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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Filling Up the GG Goodie Bag

Thanks to the Ausiello dude:

Question: Please, please, please tell me that Gilmore Girls isn't planning to make Lorelai pregnant and then do a whole "Who's the daddy" mystery. That would definitely veer into jump-the-shark territory. — Karl

Ausiello: Allow me to put your mind at ease. Better yet, let show-runner Dave Rosenthal put your mind at ease. "That will not be happening — I promise," he says of a potential paternity stumper. "There are no sharks anywhere near our set and there will be no jumping of them." Rosenthal can also promise that within the first couple of episodes, Stars Hollow will experience a bit of a baby boom. Translation: Luke's sister, Liz, isn't the only one expecting. "There will be more than two babies born this season." Oh, and one more thing: "There also will be a marriage this season," he reveals. "I can’t say exactly when, but somebody’s getting hitched." Send me your guesses! My money's on Paris and Doyle.

Question: I couldn't disagree with you more re: the Luke-Lorelai vs. Lorelai-Christopher chemistry on Gilmore Girls, but to each his own. More importantly, I get the impression from your comments and your interview with Dave Rosenthal that we are never again going to see L/L as a couple on GG. The most we should hope for is a last-minute reunion in the series finale. Do you think this is the most likely scenario? — Cally

Ausiello: It depends how you interpret Dave Rosenthal's following comments: "Do I think Luke and Lorelai ultimately are soul mates? I do. I really do. But does that mean they’re going to run off together tomorrow and live happily ever after? No. They’re at a point where they both have some regrowing and changing to do, and some things to figure out."

Question: What happened to my favorite Lorelai-Luke fan? Have you been brainwashed? — Lou

Ausiello: For the record, my position on this issue has not changed: I'm still pro-Luke and Lorelai. But after the events of last season, they clearly need a break from one another — and us from them. Let's hope absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Question: Do you have any more information on the time lapse that may or may not occur between the first and second Gilmore Girls episodes? — Jennifer

Ausiello: Actually, I just learned that GG's traditional summertime skip will take place between Episodes Three and Four. The first three episodes are essentially one continuous arc.

Question: Dude, that GG/VM Logan-crossover scoop? Best. Ever. Where am I sending you that case of Snapple? — Julie

Ausiello: Sure, now you want to send me Snapple. Where were you two weeks ago when I was lying on the floor of the Ritz Carlton twitching like Whitney in rehab. But I'm not bitter. And to prove it, I'm going to share with you what Rob Thomas had to say about the Oct. 24 crossover, which, as many of you pointed out, isn't technically a crossover since Matt Czuchry isn't playing Logan Huntzberger on Mars. (Cue me rolling my eyes and making a "W" with my fingers.) "The network suggested it, as [happens with] many of these things. But it's one of those times that I'm happy about the suggestion. I'm excited that it's a real actor… rather than a Top Model — not that I think our Top Models have done a bad job." Rob confirms that Czuchry will play Charlie Stone, half brother of Mars' Logan (Jason Dohring), but that's all he'll confirm. "I want to save the rest of the show."

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