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Thursday, July 21, 2005

What To Feel

How does it feel to be Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Remember her? The Party of Five girl that became the toast of the town and then disappeared into oblivion?

Yeah, that girl.

I was going through my iTunes and remembered a conversation Vu and I had about John Mayer.

Vu is not a JM fan. He is a lesser fan of JLH. So when "Wonderland" became a big hit, he was just disgusted.

"What did he see in her?" was his question.

Truly, what did JM see in her? What did Bailey see in her?

Well, what did Rich Cronin of LFO see in her when he wrote "Girl on TV"?

I know, LFO versus John Mayer. Hands down, JM, you've got my number.

It is little known fact that JHL herself has 4 albums, one released here in the US and 3 others released in Asia. She is popular in her own merit. I am proud to own NONE of her albums.

But being the muse of 2 different songs by 2 different artists? Big head, huh?

The only other person who feels luckier at this point is Jane, the muse to Maroon 5's album.

But then, she isn't a 'someone'. She can be 'anyone'.

For once though, I want to know how it feels to be JLH.

Now, I'm waiting for A and K to commence brain thumping on me to get the thoughts out of my head.


ames said...

the thumping begins!

now, you know who I want to be? Jane from the Barenaked Ladies Song.

And just so you know, I got up in time to see Charlie on DC this morning. I'm sad. But he's walking around in his wetsuit. Yum.


Donut Shop said...

I wanna be the girl in Zack and Sara on Ben Folds' song... or Ben's Kate.

I am in a BF mood... Me crazy.


Katherine said...

I always thought she must be really, really good in bed, to get such boys to write songs about her. I kinda think she's a bit skanky. Especially with her clothing choices. I doubt she owns a top that can actually cover her breasts.

Anyway. I love JM. He rocks. I've loved him for quite a while. But I believe that I already did a blog on this subject awhile ago.

I have to confess, that I do own that LFO cd. But in all honesty, it was an impulse buy, and I really liked Summer Girls. I didn't know that the rest of the album sucked until I got home and listened! Who would buy an album full of songs about a stupid guy who lost a girl and is now whining "Baby be mine, mine, mine."? I know I wouldn't. I have to trade it in somewhere.


dinkus said...

OMG! Now you should be hung on the wall of (music) shame. You own an LFO CD? LOL. You just made me giggle. A lot.


And I never thought of the half top shirts. She does try to sport those mounds. Sadly, she's just now a Hanes Her Way girl.

ames said...

I'm giggling too! I can't believe you own LFO! I bet you could trade it in in the HOPE cd exchange. Get something quality in return, if only you repent your sinful ways. . .

As for JLH--it's her humongous TA-TAs. I mean, hello!


dinki said...

Ha! It just looks huge cuz she's small.


Katherine said...

I forgot I had it until I was thinning out my cd collection. I got rid of all the rest of the boyband BS a long, long time ago. I'm still not sure how that one fell through the cracks. I'm definately getting rid of it.

But let's also remind ourselves that it was bought by a very young, very impressionable, very naive, very stupid, 14 year old Katherine, and not the more music savvy wonderwoman that is currently writing this. I'm just glad that I had people around me to break me of these evil ways.


ames said...

yeah. i think being dumb is synonamous with being 14. I know that's how Brent got through the cracks of my life back then... But at least I was listening to Beck and Nirvana at 14. The music wasn't torturing my mind, just boys.


Katherine said...

Yeah, but I turned into a teenager in the midst of the boy band revival. At least you were during a slightly cooler music era, although the fashion left a bit to be desired. (Plaid and flannel looks better on Luke.)


Ickles said...

God, I was 13 at the height of NKOTB. My BFFs were mad crazy over the boys. I was a little more inclined to listen to Skid Row (and funny that Sebastian Bach is Gil).

Hmm, I never owned boy band CDs but I do admit having mini-discs of Savage Garden and BSB for running. So, yes, they have a purpose. It's called cadence to 160-180 bpm.


ames said...

I was ten or eleven around the NKOTB craze. I did have all their cassettes. I'll admit it. I never had a BSB CD though.