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Friday, November 10, 2006

Why I Love Hiro and Other Advertisements

Before I start...

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Anyone who awaits the newest Heroes episode would understand my love for Masi Oka.

Masi Oka makes Hiro Nakamura loveable. He makes Hiro dweeby cool. He makes Hiro an approachable Hero.

Then, when I read this week's Entertainment Weekly, he, Masi, made me love the guy a lot more.

Did you know that he's a Brown graduate who has a degree in Computer Science, has a 180 IQ? What's more, acting is his second celluloid job. His first was his contribution as an ILM (George Lucas, anyone?) special effects guy who's credited with the work on "A Perfect Storm".

And if you don't watch Scrubs often, he plays a lab tech on the show.

He also translates his script to Nipponggo (Japanese) when he has to speak in his native tongue. You'd be thinking that Masi is a FOB, right? Well he is... sort of. He's been in the US since the age of 6. Being able to speak that fluently means he hasn't forgotten where he's from (or maybe lives with his parents, but what the heck?).

So, there. I was going to put some Heroes spoilers but I thought I owe it to you guys to head on down the local magazine stores down your way to catch up on the Spoilers on EW. If you can't wait that long, here's a link to Mike Ausiello's interview with Greg Grunberg who's got spoilers of his own.

Other TV news:

Veronica Mars had been picked up for another 3 scripts. I don't know if that means just half a season but with at 2% increase in viewership, I think it's safe to say that the show will be picked up for a full season since 7th Heaven viewership had gone down 28%. Gilmore Girls, sadly, is also down 19%.

As for the peeps like me that have been wondering WTF happened to Weevil/Francis Capra, apparently, his bloated and acne-filled face was due to some allergic reaction to medication he's taking. Currently, he's looking like the old buff with a little fluff in the episodes he's been shooting but the acne had stayed. Sigh. Should Jessica Simpson visit him and advertise Proactiv to him?

Gilmore Girls: I think the Chris/Lorelai thing I think is good. I think Luke is realizing that his hesitation to commit to Lorelai is harder now that he's going back to dating (wasn't the coach creepy???) losers.

Logan will be coming back now that his father's company acquired the new internet company in New York. So to all Logan lovers, there you go. The only thing that makes me go "hmmm" is... wasn't that what Chris was doing (being part of a start up internet company) when he was labeled a loser in Season 1 Gilmore Girls?

Ugly Betty: Ignacio is going to get arrested. Bradford will be accused of a murder (duh!) Whilmelina still tries to prevent Betty from making Daniel look good by sabotaging his finances. When will she ever learn?

Grey's Anatomy: Callie's secret's out of the bag and starts the man brawl. Mark hits on Meredith (what's new?). Izzy breaks down when she finally cashes in the $8M check given by Denny.

Prison Break: Sara won't be in captivity for long. C-Note will suffer a loss sooner than later. Looks like Michael and Lincoln will not be uniting after all or would be postponing their reunion...

Eagles need to win the next 9 games. The Giants need to lose. Seahawks need to get their act together if they want to be contenders this year. Steelers, suck more, will ya?

See you all when I can update again.

Thanks to Spoilerfix and Ask Ausiello for the information.


Anonymous said...

Hiro is my favorite. I mean, it's close, what with Peter being Milo and all, but I do love Hiro a *smidge* bit more.

*sighs and wishes it was a Monday night*


the bro said...

Our birds win again! With Hasselbeck probably back by next week and the same for Alexander, I think we'll be fine facing The 49ers next Sunday. The only thing that brings some concern is that once the season ends and Seneca Wallace's contract is up, there may be another team out there that would want him to be their quarterback.