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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Heard a Rumor

You know I don't care much for the big 3 (NBC, ABC, CBS) because they will always have a large following. Whether I watch Grey's Anatomy or not, they're going to get their viewership. Fox is probably in that realm, too, with Prison Break, American Idol and House keeping it profitable.

Now, here's the tricky one: the merger of WB and UPN.

Here's what I've read so far thanks to E!Online's Kristin:

Posted By: kristin
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Posted: May 17, 2006 5:22 AM
Okay, now I do believe in miracles!

Sources tell me that ALL THREE -- Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill and Supernatural -- were picked up for next season on the CW. I'm hearing 22 episodes with the option of cutting the order to 13 for all of them ... Though that's just a rumor at this point.

Sadly, it looks as though Everwood is gone for good. ... Something Scott Wolf looked sincerely torn up over on yesterday's ABC carpet (he's on a new show called NINE that looks really good).

Reba is also gone.

Pickups for CW include Runaway with Donnie Wahlberg (hearing good things about it); Palm Springs from Dawson's Kevin Williamson, and The Game which is a Girlfriends spinoff.

Posted By: kristin
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Posted: May 16, 2006 12:22 PM
The official word has just come down from the suits at The CW: our beloved Veronica will be back! (I never doubted it for a minute) Rob Thomas just sent me an email, confirming the good news. He said they've been picked up for 22 episodes, with the option of reducing the order to 13 if ratings slip too low. No word on their time slot yet. I'm sure Rob will let us know as soon as he hears!

With that being said, here's what the Ausiello camp is saying about the renewal of OTH over Everwood:

Question: Are the executives at CW on crack? How could One Tree Hill get renewed over Everwood? — SC

Ausiello: To answer your first question, they must be. To answer your second question, see my answer to the first question. All kidding aside, Everwood's demise has taken everyone by surprise. "I was really shocked, because I expected it to get picked up," Scott Wolf told me last night at ABC's bash, where he was promoting his new show The Nine. "And I'm disappointed for a really great group of people. I know they were hopeful that they'd make it to [the CW]. There are a lot of really sad people in this country right now who were really, really behind that show, and I'm one of them." And I'm another, although I'm more pissed off than sad.

Ans another posting on whether Beaver raped Mac in the Season Finale:

Question: One major question that was not asked about the Veronica Mars finale: Did Beaver rape Mac? It sure seemed like it when she said "he took everything." Your thoughts? — Kristen

Ausiello: Forget my thoughts, let's ask boss man Rob Thomas himself. "Beaver did not rape Mac," he says. "He took her clothes, the phone, the towels, the bedding. Mac was essentially trapped in the room. When Veronica found her, Mac was wrapped in a shower curtain. That's all we meant to imply with the line. We ended up cutting a scene in which we would have seen Beaver exiting the room with a Santalike bag of 'stuff.' Viewers would've been left to imagine what was inside."

Another side serving of revenge, anyone?

Question: Will Gia or Dick be returning to Veronica Mars next season? I love them. — John

Ausiello: Not sure about Dick, but Rob Thomas told me that it could be "a delicious couple-episode story" if Gia returned to exact revenge on Veronica and Keith for indirectly contributing to her dad's murder. "But," he added, "there are no plans for it."

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