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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

GG's Goodbye, A Veronica Mars Shake Up and a Boo For Ugly Betty

Per request of the TV Goddess, I am following my PSA with something that has more substance: Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars.

Ask Ausiello was teeming with questions and Gilmore love. Read 'em and weep. He posted his Q&A with Matt Czuchry which I thought was reallly nice.

As AA had hinted, Gilmore Girls' demise had given Veronica Mars LIFE. Yes, CW is now considering VM as a major player. Other shows that seem to be coming back are One Tree Hill (boo!) and Supernatural (yay!!).

Anyway, here are spoilers for the rest of VM's season before doing a title change. I like episode 19's title. I remember someone posting it on TWoP a few years back.

Episode 3.19: Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down
Airdate: May 22, 2007 at 8 p.m.

05/04 - Weevil is arrested for selling fake debit cards to Hearst students, but claims he is being framed because of his criminal background, and asks Veronica to clear his name. On Piz's radio show, Keith debates Vinnie (guest star Ken Marino, "Reno 911") about the upcoming election, while a tipsy Dick apologizes to Mac for the way he has treated her in the past. Veronica and Piz make up after their argument about spending their summer apart, and a mysterious sex tape of the two finds its way to the internet. Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs and Julie Gonzalo also star. Source: The CW

Episode 3.20: The Bitch Is Back (Season? finale)
Airdate: May 22, 2007

05/04 - Furious that Logan attacked Piz, Veronica tells Logan she wants nothing to do with him. Parker confronts Logan about still having feelings for Veronica, while Piz assures Veronica that he had nothing to do with the sex video. Veronica, with Weevil's help, investigates how the tape originated and discovers a person from her past is linked to The Castle and pays them a visit. With the re-election campaign nearing, Keith steps in to protect Veronica. Percy Daggs, Ryan Hansen and Tina Majorino also star. Source: The CW

Lastly, I am showing my annoyance that ABC is going to be moving Ugly Betty to SUNDAYs. With football in the fall, I bet the numbers won't be holding up as well as it is now. Reconsider, ABC!!!

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TV Goddess said...

OK, first of all, that's not ALL of the episodes left. Isn't there one on 5/15? I think this seems like a weird jump (the stuff in the 5/22 episode).

Also, probably "Ugly Betty" and football are not usually things the same people watch. With exceptions of course.

And I was TEASING you. Your PSA was great. But this is so much juicier!