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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Because Cupid Needs a Second Change

Cupid, a show created by Rob Thomas in 1998 is being given a second chance.

The show is about Trevor Hale, a mental patient who thinks he is Cupid. Rejected by the gods (particularly Zeus) for being too arrogant, he thinks that for him to being back in favor with the deities he has to unite 100 couples without his trusty gadgets, the bow and arrow.

Of course, Dr Claire Allen, his psychologist and a romance counselor on her downtime, has to reassure Hale that he is not Cupid. So imagine the sparks flying when Hale disrupts Allen's couples' therapy as they butt heads on the Venus/Mars complex!

In the 1998 version, Cupid was played by Jeremy Piven. His Allen was quick witted Paula Marshall.

So here's the catch. Piven's doing Entourage. Marshall is starring in another RT show called Party Down (which by the way also stars VM alum Ryan Hansen) and Nip/Tuck.

Who should play the pivotal roles?

I would love Mark Matkevitch, formerly of Dawson's Creek and Joan of Arcadia to play the ascerbic but disarming Hale and someone like Lauren Graham to play the no-nonesense doctor. Far fetched? Well, who would you cast?

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for this tidbit.

And if you have never seen an episode of Cupid, here's the first part to the Pilot episode. Be warned, you'll end up watching all the clips loaded on YouTube.

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