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Thursday, April 19, 2007

There Is a God!

Since I've been on a 3-month "vacation", I've had the opportunity to watch evening TV. I haven't been given this opportunity since October 2002 so it was almost a Christmas present of sorts, especially from someone who loves primetime TV.

So imagine my surprise when 2 shows I don't watch did the inevitable.

Clyde Drexler got eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

Sanjaya got eliminated from American Idol.


Once Heather Mills gets eliminated from Dancing With the Stars (I think she gets pity votes since she's as stiff as starched outfits when she performs), I'll think the world will be back in order.

Man, if this could happen, we might be able to vote for a smarter president and get world peace up and running.

Here's to all things normal!

1 comment:

TV Goddess said...

Hey, if you don't watch, you don't know that Heather's actually good.

Also, I heart Sanjaya. Stop hurting me!