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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vegas Trip 2010

Ah, Vegas. It definitely is a town that is best known for its night life.

For some, its alluring night sky is what makes them come to this place. Alas, that isn't me at my point in life. But somehow, I am glad that I get to see the town in a less weary light. I got to see it through my son's eyes.

It's interesting how much "free" goes a long way when tourism is your main business. There are a few I am glad to say I went to see. Some I feel it's a long-shot sell to call it "entertainment".

This is a first of a series of posts that is a "must-see" freebie versus the "miss-it" even if it's free. Honestly, there isn't much that's probably on the "miss-it" column so I guess I should start with that and save you the brouhaha.

The winner of the "Miss It" award is... (drumroll)

The show replaces the original show called "Buccaneer Bay" which was a swashbuckling extravaganza a-la "Pirates of the Caribbean" that I truly enjoyed the first time I visited Las Vegas. Hoping to impress my 3-year old who likes pirates and pyrotechnics, I thought he'd love this show.

Well, he did not.

"Sirens of T.I." became the mainstay performance of TI since 2003. Wanting to cater to a more adult (and at that, male) population, the pirate versus pirate acrobatics had been replaced by a horrendous audition of what could have been a Pussycat Dolls audition (or maybe a Rock of Love competition... they all seem to flow in the skank category).

The 15-minute production (that felt like hours) had lousy dialogue, a lame plot, a dance routine that is trying hard to be sexy (and ends up looking like a 50 cent production, and I don't mean the rapper... I mean, the budget) and adult theme gyrations that I felt about a third of the audience should not be privvy to, not because I am a prude, but because it's inappropriate for viewing to kids under the age of 12. Look, if the show is only at 11 PM, that is a different subject matter. But when the show is on at 8? Maybe we have to rethink this public show of inappropriate behavior.

If it's pyrotechnics you're after? Walk a little farther to The Mirage where there is a volcano that erupts every hour. At least the music is better.