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Monday, November 13, 2006

Scoopers From Kristin

I am really glad that the old chat format on E!Online is back. Here's a few spoilers from the shows Heroes, VM, GA, and UB. Thanks, Kristin!

From Josey: How about some good scoop on Heroes?
Yes! It is mildly spoilery, but not full-blown spoilery, so I'm going to put it right up top here for the whole world to see. Thanks to a rock-solid source, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that...a new hero is joining the cast! My source tells me exclusively that the new hero is making his debut in the Jan. 22 episode and has an ability not yet seen on the show. Apparently, this hero has been around a lot longer than all the others, so presumably he can teach those heroes we already know a thing or two. Pretty fantastic, no?

From hailey: Where are all the Veronica Mars spoilers? The season's finally getting good, and you're giving us nothing.
I gots your Kristen Bell right here, though: The Fanboys trailer is now online! Also, a word from Sheriff Lamb: Michael Muhney did a chat on Fanforum last week and said, "We've been picked up for 16 episodes, which completes the first two season mysteries...I'm pretty sure we'll get those last six episodes. I'm close to certain that we will. Now, if you ask me about a season four, I don't know, and my concern grows exponentially for a season four versus a pickup for a full season three, but what do I know?" Does the thought of losing Veronica make anyone else want to drink (heavily)?

omy. What gives? You have to give us something good to make up for it, missy!
Okay, but only because you twisted my arm and I had absolutely no chance in the matter! (Are you listening, Shonda Rhimes?) I do have some deliciously dishy scoop that might actually force your heart to pop right out of your chest, so read at your own risk. A reliable source has just confirmed to me that: “Addison and Alex. It is on.” Yee!

Where has Justin been in Ugly Betty? He is my favorite part about that show, and my household was sorry to not see him in the show at all two weeks ago and then only making that one little comment about Martha Stewart in this last episode. Has the network told them to tone him down? I hope not, he's hilarious!
Fear not! I was just on set on Friday, and Justin was very much in the mix. He actually has some really big stuff coming up with his father coming back into the picture. It’s chillingly good. And speaking of Martha, you know she’s making a cameo appearance this Thursday for Thanksgiving, right? Justin must be beside himself.

From Jeff: I love Ugly Betty, and I want scoop!
Mode is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, but Amanda and Marc are breaking in, because, well, no one in their families likes them enough to hang with them for the holiday. Sad but true. However, the two outcasts make the most of it. All I’ll say is musical number! Woo-hoo!

Have a happy TV week!

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