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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


No more classes, no more books
No more teachers, dirty looks!

Summertime, summertime!

-Bugs Bunny

I took my finals today. WOOT! Finally, I am done. Done, done, DONE. I don't have to go back to the CC. I don't have to deal with MENSA president anymore. I don't have to deal with school work... Until the fall.

I could've not asked for more.

Well, I can, I guess, like finding out that I need to lose 4 pounds for the next 6-8 weeks if I really want to reach my "ideal weight goal". Pshaw. That's not happening any time soon.

But other than that, things are looking on the up and up.

Anywhoo, I will be posting Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars spoilers here. So, if you haven't seen it yet and don't want it spoiled? Read this only AFTER you've watched the show. TRUST ME.

And if you're done watching the episodes mentioned, here's a link to Ausiello's chat with Rob Thomas. Here's a link to Season 3's plot.

Okay, you've been warned...

Got to watch the last ASP/DP Gilmore Girls episode. Me liked it a lot. The husby? Not so much. He was pissed that Lorelai didn't keep her knees together. He was pissed that Lorelai gave Luke an ultimatum after the whole time she tried staying away from his business.

I understand Nilly's disappointment. He thinks the show sold out a long time ago. Me, the believer, still has high hopes.

He thinks that Lorelai's sudden appreance of a backbone is a series too late.

I think it's late but late's better than not growing one at all. I understand Lorelai's sudden insistence that Luke "prove" his love by eloping. I follow her logic of having April adjust to them as a couple and not the other way around. April knows what the birds and bees are. She only got to know Luke after 12 years of existence. She has also met Lorelai and there is chemistry between them. Luke could've not been any more grateful that at least his newly found daughter can actually get along with her stepmom.

Luke and Lorelai knowing each other for almost a decade trumps over the kid.

Maybe if Luke, Anna and Lorelai were just more mature about the whole setup to start out with, all this drama would've not existed.

Lorelai should've expected that Luke won't take too kindly to the ultimatum. I hope she is ready to reap the consequences of her rash decision.

I did like the scene where Lorelai ended up on the back seat of Christopher's blind date. She was likable. I just didn't understand why Emily found it her job to marry Christopher off or at least find him a suitable mate. Lorelai's side comments? Funny.

Comments on the ending...

I think I am only one of 3 that squealed when Lorelai ended up in Christopher's bed. Gigi catching Lorelai in his bed nekkid, I thought, is something I wish my toddler will never find me in. Even if I did look half as good as Lorelai.

Nilly said that ASP really cornered the next writer to finish the crap. I agree. It would be hard to spin this without it turning into Dawson's Creek post Kevin Williamson era.

Don't ask me for my opinion about Rory and Logan. Other than the fact that she had a horrendous British accent, I really thought that their "goodbyes" were so-so for someone who was supposed to be in love and won't be seeing until Guy Fawkes Day. (that line, I found funny). I did like Mitchum's response to Rory about the world not revolving around her. About damned time someone else said it other than Jess.

I also give props to the Yale building named after Rory (ostentatious?) and the Emily line, "Did I fire you yet?" That cracked me up.

With that being said, will I be looking forward to Season 7? Yes. Will I expect to be disappointed? Honey, it's nothing but up from this point on. How's that for optimism???

Now, off to Veronica Mars.




I had some suspicion that Beaver was raped as a kid by Woody but I didn't think that he would go that far.

I had to say CRAP so many times, I was howling at the TV. LITERALLY!!!

I was doing the dance. I was covering my mouth. I had to leave the room when Beaver saw Ronnie's text message.


How could Cassidy do something so tragic? How could he be so cruel and calculating?

What does Dick think about the whole thing?

I was upset when I came to the conclusion (and of course verified later on the show) that Beaver DID rape Ronnie. And the clap? Yikes! It was an emotional rollercoaster for me the whole time. I found myself crying for V like I did last season. When I saw her forward the text message to Logan, I could've not yelled for him to get to the roof faster than Superman ever could. When V said she got raped by the Beave, you could see the blood drain from Logan's face, not knowing whether he should help calm Ronnie down or kill Beave himself.

Of course, Cassidy offs himself before the cops could arrest him.

After he confessed to blowing up the bus... Or Ronnie seeing the Goodman plane go bye-bye.

Daddy Mars could've not died. Not like this.

And all V could do is hold on to Logan.

I wonder what was going on in his head while he tries to comfort V in her moment of vulnerability. What was he thinking when he watched her be brave for Mac when she had to tell her that Beaver was not the guy she really thought he was? What deal with the devil did he make when he took V home to mourn in private?


God, I so can write a poem about him right now. He was a knight in shining armor being there for her for the whole shebang, waking her up to bacon.

Bacon that Daddy Mars was cooking the day before.

Logan holding on to Ronnie when she realized Daddy Mars blew up on the plane, seeing her cry all over again.

Until Daddy Mars emerges from the door, in the flesh, wondering who's cooking breakfast.

Like the night, Logan disappears as Daddy and daughter reunite.

If that wasn't enough, I am glad to see another appearance of a man we know as Clarence Weidman. Thank you for the great shoutout to the die-hard fans, RT! Seeing him off Aaron Echolls and calling Duncan in Australia with baby Lilly was so bittersweet.

My grade for this ep? A+. I am planning on rewatching the ep tomorrow when I get up. It was just too good!

Kudos to the following:
- Not seeing Weevil cross the stage. Lamb was an ass for not waiting.
- Jackie finally fessing up to Wallace that she's not a rich chick but a mother to a two year old.
- Seeing Alicia see Wallace cross the stage
- The dream sequence seeing Mama Mars sober and a very fit looking Lilly Kane staring at her mural

Questions I have for next season:

1. Will Logan go to college with Ron?
2. Will Ron and Logan be together for the summer? Why do we always miss the summers when the LoVe's together?
3. Does this mean that when Troyboy comes back, he'll be a third wheel to the LoVe couple?
4. Did Sheriff Lamb die in the plane crash, too? (update: he didn't die in the plane explosion)
5. Do we get to see Weevil next season? (update: yep, post jail time)
6. What was in the briefcase that had Keith stand up his daughter?

CW better give them some VM love or else I will be tracking down the powers that be to make VM reappear on my TV screen.


ames said...

i didn't see ANY of the VM stuff coming. I was agape the whole time. I cried when the plane blew up. I might have been the best hour of TV ever. EVER!

GG: I loved that Lrelai went to Chris. I really loved them in the bathroom. He's ready, she's ready, Luke's not ready. Anyone else see the obvious solution?

I cried at Rory/Logan. When he told her to ask him to give it all up? I teared up. When he woke her up and as he was leaving? I cried. I did think Mitchum was right in teh elevator--but I also think he likes Rory. I think, as J said, it was the first time AB really showed it; I finally believed that she loved the boy.

RUDY said...

VM: The best VM recap ever! I just LOVED this episode, this finale. And no. I didn't see the whole Beaver thing coming either, but once VM set the bird free all of stuff fell in place. And Logan. Sweet Logan. I just love the emotions that the couple brings out. They have chemistry. Plain and simple. Question: If Beaver sleep with VM and Duncan did, what does that mean? Eww.

GG: I cried at the Rory and Logan goodbye, but I couldn't help it. It was just sad seeing Rory cry and her running to the door. Oh, so sad. As for Lor...four words...Lor in Chris's bed. Ab Fab. Just Ab Fab, darling.

Donut maker said...

What does it mean? It means I hope that Duncan used a condom or he's a walking clap waiting to happen.

Can't worry about Meg now, can we? She's a little too dead to think she's got a VD. Hehehehehe.

the bro said...


You're missing the critical review of how Sonic Youth, Sparks, Joe Pernice, and Yo La Tengo did on GG. Image link below--
Paris and Coco (Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon's kid)

Anonymous said...

Dont worry. I squealed when i saw chris and lorelai together too.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had seen more of the main characters and less troubadors. Ugh!

Loved VM, though. It was an amazing hour of TV. I was wondering about the clap issue -- do you think baby Lilly has it?

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me.

Michelle aka Mrs. Boyscout

DeAnn said...

I can't believe everyone liked this ending. I find it baffling.

It's almost like fans of this show will like anything Rob gives them. I didn't like the resolution at all and found it to be a copout.

Jack Fu said...

Deann, I definitely think Rob Thomas has some lemmings who will follow him (even off a cliff) no matter how implausible the plot twist. Hell, if he had made it so that the bus was crashed by aliens Kang and Kodos in a nefarious plot to become "Mayors of Neptune," half the viewers would probably still be all "OMG ROB BEST ENDING EVER!!!!!1! LoVe 4EVA!!~! XOXO SNUGGLES!!!"