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Monday, September 11, 2006

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

I may not agree with Jen's open letter about divorcing Gilmore Girls but last season had proved one thing. It made all true die-hard fans of Gilmore Girls ponder whether or not to drop the show because of three things:

1. The senseless, pointless plots ASP was filling the screen with at the end of Season 5 transitioning to Season 6

2. The inability of Lorelai and Luke to "seal the deal" eventually ending up with Lorelai withdrawing her proposal and her ending up in bed with the father of her only child, Christopher

3. The presence of really senseless characters like Liz, Paul Anka and April to name a few

There is something to be said that viewers are still vocal about their disappointment over ASP's plot to start all over the Chris/Lorelai/Luke triangle. Not to mention the almost parasitic relationship Rory and Logan have especially now that they are keeping a transcontinental relationship!

Agh. Thank goodness that the season starts in 2 weeks. It'll hopefully quell some of the negativity floating there.

I may divorce ASP but I just cannot divorce my girls, especially Lorelai. There's just too much time that had been shared between me and my GG. I just hope that when this relationship ends, I shall feel more fulfilled than robbed.

David Rosenthal, my (TV) future lies in your hands. Same goes to you, Rina Mimoun.

I am glad though that Mike Ausiello has seen the ep and has reported back that it is good. However, this does not bode well coming from Ausiello's frienemy, Kristin V:

From xrollinthundrx: Gilmore Girls? Have you seen the season premiere? How is it sans Team Palladino?

I just got my hands on the tape and, during this very chat, had our trusty intern Marisa watch it. She tells me it's good, and that there's a scene with Lorelai rejecting a certain someone that some of you hate! I'll report back with more after I see it firsthand. Can't wait!

With that being said... AMY, DO NOT READ BELOW THIS LINE!!!!!!! (It's for your general health)

Thanks to Kristin V of E!Online for this chat:

From marshes: Please tell me Grey's Anatomy is going to be good!
I've now seen some of it firsthand and can tell you, this season is going to McRock! In only the first few episodes, there are at least a few jaw-droppers, including the return of someone you might have thought was gone for good--bah!--an addiction for our girl Izzie--eek!--and Addison is going to be in a bad, bad way but you won't be feeling sorry for her for too long...

From indygirl1438: I saw the Fray's video for Grey's Anatomy. Amazing. Are the Mer-Der shippers going to be happy overall with where Shonda is taking the story?
It's going to take much longer than I thought for anyone to be happy! Patience is a virtue, and you'll need it this season--big-time--my friends.

From wvgurl: Why is Addison in "plain clothes" and crying to the chief?
You saw the undies, right? I'm sure you can do the math.

From sandora1344: Will Alex get another love interest on Grey's? I hate to see him moping over Izzie.
Don't you worry about pretty-boy Alex--he's moping his way right over to the bathroom to do some scandalous acts with someone whose name does not rhyme with Dizzie or Disobel!

From indygirl1438: Is the person returning to GA--whom we thought was gone for good--male or female?

From joey: What's the biggest shocker you've seen from Grey's so far?
Not one, not two, but three people we know and love--yes, three series regulars!
--are caught in bed with someone they shouldn't be! Did I just blow your mind? I think I did! And two of them are with each other! And I'm not talking about Cristina, Burke, Meredith or Derek.

From tigereye69: Will Denny fans like the new season of Grey's Anatomy? The finale kind of left us all sad and makes it hard for us to watch GA without Denny. Some have even given up on the show.
I honestly think you'll have a lot to watch for--and especially to have the chance to mourn with Izzie. She's not getting over this easily, and Katherine Heigl is stunning this season in her grief. Okay, that was a weird thing to say, but it's true.

From elmopaloooza: You promised to tell us who Meredith picks. So, why haven't you?
They actually changed the episodes. (Did I already tell you this?) Initially, she was supposed to make a choice in the first episode, now she addresses both of them in episode two, but still hasn't made a decision, and since I've told you that, I can pretty much guarantee it will change again! (Much like that bisexual storyline last year.) So, I'm zipping my lip now.

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DeAnn said...

What is Jen thinking?!

I LOVED the season premiere. I won't give anything away, but it satisfied. And I think the new showrunner is going to be better than the Palladinos. No, seriously.