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Friday, May 26, 2006

Combining Shows

As Kristin and Mike Ausiello had revealed:

Scoop!: Everwood Exec Joins Gilmore

If you were looking for a silver lining in Everwood's tragic and untimely cancellation, here it is: Sources confirm that executive producer Rina Mimoun has joined Gilmore Girls as a consultant. I don't know about you, but I consider this a huge coup for Gilmore. Not only will Rina bring her considerable show-running talents to Stars Hollow, but she has an unparalleled aptitude for nuanced characterizations and — more importantly — satisfying story arcs. If I were new Gilmore boss man Dave Rosenthal, I'd be breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Talk about combining shows! My only concern? When Rina took over the reigns of Dawson's Creek was when I realized the show's potential had gone down the drain. How disconcerting is that?

Here's a link to Kristin's interview with the Gilmore cast. Also, enjoy as Enrico reveals what's in the briefcase and Jason reliving the "epic" line to Kristin. Freaking hilarious.

And if your download was as wonky as mine, here's the chat transcript on Kristin's interview with Wentworth Miller and the Winchester boys. (Ha! Funny that Jared watches Grey's Anatomy and knows Denny's dead... Although rumor mill has it that Denny might be making a comeback in Grey's. As what? I don't know. Twin? Apparently, there's another show that has his character being head honcho, drama type, one each.)


K: Ok, so I am here with Wentworth Miller and I have to tell you, I am so excited to talk to you, because holy crap, what a finale! That was like edge of your seat, I screamed, I yelped. It was really good, and I have to say, I think it really sets it up for a stellar second season. Are you feeling that way?

W: Yeah, I'm really excited. At first I thought, you know, there's a chance that the show's going to lose momentum because we're leaving the prison behind. That's why a lot of people were tuning in in the first place. But I think, actually, we've liberated ourselves so to speak, and now that we've established Michael, we've established Sucre, and T-Bag and Abruzzi, we can really take those characters anywhere, and I think the audience will follow.

K: Right. And might we see Michael in some different clothing now?

W: Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. I have to talk to a few people about that. Clear it with Fox first. But yeah, I hope so. I hope there'll be a lot of disguises and kind of Fugitive-esque escapades.


K: Are you allowed to say anything about Sara at this point?

W: Well, the writers have told us next to nothing. Aside from the five million dollars buried somewhere in Utah that we're all going to be fighting over inevitably, and Michael and Lincoln trying to unravel that government conspiracy, I don't know the specifics. But I think, I hope I mean, Sara and I have I think such great chemistry as actors, and we've worked so hard to establish that relationship in a really realistic way within some kind of fantastic confines, that it'd be a real shame to just leave that by the side of the road.

K: Right. Well I'd just like to say that if, by chance, she doesn't come back, I am available (Wentworth laughs) to be your love interest next season, and I would absolutely--

W: What's your number?

K: Kristin Veitch. I'll make sure you get my number before you leave (Wentworth laughing) and I would absolutely leave the door open for you. Like, no questions asked, door to anywhere, you know what I'm sayin'? The fact that she hesitated, I was a little--. I don't know. I'm just sayin' I would do differently in her place.

W: I appreciate that. I'll remember that.



K: So did you guys get any sense from the producers what might happen when you come back next season?
P: I don’t know. I mean, especially knowing that Jeff is dead on Weeds and Grey’s Anatomy, I say the Winchester boys get out and wreck some sh*t! Shoot! Wreck some shoot.
K: (Laughing) Crap. Crap.
A: Bleep.
J: Wreck some junk.
K: Bleep! (To Jensen) Maybe you could just bleep him while he talks.
P: Yeah. I say the three Winchester boys get back and wreck some--
A: Bleep!
K: Perfect. Done and done. You guys have worked together before, haven’t you?
A: No, I don’t even know this guy.
P: I never met him. I don’t want to see him ever again.
K: Alright, and you’re paired up with Smallville now. Do you feel like that’s a good pairing?
P: Are we?
K: Yeah. No one seems to know what night they’re on. They should tell you guys these things!
A: Again, they don’t tell us anything. Uh no, that’s good. I mean, they moved us there toward the end of the season this past year and I thin kit worked a lot better than Gilmore Girls, which, great show, odd pairing with Supernatural. So I think it’s a good slot. It’s a good pairing for the two of us. And, uh, you know, I can’t stand Tom Welling.
P: But it’s good to know that we’re on a show after somebody who’s much smaller and weaker and worse looking than us.
K: And [unintell]-ier.
P: Right.
A: Yeah. Yeah.
P: So it’s good to show him a thing or two.
K: Right.
P: Where is he? Is he--?
A: No, but Michael Rosenbaum who’s even worse is right here.
K: Oh no. Lex Luthor comin’ through. (Michael Rosenbaum comes up)
M: You guys are so big and strong. I’m lookin’ at you goin’ ‘I need to work out!’
P: Listen to this guy! He’s not kidding.
A: Or shave.
M: I mean, I see these guys in the gym every day. Well, not every day ‘cause I’m not in the gym every day. But when I go to the gym, there he is!
P: The first Saturday every month, when he works out--
M: And you always have a tank top on.
P: I do. I do. ‘Cause I know he’s coming in.
A: Well most of his time in the gym is spent posing in the mirror anyway.
M: Who him? Me?
A: All of us.
M: Why not?!
A: Exactly. That’s why we go.
K: Michael, I hate to break it to you, but they were just totally talkin’ smack about you and your show.
M: I forgot we were even being interviewed for a second. (Kristin laughing) I thought we were at the bar still.
K: Where’s my martini?!

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