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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A John Mayer PSA: Calling Out All Idiots

Last Sunday, one of the numerous John Mayer blogs (this specifically was on livejournal) brought up the fact that there were 63 teenagers corralled and booked for underage drinking, possession of marijuana and possession and use of illegal substances.

The thought was really sad that kids find it necessary to enhance an experience that was pretty cool enough watching stone cold sober. Not that this practice is new, by any standard, but it's still disheartening.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Apparently, Uncle John himself addressed the issue. I busted up laughing.

Kudos to a man who takes the time to give a PSA to morons like the 55 Kyles. I surely would like to see photos of anyone he sharpies or teabags. Truly awesome.

His other PSA that I love (and I wish he posts it on his MySpace) is his encouragement to have wannabe performers to get off MySpace and actually make a solid song; a solid hit. THEN spend time at MySpace.

Thanks to my brother, Chicken Scratch for the heads up. Anyone looking for a gifted guitarist in the Seattle area should drop him a note. You won't be disappointed.

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