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Monday, February 27, 2006

Jumping Too Soon

Okay, so I need this off of my chest.

Did Grey's Anatomy jump the shark?

If you haven't watched yet and are going to watch it, please do not let me spoil the show for you. However, I need to get this off my chest.


Okay, I like Meredith, despite her psychosis, being in lust with Dr McDreamy.

I like Madison, despite her cheating on her ex hubby, Dr McDreamy.

I am in love with McDreamy although he can't decide whether he is supposed to give his ex a second chance or allow himself to love again by being honest with Meredith.

I also love George; sweet and loveable George. He's the one character in the show that is a doofus that actually is human.

HUMAN, I say.

He has been in love with Meredith since day one. And what happens? Meredith literally screws him when she was drunk and he was being brave.

Although I know this happens in real life, having this happen this early in this show makes me want to puke. Not that I would like George to have unrequited love for Grey but I want him to actually be a person of character. Someone who won't give in to stupid acts of carnal feelings like Alex and Izzy do.

I hate it.

Someone, please, tell me this isn't GA's highest point.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Whirlwind Named "Milo"

So this is what I've gotten so far from Ausiello this week:

Question: Why is Milo Ventimiglia coming back to Gilmore Girls this time? As much as I love Jess, why can't he just leave well enough alone? Rory went back to Yale, fixed things with her mom and fixed things with Logan. — Maria

Ausiello: Actually, this time it's Rory who can't leave well enough alone. After hitting another rough (and possibly permanent) patch with Logan, Rory decides to attend the opening of Jess' new 'zine/bookstore/art gallery in Philadelphia.

~Could this actually be? Amy? Jackie? Hints! I know K and I would always take this as good news.

Question: What's going on with The Bedford Diaries? — Christine

Ausiello: Considering that Milo Ventimiglia just joined the ensemble cast of Heroes, NBC's pilot about normal folks who possess superpowers, I think it's safe to say Bedford is dead. Heroes, BTW, is the same project that Greg Grunberg is attached to. In other words, I think I'm ready to proclaim this my new favorite show of the 2006-07 season!

~What? I can't believe they're actually giving up on BD even though NO ONE has watched it (except for a few of us that were privy to the pre-show). BOO! But then, apparently NBC loves this boy so I will give Heroes a chance. Strangely, the last show I really showed love for that was one of the big 3 was CBS' Joan of Arcadia.

DeAnn, here's the article about LG's disappointment on how ASP handled the Rory/Lorelai separation. I think LG was talking in the theoretical "mother" role.

Also, not to be a downer but I am crushing more Firefly dreams. Sorry, D! I pumped and hyped and all, and now the Big Dog, Joss Whedon had finally spoken.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More VM Updates and the Gilmore Argument

How sucky is it that UPN postponed the new VM episodes because South Beach is dragging it down? I was so bummed. So what do I do now that VM is on hiatus? Watch out for spoilers.

So here's what little information Ausiello parted with from his boards today:

Question: Please tell me more about Veronica Mars' new love interest. — Claire

Ausiello: Well, I wasn't going to reveal this because I thought it was supposed to be a surprise, but since it's already out there, what the hell. Veronica's new love interest is actually an older love interest. Remember Veronica's bad-boy beau, Troy Vandergraff (Aaron Ashmore), from last season? He's returning in the March 1 episode and, no surprise here, Veronica is less than pleased to see him — even though he claims to be newly reformed. It doesn't help his case that (stop reading spoilerphobes!) he stands accused of raping a student at Veronica's future alma mater, Hearst College.

And yes, DeAnn, Troy may be a dork but there was something about him that made being mischievous cool. I'd take Ice Twin any day. Heck, if I can have Ice Man in tow, I'll have me an Ashmore sandwich and be in heaven.

Here's also the ditty the Ickle Gals were talking about. Lauren Graham was a little disappointed with how ASP handled the Rory/Lorelai confrontation earlier this season.

Question: I am dying for some Luke-Lorelai dirt! — Susie

Ausiello: How 'bout some Lauren Graham/Amy Sherman-Palladino dirt? According to an Associated Press story that ran last week, Lauren and AS-P butted heads over this season's whole Rory-Lorelai separation plot. The story also reveals that the Palladinos' in-the-works comedy is officially dead, a casualty of the WB-UPN merger. Click here for all the juicy details.

Question: Do you have any new Milo-Jess news? — Annie

Ausiello: Just got an airdate for his episode: It's April 11.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Picking and Choosing, Yay! Yay!

I bet Ames would've told y'all how jazzed I was when I heard this news via Kristin at E! Online:

From bellu: Logan! The boyfriend returning on Veronica Mars is Troy, right?

Right. Troy Vandergraff (Aaron Ashmore) who was Veronica's boyfriend in the first four episodes of the first season will be returning for four episodes, according to Rob Thomas. He said he'd also love to have Max Greenfield (Deputy Leo) return, but Max is off doing the WB show Modern Men right now. By the way, MM premieres this Friday, and it's...not bad. Jane Seymour isn't the best match for this show (though I love her), but the boys are pretty cute and there are a few laugh-out-loud moments.

From tbriscoe: In your UPN interview (it was great, by the way), Rob Thomas told you that Kristen's boyfriend from the beginning of season one, Troy Vandegraff, will be returning. That was oh so long ago. Refresh my memory, do we like him?

He is not Logan. Need I say more? And no, I'm not guessing you all will dig him.

How could you not LOVE the bad boy Troy? I mean, he was a smooth talker. I don't know if he could get back into Ronnie's pants but I would LOVE to see Logan give Troy-boy a serious beating. Would've loved it more if Duncan was there for the beat down but I'll take what I can get. And no, Troy was never put in prison because he pushed drugs and ran back to his horny girlfriend... And no, I wasn't referring to V.

From tinyblondeone: Jason Dohring--not a big secret though. So, will we have some VM LoVe this season?

Rob says we're going to have to wait awhile. Booo hooo. Apparently, Miss Hannah will be around for at least a little while. And another little LoVe tidbit: Guess who else is looking for a valentine? Keith Mars! I'm hearing he's gonna be going on a few blind dates very soon.

LOVE Evan Rachel Wood... Don't love the fact that her dad is the one implicating Logan as Felix's killer.

And this is for DeAnn:

From junglejen9: Firefly. You gotta spill it if you have any additional info, please!

I've heard the CW is considering bringing it back as a series, miniseries or movie for next season. Hurrah! For you who missed my message board posting, on Tuesday, Nate Fillion, Summer Glau and Gina Torres were seen coming out of one of the exec buildings at Paramount, where they are putting together the new CW unit.

So lady, are you feeling the Firefly love yet?

Anyway, check out Kristin's board if you still want to get information on Gray's Anatomy, Everwood and Prison Break.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Don't Let Me Go On Breaks Alone

You know what happens when I go on my evening breaks alone? I get into trouble. I read magazines that should've been thrown away eons ago but are too scared to offend the person who placed them there in the first place.

So, what did I encounter? An article that was written last October that I apparently missed. Maybe you can all tell me what your thoughts are once you've read it (or have heard of it). I, personally, have issues with it.

The article? iBreasts. Yep, you heard me right. I mean, doesn't this show how crazy technology has become?

Nilly and I were talking about it on the way home from work. Imagine this: what would happen if you're breast feeding your child to Britney Spears. Will the child have an avulsion for your breast because it plays Britney Spears or would it just have better (or worst) taste in music after being exposed to mediocrity?

Can the volume or music change if the nipple is tweaked? Will there be interference if you use an underwire bra?

Can you swim?

If you download music, where do you plug it in? Will it be firewire or USB?

Can the system be obsolete?

Questions, questions.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bracing the (Snow) Storm

Of course, Nilly has to love snow.

Of course, it's my weekend to work.

Of course, I am hating life as we speak because snow and work are in the same sentence.

There is nothing worse than thinking about the inevitable. I should be happy that I was able to run around and do some errands while everyone flocks to the grocery store for 500 gallons of milk and 3000 loaves of bread for a snow watch that is calling for 6-10 inches of accumulation. People, it's only going to last for 1 day.

So while everyone else was falling in line in the grocery store, what was I doing?

Actually, not much.

Went to the library. Got into an argument with a wretched librarian. I acted like a mega-b*tch but the librarian's attitude was left to be desired. I've been going to the local library religiously every week (which is a better record than my church attendance currently) dropping off my returns and picking up current ones. Well today, apparently, was not going to be a borrowing week. I did my usual routine of checking out the latest bin of movies, music and books, and then perused the older movie and music selection. So, not having a great selection this week, I picked up a CD and headed to the counter. I presented her with the loot I was returning and the CD I was checking out.

The conversation goes:

L: I need your library card.
Me: Uh, you already have my stuff. The other girls don't ask my card.
L: Well, that should never be done. I need your photo ID and library card.
Me: I will if you tell me the logic behind you, holding on to the items I am just returning, proving that they are mine, and the fact that showing you my library card and my ID will not make the transaction void or faster than it currently is.
L: Well, it's the law

Knowing I have less than 10 minutes to drive away and head on to my appointment at the University, I just gave her a patented smile and said, "You know what? I don't need the CD that badly. You can have it."

She snorted and gave me the evil eye. The other 2 librarians I knew flashed me a "sorry" smile.

I knew she was right. I knew that the whole transaction would've gone smoothly if I just ran to my car, retrieved my card, raced back in and checked out the item. But that would've been too much work. Plus, I wasn't willing to give her the satisfaction (at least today) to let me run around for an item I really didn't want to check out and be late for something more important.

Lesson to be learned? Just deal with the people who already know you. Makes service with a smile a little more appreciated.

Off I went to my next appointment.

I met with the Transfer Counselor to the real College today!


The experience made me feel like I don't know what I am doing with my life... At least academically.

Let's start off with my counselor. She was great. Very convivial, very jovial. She was also probably 25 who was making more money than me and probably happy to have a job where she can go home at night and spend time with her family. That got me frustrated. What's worse? My campus guide.

Holy Cow.

He was a hottie. He's about 6'2", lanky, blonde hair, blue eyes. He had an easy smile and a friendly demeanor (I automatically thought of A when he came out and introduced himself). He's a sophomore, getting a degree in elementary ed, with a focus on the 5-6th grade. What else... Has a girlfriend who's getting a math degree. Has a brother that goes to school in Ohio... Plays baseball and basketball. I think I asked him more questions rather than the other way around.

I would've probably asked him out for coffee if it weren't for the fact that when he was born, I was already in the grade he wants to currently teach. Oh, and the fact that I am married...

It was a little intimidating that walking through the campus with him, realizing that everyone looked like they were 12 years old. The exception to this rule were the school secretary and the one professor we bumped into all throughout the school! They male students I saw couldn't even grow facial hair and the girls... they look like they're just playing with mom's make up!

I thought it was funny though that wherever we went, the girls gave my guide 'the look'. *Sigh*. Where were cuties like this when I was doing college tours before going into the Army? It might have convinced me to go to UW or any other university for that matter.

Well other than that, I am suffering through procrastination. Ames already told me to go study. Nilly's done the same. I just can't motivate myself to take this exam! Ugh.

I guess I should stop blogging and get my butt into gear. The snow tomorrow isn't enough excuse for missing an online exam.

Friday, February 03, 2006

How Can I Take This Seriously???

The first month of school is over and I am so ready to be done with it. I was expecting these classes, although hoping that they would be the skate kind (which it isn't), at least be interesting.

Okay, I find the topics interesting.

The professors are mildly interesting.

The students? Not so much.

I've already heemed and hawed about one of my "smarter" (insert snarkastic snort) classmates saying one thing that's rather ignorant, me rebutting his argument, and then him, coming back, doing a 180 and calling me a show-off. That, apparently, is only the tip of the iceberg.

I would like to introduce the newest MENSA member in this club. She is this girl in my Geography course who's probably a little older than me but acts like she was 18.

She screams out in class that she has never heard of the word "hearth" in her entire life! If that's not enough to embarrass her, she snorts and asks the 18 year old boy next to her if he ever heard the word before. He grunts, "no".

He also looks like he's allergic to words, let alone books. I think he'd have an anaphalactic reaction the moment his textbook comes in contact with his fingers.

She smiles and says, "Thank you. I think these writers (take note, she didn't use the term authors) are making words up."

I just had to curl into a ball and wish them away.

She definitely was beaten with the dumbass stick longer and stronger than the average person.

I wish my hell ends there. Nope. There's Glenn.

Who is Glenn, you ask (and yes, I am not masking his name because his stupidity needs to be known to the whole world)? He is a know-it-all. He is the "Master and Commander" of our little project; the ass who thinks he can put me down.

Well, him being the leader and all, he thought that my "research" for the project was too specific so he didn't want to include it just in case the other students of the class would research the information themselves. So what does he put down as my contribution? The physical location (Longitude/Latitude) of a place that doesn't exist. That's it. No history, no words. Nada. I just want to strangle him! He posts almost all of the research the other 2 members of the team submitted and he posts all his research and photos. Again, I am coming up goose egg.

I sent him a private letter telling him it's so uncool that he thought that my part of the research wasn't considered necessary since he was the one who assigned me the task of researching the damned information. His response was to take it up with the instructor if I found his leadership lacking.

I just wanted to say that he is seriously lacking cojones since he can be so damned ignorant over the internet.

So, what does this little Donut Shop Owner do? Drop to his own level.

Tonight, I attacked all of his postings, calling his thinking illogical and impractical (and on both accounts it's true. I always back up my arguments with legitimate arguments and documentation). I also told him that trying to be cute and witty in class does not make him any more likeable than the average day-old scrambled eggs and that if he was to post arguments he should at least take the time to spell correctly.

His response was, "This is not an English class that you can correct me. And if you think I was being cute, I was just egsajurating!"


You might think that he was being sarcastic with the last word. Nope, he spelled 'exaggerate' or a variant of it this way in at least 3 previous postings.

Community colleges. Gotta love it!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Talk With Rob, A Shoutout and Gossip

There is nothing more than a hands-on director like Rob Thomas. As much as we've fallen in love with his characters in Veronica Mars, he defends his choice of outing Donut, I mean, Duncan. It's sad that the Kane family had been phased out. However, like life, high school romances aren't usually the ones that last. Keeping it "real" is something I respect Rob for doing.

So, it's Wednesday. Ausiello gives us the scoops. Give the man props! The low-down? Everwood moving back to Mondays, its absence from the tentative CW schedule, more VM scoop and MC being in season 7 of Gilmore Girls. Read on!