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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Too Much PDA

P.D.A.- Public Display of Affection

As everyone knows, Jennifer Garner is now an Affleck. Ben made an honest woman out of her. Of course, they put the carriage before the horse but these are the modern times, right?

Now everyone is getting engaged or married.

Let's see, in this week alone, Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley had announced their engagement, Pink proposed to her boyfriend Carey Hart and Bo Bice (gosh, when did AI popsters get to be so famous?) had tied the knot with his girlfriend, Caroline. Too much info.

If that's not enough, Michelle Williams is having Heath Ledger's kid and Melissa Joan Hart is having a baby with her hubby/rocker Mark Wilkerson!

Do you think there is something in the water other than crazy TomKat?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Nail on the Coffin

My Weevil. My handsome Weevil. You're reduced! I was upset. I can't take this anymore.

I credit all my information to TV Guide's Ask Ausiello. Don't shoot me!


Ausiello: So what are these changes UPN president Dawn Ostroff wants you to make to Veronica Mars next season? I'm worried.

Rob Thomas: They're not major. She wants more presence from twentysomething characters in the show. She wants a bit more diversity in the cast. And she wants it sexier, which we feel we're accomplishing by playing up the Logan-Veronica-Duncan triangle in Season 2. They're not jamming us too hard on anything that hurts the integrity of the show.

Ausiello: What twentysomething characters? New ones?

Thomas: I know the Tara Reid rumor got out there, which really tended to freak people out. Per UPN's notes, they feel like, "We're putting you guys after our top show — America's Next Top Model — and we want you to retain some of the audience. So put somebody in there who represents that age group." Which was fine. I had planned on adding a sort of trophy wife/stepmother to Beaver and Dick Casablancas next season. And then we were just putting lists together of people who could play her and Tara Reid was on a list. I'm not sure how it got to the point that we had hired her, but that's not going to happen.

Ausiello: Tara Reid's not going to happen?

Thomas: Right.

Ausiello: Phew.

Thomas: But the character is — at least partially to address UPN's desire to get more of a twentysomething presence. They wanted us to have Veronica take some college classes to bring more twentysomethings into the show.

Ausiello: You're joking. Please tell me you're joking.

Thomas: It's not even creatively that I hated that note. I didn't. It's just that we're so stretched financially. And budgetwise, I don't have college sets; I don't have college actors. It would have been a huge budgetary problem, so we're trying to address the twentysomething note in a more financially prudent way.

Ausiello: Tell me a little bit more about the trophy-wife character.

Thomas: She'll be in her mid-twenties, a former Laker girl. Think Bonnie Bakley but with better looks.

Ausiello: The diversity thing kind of baffles me. Your cast is already pretty diverse.

Thomas: That's what I thought, too. [Laughs] They have asked for another African-American female in our cast, which we are going to do. She will be a student.

Ausiello: What about rumors of a new, older love interest for Veronica?

Thomas: That was just one of the things they threw up on the board. And it was all wrapped up in that "Veronica can take college classes and maybe she can become involved with an older guy" thing, which made me think, "Didn't we do that last year?"

Ausiello: Do they watch the show?

Thomas: They do watch the show. It's funny, following Top Model, they're really hitting us to appeal to that audience. And I'm happy to do that as long as the integrity of the show remains. The 28-year-old trophy-wife stepmother is sort of a traditional noir character, so I'm happy to include it. I think we can find a happy balance between art and commerce.

Ausiello: Is it true that you're killing off a major character?

Thomas: No. The thing I read was in Episode 6 we're gonna kill off one of our main characters, and that's not true. But in order to make the budget work, a number of actors on the show lost a few episodes in their contracts. I wouldn't have done that of my own volition. That was forced on me.

Ausiello: Were Logan or Papa Mars impacted?

Thomas: No, it's not Logan or her father. It's just about everyone else.

Ausiello: Are we talking drastic reductions? Like some characters are only gonna be in one or two episodes?

Thomas: No, no, no. Far from that. It's like one went from 22 to 16. One went from 16 to 12.

Ausiello: Weevill (Francis Capra)?

Thomas: He's gone from 16 to 12.

Ausiello: Deputy Leo (Max Greenfield)?

Thomas: Max has a new comedy [Modern Men] on WB next fall. Max is one of my favorite people to work with. He has said any day he has off he's willing to come down to San Diego and shoot Veronica Mars. I actually have him written into a scene in the first episode. The question is whether his schedule and our budget will allow it. But the scene won't be, "He's going away!" I think we could always go back to Deputy Leo. I like having him handy. I like Veronica having a relationship with somebody in the local sheriff's department.

Ausiello: Aaron Echolls (Harry Hamlin)?

Thomas: We actually have him in the budget for two episodes. Seeing Aaron again in Season 2 around the time his trial rolls around is something we're planning on; it's on our storyboard. But at the same time, we're going to introduce a couple new important sets of parents, in the same way we got to know the Kanes and Ackles in Season 1.

Ausiello: Whose parents?

Thomas: One will be the father of the new African-American character, who we have not cast yet. I think the name of the character is Terrence Chase, and his daughter is Jackie Chase. And then we're going to meet a character who's running for mayor named Woody Goodman, and he's going to have a daughter who goes to the high school, who we never met. We'll introduce her.

Ausiello: What about Amanda Seyfried, who played Lilly Kane? Will we see her again?

Thomas: There are no plans to see her. Again, we adore her. She was such a money character for us this year.

Ausiello: And Alyson Hannigan?

Thomas: She also has a new series [CBS' How I Met Your Mother]. But if we can work it into her schedule and we've got a story line that would work for her, we'd love to see her.

Ausiello: OK, I've got a couple story-line-related questions: Is Logan's mother really dead?

Thomas: Yes.

Ausiello: Will Veronica and Wallace become stepsiblings this year?

Thomas: I don't wanna give that away.

Ausiello: Who's at the door?

Thomas: [Laughs] This is what I will tell you: I feel like our audience will feel cheated if it's anyone other than Logan or Duncan. A lot of people online have made very valid cases why it would be Wallace, and that the reaction Veronica gives would only be for her true friend, and I understand that. And yet, we have set Logan-Veronica-Duncan up as the first leg of the romantic triangle of Season 2, and I feel like it would really disturb the fans if we copped out on that answer. And I'm not going to cop out on that.

Ausiello: What can you tease about this season's overriding mystery?

Thomas: It'll be significantly different from Season 1. It won't be, "A friend of Veronica's dies and she seeks justice." It will have a different flavor, a different motivation than that. And yet people can assume that we're not going to do a 22-episode mystery about insurance fraud. So it'll be big.

Ausiello: It all sounds great, but I have to admit: I'm troubled by the level of interference on UPN's part.

Thomas: Last year for four or five episodes they were in our grill, and it was a very difficult working environment. But once they started seeing the cut episodes and they started airing and getting feedback, they became incredibly supportive — the most supportive environment I've ever been in.

Ausiello: And now?

Thomas: They are nervous once again. They have given us their best time slot and they want this to work. So, again they're back in our... [pauses] the notes calls are taking a little longer and we're having a minibattle here on the first episode. But right now we're not shooting anything or writing anything that I'm not happy with, so they haven't tinkered us into silliness.

Buying Time

Does anyone know where I can get more? Anyone? Someone?

I had been burning the candle at both ends since the start of the year. This week isn't any different. I've not gotten the time to even read any of the new fics out there, not to mention the list of VM fics Katherine sent me months ago. When Nilly returns to the workforce in two weeks, I'll have lesser time to myself.

Usually this doesn't bother me but really, I can't even find time to write! I had to send chapter 6 to Amy to read over. I am stuck in a rut and I need someone to get me going. I've stared at Tell Her This and Dueling and right now, I can't even give it the time of the day to update. Guys, it will be done. I promise. I hate writers who don't finish their stories and I can guarantee you all, I am going to strive not to be lumped in that category. The 3 letters E N D will appear on the last page. It might take longer than usual but it will happen.


I was watching The David Letterman Show while typing out MNT when Raul Midon came on. Wow. If you are into R&B, you should go out and listen to this guy. I was blown away with his talent. I literally stopped typing to watch him perform. Shortly after that, I had to go to iTunes to check out most of his work. Trust me, you won't be disappointed with this guitarist.

While you're there, check out the iTunes exclusive -- Jason Mraz. I can't wait for his album to come out. His last album was good... Not great, but good enough to run and sing along with. Some of his lyrics are a little uninspired but he has a style that's fun. His EP? Great. Check out Burning Bridges. It's music inspirational enough to get the creative juices going.

Now if I could just reslove problem number one so I can apply these new musical listings in my library.


Monday, June 27, 2005

A VM Blimp

Latest Kristen scoop is in. With GG still on vacation, we have nothing on that front. However, I was perusing through my gossip mags and I saw a rather scruffy Milo in a suit with lovely Alexis. Nilly's complaint? Alexis needs bangs to cover the noggin. Sadly, I agreed.

Ooh, the character getting written off? Well, he's going to have an extended stay from 6 episodes to 12. It's funny to see someone actually start a "Save Logan" campaign so that he won't be written off. Haha! He's going to be in almost, if not all the 22 episodes! Whoohoo!

Sadly, I think it's going to be Duncan getting the boot. I hate it... HATE IT.

Again, Duncan, you can still play Graham. Hint, hint, ASP.

You Missed Me...

You really did miss me!

Hello, loves, here I am, on the blogsphere, returning from a long, hot weekend.

I wish I could say I spent the whole time partying, pissing the weekend away. Alas, I didn't. Actually, Saturday, when we were with friends, I didn't drink because... they weren't drinking! No, it's not that they're Mormons or anything. They're getting married in October and they're cutting down as much calories as they could before the celebration. I just wish I could cut down as many calories as they are to lose weight. I am not as motivated.

Strangely, the weekend started and ended strangely.

I found myself coming home to Nilly and the FIL. Yes, you read right, the FIL. He'd been spending the evenings at our joint the past 3 evenings. Not that I mind, actually. It's just I am forced to make breakfast/lunch when I usually tell Nilly to make himself a bowl of cereal or something. Can't do with the Old Man. I was glad to see him go just so that I can run around the house in my shorter shorts and house clothes. However, after his surgery, he might be in our house for long periods of time for back rehabilitation in the pool.

After seeing him off, Nilly and I had to hustle to town to join the engaged couple watch the minor league baseball game. It was fun. It was hot. It was strangely intriguing to watch men think they're real 'men' by taking off their shirts and having themselves 'sunned'. It was an ugly sight. Picture farmer's tan- neck up, arms down. Now picture the pasty, hairy (dark, no less) belly hanging, balding man resting his plastic beer cup over said belly. Ai chihuahua! Whist we sat, you could smell skin burning from the bright sun. Can you say cancer?

We stayed for about 4 innings until we decided the pool was calling our name. Drove back to the pad and decided to jump in the pool. That was fun. We stayed in for about 4 hours until we decided to eat. Heading to the grocery store in wet swimming clothes though wasn't all that comfortable... especially when you hit the dairy aisle. Gack. Cold. Nonetheless, we fired up the grill, sat down and ate burgers and salad as the sun went down. As soon as the evening breeze hit, went to the basement and watched some of Bravo's Salute to Gay Week (really different from Amy's Salute to Redneck Week). When the boys thought we've watched enough QE, we tossed Hitch into the DVD. That was funny.

Sunday was another different ballgame. Went up to Nilly's godparents' place. They're moving to their old place that just burned down. We had to move Velcro's playpen... If you must know, Velcro is a New Foundland that is heavier than me. So moving his dog house, fence and about 40 bags of gravel is time consuming and painful. The only good thing that come out of the whole deal was pizza I've been jonesing for forever. Uno's! It made the whole exhausing process worth it- somehow.

As soon as we got home, we showered then went to bed. We were tired. I don't think I've ever went to bed at 9 in eons. Thank goodness Monday's back. Maybe a sense of normalcy can be established. But then again, I work the weekend. Maybe this time I can find time to write? Who am I kidding???

Friday, June 24, 2005

Straight From Rob's Mouth

If you've already written to Rob Thomas and told him how cool you think VM is, then you can overlook this post. However, for those that have only given the show a cursory glance and would like to read your first ever VM scoop, here it is. I was tickled pink when I opened this email. Just goes to show that some people, in this case creative producer and director cares.

Hey gang,

As promised, I'm writing to give some early scoop on Veronica Mars. I'm afraid that I'm unable to respond to each letter I've received personally, but I have read all of them. Thanks for the very kind words and the criticism. The writing staff went back to work last week. We've broken the first two episodes of Season 2. I'll write the first one and Diane Ruggiero will write the second.

First, let me clear up a few of the rumors floating around out there.

We are adding some new cast members. Dick and Beaver Casablancas will become series regulars. We will feature their step mother, a former Laker girl, current trophy-wife to Big Dick Casablancas. Her name is Kendall Lacy Casablancas. We have not cast this role, yet, but in an early meeting, I described the character as Bunny Lebowski "ten years later." (Those of you who haven't seen The Big Lebowski, go rent it now!) Consequently, Tara Reid's name came up. She is/was one name on a very long list. We have not offered the role to anyone. The network wants us to cast a name actor, but most name actors won't do a six to ten episode arc on UPN, so my best guess is that eventually we'll be allowed to cast it normally.

We're also casting the role of Jackie Chase, the daughter of a future hall of fame baseball player, Terrance Chase. Her father will be the baseball equivalent of Magic Johnson. Jackie has spent the previous 17 years of her life living with her mother in Manhattan, but her mother has given up on wild child Jackie and is sending her to live with her father in Neptune.

Another scoop. You heard it here first. Keith will be asked to, once again, run for sheriff by the shoo-in candidate for mayor, Woody Goodman.

We are not killing off a character six episodes in. The network asked us to add a few characters. Unfortunately, no one gave us any more money in our budget, so we did have to trim the number of episodes of some of our regular characters to make financial space in the show. I hated to do this. I love our cast.

Alyson Hannigan's show got picked up, so it'll be tough to get her back next year, but we love her and if there's a chance, and we can afford her, we will.

Max Greenfield's (Deputy Leo) show also got picked up. Same story for him.

Kyle Secor's show got picked up. He plays Geena Davis' first husband on that new NBC series.

In personal news...

I'm married. Katie and I made it legal May 7th. Greta turned 11 weeks, yesterday. Here's a current shot. (Donut Shop Note: email me if you want to see the photos.) Tomorrow will be my first father's day that I've been on the receiving end. Very exciting indeed.

I spent what should've been my honeymoon/hiatus down in an L.A. County Courthouse. I was selected as a juror ALTERNATE for a two-week rape trial. It was no fun at all. You might expect Veronica to get selected as a juror this year on the show, as I had plenty of time to brainstorm on this particular idea.

Also, as I mentioned on the TWoP music thread, I'm going to have a contest this year.

Here's how it works. You e-mail me MP3s of unsigned bands. I'll make sure that at least once every four episodes, we'll use one of these bands in the show. We'll pay the band $1000 for the use. Send these MP3s along with band contact information to music@slaverats.com. I'd love to use bands that are actually fans of the show, but it's no requirement. As most of you know, I've used quite a few songs by Austin, TX bands. That's my home. Those are the bands I know, but y'all have the chance to enlighten me about your particular region now.

DVD news...

As I mentioned here on the site, Warner Home Video gave us a choice between releasing the season 1 DVD before season 2 began without bells and whistles or putting out the DVD in January with commentary, etc. We opted to get the DVD out as early as possible. Now, unfortunately, the DVD won't be out until October without all the extra goodies. It's been explained to us that they don't want to compete with the O.C. and Desperate Housewives DVDs that are coming out in September. I'm very bummed out about this, as I wanted people who didn't watch the show last year to be able to get the DVDs and catch up before season 2 began. Oh well...

Soundtrack news...

We still haven't found a label that wants to do the soundtrack. We think we will, but we haven't, yet.

Here's my idea for more music use in Season 2. I'm being "encouraged" by both the studio and network to have a bigger music component in the series. I can't imagine that every week goes to see the Killers play the coffee shop. I don't want to break reality in that way. BUT, I think what might be cool would be to have musicians come on and sing karaoke. So, imagine if we get Beck to come on and play just some random karaoke singer doing a version of... oh... I don't know... "Three Times a Lady" or Tegan and Sarah doing "Barracuda." We'd actually use the new song they want to promote elsewhere in the episode, but we'd get something unique for the show.

I'm not sure if the labels or artists will be into the idea, but I'm going to push for it. It could make for a cool Season 2 soundtrack.

Other news...

The show has gotten some great Emmy buzz. TV Guide listed Veronica Mars and Kristen Bell among their choices for Emmy nominations. Entertainment Weekly mentioned Kristen. The Television Critics of America nominated Veronica Mars for "Best New Show" and Kristen for "Best Performer in a Drama." She was the only woman nominated. Television Weekly picked Veronica Mars as a "Best Drama" nominee, Kristen as a "Best Actress" nominee and the Veronica Mars "Pilot" as a nominee in the "Best Writing in a Drama" category.

One more thing...

Due to some idiocy on my part, I lost the e-mail addresses of the first 75 people who wrote to me. If you know one of these people, please pass along my regrets and ask them to write in again. I'll
try not to screw this up again.

All my best,


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Taking Care of Business

I wish I was in Amy's shoes right now: thinking good vacation 'Christmas' thoughts. Currently, I have none.

I'm not even picky. I just want to be able to go outside and swim in my pool, or lay out on the deck without thinking I have to go in and get ready for work at 1500. Can I do that?


Let's take last night as an example. I had to man the two biggest instruments at work by myself. The only thing that saved me from going over the brink of insanity was that the work flow pretty much slowed down during dinner time for me to be able to catch up with the work I slacked on just to get by. After dinner, we had people who decided to visit the ER in hordes for crap and giggles. If you've had the sniffles and cough 3 days ago, go see a FP doctor. Not the ER. All they'll tell you is, "Take some Sudafed and call your doctor in the morning." That and a huge medical bill you could've prevented from happening if you just stayed at home and called your doctor in the morning as any regular Joe would.

Hate them all.

I can't even find time to write! Ask the Nilly. I came home last night whining so badly he thought I was a five year old. I was very cranky (from hunger) and tired. The only thing I didn't do upon getting home is throwing a temper tantrum. What prevented it was the FIL came for a visit and was staying the night.

Now I hope tonight's going to be different. Maybe I can even finish a chapter out.

What do you think?

BTW, new Seasonal Passion story is up. Read it, haven't commented on it yet. I am torn. The writing style is good but there was something so OOC about it that I can't give it a constructive review. Maybe tonight I can reread it again and maybe better review juices would come out.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Running List

There are things that I saw today that is worth talking about:

1. Irony- define it. Today, I saw this guy smoking... SMOKING while wearing the Livestrong bracelet. Cancer prevention? I don't think so.

2. Katie Holmes out of Batman 2- Whoohoo! I am, or was a fan of this DC beauty. Now I just think she's off her rocker.

3. Hairy Balls- He definitely has become the David Koresh of the Scientology camp. Him taking KH with him is just sad. Scarlett Johannson and Jessica Alba? Run fast... Run so fast HB might catch up with you.

4. X-Men 3 carousel ride- Brett Ratner is now on the director's seat. Bryan Singer, why did you abandon us? I really don't care if Hallie Berry came back as Storm. I just want Wolverine, Phoenix and Rouge to come back. I don't care about the other characters. However Magneto, Prof. Xavier and Mistique are great. Iceman, I want you back. Can you bring Icetwin with you, too? Storm? Yeah, you can go. Nightcrawler, come back!

5. The hubby- Finally. The eight month wait is done. Nilly had finally gotten a second interview and a JOB. Eight months! Thank you, George Bush. Since you want your rich buddies to get richer, my husband had to wait for 8 months to get a decent job. Don't even talk to me about unemployment. He was only able to claim 6 months and government has to tax that money. Now, we're not hardened up for money that we've ended up in poverty but I realized how bad and broken the system is. Even the Unemployment Job Club which he had been "enrolled in" isn't all that helpful. Trust me, I was there.

There, the contents of my brain. Don't you love how discombobulated it is? Aren't you glad you don't have my brain? I know sometimes I wish I don't have it. Doesn't leave much space for anything else.

On and fauxturtle, Julia Stiles was good in 10 Things. And as for Logan? He's still sitting on the fence. Amy can tell you that. Check marks on Tristin, Jess and Marty. Logan? He still can't play. Don't forget to check the Sesonal Passions page if you're legal of age to read them! :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Staying Unmotivated

It is Monday and my day wasn't too great.

Work sucked. I didn't even want to be there. It isn't like it's hard work or anything but gosh, when you feel unmotivated nothing feels like anything's getting done. I calibrated several tests, ran our CAP surveys and *yawn* prepared the stat lists.

The highlight of the day? Having dinner with Vu and Genghis. They're few and far between and today their company was a shining spot. Sad, isn't it?

Got to fill my gas tank. Part of me is glad I am not in CA anymore. Most of me? Pissed that gas prices are through the roof. $2.11 for regular unleaded? It's highway robbery!

I got home and realized that Inuyasha was on rerun. So Nilly and I decided to watch something else. What, you ask? Dilbert. We're on the last DVD of the boxed set I got for him for our anniversary.

Yes, we are nerds. At least Nilly watched GG with me. Last night, I was watching the ep where Luke argued with Taylor about the erection of the Ice Cream Shoppe. Nilly loved the line, "... when I get thawed, I'd ask, "How's Ted (Williams)" followed by, "Taylor, no!"" Any GG joke that involves sports references or philosphy are his faves. He prefers GG over DC with the exception of Rory's adultery stage and the appearance of Logan. He hates Logan as much as he hated Tristin. He liked Marty. He also liked Jason (Stiles)! Ew. He said the good guys are always misrepresented. I love him!

Anyway, that's it for the night; no whip smart cracked jokes. No funny discussion. I'm just... whelmed.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Aunt Jemima Played With Jellyfish and Cheese"

Or something like that. Don't ask me to interpret Bob Dylan lyrics. The title of this blogs speaks volumes about how much I understood his songs tonight.

Father's Day was an ordeal to say the least. Got down to the PIL a little after one after dodging Jersey and Maryland drivers eyeing the Amish who are still in the stage of eternal Rumspringa. The average 35 minute drive to the boonies had turned into an hour plight. Yes, Father's Day driving wasn't fun.

When we got to the 'rents, we enjoyed a day of kabobs and chocolate covered strawberries and cherries. Not really bad, right? Yeah, until we had to leave for the concert. The Old Man didn't know he was going to watch a Nelson/Dylan concert. He just followed the crowd.

Have I reiterated the fact that I live in redneckville? Ooh, baby. The lines I used to see in a Pearl Jam/Metallica concert rivaled this event. Check this out, the lines to the entrances of the stadium was at least 2 blocks long. Literally. The Old Man has a handicap sticker so that he doesn't have to park (and walk) this far. Fortunately, security at the gate wasn't that bad. There was a line that was for people who decided to bring suitcases to the event and 3 others that were for people like us that know the rules to watching a concert: bring nothing but your ticket and yourself.

The show started at about 1830 by a band called "Greencard". Never heard of them but they played well. We were rather surprised when one of the performers spoke in his soft Australian accented voice. Katherine came to mind almost immediately. The other members of the band? From England. Thus the name, I said. Funny thing is, this band was formed in Texas. I rest my case.

Willie Nelson got on stage a good five to ten minutes later after he had been introduced on stage. It's not like his band was performing a solo act on stage or anything. There was dead silence. I was groaning. When he finally came out, he didn't even play to the crowd. He just sang! Six songs into his set, I finally recognize Patsy Cline's "Crazy". He ended his set with "(You are Always) On My Mind".

Things I did while Willie sang:
- Watched from my seat cartoons being shown on the flat screen TV in one of the sky boxes
- Conspired the next chapters to my stories
- Made fun (with Nilly) of the people who showed up with bandanas, Willie Nelson haircuts, the person who had devil horns up the whole time Willie performed, people who wore tank tops that had NO bras and yet their boobs sagged to their bellies, and other similar outfits that made the whole gathering look like a county fair (and not the Stars Hollow style either)
- Made a list of things I need to buy at the grocery
- Made a mental note to get gas before heading to work tomorrow
- Listened to the iPod as I went to the restroom, bought drinks and walked around the concourse

Yes, I was rather productive.

Then Bob Dylan played. Wow. That's all I can say.

I made fun of the fact that I couldn't understand a thing this man says in an interview. With the exception of 2 of his songs I actually know, I had no clue as to what his lyrics were! My title is proof of what I thought he actually said. Even with the aid of the contact high we got from the glaucoma-riddled audience, I couldn't decipher his lyrics. I told Nilly that Dylan concerts should be subtitled so that we could understand his songs. He whole-heartedly agreed.

And sadly, I was actually captivated by the speech deprived performer (who has a slamming drum player) compared to Willie.

On the way home, Nilly and I wondered how he communicated with his son, Jakob (of the Wallflowers), when he was growing up.

Jakob: Dad, I've met this girl and I sort of like her. How could I tell whether or not she likes me back?
Bob: Suh, ah dunnuh (pause) eeh uuu haah seeh duh weeeh shey aks ahrund yeeh buuh eeh shheee seeh hye shee mah laaaiyk yeuh.
Jakob: Uh, thanks, dad... I think.

That's like how we think things went down. Worst case scenario, they understood caveman. Luckily, Jakob can actually enunciate.

I'd like to pretend that the night went down better than I thought it would but I can't lie. It was the way I thought it was going to go. I just wished the concert was shorter. At least, I could've swung to Barnes and Noble and the Nilly and I could've talked to Colin about Batman Begins.

C'est la vie!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dancing In The Pale Moonlight

If you haven't seen it yet, go. Run, if you must but I suggest seeing it.

What am I referring to? Batman Begins.

I've been wanting to see this movie since Christian Bale was cast in the role of Bruce Wayne. Honestly, I wanted to see it because, duh, it's Christian Bale. However, seeing it today, I can say that it's on top of my list to buy as soon as it comes out on video. Seriously, even if I have to give up my coffee money for it (and that is a biggie). Christopher Nolan (Memento) did it justice. I was disappointed when Darren Aronofsky dropped out of the project, but then, I liked how this one went. At 2 hours 10 minutes, the movie didn't drag nor was it too fast paced. Loved it. LOVED IT.

I'm not going to ruin the story for any and all of you who want to see it. However, I want to pose 3 things that we need to discuss as soon as you've seen the film:

(1) The Office Space reference: Didn't you get the memo?
(2) Liam Neeson holding a sword and thinking "Don't mess with a Jedi Master"
(3) Cillian Murphy and Tom Wilkinson vs. their movies 28 Days Later and The Full Monty

Do you think I can convince the in-laws to watch Batman again rather than watching Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan? Hmm, I can dream, right?

Anyway, if I won't be able to keep in touch, Happy Father's Day to you (if you're a dad) and yours.

Caving In

K gave in. K gave in! I feel so loved. She finally gave Maybe Next Time a shot and I am happy.

Okay, so there's bribing involved and Amy had to help me reel her in but still... She read it. That's all I could ask for. One chapter. Now, let's see if she gets hooked.

Now, do you think there's a way that Amy, Katherine and I can convince ASP to look at our work and consider our FFs as an episode? We promise to give her a great season. Shoot, Amy can cover the Logan angle, Katherine can cover the Finn angle and the three of us can promise a Tristin comeback.

I know, I know, let the DuGrey character die, but I can't. I refuse to believe that ASP left his character open to come back and not explore the possibility for him to win Rory's heart or eventually push her in Logan's arms (ew!). I admit, I thought that Season 5's finale is better than Season 4's but we need to get some real good eps soon.

On to other things...

Caught Lindsey Lohan on Jay Leno. Wow. Can you say mega-bitch? It was funny that Jeremy Piven put her in her spot. She needed some sass to put the amazingly disappearing faux blonde girl.

Speaking of which, what do you think about the disappearing teens? MK? Ashley? Even Hilary Duff is getting reed thin! Agh.

Apparently I almost gave A a heart attack by telling her HB proposed to KH. Sorry, babe. I know, I know. Mean of me, right? Unfortunately, it's the truth.

What caving in does to people...

Friday, June 17, 2005

I Lied

Okay, shoot me but I blame it on bad information.

Apparently, VM isn't starting chronically. With the exception of the "Pilot", what you see is what you get. The summer season started with "An Echolls Family Christmas" and will end with the last ep, "Leave It To Beaver" in order.

I'm sad. I was trying to get Amy caught up with the first couple of eps and now she's going to miss the first half of the season until the DVD comes out.

For all you out there that have been waiting to see some LoVe banter pre-Mama Echolls death, I'm sorry.

However, if you go the TWoP site, there is a tape-to-tape swap area and I know there's someone out there that has all the eps on DVD so if you can't wait to purchase a legit copy this fall, go there.

Anyway, I stalked the postman today, wanting to get my EW from the mailbox. Well, the double issue has come out with their "MUST" list. On page 121 is VM. If the photo is a sign of what (or who) we might see next season, watch out! I have a strong feeling that Duncan or Weevil is the deadman walking. NOOOO! I know that a lot of the viewers didn't like Donut's melancholy state last season but when he told V he still loved her even though his mom said that he might he is brother was just too good to pass up. Those blue eyes! God, if you get killed can you go back playing Graham in GG?

There Is A God

... or a deity or karma.

Maybe it's because I blabbed about her too much that she became my partner at work again. However, this time, she manned the ship. I stayed at the back end. So, I pulled the stunt she does whenever I'm around: disappear for 10, 20, 30 minutes. I know it's beneath me but let's face it, I was going to be pulling doubles because of her. She actually did work and for once, I am happy.

But that's not what proved the existence of a higher being. The fact is, we've finally gotten our annual reviews. Me, happy. Beeyotch, not so happy. It's not that I'm being petty but FINALLY, someone had the cojones to give her the rating she deserves. She was not given a high rating in regards to her association with her co-workers. It's not like she disagreed with the rating. She just wished that the way the situation presented to her should've not been so harsh. What, can dish out the trash when it pertains to someone else but can't handle it when it has been handed back to you? Grow up.

Well, maybe you should've considered that a long time ago, B.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good Things Come To An End

Well, good news. I don't have to pull doubles tomorrow and Friday.

Bad news is? Beeyotch is back. Yep, she's back to her true form. Not only was she back, but she was my "partner" tonight at the instrument.

Good news? She was elsewhere 90% of the time, leaving me alone to run the instruments by myself... Just the way I like it.

Not that I'm saying I like being overworked and underpaid but when you've learned to function in rhythm, it's best to work alone than having someone disrupt your system.

"But I don't have anything to do!" she whined.

I offered her half of the queue I was working on. She decided to go to dinner.

I love how fake she is.

She has her moments. She can be nice when she wants you to help her out. She's vicious when she feels no need for you. God bless users.

If you're a regular visitor to this blogspace, you'd realize that this site has become a main sounding board for me, Katherine and Amy about anything and everything. Yesterday, we talked about vices.

That was fun.

Amy and I realized that we should've gone to uni together. However, the flaw in the whole thing (at least on my behalf) is that I would've sacrificed academics for my extra-curricular, namely being a kissing whore. If K was around, she probably would be the voice of reason... Maybe. I could envision me and A change her... For the better. Right?

Anyway, I seem to travel down this path at least once a year. Last year, D and I went down this road while we talked about our respective Brians. This year, A and I reminisced about the good, the great and the needs improvement kind of kissers. One thing we've agreed upon, guys with a sense of humor. The chieseled abs and great muscles are just good extras. If I haven't reiterated it enough, thanks for the sentimental drive. It was fun thinking about my Matt Damon lookalike to my Marlboro man. I hope you had the same fun. K, it's your turn to spill.

MNT's fourth chapter is up. Amy gave it a thumbs up. I'm waiting for Katherine to read it. I'm caving in, K. Your turn to bend. I've got your number, buddy!

Ooh, before I forget. Fashion faux pas of the day.

Lady was walking on the hospital lobby looking lost. I looked at her from afar, watching her do her version of Charlie's Angels. You know, the slow-mo walk, one leg in front of another. Very chic. However, the CA wannabe forgot that CA was big in the 70's-80's. Last time I checked it was 2005. She wore leather boots, pegged acid wash jeans (somebody still harbors those pants?), a faded t-shirt and check this out... butterfly hair! Yes, the outward curled feathered hair job that could look really good on Cheryl Ladd's head. Wow.

You can't sue me for the mental image I just implanted in your head.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Quickie Posting

Courtesy of Kristin's Chats:

From Michelle: It can't be Logan getting killed off of Veronica Mars, can it? 
It can. It is either him or someone on that level.

I know deep in my heart that if Logan would be killed off, the VM colony will revolt. This news still kills me!

From alb2577: Any Gilmore Girls scoop? Is Matt Czuchry going to be a regular next season? 
No official contract yet, but I heard producers definitely want him on for the full season. Whee!

I read from Spoilerfix.com that he's going to be a regular next season. When is CMM coming back?

From mcbrides1: If anyone gets too good on Veronica Mars, I am worried they would move onto something bigger. Could that be the case? 
Not the reason for this person leaving, if that's what you're asking.

Gack, I still am seething. It can't be Wallace... Or Duncan... Or Logan... Or Weevil... Or Keith. Wait, so that leaves Sheriff Lamb and Leo, right?

This is me counting to ten backwards... 10... 9... 8

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Vices and Maturity

I love Merriam-Webster's definition of the word.

Main Entry: vice
Function: noun
1 : a moral fault or failing
3 : immoral activity (as prostitution)

What are my vices?

Currently, making it a habit to drop my messenger bag on the floor (even if I know I should put it in the coat closet) and checking my email before I make a pit stop at the loo.

I, too, am addicted to coffee. And Smirnoff Ice (any flavor) or Mike's Hard Lemonade. Or any hard liquor. Screw it, I like almost anything considered alcohol with the exception of Scotch, Colt 45, and cheap/near beer. I am a beer snob. Since Germany, I'll only consume Heifeweissen or Kristalweissen. I'll drink a Corona only if it's lime (not lemon) in it.

I have this habit of voraciously reading anything that resembles a gossip rag (including The Star) and commenting on it on my blog.

Vice: buying CDs even though I know it's cheaper to buy the individual songs I like off of iTunes. However, I end up buying more songs this way rather than taking the time to actually walk the CD aisles of Circuit City or CD Warehouse to get the albums I like. Honestly, I can't help it!

I don't have a lot of vices, especially now that I'm older. Sure, I used to be a kissing whore. I dated a lot (not slept with them, mind you). I used to party all night (sometimes, not going to bed until 6 am) but those were the good old days when I was under the age of 25, had a smoking hot bod and wasn't married.

So, if the number of your vices go down, is that technically called "maturing"?

Is it considered mature that I am doing the happy dance when my co-worker also known as Beeyotch had been out for almost 3 weeks and I've enjoyed work immensely? I am dreading the day she actually comes back to work. I know that a lot of people are also enjoying the silence. Time's going to dictate her return and we know our days are numbered.

Is it considered mature to do the cabbage patch when you've finished doing your work load and the rest of your co-workers are still armpit deep in work?

Things I end up pondering at midnight.

If you haven't done so, read Amy's post in regards to Reviewing Guidelines on FF. It's courtesy. It's plain manners. Follow it.

Well, I'm headed to Amy's new post. Still waiting for K to update her blog and stories since her brother decided to change their internet connection from cable to Wi-Fi.

I guess I just have to bug her some other way.

Anyway, I'm going to try and write another chappie on MNT before my marathon work days start (1200 tomorrow)! We'll see how it goes.

Don't blame me if nothing makes sense.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bad Momma

Okay, who wants the first shot? My hand needs to be slapped.

I've been a bad Momma.

I was rather overwhelmed with the response I got with MNT. Wow. Off To The Meat Market's first chapter got 17 reviews. Maybe Next Time? 21. And there are still some stragglers out there. I am humbled. Technically, I've written the outline of the upcoming 2 chapters, where Tristin and Rory go out and search for the first item and the eventual thawing between the two. Logan's not liking it! Whee!

See? This is why I say I'm bad. MNT is two weeks old and has been updated as fast as Meatmarket. But my other two babies? Still on hold. I knew Dueling was going to be hurting since I can't find my original manuscript and I have to recall how it went so that it reflects what I still wrote years ago. The dialogue had definitely changed and some of the pop culture references had been taken out or replaced. It's sad that the feeling I had when I wrote it the first time around is now gone. The struggle is harder than I thought.

"Tell Her This", which is my favorite is not as popular as the rest of the Trorys since (as a reviewer wrote) I was writing a story for the fogies. Fogies? God, I didn't know that a thirty something character cannot be entertaining to a teen/twenty-ish person. The next chapter to this will actually revolve around Chris and Lorelai and what's going to happen to them when Lorelai's finally married to Luke. Thinking about it makes me cry (especially for Chris. I'm a sucker for his character).

I know Katherine is still boycotting MNT but I'm trying to charm her to give it a chance. You think I can buy her reading time with a chocolate bar? Cheetos? Strawberries and cream?

Anywhoo, someone force me to write out the following chappies to DT and THT. I will be eternally grateful.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

This is as good as it gets.

Today, I told myself I was not going to feel sorry for myself for pulling double shifts this coming Thursday and Friday. Yes, I'll be getting 16 hours worth of extra pay but that's also 16 hours of sanity I'm giving up. So, I decided to be good to myself. I've updated Dueling, Maybe Next Time and Tell Her This (even if crazy fan said that I should change Tell Her This to a Trory even if I've already stated from the very start that it's a JJ). I've also betaed Amy's stuff (which I'm glad is up) and advertised to people I've had correspondence with from FanFiction to check the Seasonal Passions site and critique our stories. I've also finished reading through Zoe's ILE fanfic which I think is dark but totally mesmerizing. She really captured a hurt Tristan, a not so perfect Rory and a tough as nails Jess that I'm psyched she had allowed me to beta her stuff. So, as far as fic writing goes, I am temporarily done. I might crank out one more chapter of MNT before the doubles but that remains to be seen... For now...

Anyway, Rick, Jaime, the Nilly and I took a 2-hour drive down south of Baltimore just to indulge me. Yes, I am that spoiled that I have to be indulged. :D My former neighbors (uncles and aunts by association, not by blood) back in the day put up a restaurant last September and have been begging the hubby and I to visit the joint. The place was a total hole in the wall but man, the grub was good. I totally felt like I was back on the island, heat and all. The only thing that was missing was the scent of San Miguel beer, boisterous laughter and the soft clicking of ivory tiles while old ladies are playing a hand of mahjjong. It was also great that the three people I took along with me also enjoyed themselves so much that we literally couldn't get up from our seats because we were that full. To top it all, the food we weren't able to eat were put in doggie bags, along with food they prepared for us and couldn't consume! For free! I was humbled. And happy because I don't have to cook for 4 days.

The drive back was spent in contentment, talking about anything and nothing at the same time.

This was about seven-ish in the evening.

Nilly goes, "Why don't we jump in the pool?"

I was weary. We found out yesterday that the water heater to the pool is busted and I detest jumping in the cold ass pool. But Jaime and Rick say, "Sure, why not?"

So, as the hostess, I had to give in and jump in.

The humidity and the relative 80 degree weather made the water so warm, it was heavenly. The in-laws got us these boogey boards with squirt guns at the end to play with and the boys ended up having water fights with it while Jaime and I watched the bufoons make fun of themselves, and of course, do some girl talk. We proably swam for about a good two hours before calling it quits, warming up to a cup of coffee (in my case, 2) and chatted until midnight.

It was fun.

My house is still in shambles and the dishes still need to be put away but I'm more than happy. I am contented.

I just hope the feeling lasts long enough not to be so jaded by Wednesday.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

EW Addict

Have you seen this week's Entertainment Weekly Magazine? Wow. If it weren't Hairy Balls on the cover, I would proclaim it as one of their better issues in ages.

Why so?

Because it actually contains articles that I really do care about.

Like "The Return of the Sequel". Jeff Jensen did a good job covering the latest and greatest sequels up for production like X3, HP and Spiderman. I am glad that Van Helsing is not going to be given a chance to resurrect. That movie blew chunks.

The EW poll on Hairy Balls was also included in this week's article. I'm glad to hear that America is finally waking up. 61% of us likes him less now expecially after he's done this whirlwind romance with Katie and remarked stupidly about BS's depression. Almost half (41%) of us don't plan to see War of the Worlds. Can you smell failure?

Ooh, and the L2T section. Foo's on it. Foo! I'm sad and happy to read that Dave is married (second time around) but as long as he and the band pump out good records, I'm good. (Other than Green Day, I think they're the only bands I currently know that the leader is married and yet haven't lost their edge.) And five rounds with The Offspring!

A little halfway through the mag, three of my favorite actors are shown: Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell and Zach Braff. They're all featured in the "Dear Emmy Voters" article. EW has been advertising LG to win Actress/Supporting Actress in a comedy for the past 5 years, only garnering 1 nomination and thus, no wins. GG is also trying to generate buzz for Best Comedy in a Series along with Scrubs. Unfortunately, they're going to give it to Everybody Loves Raymond because it's their swan sseason. KB is of course, is being pumped for Actress/Supporting Actress in a Drama. I hope she wins!

Martin Schoeller's photos are featured in the article "Face Time". Holy schiznit! Colin Farrell is HOT! Don't get me started with Marshall Mather's full page photo. My god, the boy is yummy. He should've taken this mysoginist's photo with his spectacles on. Yum!

Lastly, Stephen King's article "Extras Bite" made me laugh. At least I am not the only one griping about "fully loaded discs" that contain nothing but crap and yet charge you $5 to $20 more for the movie. At least he and I agree about The Incredible's "Jack-Jack Attack" being one of the funniest add ons to a disc.

So go to the bookstore or newsstand to purchase your copy of the mag. I need someone to talk to about the articles inside.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Filler Blog

While I take the time to beta Amy's story, I would like to present you with fillers.

First, check out P.Nilly's blog. He has a humorous take on the Paris/Paris engagement.

If you're into music or movies, read Chicken Scratch's posting. He volunteered at this year's Seattle Film Festival. He also scours the music stages around the NW. A, maybe you'd want to hang out with him if you want to go concert hopping. He, too, is a Foo fan despite his more eclectic taste.

Finally, a fic tease. A VM, of course. There's so much LoVe in Pay To The Order Of.

Go on. Enjoy yourselves. Now leave me in peace to read away.

One Hump Down

Thanks to Amy, I have completed my requisite writing for Spring's seasonal fic challenge. Katherine should be happy. Correction, Amy and I know she'll be more than happy. Finn-lush chick.

Now I can sit here and read through Amy's story. I know I will be in so much awe, I'd actually have to read the story more than twice. She has a knack of holding me so captivated I forget that there's a reason for me to beta. That is no lie.

Anyway, before I forget, do any of you guys watch videos? They used to be shown in channels like MTV and VH1. Anyway, I finally got to see Gavin Degraw's video Chariot.

The concept behind the video is rather interesting. I think Zach Braff directed the video well. He has this strange but cool askewed view of life that makes me realize his movie Garden State isn't really about how strange life is but how being in someone else's shoes doesn't always guarantee that you'll feel the same things the person actually felt.

Deep, huh.


When will they bring back a channel that actually shows videos that I acutally want to watch? And don't say Usher or Alicia Keys. I'm too oversaturated with that kind of music.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

English 101

Unholy Alliance was updated yesterday. Whoo-hoo!

Kristin's chat didn't give any information in regards to the new changes to VM. Boo-hoo. Here's part of the chat session:

From Kate: Your news about major changes to our beloved VM (I am embarrassed to say) actually disturbed me. I agree 100 percent that the show does not need "fixing." It is one of the best TV shows out there, as it is. Veronica doesn't need a new girlfriend; Mac and Meg are both great characters, and I honestly believe the show would suffer greatly if it lost any of the mainish males--Logan, Duncan, Weevil, Wallace, Keith, etc. Is there anything that we can do to save our show?!
Keep the faith! And don't panic. As I mentioned in the column, UPN insists that no final decisions have yet been made on the new season (though, as you know, my sources are telling me otherwise, but hey, I have been wrong before). And you can thank E! for tying up Tara Reid--she's the new host of Wild On. I'm also hearing now that Veronica will get a new friend--most likely an African-American female.
(Side note: Did you know that Trina Echolls almost had Denise Richards and Tara Reid in this role? Thank goodness it went to Alyson Hannigan.)

From anonymous: Please tell me the death on Veronica is not Keith Mars.
So many of you are assuming it's him, but, relax, it's not Keith Mars. However, it is one of the "mainish males" listed earlier in this chat.

So what does that mean? Diddly squat.

So if you're still not on board with Veronica Mars (and you live in the US and can get UPN), the full season re-airs on Tuesday, June 14 at 9 p.m. However, the series moves to Wednesday nights at 9 the following week. Pass this information on. Fall in love (and out of love) with Troy, Wallace, Weevil, Logan and Duncan before one of these boys gets the boot, no matter how unfair it is.

And if the show's not enough, let me know. I can suggest several VM fics you might want to read to get you through the week and the rerun season.

So, I'm back to talking about fanfics. Love them. It's one of the reasons why I started writing them. Today, I got my edited fic challenge from Amy. I am so glad she reviewed my story. After all, she went to school for it. Through her, I realized I wasn't that bad after all. Yeah, there were a lot of tense changes (my biggest downfall) and redundant words (thank goodness for the thesaurus) but I am not terminal. The other FF writers that wouldn't take the changes suggested by other writers to use punctuation marks and spell checks before posting? Bad. Really bad.

Anyway, I just have to make a few changes and ask Amy for a few suggestions before sending my fic challenge off to Katherine or Sara.

I hope the 'requestor' would enjoy the story.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hitting a Milestone

Three years ago, I stood in front of the priest, my family and the whole Saturday evening congregation and pledged my love to P.Nilly.

Three years.

Who would've thunk?

I'd like to say that we took out the wedding video out and watched it but we didn't. Instead, we talked about how much fun the wedding was.

I remember our priest talking about how Nilly and I met (BTW, it was in Bosnia) and how we kept up a long distance relationship before tying the knot.

I remember that after the mass, Nilly and his former roommate in Korean language school played Chinese Fire Drill with our car. Doug forgot to tell Nilly that he's not used to driving stick shift.

I remember that despite the small wedding group (15 including me and the hubby), we ALL had a great time. Nill and I opened the dance floor to I Don't Want to Miss A Thing. Then I had my dance with my dad to Sting's Someone To Watch Over Me. I watched my FIL try to dance to Play That Funky Music (White Boy) and YMCA. My MIL and hubby danced to Twiggy Ramirez' version of I Only Want to Be With You. If she ever found out that Marilyn Manson's guitarist was involved in the Mother/Son dance, I think she would've wigged out. My brothers and I danced to The Go's Soundtrack Cha-Cha-Cha. Everyone including my girlfriend in crutches danced to every song played by the DJ. Even the DJ was impressed to see the whole wedding group fit in such a small dance floor.

I remember being completely satisfied and tired when I saw my guests leave for the evening. Nilly tried to help get my hair down; an updo that took almost 300 hundred hair pins to keep in place.

I remember to this date how much I love him even if I've known him for almost seven years.

He is my bestfriend, my sounding board, my playmate, my travel companion.

We were supposed to have our honeymoon in Australia but with September 11 the year before, we were advised not to leave the country yet. So we ended up going to Seattle for our honeymoon where we got to see a Mariners game, have dinner with my relatives and get to know my husband and pretty much get a ton of discounts (especially at Gameworks, the Space Needle and the EMP) because we announced to the Powers To Be that we were on our honeymoon.

I don't think I've come down from that cloud since that memorable date.

I just want to say to the man I married that I love you and I hope the honeymoon never ends.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm Lost. Hold Me!

I felt like little Alice this morning when I posted "Maybe Next Time". It was sad. Truly sad.

I took up Amy's offer to navigate the neww FF site. Wow. I am scared.

And I consider myself a little more computer savvy than the average person. Still, the site overwhelmed me. I tried sending Amy a signed review and even that was a little stranger than the usual. Gack!

I hated the fact that it took me several tries to "start" a story or "load a document". What was wrong with the old system?

There are times (I think) that people need to upgrade things for better, funkier and cooler pages but they sometimes forget the older users. We knew what we were already doing. We don't need pop-up windows to get to where we're going.

So there. I said my piece. Now come and comfort me, damn it! :(

Monday, June 06, 2005

Going Girlfriend-ish

Two great things happened today.

The first good thing that happened was that I got to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. With Vu.

The second thing was being late to the showing by about 3 minutes but since we were the ONLY patrons to the movie at 1140, the movie was started JUST FOR US, with the entire 84- seat theatre all to ourselves.

That part was wonderful expecially since Vu and I were bawling bumbling idiots when the end credits rolled.

If that didn't clue you in, well, get a clue. The movie was a tear-jerker.

Watching Tibby, Lena, Bridget and Carmen reminded me of my own group, the Mohicans. And like any group, the stitch on the fabric of friendship is one of the tightest, if not most important thread to any girl turning into a woman.

And comparing the movie to my life, I am Carmen, the least dramatic, but most sentimental amongst the group.

All the girls cast in the movie was great. Amber Tamblyn as Tibby was wonderful. She still exudes Joan as Tibby and it was wonderful. Alexis Bledel as Lena was also nicely cast. I am glad to report that SHE is not the problem during kissing scenes in GG recently. It's Logan's fault! Alright, everyone who's a Logan lover can shoot me now. Granted, her kiss with Tristin DuGrey was awkward but her kissing scenes with Jess and Dean were not that aloof. Anyway, her kiss with "Costas" was really sweet and normal. Love it! Blake Lively as Bridget was endearing. She was what I would picture as pretty but forward. She played her character with such honesty that it's refeshing. America Ferrera as Carmen was wonderful! I think as an actress, she could go far. Take my word for it. Check her out in Real Women Have Curves. She's excellent.

Funny, I wish I could remember a female bonding kind of movie when I was growing up. But I can't. They were all geared towards men (Stand By Me comes to mind but I know that movie came out before I became a teen). I'm just glad that nowadays, Hollywood isn't scared to take a chance with a movie like this.

Again, if you catch this flick, bring a hankie or two. And give your girlfriends a call or a hug afterwards.

You'll thank me for it later.

PS. One last thing that made my day. Got to ride in Vu's wonderful Mercedes convertible. Having the wind in my hair while singing to Filter was liberating! Now if I could've just done it while I was single and a car full of my female best of friends. *sigh*

Snoopy Happy Dance

It's done. Completed. Finito.

I've finally finished my SP challenge and I am so relieved! It just took me three weeks to hammer out the ideas and four days to actually type out the piece. I am just glad that it came out the way it did.

The first three original pages were crap and I was glad to discard it. I'm more contented with the way this one went.

I just hope my beta and everyone else who end up reading it would... especially the requestor. (Hint, hint!)

So now I get to enjoy the rest of the day relaxing, watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with Vu. I am so happy! However, I an not so happy that he has to go to work afterwards. I'll end up cooking something at home before going out to watch the chick flick. Nilly gave me the fake hurt look saying that I prefer to spend my dayoff with my bestfriend.

For Traveling Pants? Heck yeah!

Now don't feel sorry for the meister. He'll survive. He gets me 24-7, right?

He should be more thankful that I'm not dragging him to watch the flick.

Or would I?


Sunday, June 05, 2005

End My Misery

So what do you have planned for Father's Day?

Me, not much except that I have to go watch Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. That's the fam's present to the papa.


You know, I am not a music hater. Really. It's just that I am not a big fan of theirs. And the fact that they aren't my faves that spending $50 a ticket is just a waste.

What is it about feeling indebted to someone that rituals like this makes life suckier and suckier?

I love my FIL. He is great but I'd prefer to buy him bullets for his shotgun or a new hunting outfit to say the least but spending all that money on something I really didn't want to do is more than just misery.

Someone, anyone, if you like these two performers and could pass for me, please take my spot.

I would be eternally grateful.

I'm just glad that my dad just likes a phone call and card from me. He's easy to please and I love that.

Friday, June 03, 2005

OPB (Other People's Blogs)

So, upon reading Katherine's blog, I just realized one thing. I'm a college hopper!

Okay, so it isn't as bad as major hopping but I guess I can't help it.

It's not like I had a choice. Truly, George Washington U is a great school (expensive one, too!) but a matter of convenience (like 2000 miles) made it inaccessible when I got stationed to Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, WA for hands-on training. My only recourse was the community college which had a different feeling from what I was used to: more laid back and a ton more guys. I think there was only 2 other girls in the class with me.

As I got stationed to Germany and Bosnia, I stayed on track by going to school through University of Maryland, European Branch. The classes were a lot smaller and manageable. The professors were a lot more approachable (with the exception of my Sociology of Human Deviance class. He thought his class beats a masters degree in Harvard) and easier to work with on a case-to-case basis. Then, getting back to the states and finally settling back in the Maryland area, I finished up with Towson University.

So why do I allow myself to go through this? Simple. I am a vagabond.

You just don't know how hard it was for me to accept my fate once I got out from the services and realized I actually have to stay put for once. Between the Nill-meister and I, we've had a total of 30 different addresses combined in the last 10 years. 30! Let alone the 2 addresses we had in State College, 1 in CA, and 2 back here in podunk ville. That's 5 in six years. We'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in this house at the end of this month hopefully by jumping into our pool but that's a different subject matter...

Currently, I am going back to school in the community college to finish up my prerequisites to getting my Elementary Ed degree. I'm at the verge of deciding whether or not I should attend the state college whose tuition is about $9K but parking sucks, the drive to the U is a hassle and the courses are too generalized for my liking or attend the private institution that's only 5 minutes away with classes I am interested with but charges $21K a year. Dilemma, dilemma.


I've written 3 pages of my SP fic and decided to scrap it. It's nothing dramatic. It's just the rhythm was off. I hope to get it all done tonight barring the minor league game we're watching tonight. I know, it's a mission impossible moment but I need to buckle down since I have limited time to type between working this weekend and celebrating my 3rd year anniversary with the Nilly. Wow. Almost 7 years with the lugnut and I'm still in love with him. What a concept!


In other news, I beg you all to visit Rob Thomas' site. Yes, just look at my side bar menu and click on Origins of Veronica Mars. Please write to him and the 'Powers That Be' to leave the show alone. I don't care if it's CBS or UPN. Choose, but write! I've gotten disturbing news from my weekly visit to Kristin's Scoop on E!Online today that made me weep. Here's an excerpt:

Veronica Mars: According to sources close to the show, Veronica's second-season pickup came with a suggestion: that producers try to pull in a broader audience closer in demographics to its new time-slot partner on UPN, America's Next Top Model. To do so, the idea was that Veronica should get a female companion, hopefully with a "name" (rumor has it they tossed around the name Tara Reid--though I choose not to believe that), an older love interest and, here comes the hard part, that producers scale back two characters close to Veronica (meaning, they won't be in every episode), and write off a third.
Hope you're sitting down. Because sources in the know tell me someone is getting killed off of Veronica Mars six episodes into the new season. And who it is will rip your heart into itty-bitty pieces.
Though I'm tempted to name this dead man walking so you can write in letters to help save this beloved character and actor, I've been promised a slow, torturous death inside a burning refrigerator if I do, for it will spoil a major upcoming plot point. Hmph.
So, I can only issue this plea to the Powers That Be: Please, if at all possible, do your best not to tinker with the core relationships and core identity of this show. Those of us who have followed and adored Veronica Mars from the very beginning know the trick is not in making this show "better" (it's already creative genius) or "more mainstream" (Kristen Bell is as universally likable as chocolate), but in simply getting the word out. Sure, that isn't easy, but we have mouths. We'll help!



Moving on...

Sabine's great. She had suggested a "Theme Song" to the Miseducation series. It's 'When u tell me that u love me' by Diana Ross. I thought that was cool. I never really thought of giving "soundtracks" to my fics even if a large number of them had been typed out to certain album driven performers (Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Matchbox20, Butch Walker, Carole King to name a few). Again, thank you!

And as a side note, she's become a VM convert. Whoohoo! Another plus. Surely, we haven't influenced you all that much, have we?

Shoot me your email next time, Sabine, and I'll send you a couple of juicy VM fic links that you might like to peruse at your leisure.

BTW, did I ever tell you I LOVE your name? I have this awesome book series called Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock and the mere thought of seeing your name reminds me of the lovely story.

Alright, too much crap already typed out. I'll write more later after I hammer out my SP challenge. Grrr... Ooh, now Piper wants me to have 3 sex scenes in my challenge? Wow, that'll be a doozie!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Quick Thank You

Blast FF for being down!

Sabine had finally finished reading my angst-ridden Miseducation series and said she wanted to comment/review a ton of the chappies but since the site was on read-only status, she decided to give me one long review to summarize the series.

Thanks a billion. You just don't know how much you made my day before going to work.

I hope I don't let you down with my 2 other stories that still need an update, my SP fic which I need Amy to beta and my promised birthday fic for Camilla.

Yes, I am a busy bee with no time to write (except for my blog, it seems).

I promise that the next postings won't be a let down!


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Lost Movie Review

I do apologize for my oversight. Apparently, I have not done my job as a critic and as a lover of all things entertaining.

So without much further ado, here's my critique of the movie, Madagascar.

You all know I was a little weary about seeing this film, not because the cast is bad, (it's not), not because the movie is long (it was rather short at 1.30 hrs) but because I am partial to Pixar movies.

I have all the Pixar movies in its super-duper, jam packed, paid-too-much-for-extras sets. I still laugh watching "Jack-Jack Attack" in The Incredibles. I still crack up watching A Bug's Life. I am giddy to catch the last Pixar/Disney collaboration of Cars. A beat up truck saying, "Git 'er done!" just makes me chuckle.

Anyway, back to Madagascar...

It was more entertaining than I thought it would be.

Synopsis: Marty (the zebra) wishes for his tenth birthday that he'd run free. Alex (the lion) says that he's asking for trouble. So, instead of including his friends on a trek out of the New York Zoo, Marty takes off on his own after getting information from Melman (the giraffe) on how to get to Connecticut. Of course, this 'zoo break' gets Marty, Alex, Melman, Gloria and a couple more zoo animals sent off to the San Diego Zoo. Only, the penguins break free from their crates and hold the ship transporting them hostage.

Hijinks ensue.

The plot is relatively simple. The characters, easy to love. I, personally, became a fan of the penguins. Their conspiracy theories were a riot. I, too, loved the poo flinging monkeys.

Anyway, if you don't mind a moderately paced G-rated movie, this is a watcher. The Lemurs partying to "I Like to Move It (Move it)" was too hilarious.

Dreamworks definitely still has a ways to go to get to where Pixar's currently at in popularity. Sure, you can tell me that "Shrek" and "Shrek 2" will prove me different. "Shark Tale" didn't cut the cheese the way Dreamworks really wanted it to do so.

But as long as there are kids willing to watch movies like this, I guess Dreamworks doesn't have much to worry about. There's enough kiddie love to go around.