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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moving On-- TV edition

Another reason to tune in. Here's a little news from Ausiello:

Rumor: Men in Trees has hired former Gilmore Girls exec producer David Rosenthal.
Fact. He'll be a consulting producer, serving as MIT creator Jenny Bicks' "number two."

It's nice to know that Rosenthal is actually doing something that has legs of its own and a romance beat that he probably would be comfortable helming. He may only be serving as a consulting producer but I think he'll thrive in this environment.

A lot of people were upset when DR tried to resuscitate life into the last season of GG but he was shoved against a corner, in a spot that any talented writer/producer would have a hard time tigging themselves out of especvially if they're not the original producers/writers. Case in point X-Men 3. DISASTER.

At least the writers/producers of my former favorite shows have found solace in other places. Rob Thomas has Miss/Guided, Mark Piznarski (who Piz was named after in VM) has moved on to Friday Night Lights and Gossip Girl and of course, AS-P has her baby The Return of Jezebel James this fall.

Here's to interesting TV this fall!

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