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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

America Loves Ugly

I am so glad to see America Ferrera win.

Ever since I've seen her in Sisterhood and Real Women have Curves, I knew she was destined for greatness. So, when she won the Golden Globes for her role as Betty Suarez, I couldn't be any prouder.

She is smart, eloquent, and poised. She may not be as bold and sexy as her former boss (and show executive) Sofia Reyes (Salma Hayek) but she is the embodiment of WHAT women should be.

Speaking of which, what did you think of the last episode, "Sofia's Choice"? Man, that episode was harsh. Sure, Daniel was as predatory as Sofia but having his heart ripped out and strung in public for a magazine launch, Sofia's to be exact, was more than a low blow. Sofia was predatory, all business, very exacting. Never have I felt so sad for Daniel!

How about Becki Newton, Amanda, who also played Ruthie, the original Ugly Betty in Sofia's MYW mag? Priceless. She is such a pretty girl made ugly. Not that I am saying AF is not tough transforming her from pretty to ugly but man! That was so great.

I know a lot of people thought it was painful watching the first episodes of UB but I swear, if you haven't caught it yet, watch it. The story is getting really great especially with Daniel disappearing and Fay finally resurrecting from the dead. Let's also hope Papa Suarez is also out of hot water with his citizenship and that Justin would be back for more fashion commentary. He's so hilarious.

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DeAnn said...

I haven't seen the episode yet, and I was in Hawaii so I missed the Globes (I heard America's speech was awesome, though, and I'm sad I missed it). But I love the show, and will be loyal to it until the end. It's not my favorite of this season, though. It's in the top few, though.