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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another Relationship Done

Courtesy of Kristin V at E!Online:

From jman06: I know this is a little off the subject, but did Milo and Alexis break up? I have heard rumors, but nothing official. What's the deal?
Last I heard, they are no longer together.


ames said...

that's too bad... they always seemed shockingly normal.


Katherine said...

They really did! Wow. I guess this means she won't be ending up with Jess, as he now won't have any reason to visit the set.


Me said...

Ugh. I hope for Rory's sake (not Alexis) he still can come back to GG to make her see that her relationship with Logan sucks.

The sad thing? This comes in the wake of Alanis and Ryan Reynolds' break-up too. When are we going to hear about the K-Fed/Britney fiasco?

Oh, my bad, we already have. They just haven't accepted it yet.

RUDY said...

Well, with Bedford trashed, I'm hoping that he'll reconsider a little more GG time, espcially since it's the final year (*fingers crossed that it isn't, if this season doesn't suck*)

Camilla said...

Umm... they said on FF that it wasn't actually a fight. And last I heard she was trying to win a t-shirt for her BOYFRIEND.

So I do believe that they are still together, but who knows?

DeAnn said...

Aw, that's kind of a bummer. They're so cute.

Katherine said...

Oooh, Alanis and Ryan broke up?

Score for me!

Not only do I get my fifteen bucks for it happening by 2007, but maybe we'll also get some more angry alanis chick rock like You Oughta Know out of the deal!


ames said...

you bet on another one? i think this might be how you rake in your fortune...



Katherine said...

I've got bets on em all. None of them live in the real world, they'll all fall apart. They always do, in Hollywood.


Jackie said...

I read somewhere else that they are still together. I can't for the life of me find it, but I do hope that is the case. They have been so protective of their relationship, and I just hope that this is all rumor and speculation.

ames said...

amen. Gotta respect those who respect themselves.