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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Warm Thoughts This Christmas

Since it's starting (and I mean JUST STARTING) to dip in the 30s here after a weeklong run of balmy 60-ish degree weather, I would like to share the photos I FINALLY wanted to share from the summer trip to Seattle.

Here's me hanging out with Amy. Here's a shot of us at the Sushi House before announcing I was pregnant:

Here's a shot of my Uncle and Aunt, Nilly being silly, Andrew and Amy:

And here's Andrew, Amy and me at Fells Point at night:

Wish that I can get to meet all the Ickles eventually. K, you might have to make sure next time you're in my backyard, you'd call me. I WILL come rescue you at Hershey or the Outlet Malls if must be.

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