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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feed The Hungry While Feeding Yourself

Barilla is holding its 2nd annual Celebrity Cookbook and I am very excited to try the recipes out. Last year, I've tried at least 3 of the recipes and I was floored at how good they are! Most of them were quick and easy. If anything else, it was fun to prepare with the hubby in the kitchen or when friends come over for a nice get together. For a moment, it felt like Giada DeLaurentiis and Mario Batali were actually cooking with me. No, I take that back. It almost felt like I was a guest in Jaime Oliver's show where he has friends over and help him cook. It was THAT fun.

It was a pleasant thought while it lasted.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that for every downloaded cookbook, Barilla donates to Second Harvest, an organization that helps stock up food shelters and soup kitchens in the US. So, do your share. It's a free download. Help feed the hungry.

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the bro said...

I think the writers' strike is over soon. I heard that the folks at Lost are reconvening in Hawaii beginning Monday for production.