CD) for her.

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane by Chantal Kreviazuk
Because I thought the song Daniel was inappropriate... And because you already know this song. CK is one of the 2 groups that are repeat offenders in this mix. Her voice is a mixture of poignance and purity.

Kokomo by The Beach Boys
Being in England will make you wish you were somewhere with the tropical breeze... even if you meet your English bloke.

Photograph by Weezer

Torn between this song and Nickelback's Photograph, the catchy tune that says:

If you want it
You can have it
But you've got to learn
To reach out there and grab it

makes you realize that you have to want things badly enough to make things work.

Big Bad World by Plain White T's

It's a big bad life
All that we can do is try to make it right
Tomorrow something new,
So if a big rain cloud follows you around
Don't let it get you down.

Enough said.

Leavin' by Jesse McCartney

The pop lyrics and beats are enough to get the Debbie Downer blues away. Yes, that is significant enough. :D

I'll Be (acoustic version) by Edwin McCain

Everyone needs to have a fan of their lives. I'll be yours.

Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies

No one could better describe what you may be feeling than this song:

It's like a dream you try to remember but it's gone, then you
Try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn, when you
Try to see the world beyond your front door.
Take your time 'cause the way I rhyme's gonna make you smile, when you
Realize that a guy my size might take a while, just to
Try to figure out what all this is for.

Split Screen Sadness by John Mayer

As the lyrics may have said: we'd be waiting on the porch 'til you come back home, and we'll check the weather wherever you are because we want to know if you can see the stars tonight.

Plus, it's a JM song. I cannot make a mixed tape without putting in a JM song.

Not The Same by Ben Folds

The lyrics to this song makes me laugh and think about religion all the time. I hope it gives you the same giggle fits I do when hearing this ditty.

Flying Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

This song was intended to be about someone's passing, but in your case, it's the change from being in the bosom of your family and friends, and now being released in the real world. Just don't lose yourself in all the mud and the muck.

Cannonball (radio mix) by Damien Rice

Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to lie
Life taught me to die
So it's not hard to fall
When you float like a cannonball

BTW, he's Irish. If you get to Ireland, and see him, the best present you can get me is his autograph. :D

Bad Day by Daniel Powter

You know you're gonna have bad days. Hope this song gets you out of that rut.

Home by Daughtry

I didn't have the track from Wizard of Oz, but I thought this song spoke the same way. You know we're always here for you to come home to when all is said and done.

Thank You by Dido
For the opportunities, highs and lows, friendship, family, and the gift of time.

Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik
Remember that when things get overwhelming, take a deep breath. Barely breathing won't get you anywhere faster, or make you work any better.

Here's to the Night by Eve 6
Put your name on the line along with place and time
Wanna stay, not to go, I wanna ditch the logical
Here's a toast to al those who hear me all too well

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Everclear
The irony to this song is that you're a people person, and everyone loves you for it. Just be aware that there are people out there that would like to bring you down. Don't ever give them the satisfaction. Get up, and dust yourself off when you slip. The rest of us will be there for you when you need a leg up.

She Says by Howie Day

We'll be listening when you need to rant, talk, cry.

Rainy Day by Plain White T's

Repeat offender, number 2. Why this song? Because England can be cold. And wet. And rainy. Need I say more?

Brand New Colony by The Postal Service

A song about friendship when you're down. (Yes, I realize I've put a lot of songs that would remind you of the Lancaster area, but this is your first time on your own!!! Just don't want you to think you're all alone.)

Also, a song that is supposed to remind you of your work and the product of your labors.

Deep Inside of You by Third Eye Blind

You're going to change a lot of people's lives. You are going to change, too, because of those opportunities. Don't get jaded.

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Redundancy. You get the drift. Plus, DCFC is a good band to have around when you're just finding alone time for introspection.

Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy

No one can predict the future, so remember each moment. Savor it, relish it, learn from it. You may never have the same experience again.

There you have it, Mary. I am not deluding myself that you would like the CD with the exception of the first song, but I hope that if you come across the tracks, you'd realize that somewhere out there, Fievel, I mean, I am here (as well as the rest of your family and friends) championing you to the end. Have a safe and fun trip. It's gonna be one heck of a journey.