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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This Is What You Have Missed on This Day 2002

Lennox Lewis knocks out Mike Tyson in an IBF and WBC championship boxing match in Memphis.

Me getting married to one of the good guys.

To Nilly, four years strong and still getting better.


ames said...

happy anniversary!!!

i should look up my anniversary... i have very few recollections of that day in the outside world...



Katherine said...

Happy Anniversary!


ames said...

ooh, and I was just getting back from my honeymoon, and I'm fairly sure we moved into our first apartment on june 8th...


jackie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Have a wonderful day with the Nilly.

Here's something you can add to your June 8th list. My sister's birthday. I'll be celebrating her 21 tonight.