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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Shopping Wishlist

So, I am slow. I really like presents but I really am bad coming up with a list of things that I DO want. It's not because I would like to think that I am so generous I'd prefer to give than receive but I love the fact that people come up with presents I would appreciate without me letting them know what I want.

However, that seemed to be backfiring so here's a list of stuff I may want if Santa can give them to me:

Canon PIXMA MP510 Photo All-in-One Printer: I need a new scanner that actually works with my Mac. Apparently, our last scanner, which it was the top of the line then, is not even supported by the latest version of Windows. Go figure.

DLO TransDoc: The one I have right now in my car is a 3Gen. I want an upgrade.

windowsill herb garden: Blame it on Jaime Oliver... Or the Food Network.

Rachael Ray's Cookbooks: I know she is annoying but I find some of her stuff easier to cook on a daily basis compared to, oh, someone like Anthony Bourdain, who apparently hates, RR with a passion. Great cook but not a daily cook on my book. Actually, I really need are just cookbooks for daily eating. So, whatever looks reasonable and quick and easy (and doesn't compromise of PBJs and ramen is a good meal book).

Moonlighting Series: There hasn't been this much tension and fun in a TV show other than the DeGrassi Junior High series which BTW would be cool to have on DVD if I didn't have anything better to do with my time but watch TV.

iPulse Bear or the
Mood Beams: The speakers would make the baby room cozy without having speakers sticking out. As for the Mood Beams, any of the 4 woud do. I think they are cute and will be a nice addition to the baby's room.

Tacky but would love to have: Gift cards from Apple, Ikea, Target, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Circuit City or Home Depot.

So how's that for a condensed link?

Otherwise, the other stuff I need are baby stuff from Target Registry and my BabiesRUs Registry.

Thanks again and have a great and safe Holiday season!

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