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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Tao of Grohl

I love the fact that former Nirvana member is now an emulated guy. Dave Grohl: my hero. If I am going to find a mantra that matters, it would be his.

On a side note, what would Kurt Cobain feel knowing that his "I don't wanna sell out" attitude is not being held up to its standard? Case in point, Starbucks sells the Nirvana Unplugged on its shelf. Next to it is Eddie Vedder's digital download of "Into the Wild" (which is BTW a very good album).

Talk about irony.

I guess the only thing that you can take away from it is that it's all from Seattle.

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the bro said...

Well, considering it's actually Courtney Love handling most of Nirvana's music nowadays, thanks to that court ruling, I didn't find it surprising that this turn of events has occurred.

I've really got to check out that EdVed duet with Corin Tucker from Sleater-Kinney.

Also...go ahead and start downloading some PJ goodness to your heart's content. These are b-sides and songs from their Christmas releases as well as EdVed's demos to the Into The Wild soundtrack.