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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gagging- The Music Issue

I was reading Popwatch when this was posted. Man, and I thought I was bad.

In the spirit of all things corny, here's my contribution:

Breathe- Midge Ure
Angels- Robbie Williams (Jessica Simpson should have NEVER remade this song)
Brick- Ben Folds (although this isn't a sweet song, it's still a ballad!)
Kiss The Rain- Billie Myers
I Don't Like Mondays- Boomtown Rats (Yes, this is not another of the feel good ballads- talk about having a bad day
Bad Day- Daniel Powter
Fall Behind- Candlebox (OMG, talk about angst ridden teenage years in Seattle. Where is my lighter?)
Never Surrender- Corey Hart
Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
Don't Dream It's Over- Crowded House
Cannonball- Damien Rice

That's my list. If you notice, not all are lovey dovey as "I'll Be". Then again, I am not normal... Ask anyone related to me. What's your top 10? (Yes, I know I put in 11 but Bad Day is so recent it shouldn't count)

So here's my rule: Don't repeat anything that's posted. If it is on the popwatch list, you have to put an asterisk on it and don't count it as part of your 10 songs.


Friday, March 23, 2007

CW Show Change Up and This Year's SOS

I don't know what the green channel is up to but here are some dates to remember:

Gilmore Girls comes back 17 April to give May its final episodes undivided hurrah. The season finale (and mayhap series, thanks to Alexis Bledel) is expected to be seen 15 May.

Whether this is good news or not, Veronica Mars will be back (no changes, thank goodness) 1 May, giving the whole month the 4 stand alone episodes left in the critically acclaimed show.


It's that time of the year! Kristin V on E!Online is hosting another Save One Show (SOS) survey. Please vote and let your voice be heard.

It has saved Veronica twice and One Tree Hill (which I am embarrassed to hear had been saved). Some of the shows hanging on the balance is Veronica Mars, Supernatural and What About Brian. Other contenders are 30 Rock, Scrubs, Friday Night Lights and How I Met Your Mother. There are other shows mentioned but these were at least the shows I've seen at least once and may have liked to watch if I had any time to do so.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Heart Ugly Betty

Let's start with Alexis Meade's right hand man: Deputy Leo!!!

I thought it was cool to see the guy get a job despite not having any speaking lines. Maybe if he took out the marbles in his mouth?

Second, OMG, Henry knowing what Betty likes and loves? Too cute. I don't know if Walter even could do that if he was still with Betty.

Third: Justin. He was hilarious with the "Save Claire" shirt he wore. Only on this show would a 12 year old kid would idolize a murderer with extenuating circumstances.

Lastly, Marc. Him kissing Betty and having her pretend to be his girlfriend was too funny! A gay guy kissing a braced girl was just too much. However, I felt bad for him when his mom rejected him when he came out of the closet.

I know a lot of peeps can't stand the show because the first ep of the show was painful to watch. Since that "ugly" episode, the show has grown to be the show filled with "cojones".

Can't wait to see where Silvio Horta takes us next season (or how he'll end this season)! All I know is, this is so not "Yo soy Betty, la fea".

It Needs To Die a Quick Death

October Road needs to die...

Die, I say.

Not for any reason but to save 2 careers: particularly Laura Prepon's and Brian Greenberg's.

I've sacrificed my 2nd of 3 braincells to watch this show because I promised to give it a second chance. (The other? I was feeding the Monster and I cannot reach the remote.)

Here's what I cannot take about the show:

1. A non-college graduate becomes a professor in a university.
2. A guy who has supposedly moved on now regresses into a past that never moved on... I mean, come on! Even me, coming from a neighborhood of losers in the K County district have losers that moved on and I don't just mean age-wise.
3. The show has a BAD soundtrack. I can take the first episode doing 80s music but it's establishing time that had passed. Being on the current time, music should be more relevant.
4. The characters are stiff and whiny.
5. The few funny lines are too few and far between.
6. Stoner jokes? Not so funny.
7. Guys that try and have sex with ex-BFF's crushes is so junior high. No decent late 20s guy would do that thing if they respected themselves.

Is that enough? Please add to the list as to why you hate the show or if you like it, let me know why I should waste my last brain cell on the next episode. Even Sam can't save this for me at this point.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ausiello Report: GG Carrying VM?

Off from the Ausiello Report at TVguide.com

CW Pitting Mars vs Girls? Plus: Kudrow on Grey's 2.0?
You know what they say about rumors: Most of 'em are true. Except in this case.

Lisa Kudrow is not — let me repeat, not — joining the cast of Grey's 2.0. As one ABC source flatly puts it, "All of the roles have been cast."

And while we're clearing up false rumors, let me set the record straight about all this Veronica Mars fourth-season flash-forward business. Contrary to reports, Rob Thomas' retooled Mars would not take place at an FBI Academy, with Veronica serving as a trainee. Our favorite snarky sleuth would be an actual agent. Personally, I love the idea — even though it would probably trigger a major cast purge.

There's also a rumor floating around that Mars' fate rests in the hands of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. Maybe, maybe not. While one insider says, "Clearly, Gilmore Girls not coming back would help Veronica Mars a lot," still another insists, "One has absolutely nothing to do with the other."

Either way, let's hope this whole mess gets resolved sooner rather than later. My faint heart can only take so much.

Of course, if we had to pick Girls or Mars, which one would we save and why? Cast your vote below! (I have it on good authority that this column is required reading for Dawn Ostroff.)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Saving Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls Swan Guest

Kristin V from E!Online reported earlier the almost sad demise of Veronica Mars. According to her, the show has been put on the chopping block. However, writer/creator Rob Thomas said he hasn't heard any axing news as of yet. But, headsters on the green channel suggested certain changes to keep viewers watching.

Here's what they suggested and what you can do to keep the show going.

If option three is chosen I would rather be surprised who'd be around to keep V company. Honestly, if they pick this option, I will be sad because it would be another SVU or something in that manner.

I still love my V but if they change the formula for the novice show, I will be really, really sad.

Here's something from Ausiello that shows Piz isn't going to be back for the CW show (and had fueled the fire to the VM axing).

Big Scoop! Grey's 2.0 Adds Alias Grad and "Amy"

Grey's 2.0 just got a major infusion of girl power.

Sources confirm that Alias' Merrin Dungey and Judging Amy's Amy Brenneman have joined the cast of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, er, I mean "the enhanced two-hour Grey's Anatomy episode with a potential for afterlife." Based on recent intel, my guess is Dungey will be playing a psychiatrist, and Brenneman a fertility specialist. But it could be the other way around.

The duo's hiring puts to rest speculation (or concern?) that Kate Walsh would find herself surrounded by a mostly-male ensemble -- buzz that only intensified with the recent casting of Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Paul Adelstein and Chris Lowell.

Pretty ftaktastic cast, if you ask me. This thing is really gonna have to suck to fail. You agree?

Gilmore Exclusive: Rory Finally Meets Her Idol!
Say what you want about this season's Gilmore Girls, but show-runner Dave Rosenthal has succeeded in at least one area where Team Palladino failed: He's arranged for Rory to finally come face-to-face with her longtime idol, Christiane Amanpour!

According to multiple Girls sources, CNN's internationally renowned newshound will make a cameo in the show's May 8 season (and likely series) finale. Amanpour's scene is still being written, so all that's known at this point is that she will be playing herself.

As anyone with a passing interest in Gilmore Girls knows, Amy and Dan were relentless in their bid to lure Amanpour to Stars Hollow during their six-year reign. They almost succeeded in getting her late last season, but a scheduling conflict derailed things at the 11th hour. They left shortly afterwards and, well, the rest is history. Whatever mixed feelings they have about the show these days, I gotta think this news will put a smile on their faces.

Now, regarding the small matter of the show's "likely series finale," all I can say is that you might want to start saying your goodbyes now. Talks to bring the show back for an eighth season have stalled, and, according to several sources, there's little hope for a turnaround.

On the bright side, Rory's finally gonna meet Christiane Amanpour!


Lastly, watched October Road last night despite my date with the Sandman.

What did I think of the show? Hmm, could've been better. Again, I'd like to reiterate the fact that I like Brian Greenberg and Laura Prepon. I am glad they actually have chemistry on screen. Sadly, their lines are a little stilted.

Whom I was surprised with was the character, Sam, who Nick thinks is his son. He is very smart, precocious and smart mouthed. No, 9 year old kids do not talk like him but I can see myself being more entertained with someone who can pretend to speak adult talk than an adult that speaks like a dolt.

I still cannot "commit" to this show. I give it a C at this point, hoping (like Men in Trees) that the show gets better writing or that the pace would be less choppy.

If there's any incentive, the kid that plays Mouth on One Tree Hill is also on this show. Does this mean that OTH is actually going to have a slow, painful death?

I hope so.

Monday, March 12, 2007

No More GG?

According to Kristin's clip, Gilmore Girls' 8th season is more than likely a no-go. David Rosenthal is looking for a new gig, Alexis Bledel doesn't want to renew her contract and the vocal Lauren Graham has already said she would not be doing another season without her on-screen daughter.

*Sigh*. It was good while it lasted.

On another note: Amy Sherman-Palladino's (creator of Gilmore Girls) newest project, The Return of Jezebel James, seems to be taking shape. Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose are going to be playing siblings on this latest show. Being Denny-ized (for those that don't follow Grey's Anatomy, that's when a character is resurrected by the creator, albeit on a different show) on this series is Scott Cohen (Mr Max Medina). Excited? Well, let's see what else happens.

I know I have no time for any more TV but there is one show I am kind of waiting to watch and that's ABC's latest show, October Road. Brian Greenberg (formerly of OTH) and Laura Prepon (formerly of That 70s Show) are a couple that have to tie some loose ends after Nick's 6 weeks' disappearance turns into a decade long absence filled with intrigue, anger and pain after he releases a novel based on his life in his stomping grounds.

Not a lot of critics are giving this show a go but I've always liked Brian Greenberg and Laura Prepon. Plus, this is the first show I've seen Tom Berenger work in forever! Let me know (if you watch it) what you think.

Lastly, George and Izzy getting it on??? Oh please, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blood and Guts Never Looked So Good

300 never looked so good.

Frank Miller's graphic novel put to screen was a titillating event that I could not take my eyes off: filled with half naked men with 8-packs (not 6!) and sensual women. As I woman, I would've been upset with some of the skin exposure but then, if I had the bodies of the woman in this movie, I would've writhed in scraps of cloth and smaoke myself!

Anyway, what was 300 about? It's all about the Spartan/Persian war, known as the war of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans went up against King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), an 8-foot tall Persian, who fancied himself a man-god among mortals. Of course, King Leonidas (Scottish actor Gerard Butler), would not sacrifice his people and his countrymen despite the priests and counselmen's blatant decision not to fight against the millions of soldiers sent to the Greek region.

300 is definitely not going to be replacing "Gone With The Wind" as the movie of all time, but at $68 million, it maximizes its almost unknown cast (although Faromir from LOTR is in it) to its potential, its score is actually pretty cool with a mixture of Persian, classical sounds and some really great heavy metal subliminally played during the battle scenes. Lastly, the computer generated graphics in this movie was used well to enhance the story, making the world of the Spartans more believable and realistic.

Overall, I loved it. If you wanted great storytelling, better than what was portrayed in movies like Troy and Alexander, you won't be sold short on this.

If it was, take is as an eye candy movie. I know I did!!!