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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Back on TV

Being a mom has definitely taken me away from the idiot box known as the TV. I am currently suffering from Chuck and Supernatural withdrawal but I still keep tabs on shows either currently on, or about to be canceled.

Let's stick with what's on, shall we?

Scrubs- used to watch this show religiously until the Jman was born, and other shows started piling up on my VCR (yes, I don't TiVo or DVR) or my computer. Since it's on The Comedy Central and other channels as fillers, I wasn't really searching for it, per se. With it moving to ABC, however, I caught up with the current batch. I still love the main cast. Hate the new residents, hate Courtney Cox. Can't wait to watch tonight's set of episodes.

How I Met Your Mother- Seriously? Barney crushing? It was too much! Love NPH and the gang. Can't believe Kim Kardashian is getting so much TV time. Ugh.

Ugly Betty- I think that this season's sucky. I can't believe I am still watching it when I cannot stand Whillie. The fact that I love Betty's "You go, girl!" attitude, I would admit that I would eventually step up and ask someone for some fashion advice, even if it means her nephew puts her clothes together. It's better than watching her look so frumpy every time. Amanda and Marc are the two that keep me glued especially now that Gio is gone. I still think Freddy Rodriguez should've stayed, but with him constantly playing second fiddle, I would've done the same thing: bounce. Apparently, Christina (Ashley Jensen) wants out of her contract. Same thing-- I would bail if I was given such a crappy gig.

I don't know if TV is better since the writer's strike, but I can admit that Tina Fey's rant at the Golden Globes is one of the better writings I've heard since her Sarah Palin parodies-- which I really don't consider "being written" since SP had said the same words herself-- before the skits have been taped!

On the canning front, Prison Break is ending! Good riddance!

Alright, show's over. Get working!

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volume-addict said...

Don't the network websites have your shows? I know that NBC and ABC at least have their shows on.

Picked up the blu-ray set of Firefly so that I could understand what's going on in Serenity.

So psyched for BSG this Friday. Then Fringe and Lost return next week as well.

You may just have to stock up on DVD releases so that you can catch them at your leisure.