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Friday, November 21, 2008

Cancelations: Are Jericho Peanuts THAT Good?

November 12, NBC canceled Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy. Not ever watching LJ, I don't know whether the show was even worth keeping to start out with.  MOWE? I thought the premise had promise. I watched it a few times, and I myself got lost through the plot. It tries very hard to be a JJ Abrams show, and alas, it failed.  Really, someone can retool this show and it would be a hit. For now, I guess it will get shelved.  The other good thing MOWE had proven, though, is that Christian Slater IS a good actor. Employ him. He's bankable.

Scrubs' swan season is coming on air, much to several shows' dismay.  DirtySexyMoney, Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies are getting the ax. DSM was baaad. I wanted to like this show so much when it premiered last year but even this soap opera cannot even float as bubbles.  I knew that several people said Eli Stone was good but I never gave it a look-see.  Pushing Daisies, which I've watched all season last year, I am sad to see this one go.  It was very promising and really touching. Ned, Charlie and Olive are strange in their own ways but it was touching at the same time.  I hope NBC does it justice when its last episode airs.

Now, the CW. The only show I get to watch on this channel is Supernatural so I really am not versed about their current shows.  However, it' was strange to find out that Jericho is back! (?) 
Valentine is getting the ax. I knew one person that watched this show. She said she liked it. However, the show's supposed to be good but now it's getting canceled. Leave it to CW to screw things up.

But not everything isn't lost. With good shows leaving and some that are bad and are still on, Stephen Colbert wants to share the Christmas love with everyone.  On Nov 23, Colbert's Christmas special will be on. It promises to be the new Muppets special minus the muppets. If you're like me who doesn't want to see anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving, tape the show or buy the DVD the Tuesday after its air date. 

Happy Holidays!


the bro said...

I also read that Fox is granting an extended shooting schedule for Prison Break. It's speculated right now that they're putting that show to rest...finally. It shouldn't have gone on for more than two seasons, really.

Kinda sucks that after this holiday season break, they're moving Sarah Connor to Fridays. We know what that means when it comes to most TV shows.

the bro said...

You may be right with the sci fi Friday. I thing Battlestar Galactica may be scheduled for Friday too once it comes back for it's final shot this spring.