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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Taking Care of Business

I wish I was in Amy's shoes right now: thinking good vacation 'Christmas' thoughts. Currently, I have none.

I'm not even picky. I just want to be able to go outside and swim in my pool, or lay out on the deck without thinking I have to go in and get ready for work at 1500. Can I do that?


Let's take last night as an example. I had to man the two biggest instruments at work by myself. The only thing that saved me from going over the brink of insanity was that the work flow pretty much slowed down during dinner time for me to be able to catch up with the work I slacked on just to get by. After dinner, we had people who decided to visit the ER in hordes for crap and giggles. If you've had the sniffles and cough 3 days ago, go see a FP doctor. Not the ER. All they'll tell you is, "Take some Sudafed and call your doctor in the morning." That and a huge medical bill you could've prevented from happening if you just stayed at home and called your doctor in the morning as any regular Joe would.

Hate them all.

I can't even find time to write! Ask the Nilly. I came home last night whining so badly he thought I was a five year old. I was very cranky (from hunger) and tired. The only thing I didn't do upon getting home is throwing a temper tantrum. What prevented it was the FIL came for a visit and was staying the night.

Now I hope tonight's going to be different. Maybe I can even finish a chapter out.

What do you think?

BTW, new Seasonal Passion story is up. Read it, haven't commented on it yet. I am torn. The writing style is good but there was something so OOC about it that I can't give it a constructive review. Maybe tonight I can reread it again and maybe better review juices would come out.



ames said...

OMG--do we share a brain? I thought the exact SAME thing when I read the new fic. I just, couldn't bring myself to find something to say. Definitely good writing, filled the recs well, but off somehow.

I hope work is better tonight! People do suck, don't they? It's the danger of working anywhere near the general public.

And I, as always, am a big fan of new chapters getting completed. I got an idea for Untouched, based on your helpful comments, and hope to have chapter two up tonight or tomorrow.


Katherine said...

I'm a bad MOD, I haven't read the new story yet. I know, but I've had so many other things to do, I haven't had any time.

I'll read it soon, though, and tell you what I think of it.

I feel your pain about the work stuff. And the writing stuff. As someone pointed out to me, I haven't updated since May. And the TC fans are getting antsy, and violent. I'm just glad I have you guys, who gently prod and don't threaten. And when you do threaten, I know it's only out of love for me and my stories!


ames said...

K: I'd threaten back. Tell them for every mean and unnecessary threat to get you to update, you'll make them wait an extra month!

yeah, I'm feeling evil. But I enjoy it.


Me said...

K, tell them that bribery is the quickest way for you to update. BTW, I haven't sent the CDs yet. Ran out of CDs and I need to buy more.

Amy, I'm so glad to hear that I was able to dislodge some of that writer's block. I know you'll come out with another stellar chappie. I hope I'd be releasing the next chappie to MNT shortly after you release yours. Apparently, I've been drafted to several gatherings this weekend that would deprive me of my computer time with Gwynnie.

Anyway, Amy, I dare you to write Tanc.

Let's see if he responds....

So, is it wrong to think that the last story was off? You'll tell us the truth, right, K? Amy? I still have to check if anyone actually reviewed.

Anyway, I have to post the next blog. I think you guys will truly love it.


ames said...

I'm supposed to email him?

And say what, I have a friend that wants to have your babies, oh, and I write you into a lot of my GG fanfiction?

He'll have that restraining order issued by noon Friday. . .


Now Cillian, there's someone I'm comfortable stalking. . .


Donut Shop said...

Hey, at least you could get an official document that has Tanc Sade's signature. In return you could give the autograph to K, who in return is 'saved' from a restraining order as she is the one who is willing to spend the time and effort having his babies.

Cillian Murphy? Hmm, Is he neighbors with Colin Farrell? If he is, then let's stalk them together. I might be tempted to find CM's email...

Lindsay said...

I agree with the OOC ness. It's just a little off, but great writing

jackie said...

i've never commented on your blog before, but I wanted to agree with your take on the new story. I read it and kinda just sat there staring at the screen. I haven't commented because I'm not sure I really liked it....