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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things I've Learned to Embrace (Again)

With Christmas over, the TV series DVDs I've gotten had filled my TV-void days.

Things I've realized:

1. How sad Gilmore Girls ended. I can admit that the last 2 seasons of the show was rather so-so. I have seen better efforts. We knew for a fact that AS-P wanted out (or more money for the show) of GG. When WB called her bluff and handed the show to David Rosenthal, he had to keep the viewers' attention without the kooky Exec Producer's silver tongue (and pen). It was hard watching the show without the quick banter, see the struggle of the Rory/Logan and Lorelai/Luke relationship. I hated the fact that the Lorelai/Chris relationship had been RUINED by bad writing and viewer pressure.

But that's beside the point. Watching the season finale/series finale made me feel like I just lost a best friend. Truly, the show had captivated me 7 years ago. I didn't want to let it go. Watching the last ep yesterday finally made me realize that there might never be another show like it. During the first few weeks of the writers' strike, Mike Ausiello spoke with AS-P, and he scooped that there may be a movie or a prolonged special episode that may be produced in the future. We all know that Alexis Bledel wasn't really all that keen to reviving Rory (made obvious by dragging her feet to sign her contract). Lauren Graham wanted to say the special words AS-P wrote years ago when she dreamed to end the show.

Really, until it happens, I would weep the way GG ended.

2. Oh how I forgot how much I love Degrassi. Years ago, my brothers and I crowded in front of the TV to watch the drama unfold in the lives of Joey Jeremiah, Spike, Snake, and the rest of Degrassi Junior High. Now my brothers and I are older. I'd like to say wiser, and yet, Degrassi lives. This time around, Snake married Spike. Sean is now in a nursing home. Joey has lost his hair but he still plays uncle to the new batch of Degrassi children: Emma, Jake, Paige, Marco, et al.

If we only knew how much high school drama had changed! From coming out parties, to pharming, to school shootings and STDs, only Degrassi makes a viewer yearn to see how these children cope with the themes that would bring an adult to their knees.

I should just get this on DVD. It's an addiction I love getting to know all over after I've abandoned my Daria fix.

3. Daria. Now there's a girl with non-issue issues. What a coincidence that her classmate Britney was dating Kevin? MTV hadn't made anything this great in eons.

4. Veronica Mars. My Mallowy love. My LoVe love. My Weevil/Ronnie angst. From a rape/murder season one, to a bus crash/revenge, to college (huh?) transitions. 3 years wasn't enough. As much as I love the mother/daughter banter between the Gilmore Girls, Papa Mars and Ronnie relations take the cake. Not only is their relationship tight, it's realistic. When V was upset with Keith, she let him know and vice versa. GG really didn't know how to make the girls fight nice. Taking 2 seasons to air dirty laundry was an option I wish I could erase in GG TV.

5. Futurama. Should I say more?

I plan on rewatching Freaks and Geeks and Six Feet Under. *Sigh* Nostalgia.

What are you planning on reintroducing as your TV pleasure?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shopkeep's 101 List

Kylie1403 did it and now I am doing it.

Day Zero started a site a la Bucket List. You list what you want to do, give yourself a deadline to complete the list and hopefully check them off as you complete each task. It doesn't have to be grand or selfless. Actually, it can be quite selfish, but you have to give in as to better yourself and hopefully the world around you. Try it out. You just might find out something about yourself you haven't thought of in a while.

Here's the countdown

Health, Fitness & Personal Growth

1. Workout a minimum of 3 times a week
2. Have 1 drink a week to relax and enjoy myself
3. Go to church more often
4. Have only 1 cup of caffeinated coffee a day
5. Eat three servings of fruit and vegetables each day
6. Lose a minimum of 40 lb
7. Streamline my friends list
8. Get in contact with long-lost friends
9. Have a long, sincere talk with someone who has offended me
10. Ask forgiveness from someone I have offended
11. Update my will
12. Take a photo of myself every day for a month
13. Donate Blood at least 4 times this year
14. Donate my clothes that I haven’t worn in ages
15. Travel outside the country
16. Bring food to work rather than eat cafeteria food for 6 months
17. Minimize clutter
18. Try to swim the length of the pool without stopping
19. Cure my fear of diving
20. Run a 10K by July 2008

Education & Certificates

21. Recertify in CPR
22. Attend at least one class next semester
23. Recertify for my ASCP
24. Learn to speak a new language (Japanese or Spanish)
25. Take a class about Financial growth and improvement

Reading, Writing & Being Creative

26. Read at least 1 book a month
27. Write in my journal everyday for at least 6 months
28. Finish writing 2 of my stories on FF
29. Post, critique and suggest a book or movie once a month on my blog
30. Finish at least 1 scrapbook by the end of the year
31. Apply and use Grammar Girl’s word of the week in my writing
32. Read a book to my child before going to bed
33. Read a short book and try and illustrate it
34. Pick a work in the dictionary once a week and use the word in conversation
35. Teach a class at work
36. Learn 3 Ben Folds songs on the piano
37. Learn to play 3 John Mayer songs on the guitar
38. Edit my iPod playlist and have a list of positive music
39. Relearn my love of coloring with crayons
40. Learn stamping and using brats on a scrapbook page
41. Take at least 12 photos of my child on his first birthday
42. Read the whole Harry Potter series
43. Develop a story that has nothing to do with my FanFics
44. Write at least 5 handwritten notes in a year
45. Learn how to use a photo editing software
46. Document my feelings about each successful tick from this list


47. Write my hubby a love note once a week
43. Call my parents once a week
44. Comment more on my brother’s blog
45. Declutter!
46. Buy one thing for each member of my family for them to wear all year round
47. Organize one sit down meal at home (and not on a holiday!)
48. Have one pool party reserved for family only
49. Make home made family ornaments for next Christmas

50. Write a blog or email about one friend and thank them publicly
51. Have a movie night without the kids
52. Organize a playdate for all the kids on a non-birthday date
53. Send a thank you card with flowers to my girlfriends
54. Find an old photo of my girlfriends and have it drawn or painted and send them off as presents for one of their birthdays
55. Have my friends sign a slam book and compare their answers then and now if there was a previous slam book filled out in their teens
56. Sponsor a family day out with 2 other families and have a picnic
57. Do a “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” and let other friends fill out the survey

58. Go to confession
59. Give up cussing for Lent
60. Read and reflect on a Bible passage once a week for a year
61. Light a candle and offer a prayer bi-monthly for a year
62. Reflect on my day and annotate what I did well and what I can improve on for a year

Places, Travel & Sites
63. Visit NY and watch a Broadway Play
64. Get my new passport and travel outside the country
65. Visit Williamsburg, VA
66. Do Gettysburg
67. Hike one of the Susquehanna trails
68. Travel to the beach
69. Do Podunk Town’s Historical trail
70. Take the train to Philly instead of driving

71. Watch a musical I haven’t seen on TV or on stage before
72. The Longwood Gardens at Christmastime
73. A rollercoaster ride after 10 years
74. An expensive sit-down meal that has been Zagat rated
75. Have a grown-up night out with my hubby and friends
76. Go to a county fair
77. A full vegetarian meal and enjoy it
78. A quiet night by myself
79. See a concert and not worry how much it costs
80. My child knowing Santa is coming to drop off Christmas
81. The Baltimore Aquarium like a kid again
82. Treat the family out to the Cheesecake Factory at the Inner Harbor
83. Watch a Phillies home game with the boys
84. A year of 3 kids turning one in the next 365 day

85. Eat approximately 1500 calories for 6 months
86. Run 4 times a week, a minimum of 2 miles each run
87. Reject cake and other sweets for 3 months
88. Watch TV no more than 2 hours a day
89. Learn to make pie crust
90. Save at least $100 a week for myself for a year
91. Enter a writing contest

92. Make a meal out of scratch once a year
93. Cross stitch something for the child in the next year
94. Finish painting the basement this year
95. Reorganize and remodel the kitchen this year
96. Plant an herb garden and keep it alive for a year
97. Keep my walk-in closet clutter free for 365 days
98. Eat organic food for 3 months
99. Cook an exotic dish once a month for 12 months
100. Buy 3 chick-flicks/chick lit in 12 months and not feel ashamed buying them, then loan them out to 3 people afterwards
101. Give at least 1 hug to someone outside of the family circle every week for 3 months

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hellboy II Preview

I am so there, babysitter or eitherwise.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Effects of The Writers' Strike to a TV Addict

It's Wednesday and I am not watching Pushing Daisies. I am not watching Private Practice. Oh no, it's too easy to fall into the routine. With the strike and the absence of the new episodes could leave me zombified, drooling at the tv, waiting for my shows to roll in. However, this was what I encountered.

If I tuned in on ABC, I would be entertained by the show "Duel", a show that is bad-bad-bad. Mike Greenberg, the half of Mike and Mike In the Morning on ESPN is the host of the show and he has no charisma. He has no drama and he annoys the bejeesus out of me. I can stand him talking sports. However, as a show host? Not as much.

If I tuned to NBC, I'd be faced with the show "Clash of the Choirs". I am sorry. I can't watch Michael Bolton and Nick Lachey be the critique of what should be considered "lyrical greatness".

So, what does a confessed TV addict do during writers' strike?

Channel Surf.

I'm currently on VH1 watching the Greatest 100 Songs of the 90s. I caught the list starting at 80.

Let me say, I am intrigued. I am still watching it, right?

Here are some worth mentioning:

73 song: Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground-- I remember this song because it was played on AFRTS when I was in Bosnia. It woke me up at 0600, almost every morning and the song was seared in my brain until another song (usually Cake or some German band song) cleared the earworm. Currently, I have it as my ringtone on my mobile.

69.Freak on A Leash by Korn. Love the song. Love the video. It's number 17 on my Run Playlist. It is one for the few songs that haven't been replaced as a run song since 2000. It's probably going to be a mainstay on the run list-- especially the Freaky B mix. LOVRE IT!!!

During one of the breaks, VH1 mentions songs that didn't make the 100 list. Foo Fighters' "Everlong" got cut. WHAT???

Anyway, 40 to 60 roll in.

Worth mentioning? Shine by Collective Soul. Great sound. This song reminded me lot of Seattle.

3 AM. Matchbox 20 was up and coming then. A decade later, and almost 20 top 10 songs, they still rock. They're one of the few bands I would pay to see over and over because they have a great light show. Rob Thomas gives 110% on stage and he is one of the few people that can make an 80s songs like "Time After Time" sound timeless. It was an extra to just see him perform with Carlos Santana on stage for free.

(Damn) I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins-- a great song. Won a bunch of admirers especially when Mz Hawkins, sexy as hell, came out and admitted she was a lesbian. Now, puts a new spin to the song, huh?

Weezer's Buddy Holly. You CANNOT hate this song. The album rocks (Hello, The Sweater Song!) and the video, made by Spike Jonze, pulled the Happy Days look real. Fonzie wasn't the coolest man in the room.

Alright, that's the list for me. Need sleep now. Will catch the other half later.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Who Texts the Most?

Answer: The Philippines.

No wonder the country doesn't know what's happening around the world. (j/k)

If it's any consolation, Saudi Arabia is the youtube capital of the world.

The Dark Knight Preview

I am so there it's not even funny.

Christian Bale did a splendid job with the first installment. From the looks of the preview, Heath (Ledger) and Bale will actually give us one hell of a ride.

Can't wait.

If that's not enough, how about Bale playing John Connor in the new Terminator movie?

I'd say it's an interesting choice to say the least.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Giants Revived by Daisies

... should've been posted 3 weeks ago but life got in the way.

They Might Be Giants, a group in the 80s, known for their kooky songs (Istanbul) and kookier lyrics had been a group I really enjoyed listening to when I got in the military. They were simple, easy to listen to, and great to listen to when you needed a little lift in the day. Here's one of their songs that made me happy every time it was played:

Imagine my surprise when the show Pushing Daisies gave the obscure sound a (short) reprise. It was fun hearing it especially when you're not expecting to hear the ditty.

With that in mind, what obscure band should have their song be sung by Olive (or any of the PD cast) and be given some new life?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Selling Out Thoughts?

I thank TryJM for this posting.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Veronica Mars- What Could've Been

If you haven't seen it by now, I am giving you the opportunity. You see, I spread the Ronnie Love.

So, do you think it had a chance? God, why do I keep on thinking VM's partner's named Ethan? Oh yeah. He was Jack's boyfriend in Dawson's Creek. Yeah... The good times.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Attention, Heroes Writers: WTF???

Kindered, the third episode to the second season of Heroes was probably the worst episode I've ever watched.

Hello, writers, what are you thinking?

I do understand that this season might be a little slower since characters had been established, and that the main storyline had been flushed. But for a show that had so much energy pumped into the plots and the characters in the first season, the second season has a lot of that lacking. The characters are limp, the plot is contrived, and the chill factor had turned to cheesy.

Let's take for instance the Jekyll and Hyde attitude Claire has for HRG. When Claire found out that her dad, HRG had done some baddie stuff in the past, she "forgave" daddy. So why did she give her dad the evil eye when she found out that her dad did some stuff to West in the past? It's not like he just tagged West the same day Claire found the marks on West's neck.

And let's talk about the cheesy Superman act West had with Claire. Come on, for a second, I thought my TV jumped to an episode of Smallville mixed with Laguna Beach.

I just hope that the crappy love story would end soon.

Next, the Peter loveline. Ooh, so he's soft on the Bonnie. And he has amnsesia. And he's relearning (sort of) his powers. God, we've done this before!!! And the part where Peter was trying to summon his powers upon command? Yeah, we've seen that in the first Spiderman movie, folks.

And Mohinder, and Molly, and Parker? My Two Dads is all I could think about, only it's half as funny and *yawn* boring.

When did Micah become so whiny? Why do we still have Niki? How is it that the baldie dude who's supposed to be the new person to hate doesn't intrigue me at all?

Am I just expecting too much?

Although I am still on the fence about Hiro's supposed love story with Takezo's girl, I thought the "letter writing" Hiro left for Ando to read was cool. Hiro still not getting back to the present is starting to annoy me too.

The only cool plot? Sylar not being able to get his powers back!!! Really cool. It's the only plot that seemed connected to the first season.

I still don't know how I feel about the Herrera twins. All I know is, if they don't get a good story soon, they (the writing gods) need to drop them because their purpose is almost as dumb as the Niki/Jessica plot.

If you think I am off, let me know. I need some reassurance that the shows I am watching actually have a destination I would like to visit.

Because Cupid Needs a Second Change

Cupid, a show created by Rob Thomas in 1998 is being given a second chance.

The show is about Trevor Hale, a mental patient who thinks he is Cupid. Rejected by the gods (particularly Zeus) for being too arrogant, he thinks that for him to being back in favor with the deities he has to unite 100 couples without his trusty gadgets, the bow and arrow.

Of course, Dr Claire Allen, his psychologist and a romance counselor on her downtime, has to reassure Hale that he is not Cupid. So imagine the sparks flying when Hale disrupts Allen's couples' therapy as they butt heads on the Venus/Mars complex!

In the 1998 version, Cupid was played by Jeremy Piven. His Allen was quick witted Paula Marshall.

So here's the catch. Piven's doing Entourage. Marshall is starring in another RT show called Party Down (which by the way also stars VM alum Ryan Hansen) and Nip/Tuck.

Who should play the pivotal roles?

I would love Mark Matkevitch, formerly of Dawson's Creek and Joan of Arcadia to play the ascerbic but disarming Hale and someone like Lauren Graham to play the no-nonesense doctor. Far fetched? Well, who would you cast?

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for this tidbit.

And if you have never seen an episode of Cupid, here's the first part to the Pilot episode. Be warned, you'll end up watching all the clips loaded on YouTube.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The 1 Hour Redux

Should it be considered a shame?

Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennell in Veronica Mars) and James Kyson Lee (Ando in Heroes) had been spotted touting Hot Pockets and McDonald's recently.

What is going on?

I know for a fact that money doesn't grow on trees. Percy may have a little more of a reason to do commercials since VM wasn't really making big bucks but Ando? I don't think Heroes really cut him a bad deal, right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Prepping Up For the Fall

I've already previewed Reaper versus Chuck.
This time, I will be blogging about Pushing Daisies and Big Bang Theory.

My thoughts?

Find the time to watch Pushing Daisies.

Big Bang Theory is a DUD.

Pushing Daisies is a fairy tale show spun with a Dead Like Me feel. Ned, our hero, is a guy with a talent for bringing the dead back to life for at least a minute. The moment he makes a dead person lapse over the minute, someone within close proximity would die in place. In return, Ned cannot touch another person he brought back to life unless he wants them dead.

So, imagine his predicament when he saves Chuck, the love of his life, from being worm food?

Yeah, bummer, isn't it?

I can't give away any more details. You have to watch it. If you ever watched Big Fish, you would definitely dig this show.


Big Bang Theory

Here's IMDB's description: A woman shows two brilliant physicists how little they know about life.

My description? CRAP.

Leonard and Sheldon are physicist roommates who happen to find new neighbor Penny move into the next door. Of course she's someone from Nebraska starting a new life after leaving her cheating boyfriend. Leonard, who's trying to impress Penny, does her a favor by trying to claim back a stupid TV. Of course, said ex is a buff dude. Of course the nerds get pummeled. It was actually a miserable watch. Kaley Cuoco could do better. Same as Johnny Galecki. It doesn't help that the show started with the said nerds trying to donate sperm to get money to enhance their computer connection. The show's opener was supposed to be funny. The opening joke sounded creepy and gross instead. Eck!


I still have Bionic Woman and The Sarah Connors Chronicles. Weigh in on those shows coming soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Veronica Moves On

Kristen Bell is now in Heroes! Yes, Heroes.

Better than LOST.

Better than a non-existent 4th Season of Veronica Mars.

Love to see her again on TV. Can't wait to see her until Fanboys come rolling in.

Thanks to Mike Ausiello for the K-Bell interview.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Previewing Fall

You don't have to be a genius to know that some of the shows that are going to debut this fall had been leaked on the internet. Heck, Entertainment Weekly had written a list of the shows leaked last week! All you had to do was read.

So, to save me some time and headache, I found myself scouring youtube and other outlets for shows I might be viewing this fall. Two shows I previewed are Kevin Smith's Reaper and ABC's Chuck.

Reaper is a story of Sam, a slacker who found out on his 21st birthday that his parents promised him to the devil once he turned legal. Feeling doomed, he asks the Big Dog what he had to do now that he has to some indebted servitude to fulfill. Satan says that all he had to do was to collect the souls of Hell escapees. Apparently, a few of them broke free from the portals of hell so now Sam is tasked to "collect" these prison breakers. Overwhelmed, he seeks counsel from his friends, Soc and Ben when he gets 'gifted' with a Dirt Devil (hehehe) to capture his first escapee.

Well, Sam had to deal with that, and the fact that cute co-worker with ambition is apparently crushing on him. What's a loser like him supposed to do?

Truly, it's a "Dead Like Me" only without Mandy Patinkin as the task giver.

I like it. It's humorous and I can see how this can be a series. I don't think it would last no more than 2-3 seasons if it gets much viewers since you could just have so many episodes of slacker collecting souls for the demon and not find anything wrong with it. Sam finds on the first episode that he has a purpose other than working in a box store like Home Depot, and that he likes it. Is it worth a season worth of episodes? You be the judge.

Grade: B+

Chuck, like Reaper, is a story of a computer nerd (not geek) who does tech support for customers in a box company like Circuit City. On his birthday, his old Stanford roommate (who also happened to be the guy that took off with his ex-girlfriend) sends him an encoded email.

Opening the email had unleashed a governmental Pandora's Box. Before he knew it, he could "read" signs, news reports, subliminal messages, etc, that apparently affect the world as we know it. CIS and FBI and the CIA are after him, or as the premiere episode shows, his computer, since they thought they could keep top secret information from being intercepted by retrieving the email Chuck's old roomie sent.

Other than the fact that like Reaper, both characters learn something on their birthdays, have connections to people in Stanford or trying to get into Stanford, and are slackers that suddenly find a sudden purpose in life, these shows could've been swapped and no one would know any better. Sure, Chuck is trying to serve a higher purpose by involving espionage but man, since Jake 2.0, it's rather hard to really root for a nerd knowing that their shelf life is rather short... Or that it's available on better written shows like Ugly Betty.

Also, if you know anything about computer hardware, the first episode is a little tough to watch. A ninja tries to steal Chuck's tower, saying that the computer was destroyed when actually, the CASE was ruined but the hard drive wasn't. The fact that Chuck laments the same sentiment when he's supposedly a computer nerd is annoying and disturbing.

High points? Captain Awesome. Everyone has a Captain Awesome in their life... And you just can never achieve that level of "awesomeness" no matter what you do. (Puke, puke)

But then again, you have to view it to judge.

Grade: B

Like Reaper, there's just so much you can write about a reluctant hero/anti-hero. How much you can stomach the shows is what's going to keep them from being axed and having a season replacement debut before the month's over.

The one thing I can guarantee is that these shows are definitely more interesting than Cavemen, which is also downloadable... But aren't getting much bite even for a leaked show.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Best Week Ever Clip

Because I have nothing better to do than stalk this guy:

John Mayer Sings Chocolate Rain

Posted Yesterday

John Mayer drops by the Best Week Ever studio to give a heartfelt rendition of his new favorite song: "Chocolate Rain."

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A John Mayer PSA: Calling Out All Idiots

Last Sunday, one of the numerous John Mayer blogs (this specifically was on livejournal) brought up the fact that there were 63 teenagers corralled and booked for underage drinking, possession of marijuana and possession and use of illegal substances.

The thought was really sad that kids find it necessary to enhance an experience that was pretty cool enough watching stone cold sober. Not that this practice is new, by any standard, but it's still disheartening.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Apparently, Uncle John himself addressed the issue. I busted up laughing.

Kudos to a man who takes the time to give a PSA to morons like the 55 Kyles. I surely would like to see photos of anyone he sharpies or teabags. Truly awesome.

His other PSA that I love (and I wish he posts it on his MySpace) is his encouragement to have wannabe performers to get off MySpace and actually make a solid song; a solid hit. THEN spend time at MySpace.

Thanks to my brother, Chicken Scratch for the heads up. Anyone looking for a gifted guitarist in the Seattle area should drop him a note. You won't be disappointed.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here's What May Come of Fall (Regular TV, Of Course)

Seriously, NOTHING has really replaced my usual Tuesday combo TV habit of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. With the exception of Heroes and my Thursday line-up, here's what I am going to keep an eye on. As usual, elimination comes after third viewing... or until my interests hold up. You know how that can get... Or until the Kid actually allows me to watch.

8;30 Aliens in America- Just because I need something stimulatingly stupid to convince me there is something else to watch
9:00 Heroes

9:00 Reaper- It's a Kevin Smith show. I will give it at least a shot.

8:00 Pushing Daisies- This has an interesting premise.
9:00 Private Practice- Slow when I first watched it as a Grey's Anatomy suppliment. However, it can devolve from here.
10:00 DirtySexyMoney- I never thought that I would watch a Donald Sutherland show. But then I like Peter Krause. Premise is rather interesting.

8:00 Ugly Betty
9:00 Grey's Anatomy
10:00Big Shots- Because it's interesting to see 4 ment act like women... And Michael Vartan and Chris Titus are in it.

9:00 Moonlight- I know it's almost an Angel ripoff but Logan, I mean, Jason Dohring is in it.
10:00 Numb3rs

Midseason replacements were not easy to spot. However, one show I am looking forward to watching Rob Thomas' new project, Miss Guided.

The other shows I will continue taping and watching on off times are Thursdays' Supernatural at 9 pm and Men In Trees at 10pm.

Two shows I may consider watching if time permits (or my dissatisfaction with all things CW or Amy Sherman-Palladino) are
Wednesdays' The Return of Jezebel James which is on the Fox network at 8:30 pm and Gossip Girl at 9:00 pm.

What will you be watching?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chick Music and My Possible Fall Viewing

Since the arrival of the Midget, I haven't dedicated much time to my hobby of critiquing music. It's not like I have stopped listening to music (heaven forbid) but I've not really found ANYONE that's worth listening to in full rotation. Is it because music had all of a sudden sucked? Hmm, no. Maybe my particular tastes have just changed. just maybe.

Let's take for example chick rock. Okay, I really don't mean to slam my gender but I've got to start somewhere.

I haven't really found any American act that I like. I was hoping that the latest Kelly Clarkson album "My December" would kind of waken the chick rocker in me. Unfortunately, it didn't. I cannot say that the album sucked. It actually is good comparing it to today's contemporary sound but I cannot get into it like I did "Breakaway". I know, you all are raising eyebrows at me, lapping up the pop sound she produced, but hey, I am guilty to admit that I find inspiration running to her tune, "Walk Away". Some of the songs on "My December" were good, despite being repetitive. It suffers what I call "Evanescence disease". It's still on rotation on my iPod but it's not often played.

Same goes for Canuck Avril Lavigne. Her "Best Damn Thing" album is not anywhere as angry as her previous albums. It is very noticeable that the grrrrl in her had been awaken by her hubby, Deryck Whibley, and that's okay, I guess if you want to really listen to her being happy and sappy. The songs produced/co-written by Butch Walker are evident, a lot angrier, more rock-infused, but not enough to resurrect the angry in me.

My last hope was Pink's "I'm Not Dead". Released in 2006, the slow simmering album had not become noticeable until the masturbation-friendly song "U+UR Hand" had become a staple in radio Top 40. I've had this album awhile, since I've bought it for the song, "Stupid Girls". I am embarrassed to admit that the only reason I have gone back to listening to the album again is because of the song "Who Knew" which was used as the promotional track to the sappy ABC TV Show "October Road".

If I was smart, I would've listened to "I'm Not Dead" through my moment of musical drought.



With Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars cleared from my TV listings, I am looking for my current drug. Thursdays so far is going to remain in tact with Ugly Betty (yay for Freddy Rodriguez as a probable love interest to the Betty/Henry hook-up) and Grey's Anatomy following it. Men In Trees are going to follow suit especially if it still would be following these 2 shows.

So what might I be watching?

I will be waiting in anticipation for the shows Pushing Daisies (ABC) and Reaper (CW, the network I am not really fond of since April). Aliens in America looks promising but I don't think I will at least try to catch it on rerun before adding it to my "taped" list.

I may watch Dirty Sexy Money (ABC) just because Chris Titus is in it. Will it be good? I don't know. I am not the most informed viewer... I might also catch Return of Jezebel James (FOX) because I am a sucker for pain. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, I will watch it just because I am fond of her writing style, plus Lauren Ambrose, an actor I like, is in it. It should be a win-win in this case.

Other than that, I guess I will be waiting for Veronica Mars Season 3 to come out on DVD to relive my LoVe moments. I know, I am pitiful for not falling for the Pizonica love affair but as much as I like Piz, I think he's too good for my Marshmallow. Only the Logan can keep the mallow melting. Yes, I know I have declared my love for the Troy-meister too but he decided to play in another alter-universe (Smallville) that I don't watch. *Sigh* The times I am upset with myself for choosing TV shows that have a relatively short shelf life.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BAF Song List, Part 2

If you need more musical musings, here's the list by Fickle Me:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Summer Listing

For the Build-A-Fic challenge, here's some musical inspiration.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moving On-- TV edition

Another reason to tune in. Here's a little news from Ausiello:

Rumor: Men in Trees has hired former Gilmore Girls exec producer David Rosenthal.
Fact. He'll be a consulting producer, serving as MIT creator Jenny Bicks' "number two."

It's nice to know that Rosenthal is actually doing something that has legs of its own and a romance beat that he probably would be comfortable helming. He may only be serving as a consulting producer but I think he'll thrive in this environment.

A lot of people were upset when DR tried to resuscitate life into the last season of GG but he was shoved against a corner, in a spot that any talented writer/producer would have a hard time tigging themselves out of especvially if they're not the original producers/writers. Case in point X-Men 3. DISASTER.

At least the writers/producers of my former favorite shows have found solace in other places. Rob Thomas has Miss/Guided, Mark Piznarski (who Piz was named after in VM) has moved on to Friday Night Lights and Gossip Girl and of course, AS-P has her baby The Return of Jezebel James this fall.

Here's to interesting TV this fall!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Veronica Mars Still Lives On

Finally, CW has dropped the hammer and nailed in the last spike in the coffin. Veronica Mars as a TV show is dead.

Not that we had a chance, I guess. After 3 years of low viewership thanks to local channels airing baseball games, covering news and changing time slots without warning, the loyal fans had to rely on DVD, iTunes and piracy to get their hands on the latest chapter of the Neptune High gang.

It is sad to see the show go but Rob Thomas promised that Veronica Mars as we know it is not DEAD. Right now, he's trying to work out a deal with DC comics to keep our detective thriving. And he's still pumped up with making a feature film featuring our girl, Ronnie.

So we get to see her live on.

Now if we could just get more information on Miss/Guided, I will be really happy.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Kristin Bell Missing Veronica

It's nice to hear that Kristen Bell has fond memories of her character, Veronica.

I wish certain actors (someone I won't mention but was on the TV show Gilmore Girls) would be a little more appreciative of the shows that made them who they are on the TV screen and help them transition into movies.

Since we're on GG topics, here's a new interview with Lauren Graham courtesy of Capitol File Magazine.

Uhm, as a side note, did you know that Milo Ventimiglia isn't the only Hero that appeared in Gilmore Girls? Hiro nakamura (yes, Masi Oka) was in Gilmore Girls too!

I happen to stumble on the episode where Lorelai drags Rory into the road trip to Harvard. Guess wh Rory was discussing with in the lecture hall? Yep, you guessed it, mister "Yata!" himself.

Heehee... Made me all gooey.

Movies to Look Forward to:

Evan Almighty
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Yay! Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Frakkin' Heart Attack Support

Veronica Mars may come to a big screen near you!!!

Could This Really Happen?

I may still love AS-P as I read this in Ask Ausiello:

Question: So, what gives? There is no way you could still be at Fox's upfront party. Did you track down AS-P, and, if so, what were the final four words she had in mind for Gilmore Girls?— Katrina
Ausiello: OK, here's the deal: Yes, I tracked her down, but, no, she did not cough up those elusive four words. But wait — there's more. And it's good. No, amazing. No, un-frakkin'-believable. Amazing, even. Wait, did I say that already? Well, it's true. Because just as I was about to brand her a big ol' promise-breaker right there in front of all those industry types, Amy explained why she couldn't divulge her long-ago-planned Gilmore ending. (Gilmore fanatics: This is the time in Sprockets when you either lean on a heavy object or just sit down.) In the next year or two, she hopes to make — wait for it — a two-hour Gilmore Girls TV-movie that ties up all those loose threads! I nearly fell over when she said it — especially given what she told me back in December. (BTW, lest you think Amy was pulling my leg, her partner in life and in showbiz, Dan Palladino, confirmed that a GG reunion pic is something they're interested in pursuing.) And I wasn't the only one floored by this development. "She said what?" gasped Scott Patterson after I relayed the information to him over the phone. "I didn't think she would be interested in doing something like that. But if she says she is, I would seriously consider it." Alexis Bledel was equally stunned. "A Gilmore Girls reunion?" she said with a laugh. "That's certainly not something I had thought of doing. That's really funny, I have no idea how I would feel in a few years. I don't know, I'm sure the script Amy would write would be great, but I guess I'd have to read it and see how I felt at the time." Last but not least, Lauren Graham e-mailed me late last night to say, "Could be a fun idea if everyone wanted to do it. I would do it just to get the four final words out of Amy. They torture me." Stand by for a comment from Warner Bros. big cheese Peter Roth. In the meantime, head over to the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread and start brainstorming campaign slogans!

NOW: If we could also hear a commitment from Rob Thomas to do a mini movie of VM!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Kirk's Fading Memory

There isn't a better way to say goodbye to Gilmore Girls like Kirk does. So let's hear what his favorite moments are!

Me and My Computer Weep

My computer connection died this morning. I should've known that Moses didn't want me to find out the hard way that Veronica Mars is dead.

It goes to show that CW is not going for class. It is going for the lowest common denominator. The network is not keen to keeping its cerebral viewers. Apparently, CW should be renamed as ADD network: the channel that only appeals to 12 year old boys and girls. It is sad. Sad that I have to subject myself to watching the big 3 this fall. I cannot even say that I am going to really stick around for my Supernatural boys. That I just watch when it's downloaded on the computer.

However, I am rather impressed by Rob Thomas for saying NO THANKS to CW's big brother, CBS, in producing the mystery Broadway show Viva Laughlin which also happens to be produced by my hunky love Hugh Jackman. Way to go!!!

Please join me in saying goodbye to the town of Neptune, murders, mysteries, quirky comebacks and all things marshmellowy. We will miss you.

Here's a little tribute to the show and how a ton of us found ourselves rooting for Logan and Veronica in the first season of the show. This is Troubled Times by Fountains of Wayne.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Rest of the TV Line-Up and Saving VM

ABC's Fall Line-Up had been revealed and I am so glad to see what happens to Betty and her family next season. Ugly Betty was never on the chopping block but it's nice to see that American viewers like this quirky show that doesn't fall for the usual slapstick routine comedies like this are known for. Men on Trees also had been picked up, which is another show I follow. Pushing Daisies and Cavemen are the only 2 shows from this network that I might visit this coming fall. Private Practice is still on the "eh" part for me.

As for CBS' Line-Up, they were playing it safe. Canceling Jericho, it had kept most of its older shows like How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. The new Rob Thomas show Viva Laughlin will debut, which I might watch.

Fox on the other hand will obviously keep the American Idol alive. They also ordered another batch of Jack Bauer's series 24. But for the most part, they have a handful of shows they plan to bring to light. One of them is The Return of Jezebel James, the AS-P show that I would love to hate. However, it's got one of my favorite actress, Lauren Ambrose. Will I watch? We'll see.

Lastly, CW's Line-Up left me pissed. Pray I don't have to throw a rock at my TV screen. As I am glad that Supernatural was renewed (my Jensen heart is jumping), Dawn Ostroff and the CW company is getting some serious calls from Veronica Mars fans who didn't see the show in its line-up. According to Ask Ausiello the company has until June 15 to make a decision in regard to the show. So, if you want to keep Veronica Mars on the TV waves, please call the CW Viewer Comment Line at (818) 977-6878.

So, that's the TV line up for you. Comments? Suggestions?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Saving CW

Only a TV Network can screw things up badly. But as EW commemorates GG walking off to the sunset, and maybe the untimely demise of VM, here's a little something they came up with to keep the Logan love going.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Peacock Sheds Old Shows, Adds on Newbies

This week, TV Networks unveil their fall line up. First in the series is the Peacock Channel, NBC, rids itself of oldie show Crossing Jordan, and cancels its expensive behind-the-scenes show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

For the full line up, check the TV Guide's Upfront Central.

Let's pray that the other networks actually keep smart shows and dump stupid ones.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

So Says Luke Danes

Scott Patterson finally gave an interview on what he thought about Gilmore Girls and what is ahead of him now that the show's ending.

I can say that Saw 4 probably won't be the venue that would lead him to stardom (but that's just me).

Thanks to Ausiello for the interview.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Friday!

A little amusement courtesy of Zeroes.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Next Week's Mars

Here's a preview of next week's show!

Thanks to the Veronica Mars page.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How Do You Like VM Now?

A little ditty writen by Kristen V at E!Online about how CW is giving Veronica Mars a second look, more like the royal treatment it deserves.

On other news, Supernatural and One Tree Hill are more than likely to be renewed. Their slots would be locked in on CW's May 17th press announcement.

GG's Goodbye, A Veronica Mars Shake Up and a Boo For Ugly Betty

Per request of the TV Goddess, I am following my PSA with something that has more substance: Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars.

Ask Ausiello was teeming with questions and Gilmore love. Read 'em and weep. He posted his Q&A with Matt Czuchry which I thought was reallly nice.

As AA had hinted, Gilmore Girls' demise had given Veronica Mars LIFE. Yes, CW is now considering VM as a major player. Other shows that seem to be coming back are One Tree Hill (boo!) and Supernatural (yay!!).

Anyway, here are spoilers for the rest of VM's season before doing a title change. I like episode 19's title. I remember someone posting it on TWoP a few years back.

Episode 3.19: Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down
Airdate: May 22, 2007 at 8 p.m.

05/04 - Weevil is arrested for selling fake debit cards to Hearst students, but claims he is being framed because of his criminal background, and asks Veronica to clear his name. On Piz's radio show, Keith debates Vinnie (guest star Ken Marino, "Reno 911") about the upcoming election, while a tipsy Dick apologizes to Mac for the way he has treated her in the past. Veronica and Piz make up after their argument about spending their summer apart, and a mysterious sex tape of the two finds its way to the internet. Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs and Julie Gonzalo also star. Source: The CW

Episode 3.20: The Bitch Is Back (Season? finale)
Airdate: May 22, 2007

05/04 - Furious that Logan attacked Piz, Veronica tells Logan she wants nothing to do with him. Parker confronts Logan about still having feelings for Veronica, while Piz assures Veronica that he had nothing to do with the sex video. Veronica, with Weevil's help, investigates how the tape originated and discovers a person from her past is linked to The Castle and pays them a visit. With the re-election campaign nearing, Keith steps in to protect Veronica. Percy Daggs, Ryan Hansen and Tina Majorino also star. Source: The CW

Lastly, I am showing my annoyance that ABC is going to be moving Ugly Betty to SUNDAYs. With football in the fall, I bet the numbers won't be holding up as well as it is now. Reconsider, ABC!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

My PSA for the Day

BUY NO GAS on May 15th 2007

In April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight.

On May 15th 2007, all internet users are urged to not go to their local gas station in protest of high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places.

There are 73,000,000+ American members currently on the internet network, and the average car takes about 30 to 50 dollars to fill up.

If all users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,292,000,000.00 (that's almost 3 BILLION) out of the oil companies' pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and let's try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day.

If you agree (which I can't see why you wouldn't) copy, paste and email this to all your contact list. Or cut and paste and post this on your own blog.

''Don't pump gas on May 15th"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I am doing my share to advertise the return of VERONICA MARS tonight on the CW, right after Gilmore Girls.

Here's what is to expect in the next couple of episodes. Copy and paste this blog, visit the E!Online site, the Veronica Mars site, whatever you have to do to keep the show going.

If you don't have a clue as to what's going on, go to your local library and rent seasons 1 and 2. Netflix it, Blockbuster it. Just WATCH IT.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Veronica in Five Years (Or Next Season)?

Just as all shows start their last episodes before saying goodbye for another season, one is struggling to have its head honchos convinced that they need one more season. It may be a leap of faith on my behalf but Rob Thomas gave us a sliver of hope through Kristin V on E!Online.

If you're as hopeful as I am, see what the mastermind wants you to know and what you can do to keep the show going (crossing fingers involved).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bumbershoot 2007

I have to admit I miss being in the Pacific West Coast. Bumbershoot was a concert experience I miss. I love the musical talent, the artists that hang out, food and people galore. If that's not enough, there are movies, movies and movies! The whole event is an experience to behold.

So... if you're in and about the Emerald City (specifically the Seattle Center) around the first to third of September, join in the festivities!

For more information, check out the Bumbershoot's myspace page. If the lineup doesn't get you, consider yourself outdated.

Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and Another Actor in Rehab

It's Wednesday and here's the scoop from Ausiello. I've copied down the GG and VM news. More on his site for Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural scoop.

Again, thanks Mike!

Question: Thanks for keeping us updated on the nail-biting situation that is Gilmore Girls' possible eighth season. Please give us the latest update, even if it's that things are the same.— Heather M.

Ausiello: The 13-episode deal should've been signed, sealed and delivered by now. Something's obviously holding up the works. Maybe Sally Struthers is playing hardball.

Question: Can you please tell us in what episode and in what situation Luke and Lorelai will kiss after a year apart?— Audrey

Ausiello: God, you guys are an impatient bunch. (Spoiler alert) It happens in the season finale shortly after Luke single-handedly prevents Rory's graduation party from becoming a total washout. Do you also want to know how much tongue there is?

Question: I've been dying without Veronica Mars since it's gone on hiatus. Could you please give me some scoop on the new episodes?— Courtney

Ausiello: As I mentioned in the latest Ausiello Report vodcast, I've seen the next two episodes, and I'm ready to declare the new self-contained mystery experiment a resounding success. Not only does the new format rock, but I actually prefer it to the season-long arcs. And it's not like the show's serialized nature has been completely abandoned. Far from it. The continuing saga that is Veronica's love life actually gets extra play in these episodes. Major developments abound, and, strangely, most of them seem to occur in or around elevators.

Question: Your spoiler last week about Veronica telling Logan he's out of her life forever was unsettling.— Joan

Ausiello: No worries. After you watch the first two episodes, I have a feeling you'll be following my lead and switching to Team Pizonica. If their big kiss on May 1 doesn't win you over, the final scene on May 8 ought to do the trick.

Question: Any truth to the rumor that the CW did not jump for Veronica Mars' FBI scenario?— Lori

Ausiello: No truth whatsoever, actually. As I reported in the Ausiello Report, Mars' main man Rob Thomas was baffled by Enrico Colantoni's assertion that Dawn Ostroff rejected the FBI idea. I think his exact words were, "I have no earthly idea what Enrico is talking about." As Rob pointed out, the CW doesn't see (or hear) his pitches for next season until May 2.

Now for something completely different.

I tried doing what Stephen King did: naming as many actors that had gone to rehab while playing Amy Winehouse's song "Rehab". Here's the latest addition courtesy of IMDB.

Rhys Meyers Checks Into Rehab

Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has checked into rehab for alcohol abuse. The Tudors hunk, 29, entered an unspecified facility in the US earlier this week, his representative Meredith O'Sullivan has confirmed to America's People magazine. O'Sullivan says, "After a non-stop succession of filming Jonathan Rhys Meyers has entered an alcohol-treatment program. He felt a break was needed to maintain his recovery. Jonathan plans to resume his schedule following completion." Rhys Meyers has just finished filming August Rush opposite Terrence Howard and Robin Williams in New York City. The Dublin-born actor was arrested in January 2005 alongside then-girlfriend Reena Hammer under suspicion of assault and possession of cannabis. Charges against Rhys Meyers were later dropped. He referred to the incident as a "screaming match", which neighbors misheard as a physical fight.

BTW, the other actors I came up with are:

Drew Barrymore
Mel Gibson
Colin Farrell
Britney Spears
Lindsay Lohan
Kate Moss

Who can you come up with?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Gilmore Girls Scoop

I swear I need to be paid to keep tabs on this show. :D

Here's something to "hmmm" about.

Thanks again to Ausiello and his moles for giving us this scoop.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Peek Into Mars on May 1st!

Here's what you can expect of the first stand alone mystery Veronica must solve before the season ends.

There Is a God!

Since I've been on a 3-month "vacation", I've had the opportunity to watch evening TV. I haven't been given this opportunity since October 2002 so it was almost a Christmas present of sorts, especially from someone who loves primetime TV.

So imagine my surprise when 2 shows I don't watch did the inevitable.

Clyde Drexler got eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

Sanjaya got eliminated from American Idol.


Once Heather Mills gets eliminated from Dancing With the Stars (I think she gets pity votes since she's as stiff as starched outfits when she performs), I'll think the world will be back in order.

Man, if this could happen, we might be able to vote for a smarter president and get world peace up and running.

Here's to all things normal!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ausiello Scoop: The Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars Edition

It's refreshing to see the newest episode of Gilmore Girls. Seven years and running, I still cannot tolerate Taylor Doose. Why is that?

Anywhoo, here's the scoop from the Ausiello Report. Much more at the site but I just wanted to highlight the Gilmore Girls drama and what we're to expect at the land of Mars.

My big question: if V is going to say goodbye to Logan, does that mean he won't be around for next year's flash forward???

Question: I'm excited to hear about the possible shortened eighth season of Gilmore Girls. Got anything new to report on that front?— Heather

Ausiello: At the show's wrap party Sunday night, everyone and their sister was talking about the short order as if it was a done deal. The only sticking point appears to be the number of episodes. I'm hearing 13, but I imagine the CW is trying to stretch that to at least 16. An official announcement is imminent.

Question: Do you know anything about the season/series finale of Gilmore Girls?— Jeremy
Ausiello: I know that the townsfolk throw Rory a massive graduation party since most of them couldn't get tix to the real ceremony. I also know that the final scene features three characters and, per one source, "brings the show full circle."

Question: You rarely talk about Veronica Mars anymore. What gives? Please tell me you have some info about the upcoming five episodes.— Mary Wakefield
Ausiello: LoVe 'shippers, this is the time in "Sprockets" when you shield your eyes: In the May 29 season finale, Veronica tells Logan that he's out of her life forever.
Question: Damnit, man! You've neglected Veronica Mars fans for too long! Give us some scoop or I will dismember a Smurf doll.— Stephanie
Ausiello: How many times do I have to tell you people?! Threatening violence against the Smurfs will get you nowhere in this column!

Question: Please, Michael, give us some scoop on Veronica Mars. Anything, I beg of you. — Alvim
Ausiello: Begging, on the other hand, will get you everywhere. Two characters we haven't seen in quite some time will be featured prominently in the finale. And their names are *ak* K*** and *l*ren** *ied*an. (Yes, I'm aware I made that ridiculously easy. I give you gifts. Learn to accept them.)

==> Those wondering: it's Jake Kane and Deputy Leo (Max Greenfield, who also plays Alexis' assistant in Ugly Betty)

Monday, April 16, 2007

SPOILERS (and Another Hint of GG's Demise)

Courtesy of Kristin V of E!Online.

Here's the juicy stuff I got covering Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars (squee!!!) and Gilmore Girls (sob):

Daniela in Brazil: Any news on Bette la Fea?
Claro que sim! The next new episode of Ugly Betty, which airs this week, is fantastic. You must watch. There's a surprise wedding proposal (not a good surprise), and there's a surprise twist to Daniel's latest conquest (again, not a good surprise). Plus, two characters who haven't hooked up before will hook up! And Betty will endure two breakups (not of the romantic nature) before the week is up. (Sniffle.) It's a juicy little ep.

Carl in Phoenix: What's the word on Veronica Mars?
Looks like a few old friends will come back for the finale. As I told you a few weeks back, Max Greenfield (Deputy Leo, who also has a hilarious comeback on this week's Ugly Betty as Amanda sinks her claws in to try and take his job), will return to Veronica for at least one episode, including the season finale. And Jake Kane will also be back! Now, as long as this isn't a fond farewell finale and just a season finale, I'm all for this. Oh, and by the way, I hear that if Veronica were to continue, Rob Thomas is interested in doing a storyline between Deputy Leo and Daddy Mars—yet another reason to renew.

Glo in Boston: Any scoop on Gilmore Girls? Any gossip on it coming back? Some say yes, others say no.
You aren't going to like this (sorry, it's hard for me to report!) but I think you can add Damian Pelliccione into the "no" column. He has a small part on the show as Rory's friend Lance, and at the GLAAD Awards, he said: "I have one or two more episodes and that's it; my character dies off—no, doesn't die really, just the show's dying. And you'll see a lot of switching between Rory and Lorelai's character toward the end—it's a big juxtaposition. I can't give too much away, but you really see Rory grow up and mature by the end of this season."

Here's the link to Ausiello's version of the GG drama.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gilmore Gossip: Read Only if You Want Spoilers

Courtesy of Spoilerfix.com

Episode 7.19: It's Just Like Riding a Bike
Airdate: April 24, 2007

04/05 - Lorelai stops into Luke's diner for breakfast for the first time since their break-up, but finds they are awkward and uncomfortable together. Later, Lorelai's Jeep breaks down and she asks Luke to help her shop for a new car. While they look at cars, Lorelai and Luke's irritation with one another finally explodes into a fight, which Lorelai secretly takes as a good sign. Meanwhile, Paris gets accepted to numerous law schools and medical schools, and decides she must break up with Doyle (guest star Danny Strong) so their relationship won't influence her choice of a graduate school. Finally, Rory gets a surprising letter that will impact her future plans. Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale and Sean Gunn also star. Source: The CW

Episode 7.21: Title Unknown
Airdate: May 8, 2007

04/04 - According to Madeleine, a USC student, the show filmed the graduation scenes on USC's campus. The graduation scene features Christopher and Lorelai standing and cheering for Rory. Emily and Richard were also there. Madeleine didn't notice Sookie, Luke, or anyone else in the "friends" category but that doesn't mean they won't attend. When Rory and Logan break up, Rory will still be in her graduation garb and will hand him back a black ring box. He takes it and walks away. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat

General Spoilers:

04/04 - SpoilerFix.com visitor, MacKenzie, emailed us some spoilers after going on a WB VIP set tour. "We saw that Lorelai's doll house, that she so loved that we saw in an episode many many moons ago that Richard brought her, was all smashed up is if it had been thrown or something hit it when we toured the set of Richard and Emily's house! Also, Richard and Emiy's house had a "For Sale" sign posted on the front of their house by the front door!" Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat

... So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye... GOOD BYE

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gagging- The Music Issue

I was reading Popwatch when this was posted. Man, and I thought I was bad.

In the spirit of all things corny, here's my contribution:

Breathe- Midge Ure
Angels- Robbie Williams (Jessica Simpson should have NEVER remade this song)
Brick- Ben Folds (although this isn't a sweet song, it's still a ballad!)
Kiss The Rain- Billie Myers
I Don't Like Mondays- Boomtown Rats (Yes, this is not another of the feel good ballads- talk about having a bad day
Bad Day- Daniel Powter
Fall Behind- Candlebox (OMG, talk about angst ridden teenage years in Seattle. Where is my lighter?)
Never Surrender- Corey Hart
Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
Don't Dream It's Over- Crowded House
Cannonball- Damien Rice

That's my list. If you notice, not all are lovey dovey as "I'll Be". Then again, I am not normal... Ask anyone related to me. What's your top 10? (Yes, I know I put in 11 but Bad Day is so recent it shouldn't count)

So here's my rule: Don't repeat anything that's posted. If it is on the popwatch list, you have to put an asterisk on it and don't count it as part of your 10 songs.


Friday, March 23, 2007

CW Show Change Up and This Year's SOS

I don't know what the green channel is up to but here are some dates to remember:

Gilmore Girls comes back 17 April to give May its final episodes undivided hurrah. The season finale (and mayhap series, thanks to Alexis Bledel) is expected to be seen 15 May.

Whether this is good news or not, Veronica Mars will be back (no changes, thank goodness) 1 May, giving the whole month the 4 stand alone episodes left in the critically acclaimed show.


It's that time of the year! Kristin V on E!Online is hosting another Save One Show (SOS) survey. Please vote and let your voice be heard.

It has saved Veronica twice and One Tree Hill (which I am embarrassed to hear had been saved). Some of the shows hanging on the balance is Veronica Mars, Supernatural and What About Brian. Other contenders are 30 Rock, Scrubs, Friday Night Lights and How I Met Your Mother. There are other shows mentioned but these were at least the shows I've seen at least once and may have liked to watch if I had any time to do so.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Heart Ugly Betty

Let's start with Alexis Meade's right hand man: Deputy Leo!!!

I thought it was cool to see the guy get a job despite not having any speaking lines. Maybe if he took out the marbles in his mouth?

Second, OMG, Henry knowing what Betty likes and loves? Too cute. I don't know if Walter even could do that if he was still with Betty.

Third: Justin. He was hilarious with the "Save Claire" shirt he wore. Only on this show would a 12 year old kid would idolize a murderer with extenuating circumstances.

Lastly, Marc. Him kissing Betty and having her pretend to be his girlfriend was too funny! A gay guy kissing a braced girl was just too much. However, I felt bad for him when his mom rejected him when he came out of the closet.

I know a lot of peeps can't stand the show because the first ep of the show was painful to watch. Since that "ugly" episode, the show has grown to be the show filled with "cojones".

Can't wait to see where Silvio Horta takes us next season (or how he'll end this season)! All I know is, this is so not "Yo soy Betty, la fea".

It Needs To Die a Quick Death

October Road needs to die...

Die, I say.

Not for any reason but to save 2 careers: particularly Laura Prepon's and Brian Greenberg's.

I've sacrificed my 2nd of 3 braincells to watch this show because I promised to give it a second chance. (The other? I was feeding the Monster and I cannot reach the remote.)

Here's what I cannot take about the show:

1. A non-college graduate becomes a professor in a university.
2. A guy who has supposedly moved on now regresses into a past that never moved on... I mean, come on! Even me, coming from a neighborhood of losers in the K County district have losers that moved on and I don't just mean age-wise.
3. The show has a BAD soundtrack. I can take the first episode doing 80s music but it's establishing time that had passed. Being on the current time, music should be more relevant.
4. The characters are stiff and whiny.
5. The few funny lines are too few and far between.
6. Stoner jokes? Not so funny.
7. Guys that try and have sex with ex-BFF's crushes is so junior high. No decent late 20s guy would do that thing if they respected themselves.

Is that enough? Please add to the list as to why you hate the show or if you like it, let me know why I should waste my last brain cell on the next episode. Even Sam can't save this for me at this point.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ausiello Report: GG Carrying VM?

Off from the Ausiello Report at TVguide.com

CW Pitting Mars vs Girls? Plus: Kudrow on Grey's 2.0?
You know what they say about rumors: Most of 'em are true. Except in this case.

Lisa Kudrow is not — let me repeat, not — joining the cast of Grey's 2.0. As one ABC source flatly puts it, "All of the roles have been cast."

And while we're clearing up false rumors, let me set the record straight about all this Veronica Mars fourth-season flash-forward business. Contrary to reports, Rob Thomas' retooled Mars would not take place at an FBI Academy, with Veronica serving as a trainee. Our favorite snarky sleuth would be an actual agent. Personally, I love the idea — even though it would probably trigger a major cast purge.

There's also a rumor floating around that Mars' fate rests in the hands of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. Maybe, maybe not. While one insider says, "Clearly, Gilmore Girls not coming back would help Veronica Mars a lot," still another insists, "One has absolutely nothing to do with the other."

Either way, let's hope this whole mess gets resolved sooner rather than later. My faint heart can only take so much.

Of course, if we had to pick Girls or Mars, which one would we save and why? Cast your vote below! (I have it on good authority that this column is required reading for Dawn Ostroff.)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Saving Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls Swan Guest

Kristin V from E!Online reported earlier the almost sad demise of Veronica Mars. According to her, the show has been put on the chopping block. However, writer/creator Rob Thomas said he hasn't heard any axing news as of yet. But, headsters on the green channel suggested certain changes to keep viewers watching.

Here's what they suggested and what you can do to keep the show going.

If option three is chosen I would rather be surprised who'd be around to keep V company. Honestly, if they pick this option, I will be sad because it would be another SVU or something in that manner.

I still love my V but if they change the formula for the novice show, I will be really, really sad.

Here's something from Ausiello that shows Piz isn't going to be back for the CW show (and had fueled the fire to the VM axing).

Big Scoop! Grey's 2.0 Adds Alias Grad and "Amy"

Grey's 2.0 just got a major infusion of girl power.

Sources confirm that Alias' Merrin Dungey and Judging Amy's Amy Brenneman have joined the cast of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, er, I mean "the enhanced two-hour Grey's Anatomy episode with a potential for afterlife." Based on recent intel, my guess is Dungey will be playing a psychiatrist, and Brenneman a fertility specialist. But it could be the other way around.

The duo's hiring puts to rest speculation (or concern?) that Kate Walsh would find herself surrounded by a mostly-male ensemble -- buzz that only intensified with the recent casting of Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Paul Adelstein and Chris Lowell.

Pretty ftaktastic cast, if you ask me. This thing is really gonna have to suck to fail. You agree?

Gilmore Exclusive: Rory Finally Meets Her Idol!
Say what you want about this season's Gilmore Girls, but show-runner Dave Rosenthal has succeeded in at least one area where Team Palladino failed: He's arranged for Rory to finally come face-to-face with her longtime idol, Christiane Amanpour!

According to multiple Girls sources, CNN's internationally renowned newshound will make a cameo in the show's May 8 season (and likely series) finale. Amanpour's scene is still being written, so all that's known at this point is that she will be playing herself.

As anyone with a passing interest in Gilmore Girls knows, Amy and Dan were relentless in their bid to lure Amanpour to Stars Hollow during their six-year reign. They almost succeeded in getting her late last season, but a scheduling conflict derailed things at the 11th hour. They left shortly afterwards and, well, the rest is history. Whatever mixed feelings they have about the show these days, I gotta think this news will put a smile on their faces.

Now, regarding the small matter of the show's "likely series finale," all I can say is that you might want to start saying your goodbyes now. Talks to bring the show back for an eighth season have stalled, and, according to several sources, there's little hope for a turnaround.

On the bright side, Rory's finally gonna meet Christiane Amanpour!


Lastly, watched October Road last night despite my date with the Sandman.

What did I think of the show? Hmm, could've been better. Again, I'd like to reiterate the fact that I like Brian Greenberg and Laura Prepon. I am glad they actually have chemistry on screen. Sadly, their lines are a little stilted.

Whom I was surprised with was the character, Sam, who Nick thinks is his son. He is very smart, precocious and smart mouthed. No, 9 year old kids do not talk like him but I can see myself being more entertained with someone who can pretend to speak adult talk than an adult that speaks like a dolt.

I still cannot "commit" to this show. I give it a C at this point, hoping (like Men in Trees) that the show gets better writing or that the pace would be less choppy.

If there's any incentive, the kid that plays Mouth on One Tree Hill is also on this show. Does this mean that OTH is actually going to have a slow, painful death?

I hope so.

Monday, March 12, 2007

No More GG?

According to Kristin's clip, Gilmore Girls' 8th season is more than likely a no-go. David Rosenthal is looking for a new gig, Alexis Bledel doesn't want to renew her contract and the vocal Lauren Graham has already said she would not be doing another season without her on-screen daughter.

*Sigh*. It was good while it lasted.

On another note: Amy Sherman-Palladino's (creator of Gilmore Girls) newest project, The Return of Jezebel James, seems to be taking shape. Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose are going to be playing siblings on this latest show. Being Denny-ized (for those that don't follow Grey's Anatomy, that's when a character is resurrected by the creator, albeit on a different show) on this series is Scott Cohen (Mr Max Medina). Excited? Well, let's see what else happens.

I know I have no time for any more TV but there is one show I am kind of waiting to watch and that's ABC's latest show, October Road. Brian Greenberg (formerly of OTH) and Laura Prepon (formerly of That 70s Show) are a couple that have to tie some loose ends after Nick's 6 weeks' disappearance turns into a decade long absence filled with intrigue, anger and pain after he releases a novel based on his life in his stomping grounds.

Not a lot of critics are giving this show a go but I've always liked Brian Greenberg and Laura Prepon. Plus, this is the first show I've seen Tom Berenger work in forever! Let me know (if you watch it) what you think.

Lastly, George and Izzy getting it on??? Oh please, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blood and Guts Never Looked So Good

300 never looked so good.

Frank Miller's graphic novel put to screen was a titillating event that I could not take my eyes off: filled with half naked men with 8-packs (not 6!) and sensual women. As I woman, I would've been upset with some of the skin exposure but then, if I had the bodies of the woman in this movie, I would've writhed in scraps of cloth and smaoke myself!

Anyway, what was 300 about? It's all about the Spartan/Persian war, known as the war of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans went up against King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), an 8-foot tall Persian, who fancied himself a man-god among mortals. Of course, King Leonidas (Scottish actor Gerard Butler), would not sacrifice his people and his countrymen despite the priests and counselmen's blatant decision not to fight against the millions of soldiers sent to the Greek region.

300 is definitely not going to be replacing "Gone With The Wind" as the movie of all time, but at $68 million, it maximizes its almost unknown cast (although Faromir from LOTR is in it) to its potential, its score is actually pretty cool with a mixture of Persian, classical sounds and some really great heavy metal subliminally played during the battle scenes. Lastly, the computer generated graphics in this movie was used well to enhance the story, making the world of the Spartans more believable and realistic.

Overall, I loved it. If you wanted great storytelling, better than what was portrayed in movies like Troy and Alexander, you won't be sold short on this.

If it was, take is as an eye candy movie. I know I did!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Keeping Me From Insanity

With the Justin countdown keeping me on my toes, I had to divert my attention elsewhere before I drive myself and the Nilly bonkers.

So what do I do? I decided to make myself into an M&M.

Give it a try. Just don't try "eating yourself" out after all the chocolatey goodness (or in my case gigglyness) gets into your brain.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spoilers Galore

Mike Ausiello has some great spoilers about Heroes, Gilmore Girls (yay! Rory and Logan are parting ways!), Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy, to name a few.

Visit and talk amongst yourself... Let me know what piqued your curiosity.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

America Loves Ugly

I am so glad to see America Ferrera win.

Ever since I've seen her in Sisterhood and Real Women have Curves, I knew she was destined for greatness. So, when she won the Golden Globes for her role as Betty Suarez, I couldn't be any prouder.

She is smart, eloquent, and poised. She may not be as bold and sexy as her former boss (and show executive) Sofia Reyes (Salma Hayek) but she is the embodiment of WHAT women should be.

Speaking of which, what did you think of the last episode, "Sofia's Choice"? Man, that episode was harsh. Sure, Daniel was as predatory as Sofia but having his heart ripped out and strung in public for a magazine launch, Sofia's to be exact, was more than a low blow. Sofia was predatory, all business, very exacting. Never have I felt so sad for Daniel!

How about Becki Newton, Amanda, who also played Ruthie, the original Ugly Betty in Sofia's MYW mag? Priceless. She is such a pretty girl made ugly. Not that I am saying AF is not tough transforming her from pretty to ugly but man! That was so great.

I know a lot of people thought it was painful watching the first episodes of UB but I swear, if you haven't caught it yet, watch it. The story is getting really great especially with Daniel disappearing and Fay finally resurrecting from the dead. Let's also hope Papa Suarez is also out of hot water with his citizenship and that Justin would be back for more fashion commentary. He's so hilarious.

Friday, January 05, 2007

When's Regular TV Back?

With the Christmas season over, we are once met with the dilemma of knowing when our favorite shows are coming back to the small screen without them being reruns.

I know, I know, with the invention of TiVo, other recording devices and the Big 3 showing a large number of their episodes streaming on their sites, here's a list of the schedule without you having to download anything.

As per usual, I give credit to the Diva herself, K of E!Online:

According to Jim (ABC) at 8 p.m.
Beauty and the Geek (CW) at 8 p.m. (2-hour premiere)
Friday Night Lights (NBC) at 8 p.m.
Medium (NBC) at 10 p.m.

My Name is Earl (NBC) at 8 p.m.
Ugly Betty (ABC) at 8 p.m.
The Office (NBC) at 8:30 p.m.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) at 9 p.m.
The O.C. (FOX) at 9 p.m. (last 8 remaining episodes. Rumor mill has it that CW might pick this up, making it an Anti-Gilmore show. We'll see, right?)
Scrubs (NBC) at 9 p.m.
30 Rock (NBC) at 9:30 p.m.
ER (NBC) at 10 p.m.
Shark (CBS) at 10 p.m.

Ghost Whisperer (CBS) at 8 p.m.
Nanny 911 (FOX) at 8 p.m.
Las Vegas (NBC) at 9 p.m.
Trading Spouses (FOX) at 9 p.m. (Someone actually watches this show???)
Law and Order (NBC) at 10 p.m.
Numb3rs (CBS) at 10 p.m.

America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC) at 7 p.m.
Reba (CW) at 7:30
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) at 8 p.m.
Grease: You're the One I Want (NBC) at 8 p.m. (90-minute premiere) (Why is NBC trying SO hard???)
The Simpsons (FOX) at 8 p.m.
American Dad (FOX) at 8:30 p.m.
The Apprentice (NBC) at 9:30 p.m. (90-minute premiere)
Cold Case (CBS) at 9 p.m.
Desperate Housewives (ABC) at 9 p.m.
Family Guy (FOX) at 9 p.m.
Brothers and Sisters (ABC) at 10 p.m.
The L Word (Showtime) at 10 p.m.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) at 8 p.m.
The Class (CBS) at 8:30 p.m.
Supernanny (ABC) at 9 p.m.
Two and a Half Men (CBS) at 9 p.m.
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS) at 9:30 p.m.
CSI: Miami (CBS) at 10 p.m.
What About Brian? (ABC) at 10 p.m.
Wife Swap (ABC) at 8 p.m. (I still don't see the point of this show)

House (FOX) at 9 p.m.
Boston Legal (ABC) at 10 p.m.

Criminal Minds (CBS) at 9 p.m.
One Tree Hill (CW) at 9 p.m.
CSI: NY (CBS) at 10 p.m.
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (Oxygen) at 10 p.m.

Smallville (CW) at 8 p.m.
Grey's Anatomy (ABC) at 9 p.m.
Supernatural (CW) at 9 p.m.
Men in Trees (ABC) at 10 p.m.
Nashville Star (USA) at 10 p.m. (75-minute premiere)
The Ultimate Fighter (Spike TV) at 10 p.m.

7th Heaven (CW) at 8 p.m. (Uhm, the Camdens still exist?)
24 (FOX) at 8 p.m. (2-hour premiere)
Rome (HBO) at 9 p.m.
Extras (HBO) at 10 p.m.
Crossing Jordan (NBC) at 10 p.m.
Footballers Wives: Overtime (BBC America) at 10 p.m.
Without a Trace (CBS) at 10 p.m.

Everybody Hates Chris (CW) at 8 p.m.
All of Us (CW) at 8:30 p.m.
Girlfriends (CW) at 9 p.m.
My Super Sweet 16 (MTV) at 9 p.m. (Puke show! Why?)
The Game (CW) at 9:30 p.m.
The Hills (MTV) at 10 p.m.

American Idol (FOX) at 8 p.m. (2-hour premiere)
N.C.I.S. (CBS) at 8 p.m.
The Unit (CBS) at 9 p.m.
The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo) at 10 p.m.

Monk (USA) at 9 p.m.
Psych (USA) at 10 p.m.

Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi) at 10 p.m.

Prison Break (FOX) at 8 p.m.
Heroes (NBC) at 9 p.m.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC) at 10 p.m.

Gilmore Girls (CW) at 8 p.m.
Veronica Mars (CW) at 9 p.m.

Bones (FOX) at 8 p.m.
The George Lopez Show (ABC) at 8 p.m.

King of the Hill (FOX) at 8:30 p.m.

Road Rules (MTV) at 9 p.m.
Two-a-Days (MTV) at 10 p.m.