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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ronnie and Piz Were Sitting on a Tree... Then Logan Showed Up

No, not THIS Logan but THIS Logan.

Yep, per Ausiello, he had confirmed that CW is trying to use all its power to get viewers to watch Veronica Mars. Even if it means "borrowing" cast members from the show right before it, right? Now, the Logan/Logan sandwich may commence without Kristin Veitch's interference.

Want more? Well, at least I've found a picture of Wallace's new roommate and possible romantic interest of V, the Pizzinator. Okay, it's my term but I think Stosh should've remained rather than Piz. Heck, all I can say is that he has to be better than Jackie as a season add-on. Ooh, and this is Mac's new roommate. Hmm, me thinks Logan or Dick may have wandering eyes over her direction.


More Spoilers from Ausiello:

Question: Give me whatever you have about Marty on Gilmore Girls. Is he returning? — Steevyn

Ausiello: Dave Rosenthal confirmed Wayne Wilcox's return in my Q&A with him. I don't have an episode count or first air date yet, but I'm working on it.

Question: Anything Gilmore Girls-related. Please. — Chloe

Ausiello: I'm hearing that a mishap at Luke's Diner will lead Kirk to open his own eatery across the street.

Question: OK, who do you think Lorelai should end up with: Luke or Christopher? — Jessica

Ausiello: I'd like to see Luke and Lorelai end up together, but I'm not opposed to a Lorelai-Christopher pairing in the short-term. Lauren Graham and David Sutcliffe have an easy-breezy chemistry and, unlike L&L, I don't feel the need to cover my eyes when they round third base. There, I said it. Now commence with the stone-throwing.

Question: Is it true? Is someone having a baby on Gilmore Girls this season? — Lisa D.

Ausiello: Considering Liz announced that she was preggers on May 2, it stands to reason that a baby will pop out at some point this season. That's what we in the biz call a no-brainer.

NOTES: Kirk running his own diner? Surely, would you eat at a place where you know the man runs naked during REM state and can't hold a job down to save his life? I am so glad the preggy wheels on the GG women have been put to a stop. I think making Rory or Lorelai pregnant would make this season the FINAL season.

Lastly, a parting McSteamy teaser:

Question: Have you received any confirmation that Eric Dane is returning to Grey's? Or is it just pure speculation? — Donna

Ausiello: No official confirmation, but there's mounting evidence to suggest that McSteamy will be a major part of Grey's this season. I think I already told you guys that ABC served a special McSteamy martini at its press tour bash. Seems like an odd thing to do if the character weren't coming back. And Shonda Rimes herself admitted in Friday's Grey's-themed Ausiello Report that Dane made a huge splash during his brief, one-episode stint last February. But the most compelling clue comes from a source over at CSI: Miami. My South Beach spy says Dane was originally approached to play Natalia's soon-to-be-introduced shady ex, but Miami producers were informed that he was "unavailable." Rob Estes will now be stalking Eva La Rue instead. Bottom line: McSteamy's McReturning.

Thanks to Ausiello who's back doing the chats!

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Katherine said...

Gotta say, I think that Logan (The Good One) is way hotter than this Piz character. If V leaves Logan for him, well, we're gonna have to sit her down for a chat. Because it took way too damn long for them to get together last time, and she is not leaving him for another guy. Especially not one that looks like that. Now, if it were Jesse Metcalfe, then we could all understand. Not appreciate, not be happy for her, not send her a freaking fruit basket, but at least it would make some sense.

And if Logan cheats on V, that wouldn't be very in character, now would it? He was the cheatee, not the cheater. And one drunken kiss when your relationship with a girl who treated you like the scum under the scum under the scum of the earth doesn't really count. We've never ever gotten any indications that he's a cheater. Even when the girl is gorgeous. I would love to see who ends up with her. As long as it's Not Logan.

Because then RT will have to die. Because I will kill him. That man put me through the ringer last year, the least he can give me is a measly coupling on the freaking show. And it's not like I'm asking for something crazy, like Weevil and Wallace. I'm demanding my fair share of LoVe, which, lets face it, is the best, and most super awesome coupling on the show. Logan's just fabulous, and Veronica just rocks my socks off.

Oooh, but you know what I wouldn't mind at all? If, in their efforts to pick up some more viewers for the show, they brought Finn and Colin on, since, yet again, the stupid retarded PTB's at GG don't seem to recognize just how much we all adore those two. Someone needs to adopt them. And I'm all for it being me. But since they're fictional, and Mollie and Colin hate each other, I'm more than okay with it falling on the shoulders of RT. He needs a good challenge. Patty Hearst is so... not as fabulous as Finn and Colin.

Can you tell it's 2 in the morning? And that I am too overtired to get to sleep?