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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Rest of the TV Line-Up and Saving VM

ABC's Fall Line-Up had been revealed and I am so glad to see what happens to Betty and her family next season. Ugly Betty was never on the chopping block but it's nice to see that American viewers like this quirky show that doesn't fall for the usual slapstick routine comedies like this are known for. Men on Trees also had been picked up, which is another show I follow. Pushing Daisies and Cavemen are the only 2 shows from this network that I might visit this coming fall. Private Practice is still on the "eh" part for me.

As for CBS' Line-Up, they were playing it safe. Canceling Jericho, it had kept most of its older shows like How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. The new Rob Thomas show Viva Laughlin will debut, which I might watch.

Fox on the other hand will obviously keep the American Idol alive. They also ordered another batch of Jack Bauer's series 24. But for the most part, they have a handful of shows they plan to bring to light. One of them is The Return of Jezebel James, the AS-P show that I would love to hate. However, it's got one of my favorite actress, Lauren Ambrose. Will I watch? We'll see.

Lastly, CW's Line-Up left me pissed. Pray I don't have to throw a rock at my TV screen. As I am glad that Supernatural was renewed (my Jensen heart is jumping), Dawn Ostroff and the CW company is getting some serious calls from Veronica Mars fans who didn't see the show in its line-up. According to Ask Ausiello the company has until June 15 to make a decision in regard to the show. So, if you want to keep Veronica Mars on the TV waves, please call the CW Viewer Comment Line at (818) 977-6878.

So, that's the TV line up for you. Comments? Suggestions?

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TV Goddess said...

Seriously, MIGHT? watch Rob Thomas's new show? Are you kidding? MIGHT?!

Who are you, and what did you do with my friend?