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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Attention, Heroes Writers: WTF???

Kindered, the third episode to the second season of Heroes was probably the worst episode I've ever watched.

Hello, writers, what are you thinking?

I do understand that this season might be a little slower since characters had been established, and that the main storyline had been flushed. But for a show that had so much energy pumped into the plots and the characters in the first season, the second season has a lot of that lacking. The characters are limp, the plot is contrived, and the chill factor had turned to cheesy.

Let's take for instance the Jekyll and Hyde attitude Claire has for HRG. When Claire found out that her dad, HRG had done some baddie stuff in the past, she "forgave" daddy. So why did she give her dad the evil eye when she found out that her dad did some stuff to West in the past? It's not like he just tagged West the same day Claire found the marks on West's neck.

And let's talk about the cheesy Superman act West had with Claire. Come on, for a second, I thought my TV jumped to an episode of Smallville mixed with Laguna Beach.

I just hope that the crappy love story would end soon.

Next, the Peter loveline. Ooh, so he's soft on the Bonnie. And he has amnsesia. And he's relearning (sort of) his powers. God, we've done this before!!! And the part where Peter was trying to summon his powers upon command? Yeah, we've seen that in the first Spiderman movie, folks.

And Mohinder, and Molly, and Parker? My Two Dads is all I could think about, only it's half as funny and *yawn* boring.

When did Micah become so whiny? Why do we still have Niki? How is it that the baldie dude who's supposed to be the new person to hate doesn't intrigue me at all?

Am I just expecting too much?

Although I am still on the fence about Hiro's supposed love story with Takezo's girl, I thought the "letter writing" Hiro left for Ando to read was cool. Hiro still not getting back to the present is starting to annoy me too.

The only cool plot? Sylar not being able to get his powers back!!! Really cool. It's the only plot that seemed connected to the first season.

I still don't know how I feel about the Herrera twins. All I know is, if they don't get a good story soon, they (the writing gods) need to drop them because their purpose is almost as dumb as the Niki/Jessica plot.

If you think I am off, let me know. I need some reassurance that the shows I am watching actually have a destination I would like to visit.

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the bro said...

You're not alone. I'm starting to think the show is becoming a one-season wonder. I'm just watching it now out of habit. I'm still telling you Bionic Woman is where it's at.