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Friday, December 01, 2006

Overloading Wednesdays

ABC has started peglegging its shows once more categorizing Wednesdays as its "No Think Day".

Scrubs being moved to this prime spot along with The Office and My Name is Earl makes me think that the Disney company is starting to think, albeit, a second too late.

But what the heck, at least the comedic slapstick of JD and the gang won't go unnoticed until the day Zach Braff himself disappears into the world of movies as this is believed to be his last season in Bill Lawrence's world.

Here's to welcoming Hump Day in a new way. God knows I need a shows that would allow me to be zombified and yet entertained for several hours.

Here's Ausiello's interview with Zach Braff.


DeAnn said...

I'm so confused.

First, Scrubs and The Office are on NBC, not ABC.

Second, they're on THURSDAYS.

Did I miss something? Am I in a time warp? Or are you?

DeAnn said...

Hi. Where'd you go?