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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Crashing: Final Gilmore Moments

It's sad when I am hoping that Ausiello's blog is right saying that the Gilmore Girls finale is a finale that we could actually tolerate, much less expect to be better than Season 6. This past season was really odd, not in the sense that it was bad per se but its rhythm was so off that I was getting seasick. The whole obsession behind Paul Anka, the appearance of April, the rehash of dialogue between Anna and Lorelai (dubbing the "I make sure that no man is in my life to affect my relationship with my child" brouhaha as the Grasping for Straws convo), the Lorelai/Rory mishmosh, the Logan/Rory debacle... Sheesh, even a soap opera would say, "Slow down!"

But that's beside the point. With ASP handing the steering wheel over to a new writer, I guess we'll just have to see what's in store for our favorite Stars Hollow buddies.

More Ausiello Scoop:

Question: You mentioned in your blog that Kelly Bishop had at least five classic lines in the finale. Can you give us a few? — Sally

Ausiello: Keep in mind that half the genius here is in Bishop's delivery, but here are three that tickled my insides: "Lorelai, eat your paella," "Lorelai, are you having some kind of breakdown?" and my personal favorite, "Gerda, did I fire you?"

Question: You're killing Rory-Logan fans with all the suspense about the season finale! Can you say anything other than their goodbye is a "tearjerker?" Do we have any reason to be happy or hopeful for the future? — George

Ausiello: You have every reason to be hopeful. As you'll see next Tuesday, it's pretty obvious that their final scene is not so much "goodbye forever" as it is "goodbye for the hiatus." Besides, I already told you that Matt Czuchry is going to be back next season. Here's another finale tidbit: Rory has another memorable run-in with Logan's dad, only this time it's Papa Huntzberger who knocks some sense into her.

****News Break: Vote for the World's Sexiest Vegetarian. Bets on Milo Ventimiglia or Kirsten Bell?****

Question: Please give me a really big scoop on Veronica Mars. — Claire

Ausiello: Kristen Bell dropped some juicy finale tidbits to Matt Mitovich in Tuesday's Insider. Among the tastier morsels: Bell confirmed that "a couple of people are offed" and something happens in the episode that "hasn't been done on television before. Not in the way of stunts or anything, but the theory behind it, if you really think about it, hasn't been done."

NOW for stuff from Kristin from E!Online:

Louisa: Will Denny survive this season of Grey's Anatomy?

Kristin: Just ran into Isaiah Washington (love that man!) and asked that very question. He responded: “Mum's the word. Definitely don't miss the final two hours on the 15th of May. All your questions will be answered. I guarantee it!” And I'd just like to say I will be pissed if they kill of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He's too good to let go. Isaiah also had this to say about Chris O'Donnell, “I haven't worked with him, personally. He's in love with Meredith Grey, so he doesn't want anything to do with me yet! But if he comes back next season, I suspect I may have an opportunity to actually be on screen with him. He's a wonderful gentleman. I've seen him at the read-throughs and at the lunch table and he seems like a very nice man.” And I share with you that very lame quote for no other reason than to write the words Chris (sigh) O'Donnell.

Georgettafine: What's going to happen beweeen Burke and Cristina?

Kristin: According to Washington, “It's going to be rocky for awhile. You can maybe [liken] it to the Shakespearean play Taming of The Shrew. If you can understand that struggle, The War of The Roses
, it's going to be that kind of struggle between Burke and Christina. It's not going to be an easy road, but they are obviously very, very much in love. I can say that much. “

brandbewbabe: Any Gilmore Girls gossip?

Kristin:I actually ran into Liza Weil, who plays Paris, at -- of all places -- the Prison Break wrap party! Turns out Liza has a very special connection to the show: she's engaged> (!!) to Paul Adelstein (Agent Kellerman, the awful FBI guy who's killing everyone for the Vice President). How funny is that? They are actually pretty dang adorable together. As I spoke with Liza, Paul came up behind her saying "She's my fiancee! We're engaged!" and Liza joked about both of them playing bad guys on TV and how they should have some sort of Paris/Paul Kellerman crossover. Maybe he could kill Christopher? (Just kidding.) (Sorta.)

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I think I may actually be interested in seeing a GG with our the Palladinos at the helm considering that they co-wrote last night's eppy that was mostly a snoozer. If it hadn't been for Lorelai/Emily and Paris/Doyle -- I may have turned it off. Oh, and Logan, of course. *swoons*

Looking forward to next week, but not the summer hiatus. :(

Michelle aka Mrs. Boyscout

ames said...

M! I miss you! Stupid finals. Don't your teachers understand you need chat time?

Meanwhile, I'm watching Lost because hubby has me watching it.

and It's making me queasy--they're always bleeding. :D


jackie said...

No M,

I miss you! I haven't forgotten you, or the package I was supposed to have sent you.

Long story short, I didn't put enough postage; but I explain it all in the letter I have included in your "new" package. I should be able to drop it off at the post office either tomorrow or Friday. Most likely Friday because I'm off then.

Seriously, we need to all set aside a time to have a group chat. Just like the good ole days. (sigh)

I am still excited to see the finale. I know that the Logan/Rory scenes are going to be heart-wrenching. I'm glad that Lorelai finally finds her back-bone. And can we say a little Lor/Chris love'n won't make me sad in the least.


Lindsay said...

And again I bless you for keeping me up to date on all the good gossip and spoilers.