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Friday, August 29, 2008

Vocab 101, Please

For Kat--

My girlfriend and I have made the word "Phelpsed" a catchphrase at work. It means someone has done something quicker or faster and better than you.

Example: I can't believe Roddy gave the same report as I did and got credit for it!
Dude, sorry to hear that you got Phelpsed.

Other words:

What is the plural for doofus? Doofuses? Doofi?
Is there a superlative word than STAT? Someone at work said, "The doctor said the test should be ran stater." So, is STATER acceptable?
Should bootilicious be taken out as a vocabulary word? I know I think it should. So as the vocab word "air quotes".

Check out a new favorite vocabulary website of mine. You'll be impressed.

Last but not the least, Keith Olberman contributing to the urban dictionary.

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the bro said...

So have you figured out how you're juggling the Monday night TV schedule? It looks like I'll be dropping Heroes if they don't do anything to save the writing and plot lines. There's just way too many other features I'm curious about on the same night.