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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ausiello Scoop: The Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars Edition

It's refreshing to see the newest episode of Gilmore Girls. Seven years and running, I still cannot tolerate Taylor Doose. Why is that?

Anywhoo, here's the scoop from the Ausiello Report. Much more at the site but I just wanted to highlight the Gilmore Girls drama and what we're to expect at the land of Mars.

My big question: if V is going to say goodbye to Logan, does that mean he won't be around for next year's flash forward???

Question: I'm excited to hear about the possible shortened eighth season of Gilmore Girls. Got anything new to report on that front?— Heather

Ausiello: At the show's wrap party Sunday night, everyone and their sister was talking about the short order as if it was a done deal. The only sticking point appears to be the number of episodes. I'm hearing 13, but I imagine the CW is trying to stretch that to at least 16. An official announcement is imminent.

Question: Do you know anything about the season/series finale of Gilmore Girls?— Jeremy
Ausiello: I know that the townsfolk throw Rory a massive graduation party since most of them couldn't get tix to the real ceremony. I also know that the final scene features three characters and, per one source, "brings the show full circle."

Question: You rarely talk about Veronica Mars anymore. What gives? Please tell me you have some info about the upcoming five episodes.— Mary Wakefield
Ausiello: LoVe 'shippers, this is the time in "Sprockets" when you shield your eyes: In the May 29 season finale, Veronica tells Logan that he's out of her life forever.
Question: Damnit, man! You've neglected Veronica Mars fans for too long! Give us some scoop or I will dismember a Smurf doll.— Stephanie
Ausiello: How many times do I have to tell you people?! Threatening violence against the Smurfs will get you nowhere in this column!

Question: Please, Michael, give us some scoop on Veronica Mars. Anything, I beg of you. — Alvim
Ausiello: Begging, on the other hand, will get you everywhere. Two characters we haven't seen in quite some time will be featured prominently in the finale. And their names are *ak* K*** and *l*ren** *ied*an. (Yes, I'm aware I made that ridiculously easy. I give you gifts. Learn to accept them.)

==> Those wondering: it's Jake Kane and Deputy Leo (Max Greenfield, who also plays Alexis' assistant in Ugly Betty)

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TV Goddess said...

I didn't love last night's episode (I posted my thoughts). Also, when will Veronica Mars be back?!