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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shopkeep's 101 List

Kylie1403 did it and now I am doing it.

Day Zero started a site a la Bucket List. You list what you want to do, give yourself a deadline to complete the list and hopefully check them off as you complete each task. It doesn't have to be grand or selfless. Actually, it can be quite selfish, but you have to give in as to better yourself and hopefully the world around you. Try it out. You just might find out something about yourself you haven't thought of in a while.

Here's the countdown

Health, Fitness & Personal Growth

1. Workout a minimum of 3 times a week
2. Have 1 drink a week to relax and enjoy myself
3. Go to church more often
4. Have only 1 cup of caffeinated coffee a day
5. Eat three servings of fruit and vegetables each day
6. Lose a minimum of 40 lb
7. Streamline my friends list
8. Get in contact with long-lost friends
9. Have a long, sincere talk with someone who has offended me
10. Ask forgiveness from someone I have offended
11. Update my will
12. Take a photo of myself every day for a month
13. Donate Blood at least 4 times this year
14. Donate my clothes that I haven’t worn in ages
15. Travel outside the country
16. Bring food to work rather than eat cafeteria food for 6 months
17. Minimize clutter
18. Try to swim the length of the pool without stopping
19. Cure my fear of diving
20. Run a 10K by July 2008

Education & Certificates

21. Recertify in CPR
22. Attend at least one class next semester
23. Recertify for my ASCP
24. Learn to speak a new language (Japanese or Spanish)
25. Take a class about Financial growth and improvement

Reading, Writing & Being Creative

26. Read at least 1 book a month
27. Write in my journal everyday for at least 6 months
28. Finish writing 2 of my stories on FF
29. Post, critique and suggest a book or movie once a month on my blog
30. Finish at least 1 scrapbook by the end of the year
31. Apply and use Grammar Girl’s word of the week in my writing
32. Read a book to my child before going to bed
33. Read a short book and try and illustrate it
34. Pick a work in the dictionary once a week and use the word in conversation
35. Teach a class at work
36. Learn 3 Ben Folds songs on the piano
37. Learn to play 3 John Mayer songs on the guitar
38. Edit my iPod playlist and have a list of positive music
39. Relearn my love of coloring with crayons
40. Learn stamping and using brats on a scrapbook page
41. Take at least 12 photos of my child on his first birthday
42. Read the whole Harry Potter series
43. Develop a story that has nothing to do with my FanFics
44. Write at least 5 handwritten notes in a year
45. Learn how to use a photo editing software
46. Document my feelings about each successful tick from this list


47. Write my hubby a love note once a week
43. Call my parents once a week
44. Comment more on my brother’s blog
45. Declutter!
46. Buy one thing for each member of my family for them to wear all year round
47. Organize one sit down meal at home (and not on a holiday!)
48. Have one pool party reserved for family only
49. Make home made family ornaments for next Christmas

50. Write a blog or email about one friend and thank them publicly
51. Have a movie night without the kids
52. Organize a playdate for all the kids on a non-birthday date
53. Send a thank you card with flowers to my girlfriends
54. Find an old photo of my girlfriends and have it drawn or painted and send them off as presents for one of their birthdays
55. Have my friends sign a slam book and compare their answers then and now if there was a previous slam book filled out in their teens
56. Sponsor a family day out with 2 other families and have a picnic
57. Do a “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” and let other friends fill out the survey

58. Go to confession
59. Give up cussing for Lent
60. Read and reflect on a Bible passage once a week for a year
61. Light a candle and offer a prayer bi-monthly for a year
62. Reflect on my day and annotate what I did well and what I can improve on for a year

Places, Travel & Sites
63. Visit NY and watch a Broadway Play
64. Get my new passport and travel outside the country
65. Visit Williamsburg, VA
66. Do Gettysburg
67. Hike one of the Susquehanna trails
68. Travel to the beach
69. Do Podunk Town’s Historical trail
70. Take the train to Philly instead of driving

71. Watch a musical I haven’t seen on TV or on stage before
72. The Longwood Gardens at Christmastime
73. A rollercoaster ride after 10 years
74. An expensive sit-down meal that has been Zagat rated
75. Have a grown-up night out with my hubby and friends
76. Go to a county fair
77. A full vegetarian meal and enjoy it
78. A quiet night by myself
79. See a concert and not worry how much it costs
80. My child knowing Santa is coming to drop off Christmas
81. The Baltimore Aquarium like a kid again
82. Treat the family out to the Cheesecake Factory at the Inner Harbor
83. Watch a Phillies home game with the boys
84. A year of 3 kids turning one in the next 365 day

85. Eat approximately 1500 calories for 6 months
86. Run 4 times a week, a minimum of 2 miles each run
87. Reject cake and other sweets for 3 months
88. Watch TV no more than 2 hours a day
89. Learn to make pie crust
90. Save at least $100 a week for myself for a year
91. Enter a writing contest

92. Make a meal out of scratch once a year
93. Cross stitch something for the child in the next year
94. Finish painting the basement this year
95. Reorganize and remodel the kitchen this year
96. Plant an herb garden and keep it alive for a year
97. Keep my walk-in closet clutter free for 365 days
98. Eat organic food for 3 months
99. Cook an exotic dish once a month for 12 months
100. Buy 3 chick-flicks/chick lit in 12 months and not feel ashamed buying them, then loan them out to 3 people afterwards
101. Give at least 1 hug to someone outside of the family circle every week for 3 months

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