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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things I've Learned to Embrace (Again)

With Christmas over, the TV series DVDs I've gotten had filled my TV-void days.

Things I've realized:

1. How sad Gilmore Girls ended. I can admit that the last 2 seasons of the show was rather so-so. I have seen better efforts. We knew for a fact that AS-P wanted out (or more money for the show) of GG. When WB called her bluff and handed the show to David Rosenthal, he had to keep the viewers' attention without the kooky Exec Producer's silver tongue (and pen). It was hard watching the show without the quick banter, see the struggle of the Rory/Logan and Lorelai/Luke relationship. I hated the fact that the Lorelai/Chris relationship had been RUINED by bad writing and viewer pressure.

But that's beside the point. Watching the season finale/series finale made me feel like I just lost a best friend. Truly, the show had captivated me 7 years ago. I didn't want to let it go. Watching the last ep yesterday finally made me realize that there might never be another show like it. During the first few weeks of the writers' strike, Mike Ausiello spoke with AS-P, and he scooped that there may be a movie or a prolonged special episode that may be produced in the future. We all know that Alexis Bledel wasn't really all that keen to reviving Rory (made obvious by dragging her feet to sign her contract). Lauren Graham wanted to say the special words AS-P wrote years ago when she dreamed to end the show.

Really, until it happens, I would weep the way GG ended.

2. Oh how I forgot how much I love Degrassi. Years ago, my brothers and I crowded in front of the TV to watch the drama unfold in the lives of Joey Jeremiah, Spike, Snake, and the rest of Degrassi Junior High. Now my brothers and I are older. I'd like to say wiser, and yet, Degrassi lives. This time around, Snake married Spike. Sean is now in a nursing home. Joey has lost his hair but he still plays uncle to the new batch of Degrassi children: Emma, Jake, Paige, Marco, et al.

If we only knew how much high school drama had changed! From coming out parties, to pharming, to school shootings and STDs, only Degrassi makes a viewer yearn to see how these children cope with the themes that would bring an adult to their knees.

I should just get this on DVD. It's an addiction I love getting to know all over after I've abandoned my Daria fix.

3. Daria. Now there's a girl with non-issue issues. What a coincidence that her classmate Britney was dating Kevin? MTV hadn't made anything this great in eons.

4. Veronica Mars. My Mallowy love. My LoVe love. My Weevil/Ronnie angst. From a rape/murder season one, to a bus crash/revenge, to college (huh?) transitions. 3 years wasn't enough. As much as I love the mother/daughter banter between the Gilmore Girls, Papa Mars and Ronnie relations take the cake. Not only is their relationship tight, it's realistic. When V was upset with Keith, she let him know and vice versa. GG really didn't know how to make the girls fight nice. Taking 2 seasons to air dirty laundry was an option I wish I could erase in GG TV.

5. Futurama. Should I say more?

I plan on rewatching Freaks and Geeks and Six Feet Under. *Sigh* Nostalgia.

What are you planning on reintroducing as your TV pleasure?

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