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Friday, May 18, 2007

Me and My Computer Weep

My computer connection died this morning. I should've known that Moses didn't want me to find out the hard way that Veronica Mars is dead.

It goes to show that CW is not going for class. It is going for the lowest common denominator. The network is not keen to keeping its cerebral viewers. Apparently, CW should be renamed as ADD network: the channel that only appeals to 12 year old boys and girls. It is sad. Sad that I have to subject myself to watching the big 3 this fall. I cannot even say that I am going to really stick around for my Supernatural boys. That I just watch when it's downloaded on the computer.

However, I am rather impressed by Rob Thomas for saying NO THANKS to CW's big brother, CBS, in producing the mystery Broadway show Viva Laughlin which also happens to be produced by my hunky love Hugh Jackman. Way to go!!!

Please join me in saying goodbye to the town of Neptune, murders, mysteries, quirky comebacks and all things marshmellowy. We will miss you.

Here's a little tribute to the show and how a ton of us found ourselves rooting for Logan and Veronica in the first season of the show. This is Troubled Times by Fountains of Wayne.


1 comment:

Isabel said...

Who makes the decisions at CW? I swear it is an idiot. VM is such a smart show. It's so sad to see it end.