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Monday, April 16, 2007

SPOILERS (and Another Hint of GG's Demise)

Courtesy of Kristin V of E!Online.

Here's the juicy stuff I got covering Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars (squee!!!) and Gilmore Girls (sob):

Daniela in Brazil: Any news on Bette la Fea?
Claro que sim! The next new episode of Ugly Betty, which airs this week, is fantastic. You must watch. There's a surprise wedding proposal (not a good surprise), and there's a surprise twist to Daniel's latest conquest (again, not a good surprise). Plus, two characters who haven't hooked up before will hook up! And Betty will endure two breakups (not of the romantic nature) before the week is up. (Sniffle.) It's a juicy little ep.

Carl in Phoenix: What's the word on Veronica Mars?
Looks like a few old friends will come back for the finale. As I told you a few weeks back, Max Greenfield (Deputy Leo, who also has a hilarious comeback on this week's Ugly Betty as Amanda sinks her claws in to try and take his job), will return to Veronica for at least one episode, including the season finale. And Jake Kane will also be back! Now, as long as this isn't a fond farewell finale and just a season finale, I'm all for this. Oh, and by the way, I hear that if Veronica were to continue, Rob Thomas is interested in doing a storyline between Deputy Leo and Daddy Mars—yet another reason to renew.

Glo in Boston: Any scoop on Gilmore Girls? Any gossip on it coming back? Some say yes, others say no.
You aren't going to like this (sorry, it's hard for me to report!) but I think you can add Damian Pelliccione into the "no" column. He has a small part on the show as Rory's friend Lance, and at the GLAAD Awards, he said: "I have one or two more episodes and that's it; my character dies off—no, doesn't die really, just the show's dying. And you'll see a lot of switching between Rory and Lorelai's character toward the end—it's a big juxtaposition. I can't give too much away, but you really see Rory grow up and mature by the end of this season."

Here's the link to Ausiello's version of the GG drama.


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