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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Effects of The Writers' Strike to a TV Addict

It's Wednesday and I am not watching Pushing Daisies. I am not watching Private Practice. Oh no, it's too easy to fall into the routine. With the strike and the absence of the new episodes could leave me zombified, drooling at the tv, waiting for my shows to roll in. However, this was what I encountered.

If I tuned in on ABC, I would be entertained by the show "Duel", a show that is bad-bad-bad. Mike Greenberg, the half of Mike and Mike In the Morning on ESPN is the host of the show and he has no charisma. He has no drama and he annoys the bejeesus out of me. I can stand him talking sports. However, as a show host? Not as much.

If I tuned to NBC, I'd be faced with the show "Clash of the Choirs". I am sorry. I can't watch Michael Bolton and Nick Lachey be the critique of what should be considered "lyrical greatness".

So, what does a confessed TV addict do during writers' strike?

Channel Surf.

I'm currently on VH1 watching the Greatest 100 Songs of the 90s. I caught the list starting at 80.

Let me say, I am intrigued. I am still watching it, right?

Here are some worth mentioning:

73 song: Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground-- I remember this song because it was played on AFRTS when I was in Bosnia. It woke me up at 0600, almost every morning and the song was seared in my brain until another song (usually Cake or some German band song) cleared the earworm. Currently, I have it as my ringtone on my mobile.

69.Freak on A Leash by Korn. Love the song. Love the video. It's number 17 on my Run Playlist. It is one for the few songs that haven't been replaced as a run song since 2000. It's probably going to be a mainstay on the run list-- especially the Freaky B mix. LOVRE IT!!!

During one of the breaks, VH1 mentions songs that didn't make the 100 list. Foo Fighters' "Everlong" got cut. WHAT???

Anyway, 40 to 60 roll in.

Worth mentioning? Shine by Collective Soul. Great sound. This song reminded me lot of Seattle.

3 AM. Matchbox 20 was up and coming then. A decade later, and almost 20 top 10 songs, they still rock. They're one of the few bands I would pay to see over and over because they have a great light show. Rob Thomas gives 110% on stage and he is one of the few people that can make an 80s songs like "Time After Time" sound timeless. It was an extra to just see him perform with Carlos Santana on stage for free.

(Damn) I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins-- a great song. Won a bunch of admirers especially when Mz Hawkins, sexy as hell, came out and admitted she was a lesbian. Now, puts a new spin to the song, huh?

Weezer's Buddy Holly. You CANNOT hate this song. The album rocks (Hello, The Sweater Song!) and the video, made by Spike Jonze, pulled the Happy Days look real. Fonzie wasn't the coolest man in the room.

Alright, that's the list for me. Need sleep now. Will catch the other half later.

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