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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Veronica Mars Still Lives On

Finally, CW has dropped the hammer and nailed in the last spike in the coffin. Veronica Mars as a TV show is dead.

Not that we had a chance, I guess. After 3 years of low viewership thanks to local channels airing baseball games, covering news and changing time slots without warning, the loyal fans had to rely on DVD, iTunes and piracy to get their hands on the latest chapter of the Neptune High gang.

It is sad to see the show go but Rob Thomas promised that Veronica Mars as we know it is not DEAD. Right now, he's trying to work out a deal with DC comics to keep our detective thriving. And he's still pumped up with making a feature film featuring our girl, Ronnie.

So we get to see her live on.

Now if we could just get more information on Miss/Guided, I will be really happy.

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TV Goddess said...

Lady, you can get lots more information on "Miss Guided." Go to my site, follow the link to my other blog posting and I link to the show's info, including a preview and all that.