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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

Self-help book lover? Then maybe, this book may be for you.

Eat Pray Love

This movie is based from the book of the same title by author Elizabeth Gilbert.  I admit, this is one of the few books I've not read, and after watching this movie, I never will.

The story is about Liz Gilbert (the author is played by Julia Roberts) who finds herself falling out of love with her husband, Stephen (Billy Crudup).  After a series of self- loathing events, she finds herself (and a new love) after traveling the world.

The Good

The countries visited.  Yes, this is how much I liked this movie. I start the good with advertising Italy, India and Bali. Although I've only visited Italy, the landscape captured on all 3 countries is breathtaking.

Billy Crudup as Stephen. From the movie, you get the gist that this man, although seemingly immature, showed that he was a man that was broadsided with Liz's announcement of a separation. His attempt to win her back was pretty good. If there is a man out there willing to give everything up to change a relationship, giving the relationship one more chance should be a gimme in his case, in my opinion.

Javier Bardem as Felipe.  Amazing actor for someone who definitely does not win any accolades for being the best-looking leading man.  Felipe is a man who's not afraid to fall for Liz despite putting his love life on hold for his children and (maybe) hope for a reconciliation from his ex-wife.  Watching him put everything on the line (albeit short on film) makes the movie almost palatable.

The Bad

Oh, where to start? The plot.  I don't know if the intent of the book or the movie was to show a selfish or conceited side of Liz Gilbert. If it was, then the movie caught that rather well.  I cannot sympathize with Liz's character. Really, grow up.  Finding "yourself" by doing a lot of self-loathing is unflattering.  Getting a lover when the divorce hasn't even been finalized shows a level of maturity that is questionable.  Liz was whiny, making the character very unappealing.

The Ugly

I could not tell whether the movie was too long because the plot was just unpalatable or because the journey to find one's self was only slightly referenced.  Self-indulgence on screen masked with a self-journey synopsis is just bad.

Stale Popcorn Rating: If you're a Julia Roberts fan, you may want to rent it.  It's not a flattering role, but any die-hard fan of hers won't be so disappointed.  Otherwise, it's a free rental/TV movie kind of affair.  Up the ante by doing something while watching the movie. That way you won't feel like asking the wasted time back.


Kylie1403 said...

I probably only got through 3 chapters of the book and I couldn;t STAND the torture any more lol

Donut Shop said...

Kylie, the movie doesn't make me want to read the book. Liz Gilbert and Barbara Kingsolver are the 2 authors I detest.